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Air Canada is the flag carrier and largest airline in Canada. Providing service to 190 destinations with a fleet of 205, over 38 million passengers are served annually. Air Canada is traded on the Canadian stock market and revenues were reported in 2014 as over CAN 13 billion. There were over 27,000 employees in 2013.

If you have a problem with your Air Canada flight you call 1-888-247-2262. Baggage issues are addressed at 1-888-689-2247. You will also find Customer Care here. If you would like to send postal correspondence to the CEO, Calin Rovinescu, address you letter with Air Canada, 7373 Boulevard de la Cote Vertu, Saint Laurent, Montreal, Canada H4S 1Z3. The corporate phone number is 514-422-7849.

The history of Air Canada goes back to 1937, but was not called Air Canada until 1965. The company slogan is, ‘Your World Awaits’. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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I have been trying for 5 hours to make a reservation. I am told to wait in the que for a returned call. I am on a Mexican phone I left that they need to dial 011-52-331-8395648 Obviously they were not able to do this. If I stayed on the line my phone data would cost me more than the flight. It is on the website that there is only one seat left on this flight at $366 I would like to know if I lose the flight or cannot get it at the rate when I wanted to book the flight what is Air Canada i going to do to compensate me for this matter. Clearly ÀAir Canada has no regard for its clients time and patience's.


1. I was discriminated against due to being disabled by air canada staff mainly in my stop in Calgary. First the two staff pushing me in the wheelchair were complaining I was too heavy when they should have used the electric back part to the chair. I was told by a staff member that I should't be travelling since I was disabled. I was left in a wheelchair that I was not able to move in and left away from the gate. After 20 or more minutes of trying to get the attention of an air canada staff member a woman came over and I asked her for assistance to the washroom and she replied she was too busy and had to attend to passengers needing assistance coming off the flight however she walked away went back to talking to her co workers leaving me to pee in my pants. She never sent anyone else to help me either. then when the announcement came on for people needing assistance to board i had to yell through 20 plus people again to get the attention of a staff member. A staff woman came over and took me to the gate and checked my ticket then put me behind her facing a wall and said I cant deal with you right now let me deal with these people.At this time I am still sitting in my own urine. When I finally was taken to the plane I was supposed to be seated at the very front with extra leg room but I was rushed down the aisle having an asthma attack along the way actually needing to stop to take my inhaler to seat 39 losing my seating cushion in the process of being rushed. During the flight the woman next to me asked are you the disabled woman they were supposed to seat upfront but didn't wish to deal with I was in shock and replied yes. She informed me the staff were talking about me and my being disabled and the woman next to me wouldn't have known if she had not overheard the staff complaining. On the flights I was unable to purchase food and I'm diabetic because I don't have a credit card. Airlines should at least take debit for people whom are not financially stable.Also have toll free numbers for customers to call for any issues with any airline. Air Canada staff not only insulted me by complaining about my weight but actually telling me I should not travel because I am disabled and they can't attend to me 24hrs in which my reply was if I had of been in a proper wheelchair I would be fine also I am disabled not stupid. Then your staff neglected me and made me feel lower than an animal sitting in my own urine. The staffs attitude and comments were a disgrace their general lack of any empathy was nil. And discussing my disability in front of other customers embarrassed me beyond this world. I was planning on making many more trips out west but the treatment of your staff has made me fearful and ashamed to think of asking Air Canada staff for help in any matter. Also I was discussing this matter with a staff member at calgary airport and the staff promised me he would speak to the head manager and call me back the next day and the staff on would be known and the treatment I received would not be permitted and their would be actions taken to fix my horrible experience. The next day your staff neglected to call me and I tried 30 times to call him with no luck.So mistreat me then promise me it will be resolved then ignore me well your company is disrespectful dishonest and just ignorant.




Boarded AC0933 CUN-YVR departed 2019-05-20. I ordered 1 (one) chicken soup Time: 02:31:35 2019-05-21 and I found out later that I was charged from my credit card the amount of CAD39.85 for just a soup. I still have the receipt order # YVR 654756/8/10. Am I overcharged ? I think for just a soup, I find it too expensive.


My wife and I had a trip booked from Toronto to Las Vegas from May 12th to May 17 2019. Our flight leaving Toronto was dalayed for 6 hours and that screwed up our plans big time because of a bachelor party I was supposed to organize. By me being late and in charge of the party all of our plans had to be changed last minute and it ended up costing me. On the plane they gave us a we are sorry card to fill out to get a discount code for future travels in the next 13 months but we will not be travelling till then. Instead I would like a monetary reimbursement. You can reach me at 1-819-279-7572
Dale Lyssan


April 29, 2019
AC 1897 Las Vegas to Vancouver - The pilot announced that they are doing refueling on the plane. We waited while inside the plane one hour. Our next flight is AC 296 (Vancouver to Winnipeg). That is why when we arrived in Vancouver we are already late in our next flight which is AC 296. The crew said our next flight will be the following day which is April 30 at 3:45PM (AC 8622). We stayed inside the airport for 20 hours. Why we didn't get accommodation from the airlines. They said that it is our own expense if we should get a hotel. It is not our fault that the flight was delayed from Las Vegas, and why we should suffered a 20 hours inside the airport. My hand carry on luggage was delivered the next day which is May 1, 2019. It is very hard for us for that experience. I need justice to our suffering. I have been a loyal passenger of Air Canada since I came here in Winnipeg of 2007. I need an explanation.


Mr.jaspal Singh kajla is living and working in Canada on tourist visa illegally in Toronto,Ontario


I have sent a complaint to Air Canada complaint Dept. in Calgary, Alberta about 3 weeks ago and I am still awaiting a response.
This is about my latest flight; I have flown with Air Canada since 1973 and this recent trip had to be my worst experience.
I flew from Edmonton to Toronto and caught the AC1868 to St Vincent, we sat on that plane for almost 2 hours and arrived in St.Vincent about 6.30 pm by then my ride was not there and I had to take a Taxi.
On my way back home my flight was again delayed until after midnight by the time we arrived in Toronto it was after 3 a m.
My flight AC 163 left Toronto after 9 am getting into Edmonton close to noon, by the time I got home to St.Albert it was close to 2 pm ,very tired and frustrated.
I am asking Air Canada to consider what they have put me through and offer me some compensation.

Thanking you
in anticipation


On March 11 on flight AC 737 the plane left 45 min. later than scheduled because we had to wait for 14 people that were late going to security and we narrowly made our connection to Phoenix because there was 20 min. Wait before deplaning.
On March 25 we ( 26 persons) were late leaving Phoenix , arrived in SanFran , ran over to AC 754, but the door to the plane had just closed. Why did we have wait for 14 persons in TO but AC did not wait for 26 in SanFran? The staff at the gate said , too bad you are too late.
Do AC and United not communicate?
Very frustrating. This resulted in a 24 hr delay.
Not a happy customer.
Margaret VanKalsbeek.


