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I am on the second set of teeth that I have purchased through affordable dentures in Sioux City Iowa I was happy with the first set when I got the second one they started discoloring turning gray on the inside I have taken them back to her three times they say there’s nothing that can be done they look absolutely disgusting my husband is getting ready to get dentures I am one team to know before I spend $800 on a set of upper dentures for him if his are going to end up looking like mine I feel with all the money I’ve spent in the office there I should be given some kind of compensation 712-490-8374


The "Dr"and I use that term loosely was beyond rude I said I wanted the ultimate fit denture and I understood it took an extra day and that was fine by me I took an extra day off from work and had gotten a hotel so it was all good she threw a fit saying that wasn't going to happen it takes her office 2 weeks to make those how did I think it took 2 days I said her Web sight said so she said no way and walked out the other girl working said what's wrong she said I can't argue with her and continued to leave she Saif where are you going and Dr Lisa said to look up the website because that's a lie (well it isn't a lie just for the record it's a fact!!!) So bad enough I'm called a liar by a person who doesn't even know what her website is selling by the way I should have gotten a free x ray too but paid the 95 dollars I was then told that because the muscle that attached from lip to gums was slashed open and I was on antibiotics that she would only do the regular denture so that it could be cut to fit the top at this point I have a broken denture and had no other options so I regrettably agreed they changed the look of my teeth completely but worse.than that when she tried to do the mold I started gaging she wouldn't stop and just kept telling me it was fine for me to breath then kept doing it I gaged so hard I was crying and peed in my pants a little she got so mad because she couldn't use the one she gaged me with she was yelling at me and I finally yelled over her that I could beat just fine I couldn't however stop gaging ! She said well Jesus grabbed a can of something and sprayed the back of my throat and said next time tell someone you're a gager (I didn't know I was.when I had my first set done obviously by a professional I didn't have any issue with it) at any rate they wouldn't even look at the pics of my teeth that I brought beings how my old denture was trashed she said stop looking at the pics it's not going to happen I said but it's the closest thing to my real teeth she rolled her eyes and walked out again when she brought the wax ones in I asked if the two side teeth could be shortened she huffed.anf left came.back they hadn't changed I said do and she said look if it gets moved you won't be able to bite I said I had no problem before and they were the shape of my original teeth and she said these crappie things? those teeth are horrible joke ! I'm not changing them (at this point I was so beyond done I wanted to beat the cap out them knock their teeth out and tell them they can make their own dentures and be treated like dog poop ) I just.said then do whatever you want it's not like I'm the one wearing them or paying for them !!!I can say the lady with short hair who helped me pick out my color of teeth I don't know her name.or the girl who did my x ray they were very nice the girl who did my x-ray also did my first adjustment she is very nice and listens however I called today to make an appointment to get another adjustment as the swelling is going away it needs to be fixed and I was told to just call and that I had the first 100 days free for adjustments I asked for a Wednesday appointment as that is my only day off it is the 11th he said I can't get in till Monday the 25th I said I can't wait that long they are cutting my mouth and I was told to just call 100 days "he said No you have 100 days to get one free adjustment not 100 days of free ones I said that's wrong !and I need one on a Wednesday again he went with Monday.i said this is crazy do I need to find a different dentist.i drive one hour and 15 minutes to get there I can't take all day off because you go in at 10 font get out till almost 3 so...?he said that's up to you go where you want I just said I have already paid get me in on a Wednesday like I asked for he said on the 27th I said so you argued with me for 3 minutes over a Monday appointment for no reason ?he said it's set I said what time ?he said 10 I hung up I'm so beyond this place if I could afford it I would stand at that door and.sceam to people not to go there !!!!!!!!!!! It's sad that they treat people like trash and then get offended when you treat them the same way!.if it wasn't for the fact the we the people can't afford.anywhere else this place shouldn't be in business instead.get rid of horrible Dr's and even worse employees if I had any other option I would have ran from there so if you have a different option go somewhere else please no one deserves to be treated like this !


After 7 1/2 months, I am still unable to eat with my lower dentist in. Even when not eating, they are very uncomfortable. I went back for adjustments but they didn't really listen. The lower denture is not even amd is very noticeable IF i smile. The lady i take care of complains about her dentures. I had a few people I referred, but have since told them not to go. I am 44 and am embarrassed to go out in public and I can't go out to eat with my friends and daughters, unless I don't wear my lower dentist. I went from being depressed and embarrassed about my.lower teeth but eat to now being embarrassed and more depressed that I can't go out to eat or feel comfortable in public.


