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My wife took the car to the new tire store in cedar rapids iowa on Blairs ferry road. They told her that all 4 tires were in bad shape. That was 2 weeks ago.I stopped in 2 days later to get an estimate.The assistant manager Patrick Cunningham waited on me.He gave me a quote on 4 cooper tires and out the door was 600 dollars. He only had 2 in stock and would order the other 2. He called me 2 days later and said they were in. I was set up to come in the following Monday at 4 o'clock. When I got there Patrick was with a customer.Another person helped me. He told me he only had 2 in stock. Long story short he showed me where they sold my 2 tires that Thursday or Friday before. I asked him to talk to Patrick about it.He was asked if he knew anything about it. Patrick's reply was he didn't know anything about it. The other guy said he would order them. I was pissed off and told him that he lost out 600 dollars. You know it's funny I have Patricks card and phone number right here. Your place sucks and I'll be sure to tell everyone I know to stay away. I'm sure that they'll fuck enough people to stay in business.


You get 0 stars
7-30-2018 around 9ish am. I brought my car into Discount for 2 front tires. I told the sales rep behind the counter to check the rear tires for nails/screws. I walked out side about the time the tire monkey was done and he never touched the back tires. Went back inside to the front to get this squared away. At this point i was polite, I had stuff in the back of the car I apologized because I forgot it was left in the car and the guy had to move it because the key chuck was under it. This is when it all takes a turn for the worst. I have worked on cars for 30 + years I have never see a screw in the tread area of the tire that could not be repaired. Apparently you use patches and not plugs. So it takes more of an surface area to patch a tire than it does to plug one. So what does the tire grunt do? He took the screw out and said that the tire can't be fixed................................... Really? So now it wont hold air.......... So now i have no choice but to buy a tire. Give me my tire back I will prove to you I can fix it and it will last longer than the tire tread will. They tried to make it right I was just so mad i just wanted to leave your business.I could not get out of that place fast enough. Is that your goal to run customers of as fast as you can? If you treat your customers this way I do not see how you can stay in business. Clearly this is a sales pitch to steal more of my hard earned money. Right? I am a disabled Veteran I will not take this form of treatment. I got pretty mad at this point showing my ass. I have been a loyal customer for over 4 years buying tires almost every 6 to 8 months. Today that ended. You stole $50 from me when a plug cost $3 for 5 plugs. I hope you enjoy that $50 it will be the last penny you ever see from me.



Last Month I took my truck to the New Braunfels Texas Discount Tire to get the tires rotated and balanced. When they delivered my truck to the front there was grease on the outside door handle, inside door handle and steering wheel. When I got home I noticed that one of my front tires had not been rotated. I brought the truck back the following day and informed the Discount Tire employee who greeted me outside by the front door, about my front tire not being rotated and about the grease on my vehicle. He acted surprise and did not bother to apologize for the bad service or the grease on my truck. I informed him that I would appreciate them wiping their hands when getting into my truck. I also forgot to mention to him that when they removed my tires for balancing they did not put on my steel stem valve covers back on, they put the cheap black plastic ones.

On Tuesday, April 17 I took my wife's car to get a nailed removed and the tire fixed. The service was done in a reasonable amount of time. When they drove my car up the front I noticed the short blonde hair discount employee delivering my car had his hands coated with soot and grease. They were not gloves. Again I had to wipe off the steering wheel. Sorry I did not get any names but I'm sure you can see who worked on my vehicles. I'm very disappointed in your service and I'm sure my vehicle is not the only one this has happen to. In the past I have had Discount Tire customer service employees behind the desk deliver the car to the customers. Why is this small gesture of customer courtesy not being practiced anymore? Employee's working in dirty clothes and dirty hands should not be allowed in your customers vehicles.

I leave you with this thought, how would you like your car delivered to you or your wife clean or dirty?


Cruz M. Isaac III


I have been going to discount tire for years and about a year ago i got a new tire and a few months later the air is leaking from between the tire and the rim so when i called them to let them know chuck told me they probably did not seal it correctly so when i went there to have them just reseal it chuck told me they wouldnt do it trying to say my tire was bald when it was not chuck wad steady trying to get me to buy a new tire which i did not need and was very very rude saying this is not a mom and pop store this is a good place so chuck argued with me for about 10 minutes but would not reseal my tire!!! Very disappointed and will never go back there again


Oh, and I forgot to add that I removed the articles in the rear of my hatchback automobile to allow for the transit of two removed tires which I was going to keep as emergency spares" ... bottom line, they have wasted a LOT of my time and you don't even want to know what I charge per hour as an engineering consultant....maybe I should bill discount Tire for my wasted time?