My wife and I have booked flights to Sydney, Australia with Air Canada up to San Francisco CA For April 15, 2019 Flt.AC 753 and further with Qantas Airlines the same night - Flt. QF 074 My Booking Agent 'Air 2 sea' advised us to get our Electronic Airline Tickets Etc. from our base Air Line as early as possible. .
Thirteen days before the start of our journey, I have been trying to give our Passport information for the last two hours but I cant get past the address of our stay in USA (San Francisco) or the site cant retrieve our booking details.
I know this is a requirement for entering USA , so the format for getting the information on travelling public should be made as easy as it can be. Not only the passengers who are going to stay in USA or flying onward to other USA destinations but also for passengers who may be catching
connecting flights out of USA. Present set up is very trying for public


My granddaughter was told THIS MORNING that her flight to Winnipeg was cancelled [a 15:25 flight] and she was rebooked for flight that is now delayed and will arrive at almost 10PM . Her booking number was QQM5CM. I booked the flight for her. I am going to pick her up and now see that there was indeed a plane leaving at 15:25. Why was she bumped from her flight, why was she told to wait not one but two flights, and why is there no compensation for this inconvenience.


I recently purchased a premium economy seat on a round trip flight to Dubai, based on a previous positive experience on a trip to Delhi.
However the experience was extremely disappointing. The personnel were satisfactory but the processes were lacking. Priority check in - excellent, security priority - non-existent, priority seating - unclear/zones never announced. Then there was the food - overcooked tasteless meal choices (with the exception of one omelette), only 1 white wine choice, plastic cutlery and paper napkins with mid-flight snack. This experience was not reflective of the added value expected for a $1500 upgrade. In future I may have to consider another airline.


We travelled with 2 other couples to the Azura Resort in Costa Rica and I would like to notify Air Canada that although we made the best of our vacation we were disappointed in many ways. Yes this resort just opened & we booked this resort from what they were offering to us. 24 hr room service that was not happening & was told impossible. Not 6 restaurants and most times when we went to the 2 restaurants & 1 buffet the chill & Grill was out of most of the food on the menu. Also limited buffet selection and limited menu all offer. we had to leave our all inclusive resort 3 times for meals as we had no selection to choose from or tried of what they offered. This is not a 5 star resort but I paid 5 star price very sad. We were there from Feb 1 check in till check out on Feb 10/2019. The resort maybe a five star in the future but not near this ,no bathrobes & slippers in rooms ,no coffee in room ,no snack area or coffee area for during day or late night. Bar area in bad location was shut down to early for being an adult only resort. The only thing that made our stay pleasant was the staff although they were running all over the place apologizing to everyone for the lack of food & slow service. I was very disappointed the owner of the resort was there both weekends we were there & not once stopped to ask how our stay was. We even seen him in the town of Samara the same night we had to go out for supper eating at the same restaurant. The rooms with pools on the deck which we had on the 3rd floor was to open to pool area to feel totally comfortable to use the tube maybe if we had robes would have been helpful. The rooms & resort is very nice & during our time there we did see changes but listening to construction was not the most pleasant. Air Canada was a true disappointment to us all as even before leaving we were not even sure if resort was up & running and they would give us no information if it was not up & running what was our options. Along with on Jan 31/2019 my husband Kevin Wigmore & my flights were cancelled out of Thunder Bay On leaving us to book new flights with Porter Airlines that flew to Toronto even in a so called Extreme cold. Then to have my husbands return flight cancelled on Feb 10/2019 from Toronto to Thunder Bay yes we were refunded his ticket but had to book another ticket to get him home. We had already checked in on Jan 31/2019 paid for our luggage & our seats. My ticket was booked through Airmiles so I lost all my airmiles points and the funds I put out to seat purchase & luggage. Left us very stressed and many ours on hold with no solution till Ally helped us out ,I'm still waiting for a return call from Karl on Feb 1/2019 after being on hold for 3 hrs & no sleep before our flight at 7:40am to Costa Rica. Also when we got onto that flight Air Canada Rouge AC1734 none of the plug in worked to charge cell phones & laptops and the app did not work on our tablet and the wifi link did not work either. So after paying for a 10 day 5 star vacation of $6328.00 plus flights from Thunder Bay To Toronto another $377.70was refunded 355.10 due to cancellation & then had to book a 1 way flight for my husband back to Thunder Bay on Feb 10/2019 for the amount of 205.80 Plus luggage of 33.90 and the 744.96 we paid to get both of us to Toronto on Jan 31/2019. If we want to get petty the funds we paid to go out to dinner 2 times of 100.00 total & a breakfast we purchased because of an early excursion & no room service or breakfast to be offered another 20.00. We will not be returning to your resort. We will return to Costa Rica beautiful country but will also fly on another carrier as this is not the first time Air Canada has disappointed me. I will be registering a complaint with TICO regarding the poor business practice of Air Canada and also will be putting my disappointment on Trip Advisor.
I do hope I will be hearing from Air Canada in the near future.


We returned from Azura Beach Resort, Costa Rica on 17th Feb., 2019, purchased through Air Canada Vacations.
The resort was advertised as fully open, however when we arrived we found out that it was not, only 35 of the 75 rooms open.The advertised fitness facility and spa were not open and were told there was none by the front desk. They pointed over to the Villas property( the sister property)where he said the gym there was inferior but available for use.
This gyms a health hazard! the weight machine did not work at all, the Bike, Elliptical and treadmill were all archaic and badly in need of maintenance.Also there was not always towels or air conditioning on.
There were no land sports i.e.volleyball, only 3 bicycles all in a poor state of repair available.
Food quality was good however at every meal we were told what was not available. Items on the menu were never available while we were there, most disappointing was one day there was no white wine in the resort,only red wine.There was also no beef tenderloin, this day happened to be the day we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. That was a disaster!!. Inexperienced waiters, bartenders who avoided you and who could not even make a Bloody Mary or a Spanish Coffee. Some of the wait staff had just arrived and had no training and there seemed to be no restaurant management .
There was nobody at front desk from 10pm to 7am for emergencies.
This resort is advertised as 4.5 star but is nowhere near that. For the cost of $4083.56 the quality we expected was not there.
We are requesting a credit/ refund of $300.00 per person, total $600.00, this a reasonable amount for the deficiencies.
Please contact us for more information via phone, 647 205 1949. Or the email address above.


I purchased 2 flights from YOW to Barcelona for March 11 to April 4 for $1122.00 each. I was flying with Alicia Davin. I had to cancel the tickets and the cancellation fee is $400 per ticket. I'm receiving $709.16 per ticket. I'm very upset at Air Canada to not refund me my booked seat that I did not use nor Airport improvement fee that I never walked in. At the end of the day, it cost me $800 to cancel 2 seats on a air plane that more then likely overbooked.

Your time and consideration would greatly appreciated in this matter to refund more dollars or provide me credit for the difference.

Thanking you in advance, Luc


My wife and I were on Flight A/C 413 on Feb 10 Montreal to Toronto Dept 13.00hrs Bus Class-seats 01D and F
Our coats were taken by the Flight Attendant and STUFFED into the cabinet which we could see into. The coats would not hang down all the way as there was so much Crew? luggage in the cabinet. I do not expect service like this in Bus Class. I suspect this the problem of passengers having too much large carry on luggage, Why do you also not control this major problem?