I was told that the initial exam and consult was free. After getting an xray, I was told that it would be $95.00. I had a few extractions and still waiting on my post follow-up appointment. The Doctor at the Towson, MD location has you waiting. I had to reschedule due to waiting for over 30 minutes or more. I schedule my appointments during my lunch break so I cannot afford to just sit and wait. My questions go unanswered and I get my answers from the receptionist. I don't even know why I have to wear these temp dentures???? Nothing is explained. I'm going to my bank to reverse the $1,500 that I paid out of pocket. I filed a compliant with Victoria Howard and she can be contacted at 919-947-5262. Of course she is not going to return any calls. Please tell family and friends do not use Affordable Dentures,


Had an appointment for 9 was not seen till hour and a half later then they told me to pick up my dentures at 1:30 didn’t get them till 3 at Daytona beach office


In 2013 I got my temporary dentures made but didn't go back to have the permanent dentures made it was all paid for but now they want me to pay an extra $440 to have them made. I don't owe them any money the account was settled in 2013. And there's nothing in the contract stating that I owe anything it's been paid in full


February of last year I spent $2,800 for the basic dental plates and extractions no problem I don't mind paying for you no service the dentist says that you know the bottom plate floats I see I understand that I cannot next night football played in in the bottom plate just pops out that it does nothing to f****** hold it in they do shity work and I've done talked to a local lawyer Morgan & Morgan in Orlando Florida and right now I have 80 people behind me I need about 15 more for class action lawsuit so that's why I'm that's what I'm heading for just b******* I spent I'm going to disability I make $1,000 a month and I spent $2,400 and I can all I can wear them upper plate motherboard answer for 30 f****** years and never used any adhesive or anyting they stayed in naturally these people are f****** everybody they're screwing people hard earn money and not doing service worth a buck so I hope and I pray I get 20 more people behind me and my lawyer will go class action lawsuit against affordable dentures it's not just for me if everybody got screwed thank you for affordable dentures for making something I can't use a warm for one day and someday you put them in I haven't had they wants f****** saying it all and it's y'all so f****** ignorant f****** bunch of children working on educated God damn people but my lawyer will take care of it I'm not worried about it I have utmost faith in Morgan & Morgan


December 14 2018 went to get dentures she sholved the insrument in my mouth hit the bone and made me chock on the insrument they took 5 impressions that morning told me to come back at 2.30 they will be ready i got half way home they call me and stated they will have to take another one they took the 6 impression told me to come back Monday on. December 14 i went home rinse my mouth my lips started stinging and bleeding and gums was swollen i bleed and bathed my mouth with water i went back Monday open my mouth the doctor said we split you shr didnt put know Vaseline on your lips so she did an order for her to try to stop my lips from bleeding and try the teeth which did not fit Monday i had to take the 7th impressions and come back at 2 i stated i needed early due to work they told me to come back at 1030. When i tried them on the other doctor said OH we slit you i said yes you did she gave me Vaseline i put on my bleeding lips and my swollen gums


The dentist split my lips on both sides in and outdide my mouth which has a scar they did 7 impressions i had swollen gums and bleeding lips they took my vacation on December 14 i did not get my teeth i had 6 impressions,on December 17 they took my vacation and my work hours from my other job i had another 7 impression with both sides and the inside of my mouth split bleeding mouth and swollen gums can someone contact me soon as possible email pleas i would love to talk with corporate


I only can get adjustments for my false teeth 2-4 so I can’t miss work to take care of it . For over a month I needed adjustment I waited til I was off On a Friday 12-21-18 I make sure their open go in at 2:05pm their open say their not doing adjustments my heart sunk.. I paid already in full for my teeth how are you open and can’t take 20 minutes to adjust my teeth. So no Christmas dinner for me .... Merry Christmas


Don’t fit can’t contact dentist. Horrible customer service. Can’t get an appointment. I very poor service. Cheep don’t fit any get help


I had a full Premium set made about 2 yrs ago at the Kannapolus Branch. This isbmy second set of dentures from ur company. The first set was the lower priced dentures but they served me well. This newer set the lower dentures have been getting black spots like mold on the gum line. It started on one side and is now traveling to otherside and Middle. I soak and brush as directed. I went to the office today to have them checked and the assitant said she never saw snything like this , had the Dentist liook at it while she was in sugery snd she said it was stain. Stain from what? Ot suppised to stain! I don’t smoke. I am cery upset about my bottom dentures to ehere I may need to seek counsel.


