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My flight with Delta got cancelled coming back home to New York from Honduras. Delta booked me a flight with Avianca, which was the biggest mistake ever made. It was my first time flying with Avianca. the personal inside the plane was very nice and helpful. Front desk people was rude like they are so miserable with life and job. I got to JFK at 11pm Friday then waiting for my luggage I stayed at the airport until 4am Saturday. When I went to the customer services people to le them know about my luggage no arriving in the flight with me, they treated me like it was my fault and luckily I contain myself not to insulted people out because all the wait and the frustration on waiting so long for the luggage. On top of everything Avianca charged me $250.00 for 2 luggage which I found weir why I hat to pay that much money, but because I wanted to get home because I had to work the next day and thinking that Delta was going to reimburse some money for this incident.


I travel to Quito ecuador on the 8 of October 2018 somehow my info come out as Castillo/Castillo Munoz Marcial Alejandro first flight I took was with Spirit Airlines from OAk to LAX flight #NK504 I had no problem to take the plane at all and since I already had my boarding pass printed; it was until I arrived to LA that when checking In this was the flight # AV523 12:37 pm to San Salvador the lady at the front desk Agent (ID 2533OS) saw that there was a mistake but she alloed me to take the plane and at the connection point from San Salvador to Quito fligt # AV457 T 19:00 hours I had no problem to get in the plane either. I call Avianca on Saturday night to make changes on my food since I’m Vegan.because when I took my flight to Quito I essentially able to eat anything that they offer they only offer meat and chicken. when calling Avianca to make tha Dietary changes the person in the phone noticed the problem on the name again” I tell him that it might be because in the states some people call you just Mr Castillo and that I had no problem to take the plane before I also tell him to change it if necessary obviously he didn’t”. It was on the way back Oct/22/ 2018 when trying to check in that the at the front desk the guy in there Name (Chris) saw the mistake on the duplicated last name he did not checked me in he was trying to call someone to ask about either to let me in or not nobody responded in the period of 15 min when he try to call few times he tell me to call Avianca directly when I did the Avianca agent on the phone says that it was to late to make any changes that the only option was to talk to the manager at the airport and explain the situation I had to wait one hour for the manager to come down when he come down it took him another 5 -10 min for him to get to me because there where some embajador people from the politics that he had to say hello then he finally get to me I explained the situation all of this in Spanish and tell him pretty much that he had the option to fix this let me in or not and he almost laughed on my face saying the he was the person encharged and that his job was to make sure that the politics of the Airline where meet and that he cannot help me specially Because I was flying to (USA) he and the agent who hold me mention that when coming to South America wasn’t a big deal a mistake on my name. but the when coming back to the (USA ) they didn’t want any problems so therefore. I call Kiwi two times first I speak with a woman on the phone who says she cannot do anything her English wasn’t clear I had to ask many times what she was saying then she put me on hold and the comuninication was lost then I call again after the Avianca manager didn’t let me in this time was a guy communication was easier to understand but he couldn’t help me at all either, he says he will call within 3-4 hours he never call back. around 5:10 Am The Avianca costumer service place at the airport open then I went there to see what could I do to get on the next plain I had to pay $224 US Dollars to change the mistake on my name and $300 US Dollars to get on the next plain Aget #4763 she explained to me that it was kiwi mistake to alloed this mistake go through that kiwi system should recognize this mistakes right away then after I paid I was able to get on the next plain on a different route this time though Bogotá the flight #AV8372 and this flight was delay almost an hour then when the plane was about to land the airport in bogota had to change the way of lading because of the air current that took another 20 min on the air when finally landing in bogota we had to take a bus shuttle to the airport pass security again. I had to run as fast I could to make only 5 min before my plane to LA took off flight #AV86 time 13:40 pm when in the plain I had no choice but to eat only a tiny salad and a little pasta that had dairy on it and I had to remove the ham from top of the pasta because I was hungry it’s really sad that I had to do this is disgusting for me to had to do this; well finally make it to LAX almost an hour late I had to pay 41 US Dollars in uber to make it to the bus station to make it on time to take the overnight buss and pay another 17 Us Dollars to take the overnight bus to Oakland I’m tired angry and sad for this situation I want my money back and a big apology from kiwi and the airlines I hope to hear from you soon!. In Avianca they say they will do anything to make you fall in love with them so I want that and reason to fall in love with them and see who’s taking responsibility for this If is kiwi or the airlines or both all you know is that I’m not happy and I want answers soon thanks for all sincerely Marcial Castillo.


I flew Avianca from Bogota to Miami on Oct. 12th. 2018. Apparently my visa was expired on Oct 11th. why is it that your agent did not check my visa and I was able to board on the airplane.
I myself was not aware of that and for getting to Miami one day after the expiration date, I am being detained at Broward Transitional Center since last Friday. I am emotionally distressed and being treated here like a criminal.
I hold Avianca responsible for their negligent.
You can contact my husband at 954 290 6429 to further discuss this case.
I am currently being presented by an attorney and beside going through hell in this jail, I have also incurred a lot of unnecessary expenses.


