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Crest is the one of the most popular brands in Oral Healthcare and toothpaste. It is owned and produced by parent Procter and Gamble (P&G). If you have a problem, call the Crest customer service number at 1-800-492-7378 between the hours of 9:00AM - 6:00PM EST Monday - Friday.

Apart from the US, Crest customers are spread across the globe in Europe, Germany, Russia, Poland and many other major countries. Procter & Gamble first introduced the Crest toothepaste brand to market in the year 1955.

Common issues with Crest include products such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, white strips, and dental cleaning. The head office for Crest is shared with other Procter & Gamble products at 1 P&G Plaza. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

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How bout a minus 25?? Crest with Baking Soda and Peroxide is beyond horrible. Though I am diligent about trying to wash off any remaining toothpaste from mouth and lips, I taste horrible peroxide and baking soda ALL DAY AND NIGHT. It makes me feel as if I'm eating something poisonous. I would like my money back, but I do not have a receipt. I never dreamed a Crest toothpaste would be this awful!


I used the duo products twice a day until I had finished both tubes. Then I developed dry mouth, inside and out and its continued since March, 2019. My lips and skin around the outside of my mouth stay chapped and scaly night and day. This has never happened until I used these products. I feel the ingredients in one of the other have caused this. I have seen a dermatologist for this problem and received medication but the problem persists.


I buy the 3D whitening all the time and love the product and have bought crest for years. I was noticing that the old tube of tooth paste is 5.5 oz and now it is 4.7 oz and at the same price. Is it going to stay the 4.7 oz now or change back? Thanks!


Crest and other toothpastes have SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) in them which harms your gums and teeth. They are a cheaply made product which does not care about customer complaints. Crest only wants to sell the highest volume at the highest price of the lowest quality. I will always prefer organic toothpast vs. Crest.


Cres 3D whitening toothpaste creates foaming action to clean, protect and whiten with a cool blast of mint as part of your complete dental health regimen. My family have been using it and it is giving a good result. It is good for sensitive teeth too. I love the mouthwash as much as the paste. Teeth are visibly whiter than before. Would tell my friends too about this.

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