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Goodyear, founded in 1898 and headquartered in Ohio, is one of the world’s largest tire companies. It employs about 66,000 associates in locations around the world—all working hard to deliver the highest quality in everything it does.

If you have questions or comments about Goodyear tires or products, call customer assistance at toll-free 1-800-321-2136. The company has offices around the world, but the global headquarters is located at 200 Innovation Way Akron, Ohio 44316-0001. You can reach the corporate headquarters by phone 330-796-2121 or fax 330-796-2222.

Goodyear produces a wide range of tires for consumers all over the world. Common brands that recieve complaints include Goodyear, Fulda, Dunlop Tires, Sava, Kelly Tires and Debica Tires. Speciality tires of Goodyear include Aviation Tires, Commercial Truck Tires, OFF-The Road Tires, Racing Tires and RV Tires.

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bought 4 new tires on line paid for mounting and balance also had appt at bradley goodyear store for 11am on 2/18 got there 15 min. didnt take my truck untill 1230pm


I stopped for oil change because my light came on that said low pressure. they said they would check out. an hour later came back with a estimate for $7000. I ask him if he was crazy. telling me I need a turbo and converter and my car is not even a turbo. used all the scared tactics your engine will blow
let me see what it can do, got another estimate $ 4000. told him I will get my car in morning cause it was late, and for him to put in the 5 quarts oil. went got car he said they put in oil 5 quarts. he did not. the net day no oil pressure, and no leakage either. this is downright dirty for your company to do this. the guys name was angel and a little mousy manager. don t know his name. I have 5:03, 2/5.2019 estimates# 039246 for $7422.92, second estimate039246 at 5:03pm 2/5.2019 5976.02. I picked up my car 2/6/19 invoice 209584. this needs to be dealt with and I expect a reply. this was done on purpose. I will tell all I know about this place address 26741 Gratiot Roseville mi 48066 586 7777711

this is a big scam and fraud. I will be waiting for a reply. thank you patricia


Auto was towed in to just tires in Monterey park 1/9/19 for a flat tire on the road. Again another flat tire on 2/6/19 car was towed in to same location. The service rep wanted to charge me full price to replace the tire due to no record of purchase. He also indicated that I had not been in a just tire store since 2017. After showing him the proof of the last time I visited just tire it was identified that my work order was of another customer which brought much confusion and dissatisfied service.


I have tried many times to send this and no luck


I have tried to send this I guess ill call tommarow


on 7/28/18 my car was taken to good year for a power steering pump leak and oil change after I got the car back the motor blow do to no oil after I took it back they gave me a price on a reman motor at this time I told them to do it payed for it. then after I get the car back it has a leak they told me they couldn't find a leak. took it back they checked it then I have a problem with the brakes .take it back they tell me the oil was contaminated .after spending 538 for the power steering 4870 for a motor that was in bad cond contaminated brakes 2000 they were the only ones under the hood besides me checking the oil im at the point now to seek out to the consumers rights lay center for help


had a motor put in a cad that was in bad condition went in for a power steering leak and oil change after receiving the car back the motor blow do to no oil after having a motor put in I was complaining of a oil leak took the car back in they said they couldn't find the leak then the brakes locked up to the wrong fluid in the line when they were the only ones under the hood of the car only after the leak I checked the oil. no oil was replaced after the change after complaining of the oil leak someone put the wrong oil in the brake flied the motor was not to be a junk yard motor was to be a rebuilt and was not. I payed almost 5,000 for a motor now another 2 for brakes I will be filling with dmv and consumer rights law center 9f I dont get an answer


They can not balance the tires I purchased from them, Car shakes bad. Then they did a wheel alignment. The car was fine before, but now it pulls to the left. They can't fix this either. These guys are incompetent and should be banned from this type of business. To top all of this off these idiots rotated the tires two days in a row. Now the tires are back in the same position. Why does Goodyear keep these incompetent people around. I'll never go back there. It's too bad, I spend about $1,000 a year at this place. Oh I forgot to say they recently changed management and have apparently decided to hire all new people with the one prerequisite, the employee must never listen to the customer and should be comfortable lying to them.


I had a set of new tires installed at Dobbs in St. Charles Missouri. I was shopping several different brands of tires and made my decision ( against my better judgement) to let a
Mail in rebate offer become part of my purchasing decision. As usual I still do not have my
$80.00 rebate and while checking status, it always told me that the rebate was approved
And on its way. Not sure how it's being sent, but maybe Goodyear show revisit their current
Process. I am very displease and I will never let a mail in rebate and Goodyear be part of my purchasing decision. I have been a life long customer of good year and not only have I
Purchased these set of tires, I also purchased trailer tires this past summer. Very bad service from a huge company. At this point, I do not expect that a huge company like
Goodyear will ever make this good, but I will do my part to be certain that everyone that needs tires, and asked my opion, they will get this story in great detail. I do my product research and most folks that I know, understand this, so I and the go to person for advise. This will cost Goodyear more than the $80.00 that I'm out. Very bad deal.