I was charged 650 dollars to change a flight that cost 750 dollars for another flight that took me to lima peru and got me home 2 days later. They stopped me at the gate asking for a yellow fever vaccination, and when I complained the employee told me the employee that did the original paper work put notes in the system about me that were derogatory. I need the 650 back or credit


Flight AV626
Oct 9, 2018
Seat 2K

This flight was the worse Business class flight I have ever experienced. First off we were suppose to be on an Airbus 320 but we were not, the business class seat was nothing at all like your website shows, there was no entertainment system, just the screen on the ceiling. Our flight attendant was mostly MIA during the entire flight. She did not provide us with any preflight service, no water or drinks were provided. After taking off and the seat belt sign was turned off, she closed the curtains separating the business class section and her galley. After 30 minutes I went to the galley and requested water, which she provided. At 9:14am, a full hour after we left she emerged with breakfast. Once breakfast was served she retreated back to the galley. No other service was offered after breakfast, no snacks, no drinks...nothing. The cockpit door was constantly being opened and either the flight attendant was going into the cockpit or one of the pilots kept emerging into the gallery. There was no attempt to secure the cockpit from the passengers in the plane. Normally when a pilot needs to use the restroom, the gallery is secured so that no passengers have access to them. While I was waiting to use the bathroom, the flight attendant and the pilot were chatting in the gallery. Another time I was waiting to use the bathroom, the flight attendant opened the cockpit door and entered the cockpit, again no security for the pilot. We were well into the descent and when our flight attendant finally walked through the to check that all seats were upright and trays were up. I still had my tray down as I still had my empty glass on it. You receive one star only because I cannot select zero.


I was not notified by phone or email that my flight was cancelled, after checking out of my hotel and arriving at airport I was informed my flight was cancelled and my trip back home was scheduled for the next day. This caused a huge problem I was not able to report to work the next day, and since I was not present to open the store was suspended from work for 3 days, all do to your company negligence, I had no way to contact my job after hours.
It was a shameful experience I aim to grow with the company I work for and now I have a bad report on record.
I feel I should be compensated for the trouble in means of voucher for future flight.
My Flight info was scheduled as Reservation PDBQVJ departing from Guayaquil on July 19, 2018 at 10:55pm to Bogota. Flight AV8384 and then on to Miami International airport.
please take in consideration the hardship I had to place and the money I did not make because of failure to be at work due to negligence on Avianca's failure to notify me of flight cancelation.
Thank you.


To whom it may concern ,

My husband and I booked a short vacation to Bogota , Columbia . Our trip was to take place on June 4,2018 . Due to automobile accident on our way from Puerto Viejo , Costa Rica we did missed our flight . We still showed up at the airport in San Jose , asking if we could please be helped and perhaps, be placed on another flight .
We were told by Avianca representative that , for a fee of $900 we could be placed , the following day !.
Needless to say , we did not accept this offer however , the problem lies with our return fair , which Avianca informed us was canceled as well !. I find this unacceptable and am asking for our refund or a complementary flight to compensate us for the unfairness of our lost return tickets form Bogota .

Monika Walkowiak
Waldemar Biela


I am really mad at the way Avianca is considerating travelling with them. I am a frequent customer of Avianca. my last to trip to Colombia was so expensive more than Fls1200 I paid. In Curacao my flight had a delay of 1 hour. my way back to Curacao when a went to checkin online I could not. they put me on standby without a seat. I bought my ticket together with my girl friend she could checkin and I could not. At check in at the airport I could not get a seat and the told me I need to go till the gate for the checkin and seat. this was the 14 of may 2018. After a long discussion a got a seat. Today 14 june 2018 the same thing happen to me again. I could not checkin online, because I was on standby, and need to go all the way to the airport,.this is totally unacceptable that a buy a tickect with a day to return back to Curacao and I don't have seat. this is really frustrated and not acceptable.


The worst flight attendant ever going to Columbia. Need to speak English if you are in America. Cannot come to the USA an act like you are better than anyone worst uniform I will never ever fly with these set of douche bags


Avianca has been delaying flights since I left JFK and now it’s on El Salvador and the only compensation is a voucher ?? Please be more mindful of your costumers


My wife and I recently traveled to Miami departing Managua on October 2, 2016 and a return ticket for October 6, 2016. Due to weather condition warnings at MIA because of Hurricane Matthew, are flight was cancelled. All flights were cancelled on October 7, 2016 also. The earliest we could get a flight out to Managua via San Salvador was October 10, 2016 at 6:10 PM arriving in Managua at 9:05 PM. This was bad for me because, I did not plan on 4 additional days at the Ramada Inn/Miami Airport Hialeah.