To whom it may Concern: I would like to lodge a complaint about how my trip From Saskatoon to Rouyn Noranda on January 16/19 was so disruptive for me. To begin with I am a 69 year old senior citizen With a husband who has cancer and the fact that I was trying to make it home for a dear friends funeral. My flight 1120 from Saskatoon on January 16/19 was supposed to leave at 6:40 am and did not leave until 7:pm that night. I was at the airport for 5:10 am and we were on the plane for over two hours before they finally said that our flight would not be leaving so we all had to disembark. Then we stood in line for a few more hours trying to see what was happening with our flight. We were give two $10 food vouchers to hold us over until things could get moving. After sitting around the airport for 12 hours our flight finally took off at 7:00pm. They booked me on a flight out of Toronto to Montreal the next morning at 7:00 am and onto Rouyn Noranda arriving at 10:41 am. This meant that I had to stay in the Airport in Toronto overnight as they did mot offer us vouchers for a hotel. By the time I got home I had been 31 hours without sleep. This is not acceptable compensation for a delay of that many hours at the fault of the airlines. I travel to Edmonton and Saskatchewan at least four times a year and always use air Canada for my flights. This is the second time in a row that I have had Disruptive flights. The last time was in October when I had my flight from Montreal to Rouyn Noranda cancelled. My husband had to drive three hors one way to pick me up in Valdor. I was offered a 15% discount off regular price on my next trip. Do not insult me with this offer again this time. My reference number for my flight on January 16/19 was LNGN6A. I am hoping to hear from you on this matter and if not seen to iI will be taking this to Ministry of Transportation.

Respectfully yous

Susanna Mary Culhane

Phone #705-634-2664.


flew into Calgary Dec 28 on AC1861 drove home about 1 1/2 hours got a phone call from Air Canada personnel that he had found my kindle whitepaper on plane and told me it would be in air Canada lost and found in Calgary.
I have spent hours trying to recover it but all I get is it hasn't been found yet. Well it was because my name is on the screen when turned on, and that is how the person knew who to call. Have told this same thing on the phone and in lost report literally for hours. Doesn't anyone there read or listen when talking on the phone.
Your lost Report ID: 10980284
Description of your item(s)
Color: Black
Case Color: Cream
Model Type: Kindle Paperwhite
Serial #: 90172201445600TP
Notes: k tharp appears on screen


To Air Canada Transportation personnel

My name is Suzanne Morin and my husband’s name is Paul Morin and we reside in Ottawa.
We have been travelling with Air Canada for many years with your company twice a year round trip from Fort Lauderdale to Ottawa every year. We have a little dog that weighs 5 lbs and she also travels with us. We used to fly with West Jet but their animal policies were terrible so after we heard about your airline company we decided to fly with your airline.
The reason for this letter is to make you aware of the inconsistency of your staff behaviors. Many times the staff is nice and very gracious to us and our dog but other times their tolerance is zero. We never know from flight to flight what to expect as far as our dog. We are very conscious that there are rules to follow when flying and we take those very seriously but again things that are allowed sometimes are prohibited other times and we look like villains.
Our dog Bella has a carry-on and once inside is tied in so there are no ways for her to escape. Paul even straps her carry-on to himself so if there would be turbulence she would not go anywhere. She stays under the seat for take offs and landings but once in the air (with no turbulence) we take the carry-on and put it on our lap for her to feel more secure and also for her to have a better air circulation and less noise and vibrations. We were told many times that this was acceptable but other times being told otherwise. Some of my friends do use your services and even told me that their dog was allowed to sit on their lap so I got confused yesterday January 3rd when we flew back from Ottawa International Airport to Fort Lauderdale airport flight 1220. The crew when we left the plane was there and the flight attendant apologized to us about her comments and demands. We also encountered problems on flight 1221 December 15th when we flew back to Ottawa. One flight attendant was very nice and agreed with the dog situation but on that same flight one got very annoyed with us and told us to put her back under the seat even though the flight was very smooth.
I am asking you sincerely if you could take time to explain your policies so we can fly again with your company and feel more at ease and not disrespectful to your personnel.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Suzanne and Paul Morin


Dear Sir/Madam,

In sixty years of flying world-wide, I have never made a formal complaint to an airline until this. I travel extensively and always Business or First unless these are not available on a particular flight. On the 30th November, I flew from Heathrow to Halifax to receive an honorary degree from Saint Francis Xavier University, returning on the 3rd of December. I had to travel Premium Economy because there is no Business or First on the Halifax flights. I was appalled and outraged to be refused admission, in a none too politely or friendly way, to the Air Canada Lounge prior to both the outbound and inbound flights. Simply put, if Premium Economy is the highest class on a flight, what are passengers booked in this class not allowed to use the Lounge. Outbound was not a serious problem because I have a Dragon Pass for other Lounges. The return was a big problem because Air Canada is the sole Lounge in Halifax. The AC service desk were unable or unwilling to help. I can understand refusal of a Premium Economy passenger if there is Business on the flight but not if a passenger is condemned to Premium Economy on that flight. I was seriously inconvenienced in Halifax and would be grateful for an explanation of what appears to be an inexplicable and passenger-unfriendly policy.

Yours sincerely.
John F. Dewey

7th December 2018

Prof. John F. Dewey FRS, M.R.I.A., FAA, Mem. Acad. Eur., Mem.
US Nat. Acad. Sci., Distinguished Emeritus Professor University of California, Emeritus Professor and Supernumerary Fellow, University College Oxford.

Sherwood Lodge,
93 Bagley Wood Road,
Oxford OX1 5NA,
England, UK

University College,
High Street,
Oxford OX1 4BH

Telephone Nos:
011 44 (0)1865 735525 (home Oxford)
011 44 (0)1865 276792 (University College Oxford)


I traveled from Warsaw to Kingston Ontario via Toronto on 28th of September 2018. Schedule departure from Warsaw was at 09:40 and arrival to Kingston the same day at 16:38, (Booking reference KV6L3A, ticket number 0142188835421). I have arrived to Kingston September 29 at around 11:00. The flight was delayed for more then 17 hours. Air Canada sent an e-mail about expected two hour delay on September 26, but when arrived to Warsaw airport, I was notified that the departure was further delayed till 21:25 o'clock, however the plain departed hour later. When arrived to Toronto early morning on the September 29, I missed the connection to Kingston. Air Canada provided me with a voucher for hotel accommodation but forgotten to arrange transportation. We waited outside in a cold and wind for over hour and twenty minutes for the hotel shuttle but it never arrive. Eventually we arrange transportation on our own. I got to the hotel around 04:30 and have to leave at 06:30 to be at the airport two hour before departure to Kingston. Therefore in accordance withe Europien passenger rights under Regulation (EC )261/2004, I request that Air Canada to compensate me with 600 euros or equivalent Canadian $.