I have done business several times over past years from the Liverpool, Mattydale and Cicero NY locations for different vehicles. I certainly hope my experience with the Cicero garage on Wednesday does not prevent me from doing business with Goodyear ever again. I took my Accord there for the appointment I made to have a alignment done. When I arrived I presented a brand new window washer pump I purchased and asked if the tech would be "able to put it on my car while up on hoist" (I am disabled and can not get under or even down to ground). Julio said "probably if it's right part to fit" I said, "it should be as I got it from advance auto but let me know." While handing me the usual paper to sign he was telling me how his "tech doesn't start til 8 (it was about 7:30am) and for me to make myself comfortable." About an hour later he called me over saying I was all set, then stated my total was $179, I said "WHAT" he stated the work completed I asked him how the hell much was it for just plugging in that part? When he told me $84 something I said that is "crazy why the hell didn't you tell me before doing it? I am not paying that I could get it done elsewhere even for free. It's not a big job just to plug it in!" He took my keys off the counter and stated that it's booked as .8 hours and that's the charge." I told him to take it back off then and he replied "then there will be a charge for that!" He would not give me my keys until I paid and signed! I told him I was going to report this to the BBB and he shrugged his shoulders, then I asked for corp manager's number and he said he can give the email (which I used and was not the right one). I can not believe all this over $85 which they never got my ok to go ahead to do. Normally and probably legally you ask the customer if they have their permission to proceed, even when drop offs the service company calls the customer to inform them of problem, needs, and cost. I hope someone at Goodyear corporate will address this issue before I proceed to take further steps with BBB or attorney general. I already contacted credit card to issue a dispute.


On 11/15/18 I Raven Montgomery went to the Good Year located at 5619 Harford Rd, Baltimore MD 21214.When I arrived I was greeted by the store manger Ashley. I explained that I was having problem's with my seat. My seat was moving up and down but the back was not moving up. She told me the cost would be $270 to fix. I waited 4 hours for her to come back and tell me that it was the motor not the switch. I was confused and ask her why didn't she fix the motor in the first place when that's the most important component on the seat. I told her I was unsatisfied and I would like the general manger name and number. She began to yell at me slammed her card on the table. She told me she was tired of me. I explained to her my frustration. She didn't care. She took 10 min to give me the owner information. Ashley was completely unprofessional. I have been a cardholder for about 5 years but after this incident I'm so dissatisfied with the customer service I will no longer be shopping at Good Year. My contact information is 4108148361. My email information is


Service is awful @ franklin,ma goodyear. Had an appointment for an oil change/tire rotation at 10 am. Mechanic pulled car in garage and did no work for 1.5 hrs. I was told It was pulled into the garage as if that was enough to say they started. This job should have been done in that time fram. This was not a busy day at the garage I was the only one in the lot when car was dropped off.




I am very dissatisfied with Goodyear. We have used your service and purchased all of our vehicle tires from you. We recently, less that 6 months ago purchased 4 new Goodyear tires for one of our vehicles. Today we noticed a bulge in the sidewall of one of them. We took it into a Goodyear store and they are saying that it is not covered under a warranty! This is unacceptable. They are making me purchase a new tire.

It occurred overnight. I did not hit any potholes at they suggest I did.

I want to be reimbursed from Goodyear for the new tire. They charged me $140.00 plus tax..