I went to the cascade office in Atlanta Ga and had a set of teeth made after wearing them for 2 weeks I walked in to the clinic and told the receptionist I needed to get an adjustment and she told me we only work by appointment only, so I walked away. I call the main office and could not get an appointment to meet my schedule- I payed for something that is hurting my mouth. I got the work in February 2018. I will not use this service again


The Charlotte office said they did a remake of my upper dentures. They only did a realignment. Was told to come back for a realignment. I went today to get the realignment. Things are worser todsy EVER. I requested dr. Ramos to do the realignment. Dr. Fox did it instead. Can't even wear the uppers. I have spent 9ver three thousand dollars there that I had to save. Now what!


I paid for ultimate dentures. Picked up my permenate set after 10 months. These look nothing like what I am paying for. Bigger than the economy set in my mouth. I was told I would not have a lisp.... But its worse now. I'm very unsatisfied. Considering legal action. Someone needs to contact me.


very disappointed with the lab part , the Dr is great the staff is also great .Today i went back for my 3rd visit for lower dentures , the first time they made the dentures for somebody else not , the second time they broke the mold to fit their mold , had to remake the third time i went in made an appointment for 1.30 07/19/18 got the office only to be told that the lad have me down for tomorrow, How can this be when i specifically made a 1.30 appt since I go there on my lunch hour . i never mage any 2.00 pm appointment,


Got the implant snap in denture at your office in Amarillo TX. I am experiencing great difficulty with the dentist. The fact that I’ve had to go back in the office sooo many times since this denture has been put in is putting a great hardship on me as it costs a minimum of $60.00 every time I have to drive over there.

Every single time I’ve gone back this dentist blames me for what has happened. I have done everything he has told me to do and nothing helps. They do not function as I was told they would. I’ve spent over $10,700.00 in this office to be treated this poorly and still haven’t gotten a reasonable result. He does not listen to me when I try explain he talks over the top me while I’m talking, when I call his attention to this he gets quite agitated, looks as if he is holding his breath waiting for me to shut up then gives me an answer that is not even what I was asking. This denture has NEVER snapped in properly and the very longest it semi worked was 6 weeks.

He has accused me of going to another dentist when one of the posts got damaged. (I have not been to another dentist since I started going there except to get a consultation from another dental office when this dentist told me he was moving - then he didn’t move). Then he blamed my top porcelain implants for damaging it - I wear a night guard every night in order to keep the posts of implant from damaging the porcelain teeth. Also told him that the damage to the implant was clearly caused by metal on metal and that I have never put any metal in my mouth. He has numerous times with all the tools he uses & just yesterday in his office he had metal probe in my mouth I stated ‘is that metal’ attempting to jar his thinking. This last visit I went in because the back of my denture was coming loose and instead of putting a tighter weight on the back two he put the tightest weighted ones on all three in front and a blue or green on the back two. I had complained once before about the tightest ones as they are extremely difficult to get out and did not want this again. He states that I told him what I wanted - I told him before and again I did not ever want the clear ones. Neither he or assistant could get them back out of my mouth. Finally after struggling for several minutes and pulling both my thumb nails away from the nail bed I got them out. I have fought with him the last several times I went in there and I am at my wits end. I can not afford to do this any longer.

All I want is what I paid for, a functional denture that snaps in and for it to work as advertised.


In Dec of 2016 I went to the office in Zanesville Ohio. I needed a top denture made as I already had a top denture so it was just a new one. I needed 8 bottom teeth removed and a bottom denture plate made. I am a retired person on social security and had no insurance so I saved and paid cash for the services, over $1,300.00. The bottom plate has never fit and I have lost 42 pounds due to not being able to eat most foods. The office techs. did some adjustment and said when I got my liner done the denture would be better. When I went to set the appointment for the liner they said that I did not pay for it so I would have to pay another $205.00. They said I signed a paper refusing the liner. I told them I thought I was signing to give permission to remove my teeth. I asked to speak to the dentist and they said he didn't have time and refused to allow me to speak to him. I only saw the dentist after my x-rays and when he removed my teeth. I always saw a tech and a different one each time. Now I have been trying to save to get a new bottom denture plate made somewhere else. I may go to the office in St. Clairsville, Ohio as my brother and sister in law went there and they were satisfied with the service they received and they said they the dentist every time they went .I will NEVER go back to the Zanesville office and I am telling my friends and family not to go there. I am sure there is nothing that you can do about this but I feel I have been taken advantage of and I am very upset. As I am 70 years old and can not afford this kind of expense for a poor product and very poor service.
Respectfully, Judith A. Coulson
1(740) 432-6217
705 S. 10th St.
Cambridge, Ohio 43725