Ludwik Nowakowski

My new address:

151 Watson Lane
Elgin, Ontario
K0G 1E0


My wife and I were booked on AC 1603 from Ft. Lauderdale Fla. To Montreal Trudeau on the 25 Nov. connecting to Halifax on AC 8035 with an arrival time 18.29. The flight was given a short delay which meant we would miss our connection. WE finally boarded the plane and after a short while we were sent back to the terminal because of aircraft problems. After an hour or so we were advised the flight was cancelled. We were given a 10.00 Us$ voucher and later advised the flight was cancelled. Sometime later we were advised that we would be put up in a hotel and to return on the 26th for more details and promised we would receive financial compensation. When we arrived in Montreal there were further delays and we arrived at the Halifax airport early Tuesday the 27th. We have not heard from Air Canada and we also had to buy two dinners and a lunch plus tips to the transport carriers. Not the customer service we expect.

Kenneth and Judith Bell

14 Sunnybrae Ave.Halifax N.S.

B3N 2G1


I made an airline reservation through Air Canada on August 13, 2018. I found what I thought was a very reasonable price for a flight from Penticton, BC to Mazatlan, Mexico for my husband and myself. On October 23rd, I received a notification from Air Canada advising that our flights had been changed. Rather than spend the night of November 5th in Vancouver as we had initially planned, they changed our flight to travel overnight through Toronto. I called to see why this was done as it didn’t make sense to me that we’d have to travel all the way east to Toronto and then travel significantly west to get back to Mexico City. I was told that the initial direct flight from Vancouver to Mazatlan had a time change and we would not make our connection in Mexico City. I was told that there wasn’t any other choice. So as required, we left home mid afternoon on Monday, November 5th.
Our short stop over in Vancouver went smoothly, as was the flight to Toronto. When we arrived in Toronto, we immediately checked the monitor for our next flight which was leaving in 2 hours time. We went to our gate to prepare for boarding and heard over the speakers that they were announcing for volunteers to check their carry on luggage as the plane was packed and there may not be room for everyone’s carry on. So we volunteered to do that, just as we have done on many other flights. About 15 minutes later another announcement was made asking for volunteers to give up their seats. As we knew we were going to have a very long layover in Mexico City, we volunteered to give up our seats. We were offered a gracious sum of $400 each in lieu of that. We were told that our checked baggage would be taken off that plane and would be reassigned to the flights we were now taking.
As there was not another Air Canada flight going to Mexico City that day, we were told we would travel through Houston, Texas on an Air Canada flight and then United Airlines from Houston to Mexico City. We proceeded to go to the Customer Service desk where these flights were arranged for us. The Customer Service attendant assisted us in finding our way to the US Customs & Immigration, as we did not have a lot of spare time. Our carry on baggage was inspected as were we. We then went to an area where we were told to watch for our name appearing on a board. That would mean that our checked baggage had cleared and we would then be able to pass through customs. There were also Customer Service reps in this area. (At least 4) They did not look busy as there were very few people passing through this area and it appeared most of the time that they were just visiting with one another. After waiting a few minutes and not seeing our names appear we went to them for assistance. We were questioned about our baggage and advised them that our baggage was supposed to have been relocated onto the flight we were about to catch. We were then told to just go through customs and say that we did not have any checked baggage. The Boarder Guard swiped our passports and asked us where our baggage was. We indicated to him that we were advised to say we didn’t have any. He didn’t take too kindly to us saying that, so we were told to go back to where we came from and get this cleared up. Upon return to the previous area, the Customer Service representative then came with us. The same Boarder Guard called for advise from his supervisor by phone. Meanwhile the minutes were passing by on the clock and our flight departure time was getting closer and closer. Finally the Boarder Guard advised that it was okay to go and we literally ran to our gate only to find the doors closed in our face. We were then told to go to another Customer Service area to rearrange another flight. By this time, we were getting very stressed and tired, after not having slept for about 30 hours.
So we proceeded to go to the Customer Service desk to start another process. A 2nd flight was booked. While there, it seemed like there was a lot of commotion going on. A lady came by who had misplaced her phone, asking if anyone had turned it in. She was told to go back where she left it and it should be there. Over breakfast moments later, I was reviewing the ticket and came to the conclusion that we wouldn’t have very much time for our connection in Houston to Mexico City. We again went back to the Customer Service desk and again saw three or four new people manning the desk. I was chatting with one agent who asked to see a copy of my initial itinerary. I had it on my phone, which I passed to him. As I was concerned about my flight arrangements, he asked why did I ever agree to them. I responded astoundingly that I didn’t know I had a choice. We were then assured that we would make our flights in time and if we didn’t, there were plenty of flights going from Mexico City to Mazatlan every day so we shouldn’t have a problem. While this discussion was taking place, my husband overheard another lady that stopped by with a concern that she had lost her purse. Not only was it just her purse, but also her passport, money, phone, and all other ID that she was carrying. She was asked how much time she had before her connecting flight and was basically brushed off and told to go back to where she thought she left it. I don’t know why they call these areas customer service as they sure don’t provide it.
We then went to our gate to wait for our departing flight. Some time later, I discovered that I had misplaced my phone. I searched through all my personal belongings and couldn’t find it. I thought I must have left it at the customer service desk. Upon return there for the third time, again there were only two people now, but again different faces. I asked about my phone and both of them said that NO there was not a phone left there. I indicated that I was positive I left it there and they advised that their colleague whom I spoke to was on a break and would have mentioned if I’d have left it. They looked through a couple of drawers to no avail. Then my husband noticed something laying on a shelf behind them. It was a phone. She picked it up and I said that’s it. A black case with white marble running through it. She still would not acknowledge it was mine. She asked me what the screen saver was and I clearly advised it was my son and my daughter and the dog. She still would not give it to me. I said the passcode to unlock it is ????. Finally she handed it over. By this time I was pretty livid. I grabbed it from her and said, I hope I never have to see you people again. My husband remained there to inform them that they didn’t treat people very nicely, considering how they handled the situation of the first lady who lost her phone, but especially the 2nd lady who lost her purse and was obviously from a different country. He was told that I should consider myself lucky that my phone was even found.
We went back to the gate and boarded our flight for Houston. We had been given food vouchers which we were told could be used in Houston. That did not happen as no where there would they accept a voucher from Air Canada.
We were now boarding a United Airlines flight to Mexico City and while waiting, an announcement was made that it would be a late departure due to problems with the cargo door. Again the thought of missing our flight in Mexico City to Mazatlan crossed our mind. We finally boarded and landed in Mexico City some time later to find that we did indeed miss our connection. We waited for our checked baggage to come around on the carousel. Nothing appeared and the carousel stopped. We then talked with United Airlines staff who indicated they could see that we had checked baggage but were not certain where they were or could not track them. We were told that they may have gone on to our final destination – Mazatlan. This did not make sense as the bags were tagged to go to Mexico City. There was nothing on the baggage tag to indicate that we were going to Mazatlan.
By this time, it was around midnight and things were winding down for the day. As we had missed our connection, we were told to go upstairs to the United Airlines counter (which was completely closed), and someone would help us out with a hotel voucher for the night and food vouchers for the next day. We met an agent there who did some research and advised we’d be unable to get a flight to Mazatlan the next day and the earliest we could was two days later on the late night flight. We toyed with the idea of perhaps taking a twelve hour bus trip but then decided against that as we had no idea where our luggage was. We got the hotel and food vouchers and were told to go to Door 4 to catch a shuttle to our hotel. We waited about an hour for the shuttle to come and finally arrived at the hotel around 2 AM.
The next morning we returned back to the airport to try and track down our luggage and rebook the flights to Mazatlan. The United Airlines rep that we dealt with bent over backwards to get this issue resolved for us. He again gave us new vouchers for another night accommodation and meals (Air Canada was off the hook for two days expenses) and also tried to get to the bottom of where our luggage was. As our initial flights were Air Canada, there was no way that United could see what had happened to our luggage. They could only determine that there were 2 pieces. The Rep called to Air Canada and the phone rang and rang and no one answered. He eventually gave up and walked across the room to the Air Canada check in area. He spent a good hour there trying to get some answers for us. No one seemed to know anything. He returned and advised us to go to United Airlines Customer Service and see if they could help. We did but they were unable to. We then went back to the Air Canada desk again with no results, then back to United Airlines to speak with the initial rep, then back to the Air Canada desk. Finally one of the Air Canada agents advised that she could see that one bag had been delivered and we should check with Air Canada Customer Service. She told us where we could find that office. When we arrived there, we could see one of our bags through the window before going in to the office. The agent there said it had arrived the day before on a flight from Toronto (was obviously never taken off the plane as we were told) and the second bag was currently on its way on the flight from Toronto. We were advised to return in a couple of hours and they should be there. When we returned, all the lights were off and the door was locked. We were not impressed and tried to look through the tinted glass to see if anyone was in fact in there. Finally someone must have heard us and came to let us in. We again proceeded with our bags to door 4 to catch another shuttle back to the hotel. Again it was another hour and a quarter before the shuttle arrived. We had just spent another 7 hours in the airport trying to resolve our issues. We were glad that we found the luggage and also that we were finally able to get a flight booked for late the next day.
We arrived at Terminal 2 the next night to catch our Aeromexico flight to Mazatlan. The flight was late boarding about 40 minutes and once on the plane we were again delayed. An announcement was made that the pilot had suddenly taken sick and they needed to get a replacement. Due to these circumstances, a one hour delay was nothing considering the past two days of what we had gone through. As it turned out, we finally arrived at our destination around 2:00 AM, only two days late.
What now concerns me is the trip home. Again we are booked to fly through Toronto, although I have been told by Air Canada that that could change. Considering we have done a lot of national and international travelling, we have never ever had a more stressful and upsetting experience on any of our previous trips than we have on this one. Unfortunately, I did not get any names of any of the Air Canada staff that we had to deal with.


