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Estee Lauder is an American beauty and healthcare company known for its skincare, make up, fragrance and hair care products. The company has a diversified portfolio of labels across global. Estee Lauder began their cosmetic business selling cleansing oil and skin lotion. It was founded by William Lauder way back in the year 1946.

If you have a problem with Estee Lauder, contact the President and the CEO of the company, Fabrizio Freda. Now Estee Lauder stands with more than 1,500 products to offer to their customers. Headquarters in New York, the corporate office address is 767 Fifth Avenue, zip code 10153. You can call the head office directly at 212-572-4200.

If you have a customer service problem, you can call toll free 1-877-311-3883. Estee Lauder is a brand known by almost every top model in the industry, and the products are endorsed by iconic names and top celebrities as well.

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I recently purchased some estee lauder products which all in all came to around £115 one of the products was a foundation costing £30 and before I bought it one of the cashiers on the make up part did a match test on my face and assured me this was the perfect shade for my skin. I bought it and got home put some on the next day and it was awful it wasn't my skin tone colour anyway!! I still had my receipt and tried to take it back a few days later and the girl behind the counter refused and was also very abrupt and nasty.

I tried to explain it hadn't been used at all and told her that someone had matched me with totally the wrong colour but she just totally refused. I am a single mother of 2 and can't afford to just throw away £30 on something I could never use!! The only reason I was able to afford to buy these products to start with was because it had been my birthday the previous week. So I'm totally gutted now!


Is there an Estee Lauder complaint number I can call? Did you receive my complaint?


I purchased a concealer and lipstick at Macy's in Lanesboro, MA on Jan. 12th 2016. The concealer is the wrong color and lipstick was way to drying. Needless to say, out of the 50 years using Estee Lauder products I never had any problems with returns. The sales women said all sales were final and she was not able to do any returns because the store was closing. Is there any suggestions on what to do with the products I can't use. Your suggestion would be appreciated.


I went to the Estée Lauder counter at the Tuttle Mall. There are two Macy's there where the one is not as busy as the other and not much merchandise. When I went to the counter there was no one there to assist. I walked to the other Macy's store inside the mall. The Estée Lauder counter only had one person working it on a Saturday night. The girl working was not much help and seemed to be bothered by my purchase that she made me go to another counter to make the purchase.

There was no personal customer service especially at this mall. When Kingsdale was open, those ladies were very attentive and helpful with expertise. I have been forced to go to the Tuttle Mall because it is closest to my home and I hate it. Every time I go it is very disappointing with the help there as I have received in the past. While I love the Estée Lauder products this particular Macy's store has problems. And the thing that bothers me the most is, is wasn't busy with only one other customer at the counter.

My other visits to the Estée Lauder resulted in help with the product or finding products best for my skin. Tonight it was here's the product you wanted but go pay for it elsewhere. Just poor customer service all the way. And I spent $100 on items I needed replenished. Please look into this. This can't be from Holiday fatigue at this store.


Why did they do away with Lucidity Powder And go to a finer powder and a smaller container. It does not work as well on a scale of 1 to 5 on this it would be less than 1 it does not work as well. This is my only complaint about Estee Lauder.


If you are really worried about your appearance, Estee Lauder is the right place for beauty products,skin care and makeup items. Being a new model, I need to concentrate more on my skin care and makeup items and I got the excellent choice Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder has skin care products,makeup items, fragrances,Re-nutriv lotions,Aevin items. Free samples, seasonal products,free shipping on any order and free returns are the excellent services given by Estee Lauder. I recommend Estee Lauder if you are a beauty hunter.

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