May I strongly suggest that CORPORATE adopt a program to institute to ALL Discount Tire stores so that a customer who was in the store the day before and returns the day scheduled for tires install need not have stand in line again for another 20 minutes waiting before being acknowledged. It seems to me that good business sense would also be to receive a phone call, be it an electronic message or a live person to advise that my special order tires have arrived. I was all set to go to purchase the first of TWO SETS of special order Michelin tires for my two automobiles this morning, I was standing at the previously made appointments counter area for ten or more minutes and got no response from the employees who were waiting on the long line of walk-in customers. At that point I turned around and announced loudly that I had already stood in line for twenty minutes the day before and I was not going to do this again and I then walked out. I'm typing this after returning from National Tire Wholesale where I got fitted with the new Michelin tires. In closing, let me ask...don't you think that in this day and age with cell phones than can control drones that there should be a electronic program to at least call and leave message to a customer who has a special order placed for tires? And... don't you think that corporate could institute a policy that would make sure that customers who have a scheduled appointment don't have to stand in line again for another twenty minutes waiting for a salesman/representative?


Poor customer service. FRM# 7827680 date 01/04/18. I had gone over to have them rotate the tires, front to back. They tell me a tire needs to be replace. This was on 12/23/17, I ask just as long the same brand is put on. Wanted the same tread and tire to match the others. David the salesperson, said we have it in stock. After three to four hours, the car was ready. So three days after, while on vacation. I see the new tire and it's not the same tire as the others. I have on. At Discount Estaben, goes to check all tires. And I tell him, I want the same tire, as the rest. Replace this tire, he claims, they do not have it. It needs to be order. The tire is order, and received on 01/04/18, David the salesperson. Tells me come over, no wait. Will be put ahead of the line. Waited another 3 hours, for them to installed.
Why can't they be honest, instead of trying to get more out of a customer. I have bought tires, rims, on several vehicles.
Not happy with the way, I was treated.


I have been dealing with Discount Tires for years. I drop my vehicle off Saturday 9/9/17 to the location on Poe Ave in Dayton OH. I ONLY need my tires rotated and air put in my tires. My low air light was on when I dropped it off. I'm told it would be ready in 1 1/2 hrs. I leave and come back truck is ready, light is still on. I'm thinking it just needs to reset so the following day it's still on and I take it somewhere else. The tire was not filled per the attached invoice that states the pressure is at 34. One tire was at 28 the other 29 and so forth. I call and talk to Rob (the same guy that I saw on Sat) I ask him what did they fill my tires up to he cannot answer. So I say I had to take my tires somewhere else and they did not fill my tires up as indicated on the invoice, therefore, I do not believe my tires were rotated either because I ONLY was having those two things done. He's like 'Oh bring it back in, maybe it didn't get done' I state I left my truck for over 1 1/2 hrs. He's like I have to check to see if the measurements are the same. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW IF MY TRUCK WAS WORKED ON? I have NEVER had bad service at this establishment UNTIL NOW!!
**This website will not allow me to attach my invoice but you can pull it up by my number 937-477-6280**


Horrible rip off. Bought new tires at the Showlow, AZ location 3 years ago. My wife and I were told they had a 60,000 mile warranty. Tires wore our at 35k. Went to the Ina Rd location in Tucson and was told there was no warranty on the tires, period. What idiot would buy any new tires without a warranty. I'm a 69 year old man and have never done anything like that! My wife remembers the young salesman at Showlow very well and his 60k statement. We have been loyal customers for years, but no more! Went to Costco and had a set of 4 Michelins put on our Toyota 4 runner. Will let my friends and family know how Discount Tire treats customers.


I scheduled my appointment online for Oct. 1-2016, Saturday at 8AM. I arrive to the 10929 Chimney Rock, Houston, TX. 77096 location 20 mins early. As the Discount Tire web site advise to arrive 15min early. I spoke with the manager and stated my appointment was scheduled. "The manager stated to me that they don't do appointments. That he will get me in just like the other customers". When a customer have an appointment that appointment should have been grated.