Dear sir or miss,
I have already called the call center several times and they already sent a form through for a review of my case, but after telling us that we were being given priority and that we would be getting a phone call by the department in charge in between the next 2 to 5 hours, we are still waiting for an answer, and this is urgent.
The 16th of October, my girlfriend called one of your agents to make a flight reservation to go from Brussels to Bogota. We called the agent instead of booking online, because we needed to ask a few questions relating to taking my dog with me in the hold of the plane, as well as my bicycle. She made the booking reservation, and BEFORE PAYING for it, I talked to the agent myself in order to give my name and personal details and also to ASK IF AS A COLOMBIA CITIZEN WITH A COLOMBIAN PASSPORT, I WOULD HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH LAYING OVER IN CANADA, IF I NEEDED A SPECIFIC VISA OR NOT (as my flight was laying over in Montreal, and then in Toronto, before flying to Bogota). The agent I had on the phone, told me that I WON'T NEED A VISA and that I should be fine laying over in Canada. Because he gave me this information, we went through with the reservation, and we paid for the flight. The problem is that last night, 12h only before my flight, I got an email from Air Canada, suggesting to register online, and on the page, there was a link in red stating that I might need to check if I need a visa for transiting in Canada. So I clicked on the link, answered all the questions required, and it happens that I did need a visa to transit in Canada ! As a Colombian citizen, I am not eligible for the AVE visa, and the visa that I need to transit in Canada, has a 22 DAYS PROCESSING TIME time to get it ... Which means, without this visa, I wouldn't have been able to board the plane. If the agent had told me that I should refer to the Canada's governement website for this matter, then I would have looked into it and I wouldn't have booked a flight with your company, as all your flights transit either in Canada or in the USA. But because he told me that I didn't need a Visa, I went through with the reservation, and now I was unable to fly to Bogota, and I need the money that I paid for this flight, to book another flight. I cannot afford to lose any of this money, and I think in this case, I should be getting a FULL REFUND of my reservation, since I booked a flight out of WRONG INFORMATION recieved by one of your agents. It is the reason why I called to make the booking... TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING WAS DONE PROPERLY. Please let me know as soon as possible about the status of my request, because I need to arrange to book another flight, and I need the money of the cancelled flight in order to be able to buy another flight ticket. This is very urgent.
My flight number was 014 2102 083397, and my booking number was MKCAV5.
Thank you so much in advance for your help.



On Sept. 13 2018 I flew to Castlegar B.C. My 1st flight from Saskatoon to Vancouver was flight 8737 leaving at 11:05. It was late and we arrived at Vancouver late, but I was able to catch the connecting flight to Castlegar flight 8248.
We could not land in Castlegar because of lightning, and after circling for 20 minutes headed back to Vancouver.
We were instructed to go to customer service, and had all been booked on a flight the next morning at 7:05 a.m.. I was not going to chance the flight not being able to get in, so I opted to leave that night on a flight for Kelowna. They could not find my luggage in Vancouver. In Kelowna I was told it never left Saskatoon.
I received a phone call the next morning informing me my luggage was in Castlegar and that it would be there until 5:00 p.m.
They had the address where I would be staying in Nelson, but did not deliver it.
We were not offered any hotel stay in Vancouver, nor was I in Kelowna. It is very costly in Vancouver for a hotel and then there was also the problem of transportation.
I really believe we should have received some monetary assistance for a hotel. It cost me $198.00 in Kelowna and my sister had to drive from Nelson to get me.
Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing a response from you.
Joan Sansone


I travelled from St. John's NL to Victoria BC on September 8th and returned on Sept. 20th. I have two complaints. I checked in on-line and paid the $25.00 baggage fee. When I got to the airport I was told that because I had aeroplan gold I did not have to pay the baggage fee. I was told that I would receive a refund of the fee. I did not. I would like that refund please.

On my return trip, our flight was delayed in Toronto, and no reason for the delay was given. We found out that it was because there was a problem with the plane, and we had to wait until another flight arrived before we could travel. Your complimentary ear phones as an apology was totally laughable. I don't think one person on the flight availed of this as I am sure you are aware. I feel that I was inconvenienced, with no compensation.



Air Canada has absolutely no respect for their customers.
I booked a flight since 2/1/2018 for a family memorial service in Toronto on 08/03/2018 -Flight AC 701
This flight was cancelled with no notification leaving us stranded . I was online with Customer Service twice and was advised I can be accommodated on the 8:25 PM flight which is very inconvenient also I was told by 1 rep I can have a refund back and the other that I can take a bus or train to Toronto
There was no weather condition to cancel this flight as all flights leaving LGA for Toronto left onetime
What is Air Canada goal in servicing customers?


