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Air Canada is the flag carrier and largest airline in Canada. Providing service to 190 destinations with a fleet of 205, over 38 million passengers are served annually. Air Canada is traded on the Canadian stock market and revenues were reported in 2014 as over CAN 13 billion. There were over 27,000 employees in 2013.

If you have a problem with your Air Canada flight you call 1-888-247-2262. Baggage issues are addressed at 1-888-689-2247. You will also find Customer Care here. If you would like to send postal correspondence to the CEO, Calin Rovinescu, address you letter with Air Canada, 7373 Boulevard de la Cote Vertu, Saint Laurent, Montreal, Canada H4S 1Z3. The corporate phone number is 514-422-7849.

The history of Air Canada goes back to 1937, but was not called Air Canada until 1965. The company slogan is, ‘Your World Awaits’. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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On May 4th we flew business class on flight #843 Dublin to Toronto and had a great flight,conecting to flight #795 Toronto to LAX,this leg was a disaster, crew said they ran out of food in business class, offered pasta from economy that was cold and disgusting.Seat was no better than economy, this leg was a huge disapointment and a disgrace for business class.I know your airline is better than this and I would like either a refund for this leg or voucher for a future business class flight.I am writing this to make you aware of a problem that should have never happened.Any and all response will be appreciated.Please feel free to call me at 559-917-8750 or email me for more info.PAUL KEMP


I was on Flight #AC1854 from Las Vegas on April 17, 2018 @ 15:15 am.
I was in the line with my friends for Zone 3 but I was in Zone 4. The lady was asking if everyone was zone 3 and being hones I said 4 the she stopped me and start calling for people in zone 2 and 3 who was running late. Half of zone 4 went in before their turn.
When I went in the plane seat 29 DEF. We were 3 members in the family with only one carry on. I tried putting it on top but the compartment was full, the other side which was my spot had first aid supply. My carry on had my development son medications and all my personnel valuables items inside. The air hosted told me I have to check my carry on in. I told her no I need to keep my carry on in the plane, to check if there was another spot for it. I even fir it under my seat. She then went and bring another air hostess which told me I can’t put it under the seat, and if I don’t check it in she will have to remove me from the plain that I am holding up the flight. I asked her to get another volunteer to check in their carry on she said no, and told me I should have come early. I told her I was in the line and was stopped to allow people who was running late. She took my bag from under the seat and took it away saying she will find a spot for it, I looked at her all the time, she never made an effort to look for another spot. Took the bag in front and came back for the boarding pass, I refused to give her mine and explain at that point the bag have to stay in the plain, my son medication and my valuables are in that bag and it’s the only carry on between three of us. She never paid attention to me and took my husband boarding pass and check the bag in. She did not give me chance to even get his meds out because the bag was already all the way in the front of the plain. We got home an d was very tired and had a migraine because I had to stay awake to make sure my son does not get a seizure because I had no medication to give him. He was also upset because the bag was taken away. I went home and went straight to bed. My husband took out his medication and went to bed as well. I slept all day. Wednesday morning I open the bad to take out my watch and jewel and found a watch missing and one of my jewel box was missing. It contained my diamond wedding set, an opal and blue sapphire pair of earing, 1 opal and blue sapphire necklace, 1 opal necklace and 1 opal and sapphire bracelet.

My name is Pamela Ram, Phone # 519-242-6495. I expect a call ASAP.



Air canada lost all our luggage on our flight from Atlanta to Morocco via Montreal. We have travelled in August 2017 and I filed for the lost declaration form in August 31, 2017. Since then I have been calling baggage central office and they don't have any update. I discovered later that they are a remote office in India and the claims department is a separate department that has no communication email or phone number except using an online form. This is ridiculous we already had the worst nightmare losing our bags and until now we don't know if Air canada is going to compensate us for our belongings. The worst part is the operation of the claims department. Why there is no customer support for the claims department and what they are trying to hide from. I started to feel that I will not get a compensation for my lost bags and air Canada claims department is just a shady operation department that does not want to serve clients.


I was suppose to fly on September 8 or 9 2017 from Miami airport and the flight was cancelled then I was suppose to flight on September 11 I didn't received any email about the cancellation of my flight but I find out from the news that the airport was going to be closed.I called Air Canada and they told me that they are going to start their business on
Tuesday but that I couldn't fly until Thursday.
I explained that I have to go as soon as possible that I had my flight since last Friday but they didn't care. The airline have the responsibility to offer their customer the service they promise because if the airport closed now that is open why they refuse to let me fly on Tuesday. They have seat available because when I try on the internet they have it.
I let your company to know this because I will file a complaint again your company for making me sick, and loosing the money that I paid for my tour.
Raycer Mendoza
Booking # LB2NDV


I bought a round trip ticket through Expedia. The first part of the trip was fine. My return ticket was supposed to be Canada (Air Canada ticket). But, I had to change my return date. Expedia wanted me to the rescheduled at Air Canada. Air Canada said, sure, we will reschedule, just pay us $160. They also took over the control of the ticket. The thing that I did not know at that time was the new thing which is called transit visa that Canada has recently started to apply.