Is it possible to give minus 5 stars?
I am a Catastrophe Insurance adjuster and drive as well as live in my RV 10-11 months a year. I do drive all over the country.
On 7/28/2018 I went to Goodyear in Baltimore, MA., Huff Tire and Auto. I needed a front end alignment and they had a bay high enough to fit my RV. The service manager, Eric, came and told me that I needed bushing arms on both sides and my less than 2 year old front tires were bad and about to have the cord break through. For my safety I should replace them also. Believing them I gave permission to fix the bushing arms and replace the tires. He then told me that the 2 inside duly tires were bad and need immediate replacement. ( All my tires are less that 2 years old.) They did not have the HYWY tires that were needed for the front so they put the new tires that were supposedly for the rear on the front until they could get the HYWY tires in. They replaced the bushing arms also. I asked them to please make sure all the tires were aired correctly. This happened on a Saturday and they left as I drove off. They did do the alignment but told me I'd have to bring it back because it was the stearing wheel was a little off. (More like a lot off!) The price was $1045.15.
On Sunday morning I as I was checking out the tires I noticed that they had not even bothered to put the caps back on the valve stems. I then checked the air in my tires and found the inside duly tire was at 12psi. I immediately put air in it and noticed that the tread seemed to be the same as the front tire.
I was transfered to the Philly, PA area and was directed to the Goodyear commercial tire location to have the tire checked. The man who fixed my tire told me that the valve stem had been yanked almost all the way out and that the tire had 7 tenths tread on it and did not need to be replaced as they had told me at Huff Tire. That bill was $38.45.
Now I wonder if the tires they replaced were even bad or if they even replaced the bushing arms like they charged me for! Was an alignment really done?! I would have bought the four tires they told me I needed if they had had them in stock. What kind of business practice is this?
I have used Goodyear for all my tire needs and allways felt as if I was treated fairly and not taken advantage of. NEVER have l had an experience like the one at Huff Tire!
I know that Goodyear doesn't want their name associated with a store that would blatantly take advantage of a customer and that is exactly what they did to me.
I am out $1045.15 for work that I am not even sure I needed and 2 tires that I am pretty sure I didn't need.


To whom this may concern my name is Sang Pham
While replacing my truck radiator the tech at Goodyear in Tuscaloosa AL
Damage my brand new radiator and they took out and weld it without my agreement now only over one month it leaks and the Freightliner voided my warranty because it is weld the shop will have to take responsibility for they carelessness my number is 909 395 7380



we received a ciaz registration number bearing KL23M2908 with the complaint of tyre abnormal wear.
Kindly make arrangement to inspect the same as soon as possible

Arun s
works manager(9526691565)
sarathy autocars
maruti suzuki authorized dealership


bought 2 goodyear tires at Walmart in March of 2014 they have less than 3000 miles on blewout today july 14th 2018!!!!! Walmart said that there is nothing they can do,"What about you????


The tires I purchased from Walmart, have started to separate on the side wall they are just coming apart there is still around 60 thousand miles left on them, they have never been off the highway and Walmart does not want to do anything about it not even prorate them, I like the tires but if this keeps happening I will try another brand I don't feel that they should have done this.


Goodyear in Capitola, Ca, did an oil change for me 6 months ago. When I tried to remove the oil pan plug this weekend to do my own oil change, I was unable to, even with a heavy-duty tool and pry bar. The plug would not turn. I talked to the service rep at Capitola Goodyear, who said the plug gets an extra tight torque, so as not to leak oil. However, the torque applied to mine was excessive, making it impossible to remove. I asked him to have an employee loosen it. He refused. I suggested other options, to which he refused. Each time he refused, he referred to me as "Bossman," which I found patronizing and offensive. "Can't do it, bossman." The underlying message that came across was: "No way am I going to work with you." I'm 73. I worked in my dad's wrecking yard before going to college, so I know a bit about cars. With Sears Automotive closing across the street from Goodyear, I had planned on making Goodyear my primary car care giver, as they did a fine job with a break job. Now I'm put off by Goodyear and the young Hispanic man who kept calling me "bossman" and don't plan to return unless these issues are addressed and righted. I'm a sincere and kind man and I don't deserve to be treated as a pest. Thank you. Charles W. White


On 6/14/2017 I bought 4 new tires at the Goodyear store in Vernon, CT. This is my first experience purchasing tires from Goodyear. About 1.5 months ago I brought my car back to the store because one of my tires had lost quite a bit of air. They told me that the sensor was the reason for the problem and that they had fixed it. Today I brought my car back in because the same tire was losing air. Again they said it was the sensor. Instead of replacing the tire they claim to have repaired the sensor again. I do not have time to keep returning to the store to have the same problem repaired. I do believe that I will continue to have problems with this tire. This is unacceptable and I would like for this tire to be replaced. Please contact me at 860-214-2556. Thank you.


Goodyear Commercial Service Midland,TX 08/21.
Employee broke hood strap upon opening hood.
Asst. mgr. denied so doing until he saw playback on cctv.
No apology inferred.
Would not replace in timely manner until threatened with small claims court, then I was told never to return.
Was a return customer.
Invoice# 433-1017382


This has to do with tires. Bought three Goodyear tires for my Sonata, a rare size. Had one Goodyear already stemming from a flat a few months ago. I spend summers in Michigan and live mainly in Florida. Bought the tires September 30, 2016 in Michigan just before leaving for FL. One tire on front pulled to the left. Sam's put tire on other side and it pulled right. Tire problem obviously, not mechanical. Sam's, of course, did not have another tire as I had to wait for them to order the three.