8/2/8 - Vancouver to Toronto flt 112 at 11 AM
8/28 - Toronto to BWI flt 7506 at 8:25 PM

My wife and I had Air Canada (AC) tickets from Van Couver to Toronto and Toronto to Baltimore. The Van Couver flight left over one hour late which caused us to be "two minutes" late to catch the plane to Baltimore. The plane left without us, and at least four other passengers that I know about. How can an airline cause you to be late to a connecting flight and they don't call ahead to the next plane and tell them customers are running through the airport to catch the flight? Totally unacceptable! We were booked later (after a one hour phone call to one in the morning) and got a 10AM flight with American airlines to BWI. I specifically asked the Air Canada person if the luggage (two bags) would be transferred over the the American flight. He said "yes". The next morning we checked in the American and was told our luggage had to been transferred. We were told we needed to go to the Air Canada baggage claim to get the luggage transferred to the American flight. By the time we found the right place (thanks to the help of an airport employee, not American or Air Canada) it was almost 9 AM and we were told there was not enough time to get the luggage transferred over. We needed to go to Air Canada ticketing and rebook a flight to BWI. We waited in line for 2 hours and 15 minutes before we got to talk to someone. At first we were told there were no direct flight going to BWI today, but after I kept refusing to spend another night or go to Ontario to get to BWI she spoke to someone of the phone and we had tickets to BWI at 8:20 PM same day.

I still cannot believe that we were left at the gate for being two minutes late when AC caused the problem. I'm guessing they sold our tickets to someone else and that is why they left us standing there.

I would like someone to respond to this complaint and let me know why the Toronto to BWI flt could not wait two minutes for passengers arriving two minutes late due to the fault of the previous AC flight.


On Sunday July 29th my and my mother’s flight from Toronto to Timmins departing at 4:05 p.m. was cancelled due to a thunder storm. We had checked in and registered in the Maple Leaf Lounge. The attendant there said it looks like your flight may be cancelled, check back with me in twenty minutes. When I checked back in our flight was indeed cancelled. I asked what she could do to help me. She stated she could do nothing and that I could go to the Customer Service downstairs or call air canada using the white phones in the business centre. I immediately went to the biusiness centre and could not find any white phones. Several people, in fact, were looking for the white phones. I went back to the service counter and told the representative that I could not find the white phones. She acted exasperated and said she would show me in a minute. Well, needless to say, there were no white phones. Should your representatives not know what is available to their customers?

From there I headed downstairs leaving my 87 year old mother alone. Went to a very backed up service desk where an agent yelled at everyone that if their flight was cancelled, they would have to wait 40 minutes and head office would send a new flight itinerary via e-mail and there was nothing the customer Service Agents could do. I am not good with a computer so my husband had booked these flights and all notifications were sent to his computer.

I called Air Canada customer Service and left my information for a call back. In the meantime I called my husband to see which flights where available. The 6:30 flight that night was available and we debated booking it (I wish we had). While looking at this information I get a call back from an air Canada representative who I ask to rebook us on the 6:30 flight only to be informed the flight was fully booked. I was told I was booked to fly out the next day at 12:05. He stated he could get us out at 23:05. I said as I was travelling with my 87 year old mother and the 12:05 p.m.flight the next day would be good for us. He said that was fine.I booked a hotel and we left the airport.

Between leaving the airport and arriving at our hotel two flight notifications where received. The first at 3:53 p.m. stated our flight was rescheduled and we would be leaving at 23:05 that night. The next notification came in a 3:55 stating our flight had been rscheduled to 8:15 a.m on July 30th. I called the Air Canada desk and stated that I was travelling with my 87 year old mother and leaving at midnight was out of the question and getting up at 5:00 a.m. to catch an 8:15 flight was also out of the question, 12:05 in the afternoon was a good time for us. The representative said this was fine at which point I asked for two seats together as my mother is 87 years old. He stated he would do that and gave me the seat number.

At 11:34 p.m. I received another notification stating we had a gate change and our new departure time was 12:55 a.m.

We arrive at the airport in the morning and check in. We are not given seats and told we would be given seats at the gate. We stop at a Customer Serivce Desk and I ask for our seat assignment. I was told at that point we were on stand by and the plane was fully booked. So, yet again, I ask what can be done. They tell me nothing and I would just have to wait and see. Did I mention I was travelling with my 87 year old mother????? I called Air Canada service centre and tell them what has happened. I am told there is nothing they can. I was very upset and she got an hear full from me. I am told by the Air Canada rep on the phone that I need to talk to the reps at the Service desk. With the representative on my phoneI I approach the Customer service desk.I try to hand them the phone so that they could talk together. They looked at it like it is a piece of shit and refuse to take it and do not want to talk to the rep from the call centre. The rep on the line was trying to help me and the service desk people refused to listen to her. To end this story the phone representative did call me back and stated I did have two seats on the flight leaving at 12.05 that day.
I found your service reps at the Customer Service counters very rude and not one bit helpful.
A little empathy goes a long way.

Finally I felt totally frustrated throughout this experience.

And yes I do understand that flights do get cancelled, however, your staff was somewhat less than helpful and not. very curteous. This is not the level of service I would expect from Air Canada. At no time did I feel I was a valued customer.


Fl AC8222 mon 23rd july from Yellowknife, delayed 1 hour take off. arrived Calgary 18.15pm Had to refuel on route. I missed International Flight Calgary - London. AC850 23july dept 18.25. Yes I was rerouted to Toronto leave Cal departing. 01.00 Ac 192..... then AC 868 july 24th to LONDON . { 2hrs @ Toronto waiting, 6 hrs waiting Calgary 2 hrs waiting Toronto, 1 hour wait Yellowknife... Nine Hours waiting total.


Dear Sir or Madam:
We are writing to you to advise of the inadequate service for air travel that occurred as passengers on Air Canada.
On January ??, 2018 we purchased plane tickets for a vacation flight on June 14, 2018 that would route us from Pittsburgh, to Toronto then to Milan, Italy. We received an email late in the evening of June 13th that our 6:30am flight AC7307 was cancelled. We contacted an Air Canada representative who then made arrangements for us to fly from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, then to Toronto at which time we would continue on our previously scheduled flight from there to Milan, Italy. In the first of the financial consequences for this, we were charged a $50.00 bag fee, even though our original baggage fees were included in our original fare. Our connections were made, and we figured that we were set, however, when we landed in Milan, neither of our suitcases arrived.
We placed a claim for lost luggage while at the Milan airport, and were advised that claims such as these would probably be resolved with a day or two. We noted on our report that we were not going to be in Milan at that time but would be in Bucine, a town near Florence. That was noted on the claim form. Of course now, we would need to make arrangements to purchase some clothing during the delayed return of our luggage. Enclosed you will find copies of those purchases. The larger problem came in that it took twelve days for our luggage to finally appear at the villa we were staying in. So, most of our vacation was without our clothes, and the gifts we had planned to give to our friends in Italy.
After we recovered our luggage it was related to us that the bags were left in Philadelphia, as they were never tagged to go through to Milan, Italy. When they were located they were routed to Toronto, then for some unknown reason, were placed on a British Airways flight to London, England. From there they went to Milan, then to Arrezzo, Italy, then delivered by courier to our villa in Bucine. If it was just a day or two, we could have accepted the fact that this happens, however the fact that all of these missteps in the handling created a delay in receiving our luggage that essentially was for all but a few days of our trip, is very disappointing.
It is with this background that we are seeking compensation for the costs of the $50.00 baggage fee for the rescheduled flight, the clothing we had to purchase in the amount of $539.12(US) and also the need to purchase an additional piece of luggage to bring home those new items $52.53(US.) Additionally, we would expect some additional compensation for the huge inconvenience of this whole incident. While we have enjoyed flying with Air Canada in the past, this entire incident of errors has made us question the use of your services in the future.
I look forward to your reply and a resolution to our problem. I will wait 7 days before seeking third-party assistance. Please contact me at the above email address, or by phone 724-337-8372.
Richard Ryba


