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Alitalia is Italy’s flag carrier-leisure airline. Serving with 27 domestic and 75 international flights they are also cargo specialist. Revenues in 2012 were reported as over EUR 3.5 billion. They boast a fleet of 102 aircraft and employees numbering over 14,000, as reported in 2014.

If you have a problem with your Alitalia flight, call 1-800-223-5730 or for lost baggage call 1-800-905-9992. You will find helpful Contact Us information here. As of March 2016 you may contact new CEO, Cramer Ball with a postal carried letter addressed with, Alitalia, United States Office, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010.

Alitalia began in 1946 and has most recently been infused with purchase of 49% stock by Etihad Corporation. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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To whom it may concern,

I purchased a ticket with your airline from LHR to NAP ON 9-April-2019. I was charged a total amount of €45 and received a baggage receipt with my luggage to arrive in Naples, Italy. My bag is now missing and after calling your unhelpful airlines they stated that my bag was back in London...why? I don’t know. I talked to someone from the Alitalia counter in Naples and she stated that my luggage is on its way on the 13:40 flight on 9-April-2019 and would be delivered to me in Sorrento, Italy. And that I should just go to my hotel and it will be delivered to me. It is now the end of the night and I do not have any clothes with me what so ever. Your company charged me a lot of money and did not provide the service that was promised. WHERE IS MY BAG?!? I have many expensive things in there that I paid a lot of money for. I am without any change of clothes. I called your lost and found and they stated that I will receive my bag by Thursday evening or Friday 12-04-2019. My flight is at 11:00 am on Friday back to London. I will not have my bag this whole of my holiday. You have ruined my holiday with your inconsistency and horrible customer service. I will obviously never fly your airline again for this reason. I am requesting my full refund for the luggage charge of €45 you charged me. All you have done is caused me stress, headache and heartache. Your airline also called the Italian police on me because I wanted to know why my bag was missing and why they charged me that amount for my baggage to be checked in and then never deliver my baggage.
I now know why all the passengers had they’re luggage and never checked it in. It’s because you lose your customers luggage. Your counter at London Heathrow airport also misplaced my passport and I had to go back to retrieve it because your employee never gave it back to me. What kind of service are you running at Alitalia. You are a bad airlines that no one should fly. You are NOT trustworthy with people’s belongings. Please refund the money that you have charged me for my luggage because you have not provided the service that I paid for.

A very unsatisfied and stressed customer.

I NEED MY LUGGAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been unable to resolve an issue of confirmation that the flight I booked for my family for an upcoming trip with confirmation #SWZJLCis in fact an economy classic ticket as per my confirmation documents state (I have forwarded this information numerous times to I have made more than a dozen phone calls to the "customer care" phone number to ask for resolution but they keep telling me a supervisor is unavailable and will review the issue....I have been more than patient and have spent numerous hours trying to resolve this issue.

I had the opportunity to use another airline for this special family trip but I decided to go with Alitalia as I have flown with you many times in the past. Unfortunately, I think I made a very big mistake being loyal this time.

Waiting for your reponse.
Carmela Carollo (914-522-1200)


I missed my flight, to Rome, on Sunday 16 December, I am a student in Poland and I attempted to catch another flight from Warsaw that would connect me to the return flight that I had booked , but once I called the customer service in Alitalia they said they wouldnt allow me to get on to the next flight to Rome so that I could catch the Alitalia flight to Africa, Johannesburg, Now I am trapped in Poland and I dont have any money to buy another ticket, All I want is to get back home. My booking code is GQBIDQ.

Please assist.


First I will like to let u know since approximately October 2015 when I started looking into our trip to Italy we were 6 traveling I had nothing but great experiences polite helpful I think I know all the names of associates. Everything was great from checking in at JFK/ CATANIA/ NAPLES but then from Naples checking in to Rome I met the rudest, nastiest associate.

She never welcomed us or smiled. I traveled with same luggage throughout flights checked 2 plus 1 carry on on inter flights. I believe I was discriminated against because I was not Italian. She said I had to check my carry-on and pay 68 euros I was not happy especially when I saw all the following luggage being carried on. I really doubt that mine weighed near what theirs weighed. I think I deserve a refund from corporate at once.


Recently I had arranged a flight To Milano ( Italy) through ORBITZ. Departure dates April 11 New York to Milano. Due to an emergency I had to fly to England the week before. Three days before the intended fligth date to Milano I had contacted Orbits asking them to cancel my flight to Milano as I was there already through another airline BUT lo leave alone the flight back to Milano the 28th April. With my surprise three days after the intended departure date ( Which I had asked to cancel) I have received a note by ORBITS telling me that the flight back to New York was duly cancelled and the flight to Milano was still...standing.

I have no way to know whether such a paradox was done deliberately. Later on in the month ahead I proceeded for my intended vacation to ROME to take over the flight where I was going to. With my surprise when I have approached the ALITALIA to ask information. With a ...little problem: I could not travel back unless I would had paid the penalty for ...showing up and I had to buy another ticket back home from Milano New York. My question is. Who is responsible for the obvious misleading information: ALITALIA or ORBITZ?

At this time VISA Credit Card was notified for the matter.


They were to change my return flight from italy assured me they would landed in italy Saturday morning had to leave Sunday morning paid 1800 they offered me 100 for compensation now they blocked my email and tweet and won't answer me said the file is closed.


Had taken my family for a visit from Rome to Athens using Alitalia. I must say I got a good deal when compared to other flights. Food and service was good and they have taken good care while on board till the departure at Athen airport. I am pretty much impressed with the quality of service. There was no delay in the flight timings and it was on time. The crew was welcoming and seemed to be very professional in their work. They took care of our children on the flight and provided some video games on their screens. The seats are spacious and have ample leg space. I am happy with Alitalia and recommend this to anyone travelling and want good deals with quality service.

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