I was unable to stay in town for several more days to await a new tire. Sam's does not have a computer network that they share with other stores so that meant the Sam's I would go to in FL for adjustment would not know of my problem except what I tell them. The MI Sam's put the bad tire on the rear and said to be sure to replace it soon because when the next rotation of tires from rear to front occurred, it would reinstate the problem.

I went to the Sam's on 45th St in West Palm Beach to have them replace the bad tire. They refused to help. I got the impression they don't like to do much for anybody. The guy in charge said I would have to go to a shop, probably a Hyundai dealer, and have them certify there was no mechanical problem. Then they would do something for me. They couldn't care less that I bought the tire at Sam's, they refused to stand behind the $150 tire deal despite the fact it was a Goodyear defect, not theirs. It wouldn't have cost them anything.

The MI Sam's would have corrected the situation had I had more time to wait. Bottom line: I went to a Goodyear tire shop and after a long wait in the lobby, they replaced the tire at no cost. FYI: the tire size was 225-45-18. The West Palm Beach Sam's on 45th St is the only one near me. I find it a hassle going there anyway and might end my membership as this refusal to take responsibility, when any other business would have immediately done so, has kind of been the last straw.


Bought a Ford Taurus with Goodyear Eagle 255/45r19 tires. At the very outset, the tires rode hard,and were very noisy. I was told by one Goodyear dealer that it was due to the short sidewall. At around 30,000 miles I had 2 blowouts, one at 70+ MPH which completely blew off the rim. a third one on the car is extremely noisy. I was advised that it was due to the tire being smooth to the touch in one direction and like rubbing against the grain in the other direction. I liken it to the pile of a carpet.

Based on the mixed reviews I have read on these tires, it suggests to me that there is a major QC problem. Users either love them or hate them. I would fall into the second category. I was in sales for 35 yrs and put many a mile on cars. I have never experienced tire quality like the ones on my Taurus. The only reason they are still on my car is the tread is still good. So, I'll continue to put up with the hard ride and noise til the tread goes. At 78 and on a tight budget, I cannot just cough up $1,000+ for new tires. Hopefully, this information will help Goodyear corporate headquarters focus more on quality than output.


During an oil change in August at my car stop I had a problem. Later, in October I had to have my car towed to chevy and they found no oil in car and no oil leak. I am convinced now that Goodyear at 10680 France Ave, Bloomington, MN failed to apply oil back in the engine after the changed the oil, obviously causing the engine to fail. Now I need new engine in car and Goodyear is not taking my complaint seriously.


In October 2011 I purchased four Goodyear Assurance Comfortred touring tires at the Westmoreland Mall auto center with a 80,000 mile warranty. I took the Rav 4 in for inspection and was told the tires needed replaced. On Friday, July 3rd, 2015 I went to Sears to have the tires replaced. As soon as I mentioned the warranty, The salesman attitude became a little condescending. I pull the car (this car is like new as it is not used during the winter as I have two Rav 4, the second one is a 2012) His first comment was that the front wheels were "way out of alignment" and the rear tires had too much tread to be considered under warranty. I told him the car had failed Pa. inspection for minimum tread ware on all four tires.

He then claimed the rear wheels were also out of alignment. I asked to speak to his Manager, who asked to check the alignment. (May have been a mistake on my part as his report showed both the front and back to be out of alignment.) The car had recently been checked for alignment so I drove the car directly to the Toyota dealer, less than 3 miles away and had them do check of the alignment. Rear: OK, front slightly out of tolerance, but should not have been a warranty problem Back to Sears.

Sales person not interested, very condescending. We don't care what Toyota says". Took the car to another location where the tires were re-evaluated and declared to be absolutely under warranty. An hour later I had a new set of Goodyear Assurance Comfortred touring (80,000 mile warranty) tires on my car. Sears has been going down hill for several years and it appears the tumble will continue. Over the next several months, I need to replace my Sears tractor of 10 years (very good machine) and four run-flats for my Corvette. Unfortunately, Sears will not be a possible supplier.


We had our car tires replaced with Goodyear Tires and found it really of good quality. We almost drove for more than 350Kms and the drive was smooth inspire of bad and rough roads. The quality was good and car didn’t have any trouble. I like the fact that Goodyear Tires have understood the roads and prepared the tires. It is absolutely value for mooneye. I trust Goodyear Tires and would definelty go in for these tires for my other car. Great going on the tires.

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