I had a top plate made ($470) plate made in Stockbridge, GA. I went back and had them adjust them 2 weeks later they cracked down the middle between the 2 front teeth half way back. I took them back they glued them. I have been going through a Divorce for a year & half. I put them in the drawer.

I started wearing them again 2 days they broke down the middle again. I took them back they wanted to glue them together again & them charge me if they needed fixing again.this is the 3rd plate. I have had made at Affordable Dentures. I want them to make me a new plate they should have done it the first time.

I am retired that's a lot of money to me. Now I need your help in this matter this is no way to treat a regular customer. How can I contact headquarters and potentially complain to the CEO? Maybe they will listen to my issues.


Long time patient of Affordable Dentures. In April my new puppy chewed my partial. As always I went to affordable for repair. They did a great job with my partial and I got them back the same day and that made me very pleased. The dental tech escorted me to cashier where I paid 195.00 in cash before leaving the office. No way you can leave without paying charges. As I said I have been a loyal patient for many years. Dennis gaskin has been my dentist and always taken car of my dental needs very well. Getting to my complaint, so last month I received a bill for 195.00 of which I paid the date of my service.

I no longer have my receipt because the service was 5months ago. I called the virginia beach office and spoke with the the operator who answered. I explained. To her I had paid charges upon leaving office. She rudely said she could not find any record of the transaction. She also stated I could no longer be treated at that office. I have spent lots of money over the years with affordable dentures, the person I spoke with was very rude. I also wrote Mr gaskin a letter explaining the problem. I will not pay the 5months old bill I have already paid.


My dentures do not fit right My teeth do not align right so I don't get a good seal. My upper denture sticks out so far i look like a woodchuck. Before i had a underbite now with the dentures I have an overbite. When i had my last visit the team at Affordable Dentures did an adjustment which doesn't help. I called their customer service number to complain and was told because I'm a medicare user they would not make a new set or do anymore to help me. How am I supposed to get a job if I'm too embarrassed to go out or talk to anyone cause my dentures do not fit. I cant talk cause i sound funny or i cant pronounce words right. It's affecting my self esteem and I'm supporting my kids.


I went to Affordable Dentures in April of 2016. My teeth were infected down to the roots and had to be removed. I had 3 removed at Aspen Dental prior to this but changed to Affordable Dentures due to pricing. I had 18 teeth removed in May (I had a severe infection in my gums and had to wait for the infection to go away). The Dentist informed me in April that in addition to having all of my teeth removed, I would have to have alveoloplasty performed (reshaping of the jaw bones) on both sides, top and bottom of my mouth so my dentures would be able to fit correctly.

The Dentist did not suggest an Oral Surgeon and I do not know if he is qualified (to this day) to perform alveoloplasty. I trusted that he knew what he was doing and I went ahead with the extractions and alveoloplasty. On the pre-op paperwork, I had listed all of my allergies, etc. One of these is being allergic to dissolvable stitching. After he performed the FIRST alveoloplasty, dissolvable stitches were placed in my mouth.

This created redness, swelling and more infection in my gums and was EXTREMELY painful. In addition, there were places in my mouth where jagged bones were trying to come through my gums. I went back to the dentist. They had sent me home with Polygrip and my temporary dentures and told me to place the dentures in my mouth immediately. No one told me not to use the Polygrip and I used it as soon as I got home. This made some of the stitches come out when I removed the dentures. Apparently there was a paper with post-op instructions telling me NOT to use Polygrip, but this was not sent home with me and was still in my file on my second visit. In addition, the temporary dentures were extremely too large for my mouth and looked awkward and clearly were the wrong size.