Air Canada Letter

Julia Coore


Yesterday, 3:56 PM

On Tuesday July 3, 2018 I was on flight 1628 from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale. Overall the flight was delayed for over two hours. My complaint is this. I ordered one of your sandwiches for a snack. After I was finished a stewardess by the name of Olivia came around collecting the garbage. I was at the window seat. She collected the garbage from the two people sitting in my row and started collecting from the other side of the plane. I thought maybe she did not realize that I had garbage so I said, "Excuse me," and held the garbage up. She immediately said, "I only have two hands". I said," I can see that, and that's very rude". The person sitting beside me said that was not necessary. She did not even apologize. I was very embarrassed and humiliated. I have travelled with your airline over four times this year already and I have four more tickets booked for this week again. I will be booking more tickets in August.(not sure if it will be your airline) I am really turned off by this person's behaviour who seems to be a senior employee as I heard her giving instructions to the other stewardesses. If this is the example she sets for them I would suggest you address it. Looking forward to a response.
Julia Coore.


On Tuesday July 3, 2018 I was on flight 1628 from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale. Overall the flight was delayed for over two hours. My complaint is this. I ordered one of your sandwiches for a snack. After I was finished a stewardess by the name of Olivia came around collecting the garbage. I was at the window seat. She collected the garbage from the two people sitting in my row and started collecting from the other side of the plane. I thought maybe she did not realize that I had garbage so I said, "Excuse me," and held the garbage up. She immediately said, "I only have two hands". I said," I can see that, and that's very rude". The person sitting beside me said that was not necessary. She did not even apologize. I was very embarrassed and humiliated. I have travelled with your airline over four times this year already and I have four more tickets booked for this week again. I will be booking more tickets in August.(not sure if it will be your airline) I am really turned off by this person's behaviour who seems to be a senior employee as I heard her giving instructions to the other stewardesses. If this is the example she sets for them I would suggest you address it. Looking forward to a response.
Julia Coore.


On May 4th we flew business class on flight #843 Dublin to Toronto and had a great flight,conecting to flight #795 Toronto to LAX,this leg was a disaster, crew said they ran out of food in business class, offered pasta from economy that was cold and disgusting.Seat was no better than economy, this leg was a huge disapointment and a disgrace for business class.I know your airline is better than this and I would like either a refund for this leg or voucher for a future business class flight.I am writing this to make you aware of a problem that should have never happened.Any and all response will be appreciated.Please feel free to call me at 559-917-8750 or email me for more info.PAUL KEMP


I was on Flight #AC1854 from Las Vegas on April 17, 2018 @ 15:15 am.
I was in the line with my friends for Zone 3 but I was in Zone 4. The lady was asking if everyone was zone 3 and being hones I said 4 the she stopped me and start calling for people in zone 2 and 3 who was running late. Half of zone 4 went in before their turn.
When I went in the plane seat 29 DEF. We were 3 members in the family with only one carry on. I tried putting it on top but the compartment was full, the other side which was my spot had first aid supply. My carry on had my development son medications and all my personnel valuables items inside. The air hosted told me I have to check my carry on in. I told her no I need to keep my carry on in the plane, to check if there was another spot for it. I even fir it under my seat. She then went and bring another air hostess which told me I can’t put it under the seat, and if I don’t check it in she will have to remove me from the plain that I am holding up the flight. I asked her to get another volunteer to check in their carry on she said no, and told me I should have come early. I told her I was in the line and was stopped to allow people who was running late. She took my bag from under the seat and took it away saying she will find a spot for it, I looked at her all the time, she never made an effort to look for another spot. Took the bag in front and came back for the boarding pass, I refused to give her mine and explain at that point the bag have to stay in the plain, my son medication and my valuables are in that bag and it’s the only carry on between three of us. She never paid attention to me and took my husband boarding pass and check the bag in. She did not give me chance to even get his meds out because the bag was already all the way in the front of the plain. We got home an d was very tired and had a migraine because I had to stay awake to make sure my son does not get a seizure because I had no medication to give him. He was also upset because the bag was taken away. I went home and went straight to bed. My husband took out his medication and went to bed as well. I slept all day. Wednesday morning I open the bad to take out my watch and jewel and found a watch missing and one of my jewel box was missing. It contained my diamond wedding set, an opal and blue sapphire pair of earing, 1 opal and blue sapphire necklace, 1 opal necklace and 1 opal and sapphire bracelet.

My name is Pamela Ram, Phone # 519-242-6495. I expect a call ASAP.



Air canada lost all our luggage on our flight from Atlanta to Morocco via Montreal. We have travelled in August 2017 and I filed for the lost declaration form in August 31, 2017. Since then I have been calling baggage central office and they don't have any update. I discovered later that they are a remote office in India and the claims department is a separate department that has no communication email or phone number except using an online form. This is ridiculous we already had the worst nightmare losing our bags and until now we don't know if Air canada is going to compensate us for our belongings. The worst part is the operation of the claims department. Why there is no customer support for the claims department and what they are trying to hide from. I started to feel that I will not get a compensation for my lost bags and air Canada claims department is just a shady operation department that does not want to serve clients.


I was suppose to fly on September 8 or 9 2017 from Miami airport and the flight was cancelled then I was suppose to flight on September 11 I didn't received any email about the cancellation of my flight but I find out from the news that the airport was going to be closed.I called Air Canada and they told me that they are going to start their business on
Tuesday but that I couldn't fly until Thursday.
I explained that I have to go as soon as possible that I had my flight since last Friday but they didn't care. The airline have the responsibility to offer their customer the service they promise because if the airport closed now that is open why they refuse to let me fly on Tuesday. They have seat available because when I try on the internet they have it.
I let your company to know this because I will file a complaint again your company for making me sick, and loosing the money that I paid for my tour.
Raycer Mendoza
Booking # LB2NDV


I bought a round trip ticket through Expedia. The first part of the trip was fine. My return ticket was supposed to be Canada (Air Canada ticket). But, I had to change my return date. Expedia wanted me to the rescheduled at Air Canada. Air Canada said, sure, we will reschedule, just pay us $160. They also took over the control of the ticket. The thing that I did not know at that time was the new thing which is called transit visa that Canada has recently started to apply.