I made reservations from the 2nd to the 6th of October 2016. It cost me out of pocket $64.88 each extra night plus food cost. I only receive a $2101.00 VA Pension. I still have to purchase food for my three children and maintain the household expenses. This is in no form my fault. Avianca could of aided in my assistance, at least for the weekend. The Hurricane never hit Miami as it was spared. My purpose in Miami was of a medical nature at the VA Hospital, due to a quadruple bypass, chronic kidney disease and I had a case of pneumonia. I am 65 years old, and I don't have that kind of money to throw around.

I plan on another trip to Miami and return, the 1st week in January for dialysis kidney treatment. It would be nice if Avianca (Taca) could compensate us for our inconvenience and extra money spent. I am sorry, but, I am sick and fly every 3 months to Miami for Medical attention and medicine.


Flight on Avianca was cancelled due to hurricane Matthew. No hurricane in Miami. Now flight is available for $2,800 same day. This is a price gouging scam with no customer service. Spent 5 hours on phone with no resolution...disappointed in this airline.


I arrived at 11:30 with a flight at 1:15. There were 2 lines: 1 for the drop off (mixing different flights), the other for late people who didn't do the checkin, as the flight was about to close. As I did my checkin online an chose my seat, Avianca's staff told me to take the 1st line, which was much longer. Result: I miss the flight. When I arrived at the counter I've been told that the flight closed, while the people from the other line could get in, even without making any checkin before. Avianca's customer service staff gave me a wrong information about the line I should have taken.


As a 68 yrs old handicap individual and family were target because of our race, which is black. The Security were also disrespect by taking my cane, by waving it across the detector which gave off alarm. I was in a wheelchair, inform staff that I could not walk without my cane, this went on for at least 45 minutes. Your staff threw away items less then two ounces. Employees decide to perform a manual body search, which was not a problem, this should of been perform first, harassment for 45 min, was not necessary, this shouldn't be allowed. This happen in San Salvador/Sal, June 28th, this was the worst experience I've ever had in my life time.


My family and i requested a refund for our plane tickets in August 2015 it is now May 2016 and we have not received our refund. I have also spent many many hours on the phone with Avianca .Each time they promise to resolve the issue and they have not. In fact they never emailed me or called me back as they say they are going to, there has never been an available supervisor either.I am super disappointed with Avianca. They have not handled this professionally or in a timely manner. At this point i am requesting vouchers immediately.


Matthew (my nephew) and i were scheduled to arrive back home to New York on 2/23/2016 at 0930 pm( avianca record locator x79wyq). We arrived 1 hour prior to departure, due to my nephew not feeling well because of his type 2 diabetes which needs attentive care, we were scheduled to leave Peru on flight 837 at 0730 am, because we arrived 1 hour prior instead of 2 hours prior avianca employees refused to check us in, even though i explained the circumstances,at that point, we were instructed to go to avianca main office which was located outside of the airport, which we also had to take a taxi to get there ultimately losing our flight. Avianca main office was closed at the time we arrived there by taxi and we waited until they opened at 9 am.

Avianca employees at the main office charged me a cancellation fee of 200 dollars each and 638 hundred dollars in differences. Bringing the total to 1038 us dollars, this is an outrage that i had to pay such an outstanding amount just because i arrived 1 hour instead of 2 hour prior to the departure of my original flight. When we finally were able to have a scheduled flight which was flight 836 it was delayed for 1 hour making our total wait time to depart from Cuzco Peru was 5 hours long, this is totally unacceptable and we have been taken advantage of by your company and employees, avianca employees were obnoxious and disrespectful and made us feel like we would have no way out of this situation.

I respectfully ask that avianca refunds the whole amount , we did not cancel our flight, avianca employees refused us and treated us very poorly, we are very much unsatisfied with our experience with your company.


Had to change a destination due to Altitude (Toronto to Quito...9000 ft above sea level) and was informed by Avianca that We would each receive a $720.28 credit that had to be used up by Oct 8th, 2016 also that a change charge of $200.00 per person would result leaving us with a Credit of $520.00 each. On calling Avianca we were informed that we would have to pay an additional $681.62 per ticket after their taking into account the credit of $520.28.

This new total cost would amount to $1201.90 per person. There was no agreement for Flight Hub had the same flight on the same time frame at a cost of $470.00 per person economy? On questioning this with two of their booking staff I was informed that it was what was on their Computer Monitors and their supervisor would agree with the Computer Monitors. Customer Service?


I need to pay $80 for a mistake made by Avianca customer service. Was on a flight to Columbia and was told my ticket was cancelled. They never brought me back. It was my mistake for booking was Avianca, not very good. Watch out! You will need to pay for your connecting flights.


Avianca is the best one which I had choose for my emergency trip last thursday. Instant customer support, best fares and attractive discounts helped me to make my trip more comfortable with Avianca. I suggest you all to go for Avianca if you have any vacations to be spent with best package as they best deals in domestic and international flights. Currently it covers North America, Europe, Otros paises, suramerica et.,. One-way , round trips, multi trips are now easy to reserve on your finger tips.

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