The manager is rude and need customer service education. I finally was called up and I told Jose Gonzalez I would just get a price because five customers have already went before me without appointments. I told Jose I would come back. After looking in the system and seen that I was scheduled, Jose promise to get me in right now and he will have me out in 30min. Jose did just what he promise. I would recommend Jose to educate his manger on how to treat the customers. If appointments are not grated and corporate needs to remove this option from your web site.

If it was not for Jose I would have taken my money and purchase my four tires elsewhere.


I went to discount tire because I had a screw in my tire. I was told by the manager Chris I needed new tires which cost $947. I was also told my car would be ready at 2:00 but was not ready until 3:00. I drove my car home and on the way home I heard a noise coming from the back of my car. I called and spoke to the manager Chris and was told that the spare was not tightened and to bring it back. Never did I receive an apology for my inconvenience of having to drive 10 miles back to have something correct that should have done right to begin with. The service was very poor and I should have gone to SAMs where the cost of the tires are less and the service is better. I will not be back.


Discount Tire won't rotate and balance. They said I needed 2 new tires I told them to rotate for time being and I would get with them later and fix the leak in one. I buy a lot of tires from Discount and got 5 vehicles all tires bought from my local shop. I would appreciate you handling this for me thanks.


If you don't buy from Discount Tire and you need work done, as in my case tires, and wheels. Expect to be placed at the end of the line and pay extra for everything you need done. Also in my case not letting me know that if I didn't have my tire pressure sensor put back on I would be getting an alarm and code fault during my drive time. I guess because of my ignorance I was expected to pay for a redo and I did, without even a little discount another $80.00 dollars. The sales man just said I though these wheels and tires for part time driving and you knew. I guess that's how they make the extra bucks because of ignorant people like me. Please make sure you know all about tires and wheels if your having work done at Discount Tire.


I purchased a continental tire for my 2014 Jetta wagon at your tire store on 4600 wadsworth Blvd. When I picked up the rim and new tire after them having it for 10 days I discover that my rim was damaged. I did not notice it the day I picked up the tire because I had them put it in a bag to take home. I went back to the store and explained to the manager and he said he would replace the rim. That's been 8 days ago and no phone call.


Brought my car for a flat fix to Discount Tire company at 8:27 am and was told it would be an hour turn around. An older lady came in after me and a lady with two tires to be repaired was six minutes ahead of me. I went to get some breakfast and returned at 9:10 am and to see the two women mentioned receive their autos and leave. I questioned the clerk as to why my car had not been worked and was told the older lady had an appointment and the other lady came in six minutes ahead of me.

The clerk smartly remarked that I could have made an appointment. How can you make an appointment on a flat? I also noticed them pulling into the stalls a Green Jaguar that wasn't even there when I left to go eat and was told that he was there ahead of me. Discount constantly provides poor service. The two women left about 9:20 am and the green jaguar left about 9:40am, but I was still waiting until 10:00am, complaining the entire time about the employees there.


My wife purchased a set of tires from discount. A few days ago one of her tires blew out on the freeway and my son later took her vehicle and the blown tire to the discount at 9950 w McDowell road Avondale Az. 85392 and spoke to Cory and was told that you have a 60,000 mile warranty on these tires. However they are too worn to warranty, I didn't understand because the tires only have had 40,000 miles put on them. Do you understand? I think that 60000 - 40000 = 20000 so the tires should be under warranty right?


I went to Discount Tire recently to get my tires rotated. The problem is that they total me the tread was too low to rotate them to the back, which was a total lie. They then made me buy a rediculous set of new tires for the front so they could rotate my old ones to the back. This just means my back tires will wear out and I will need two more new tires even sooner. I wish they would do what is right for the customer. Maybe then they would not see as many complaints.


We have an explorer that is rear two wheel drive and got tires at Discount Tire. We assumed it was either four wheel drive or all wheel drive. Big mistake on our part especially living in upstate N.Y.. We bought this car with 12 thousand miles on it. Thinking it was perfect for us and the two mentally challenged people that live with us. Plus being retired now I drive five Mennonite children to end from school weekdays. The tire size is P255/50r20-104h. You can not get a safe tire for these wheels.


I absolutely love Discount Tire. Can't say anything negative about a place that gives you fast service and high quality tires for a good price. I don't work for Discount Tire but I can tell you that I always think of them when I have a flat or need a new set of wheels. Sometimes they can try to upsell you on a more expensive tire but that's a given in today's world. The fact that Discount Tire will fix a flat tire for free is awesome and a great value add for them. The more important thing is the speed! They get stuff done quick and most of the time if you show up early you are in and out in the same day.

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