Neither Expedia nor Air Canada told me about this new transit visa thing. I went to the airport and they did not let me in to the plane. I called air Canada, and Air Canada assured me that if I apply online I will get a visa, so they changed the ticket to another date, I again paid $160. I applied to a eta but refused for some reason. I could not reach anybody who would know why I was refused, this thing is so new. I called Air Canada again to cancel my ticket and to be refunded but they did not take any responsibility, they kept saying that I was supposed to know the rules! today is November 23, this whole visa thing started on November 10.

Somebody, either from expedia or Air Canada. If I knew, at least I would not at spent all the extra dollars on trying to reschedule the ticket. Now I am calling both expedia and air Canada separately to cancel the ticket and to be refunded but both says they do not have the control of the ticket. Both companies are crooks.


Hello, I file what was told to me to be a claim on July 28, 2015 after returning from Ottawa, Canada via Air Canada Flight AC461/YOW/YYZ/27 July, and AC545/YYZ/SEA/27 JULY, reference #AC620908 BU22. I upon arrival home on that same evening unpacking my suitcase discovered that several newly purchased items' had been damaged by being zipped into the zipper when represents obviously went through the suitcase, also, while going through the newly purchased Large roller luggage also damaged, along with a new evening attire pants suit still had tags attached. I was very rudely spoke to by your Airport agents (Christina & Hamasaski) who assured me that they were filing this claim after more than a hour wait time, and with provided replacement price include. I was told me someone would be contacting me to date no one has called nor mailed nor emailed me any inquiry or determination of any kind. I am requesting that this matter be resolve with-in 1 weeks time or I plan to submit a small claims court action for the money for expenses of my damaged items (Luggage, evening pant suit) estimated at 200.00 replacement cost.


Re: a verbally abusive, domineering and insulting passenger. Flight AC 789 from Toronto to Los Angeles on 10-12-2015. I was seated in seat 32h (isle seat). The passenger seated in seat 32k (window seat) and next to me continually stretched his left knee into my leg room and exercised dominance over the common arm rest for the entire flight. When I tried to gain use of that arm rest at least part of the flight he became verbally abusive and called me an "A.. H..." audible to all the passengers around us. I find that to be totally out of order. My complaint is against that particular passenger and NOT against your Air Line.


My wife and I booked a round trip ticket to leave London Heathrow the 27th of August to Vancouver B.C., the planes seating was cramped, but I had an isle seat so I could get up and move around when required, the trip to Vancouver was acceptable. On the 18th of September we booked in at Vancouver, I was given a seat, but my wife was told that the plane was full and she was put on standby. .How can that be when we have paid for return? The last minute they gave her a seat. However we were separated, and I have a hearing disability and rely on my wife, so the stress so far has now increased.

My seat was between a women and her inconsiderate, obnoxious, drunk husband. I was only able to leave my seat 3 times during the 81/2 hour flight. I had to physically climb over this person who when not passed out was sprawled out and confined my movement. I have flown many times, but have never experienced any thing like this. It was 81/2 hours of hell. Then to top it off they lost my baggage. I will never fly Air Canada again and certainly not recommend them. You go on holiday to get away from stress. I don't think they deserve one star. I am glade the rest of the holiday was very enjoyable.


I am just expressing my outrage that Air Canada quoted me $560 to have 02 on a flight between Toronto and Tel Aviv (10 hours). That's ONE way. So for a return flight it would be double that and more than my air ticket costs! I travel a lot for biz and pleasure, always need 02 for flights longer than 5 hours, and this is the worst case of ripping of people with disabilities that I have ever seen. On a 17 hour flight from JFK to Johannesburg, South Africa - I paid $300 return for 02. El Al charges $200 each way. I regard that as reasonable though still a financial burden. I have just spoken to Turkish Airlines who fly btw JFK and Tel Aviv and they provide FREE 02. I will thus be flying with them! It is long overdue that these things should be standardized across the board. I can never fly via US carrier as the FDA came up with the proclamation that US carriers cannot provide 02 on any flights as it renders their airline personnel "medics". Total BS but it means I cannot fly American unless I bring my own 02 which makes no sense for me as I only need 02 in the air.


I booked a ticket to Beirut on May 7, 2014. I CANCELLED my trip due to conflicts in the middle east and travel advisory in on July 5th, the day I was supposed to leave due to this. I was told the $300 change fee would be waived because of the circumstances and that I would have 2 years to use the value of the $1000. Upon calling Air Canada I was told the I had only a year to use and I did have to pay $300 change fee! So I asked for a supervisor to call me twice. I also put in a complaint on the aircanada website twice. NO ONE has contacted me to resolve or clarify my issue. They suck!!!


I understand that things happen to cause a flight to be cancelled, but from 12:00 (when the gate was supposed to be announced) until late afternoon, the lack of communication, the poor communication and the general lack of information made for a difficult afternoon. First the flight disappeared from the departure board. It simply did not exist. When we went to the Air Canada consumer area (actually for flight connections) no one knew why. We were told a story about gates not being available and then later another story about the pilot taking ill. Then later that the flight would leave at 4:00 and to watch the board at 3:00 for the boarding gate. No announcements were made to keep people informed. Just before 3:00 the flight was relisted on departures board to leave at 4:00 with gate announced at 3:00 - nothing changed.

Finally some time past 4:00 we saw the airplane pull away from the gate and someone who had the Air Canada app said it showed the flight as cancelled (still no announcement). We went back to the customer service area and once there, there was finally a message for people to come there. No help was offered for people with mobility issues. It was a long walk from the gate. They then informed us that the flight was cancelled and that they would walk us through security and take us by bus to a hotel. They seemed to have no idea how many people were involved. We started to follow the personnel but got separated as we had to go through the non EU line. There was no one at the other side to tell us what to do next.

We knew we had to collect our baggage, but there was no announcement nor was there information on the panels to tell us what carousel to go to. We wandered, finally finding a Heathrow employee who helped us. No one announced where to get the buses once we had our suitcases - we had to hunt down someone who informed us. Once we were in the right spot we asked the people who were there to help us how many people were involved. They had no idea. Were there people left behind? Who knows? A final complaint - although I am an anglophone, I find it unconscionable that there were no announcements in French at the airport for the many francophone travellers who were flying on Air Canada. Lufthansa made several announcements for their passengers in German.

I am not complaining about the flight cancellation - I am complaining about the lack of communication, the poor organization, the general chaos around the day.


Air Canada is one of the best flight services I have come across. I have been seated well, served quality and good food and was taken care well. The crew of Air Canada are cheerful, smart and friendly. They offer a card on everything that one needs before going to bed so that in the morning everything gets ready on time. Flight was on time, flawless, ample leg room and they had screens attached to every seat which gave the customer the choice to watch what they want. I would definitely opt for Air Canada next time as well and would recommend this to anyone who is looking for quality air service while travelling.


My main problem is the staff not looking at the oversized carry on luggage. I paid for my 1st bag and was amazed at how many people had over sized carry ons allowed on the plane and the ones that were tagged for free upon boarding. There needs to be more control in this area as the overhead storage units were jammed packed. People will try to over stuff carry on luggage to avoid charges and it's not fair to the other passengers .

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