This created much pain and subsequent re-fittings did not solve this. All the re-fittings did was to cut up my gums on every visit. Eventually, due to severe pain and discomfort after the attempted re-fittings, the dentist looked at my mouth again and first became angry with me for using the polygrip after the first alveoloplasty and accused me of "picking" at my gums. He was extremely aggressive in his tone and made me feel like all of my pain and discomfort was my own fault. I left in tears at how I was treated and also because I was in pain. He said he would have to perform a second alveoloplasty. So in June I had the alveoloplasty performed. The nurses, with the exception of 2, all treated me very poorly and were extremely rough with my mouth and dentures. This time, the dentist used regular stitches.

These began to come loose almost as soon as I came home. This made the healing almost impossible. The dentist had to re-stitch my gums. I continued to go back and forth to the dentist to have my temporary dentures adjusted and every time they were basically forced into my mouth, creating cuts and scrapes. All during this time, there were places again, where bones were trying to come back through my gums. The dentist looked at my gums after about 2 weeks and then informed me that he would have to perform another alveoloplasty. Again, his tone was an accusing tone that made me feel like I had done something wrong. It had gotten to the point where whenever I had to go back to the dentist, I would get physically sick to my stomach on the way to the dentist office.

It was only after I reminded the dentist that I had a terminal illness and just wanted my mouth fixed AND after I had my boyfriend come back with me to talk to the dentist about how poorly I had been treated by the dentist and most of his staff, that he softened his tome to me. I also had listed my terminal illness on the pre-op paperwork. Apparently this was overlooked, as well. In July, I had my 3rd alveoloplasty performed at Affordable Dentures, by the same dentist who had already performed this procedures 2 times before. My gums were cut open and my jaw bones were grinded down for the last time. (I was awake the whole time during all three procedures.) He stitched my gums so severely and with so many stitches that my gums have places on them now where they are pulling up from the bottom of my mouth and the dentures cannot go into my mouth. After this procedure, my dentures still did not fit correctly, despite his staff trying their best to cram them in.

They eventually agreed that they were not going to ever fit and made a new set. It is now August and the dentures still will not fit. The places on my gums at the bottom where they are pulling upwards hurt. I have at least 5 places where bones are still sticking out and creating extreme pain and discomfort. I eventually went BACK to Aspen Dental for a second opinion. They took x-rays and the dentist examined my gums and have concluded that I need to see an Oral Surgeon for yet a 4th alveoloplasty. I went to Affordable Dentures unaware of the reputation of this company and specifically, this office. I weighed 110 prior to April. I now weigh 93. I have lost 17 lbs and am in severely poor health. I just wanted my smile back.

I now have to look forward to another painful surgery and months of recovery that could've been avoided if only the alveoloplasty had been performed correctly in May, or June, or July. I want to full refund by Affordable Dentures and will gladly give the dentures back. I now have to figure out how to pay for all of this again and will use Care Credit for this again, if I can get it back from Affordable Dentures. I have learned a painful lesson from all of this. I urge anyone that reads this to pass on to anyone considering Affordable Dentures.


Was referred to Affordable Dentures @ 210 Cherokee Place, Cartersville, GA to get a CT Scan. I Was referred by another Affordable Dentures Office who had made arrangements for me to go get CT Scan from this office. For a procedure that would take approximately 15 minutes (which I was told over the phone), my actual wait time was approximately 2 hours. I kept inquiring as to why it was taking so long, I was told first that they took patients in order and second, they did not have the information that the other office had sent them, although I confirmed with the other office that she had indeed given them the information. Once Someone finally waited on me, with 'severe obvious attitude', the lady that did the CT scan, it was quite obvious that she was taking her lonely time although I told her I had another appointment to make.

The receptionist lady that took my $350.00 payment (although I was told the CT Scan would cost $300.00), she never 'Thanked' me for my payment and never once, did anyone express their apologies for my wait time in that office. The staff was 'rude' with a non-caring attitude. Customer Service is important, but this office lack the professionalism to even be in this type of business. Discourteous, rude, and no respect for customers. I find it odd that the price I was quoted for the Scan and the price I actually had to pay was strange misconception. I would never recommend Affordable Dentures to anyone, in fact I will discourage it.


I have remarkably a wonderful experience with Affordable Dentures. They took care of me extremely well and I got my dentures done with a price I could afford. They have something called economy dentures, custom dentures, deluxe dentures, premium dentures and ultra dentures. Based on our budget and requirement, one can opt for the right one. Affordable Dentures makes it easy for people like me who also think of a budget before getting such things done. I thank the staff at Affordable Dentures to treat me well and will definelty refer this to all whom I know and will use their services in future too.

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