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Flex Seal is a made for TV product which has gotten some bad press recent after customers had problems using it. The company runs many infomericals on television selling the cans, spray, and liquids to patch holes. The TV commercials state that it will plug any leak and make broad claims about it's abilities.

However, many Flex Seal complaints have surfaced online over the past four years or so. It seems the more popular the product becomes the more upset consumers are. It starts with the spray cans which are now sold in many stores as well as online and on home shopping networks. Common customer service issues reported included the products not working as advertised, as well as additional shipping & handling charges.

There have also been reported problems of billing errors and challenges getting a refund from the corporate office. So, if you end up purchasing Flex Seal, you should know that there return policy is not favorable. In the end, if you do want to try and buy a can, I would not buy more than one until you have proven it works. For many people using Flex Seal they end up calling it a scam. What has been your experience? Let us know.

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I called the number that I saw on TV. Got a recording that said it would cost me over thirty dollars when the as seen on TV commercial said 19.99 with the two spray cans as a bonus. Free shipping. I am very disappointed. Also I do not like talking to a machine. It appears Flex Seal is a total scam based on all the negative reviews I am reading here.

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I discovered a leak in our bathtub and I applied it about 2 weeks ago then I noticed the Flex seal was pealing up inside the tub and it's all coming up I thought it would last for more then 2 weeks was experiencing great disappointment with the product. Hoping that someone could contact me but I actually think this company is now one big scam.

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Had a barely noticable, super fine, misty leak from a refrigerator water valve assembly. Thought this product would fix the problem and save me $85.00 replacement part. Flex Seal did not work at all! A real disappointment. Will not recommend this product to anyone and will be sharing my complaint online in as many places as possible. If I could write a letter to the company I would, but their phone number or mailing address is nowhere to be found. I guess that is to be expected with a scam product.

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Flex Seal, at, is offered for $19.99 a can, plus $9.95 P/H. A second can is “free” for just a second P/H charge of $9.95. To place an order, you must first give all your name/address/credit card information. I did that and then indicated that I wanted two cans, which would have cost a total of $39.89, by my figuring – there was no “shopping cart” to check this. The next screen indicated that I could Jumbo-size my order for $9.98 (I think) a can. I decided to do that, which would have increased my order total to $59.85, I thought. But here’s where the deception comes in, big-time. The next screen offered to move my order to the head of the line for an additional charge of about $8.00, which I declined.

Without offering me a chance to review and then submit my order, as soon as I declined the additional speed-up-the-order charge, the next screen thanked me for my order and indicated that it was being processed and showed an order confirmation of paying for TWO cans @$29.97 each (no “free” second can) and postage of now $39.80! Nowhere had it been indicated that super-sizing would eliminate the “free” second can and double the postage for each can! so, the total order was now $99.74! I am very careful when ordering online and would not have skipped the chance to review the order before submitting. I have no idea if the product works – the testimonials on-line from Googling appear to be written by the company – but I am going to “Refuse/Return to Sender” when the package arrives and dispute the charge on my credit card.

Let the buyer BEWARE with Flex Seal! Their website practices are deceptive, if not downright fraudulent.

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Your report on the scam of the product Flex Seal is indeed correct. Per the television advertisement I ordered 2 cans of the product for $19.99 with processing and handling of $9.95 or a totalof $29.94. What a shock to find that my credit card had been charged $119.67! That would make the processing and handling for 2 small aerosol cans $99.68! In addition, beginning the day after I placed my order their telemarketers called me several times per day for more than three weeks to get me to increase my order in spite of my direct request to be placed on the do not call list. do not have any dealings with this company.


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