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Just saw Direct TV blowgun/dart commercial during the game. I guess we’re not cool…shooting a person with a blowgun and stealing movies? The internet claims this is a parody…good grief what messages are we sending our kids. Thumbs down Direct TV, you can’t just throw stuff around thinking this a great message to be sending. I know advertising is all about shock and wow factor but seriously this commercial is a joke.


I am writing here in regard to the disappointing customer service I received from DISH NETWORK today. I have been their customer for more than 4 years now, and now I need to share my review of Dish TV. My family in Texas is still using the connection and I opted for it as soon as I moved to Minnesota ignoring Direct TV’s popularity here.

I am the only customer for dish among hundreds of Direct TV and comcast customers. I have already been enrolled in you 250+ package and wanted to add a super pack. Unfortunately, I received an unacceptable and rude response from your customer service. Read the poor reviews out there on the web about Dish TV, they don’t lie.


I ordered Direct TV from Sam’s Club. The first installation was to be in two weeks between 8AM-Noon. At  11:30 AM, Direct TV called and said there installer had an emergency and couldn’t install satellite. We rescheduled for the following week. They called and canceled that appointment because they said they didn’t have enough staff to install and asked to reschedule. We rescheduled for two weeks away. Guess what…they canceled. This time it was equipment problems. I told them forget it and refund my money. It’s a good indication about the service I would receive.


Direct TV is retarded. My husband and I have had direct tv for awhile now and I am getting sick of it. We can never order any movies and a few weeks ago our dish stopped working. Not sure what happened but they keep saying we have to pay and have a direct TV guy come on and look at the dish, otherwise they won’t fix it. No television, no satellite, nada! So they are telling my husband now we have to pay to make up for their crappy service are you kidding me? If anyone should have to pay for the bad install it should be the guy who did it, or the stupid company who hired him! It was a “free” install and we never touched anything, but now its magically broken and we are being charged for repairs. Not my problem! Direct TV sucks.

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