Neither Expedia nor Air Canada told me about this new transit visa thing. I went to the airport and they did not let me in to the plane. I called air Canada, and Air Canada assured me that if I apply online I will get a visa, so they changed the ticket to another date, I again paid $160. I applied to a eta but refused for some reason. I could not reach anybody who would know why I was refused, this thing is so new. I called Air Canada again to cancel my ticket and to be refunded but they did not take any responsibility, they kept saying that I was supposed to know the rules! today is November 23, this whole visa thing started on November 10.

Somebody, either from expedia or Air Canada. If I knew, at least I would not at spent all the extra dollars on trying to reschedule the ticket. Now I am calling both expedia and air Canada separately to cancel the ticket and to be refunded but both says they do not have the control of the ticket. Both companies are crooks.


Hello, I file what was told to me to be a claim on July 28, 2015 after returning from Ottawa, Canada via Air Canada Flight AC461/YOW/YYZ/27 July, and AC545/YYZ/SEA/27 JULY, reference #AC620908 BU22. I upon arrival home on that same evening unpacking my suitcase discovered that several newly purchased items' had been damaged by being zipped into the zipper when represents obviously went through the suitcase, also, while going through the newly purchased Large roller luggage also damaged, along with a new evening attire pants suit still had tags attached. I was very rudely spoke to by your Airport agents (Christina & Hamasaski) who assured me that they were filing this claim after more than a hour wait time, and with provided replacement price include. I was told me someone would be contacting me to date no one has called nor mailed nor emailed me any inquiry or determination of any kind. I am requesting that this matter be resolve with-in 1 weeks time or I plan to submit a small claims court action for the money for expenses of my damaged items (Luggage, evening pant suit) estimated at 200.00 replacement cost.


Re: a verbally abusive, domineering and insulting passenger. Flight AC 789 from Toronto to Los Angeles on 10-12-2015. I was seated in seat 32h (isle seat). The passenger seated in seat 32k (window seat) and next to me continually stretched his left knee into my leg room and exercised dominance over the common arm rest for the entire flight. When I tried to gain use of that arm rest at least part of the flight he became verbally abusive and called me an "A.. H..." audible to all the passengers around us. I find that to be totally out of order. My complaint is against that particular passenger and NOT against your Air Line.


My wife and I booked a round trip ticket to leave London Heathrow the 27th of August to Vancouver B.C., the planes seating was cramped, but I had an isle seat so I could get up and move around when required, the trip to Vancouver was acceptable. On the 18th of September we booked in at Vancouver, I was given a seat, but my wife was told that the plane was full and she was put on standby. .How can that be when we have paid for return? The last minute they gave her a seat. However we were separated, and I have a hearing disability and rely on my wife, so the stress so far has now increased.

My seat was between a women and her inconsiderate, obnoxious, drunk husband. I was only able to leave my seat 3 times during the 81/2 hour flight. I had to physically climb over this person who when not passed out was sprawled out and confined my movement. I have flown many times, but have never experienced any thing like this. It was 81/2 hours of hell. Then to top it off they lost my baggage. I will never fly Air Canada again and certainly not recommend them. You go on holiday to get away from stress. I don't think they deserve one star. I am glade the rest of the holiday was very enjoyable.


I am just expressing my outrage that Air Canada quoted me $560 to have 02 on a flight between Toronto and Tel Aviv (10 hours). That's ONE way. So for a return flight it would be double that and more than my air ticket costs! I travel a lot for biz and pleasure, always need 02 for flights longer than 5 hours, and this is the worst case of ripping of people with disabilities that I have ever seen. On a 17 hour flight from JFK to Johannesburg, South Africa - I paid $300 return for 02. El Al charges $200 each way. I regard that as reasonable though still a financial burden. I have just spoken to Turkish Airlines who fly btw JFK and Tel Aviv and they provide FREE 02. I will thus be flying with them! It is long overdue that these things should be standardized across the board. I can never fly via US carrier as the FDA came up with the proclamation that US carriers cannot provide 02 on any flights as it renders their airline personnel "medics". Total BS but it means I cannot fly American unless I bring my own 02 which makes no sense for me as I only need 02 in the air.


I booked a ticket to Beirut on May 7, 2014. I CANCELLED my trip due to conflicts in the middle east and travel advisory in on July 5th, the day I was supposed to leave due to this. I was told the $300 change fee would be waived because of the circumstances and that I would have 2 years to use the value of the $1000. Upon calling Air Canada I was told the I had only a year to use and I did have to pay $300 change fee! So I asked for a supervisor to call me twice. I also put in a complaint on the aircanada website twice. NO ONE has contacted me to resolve or clarify my issue. They suck!!!


I understand that things happen to cause a flight to be cancelled, but from 12:00 (when the gate was supposed to be announced) until late afternoon, the lack of communication, the poor communication and the general lack of information made for a difficult afternoon. First the flight disappeared from the departure board. It simply did not exist. When we went to the Air Canada consumer area (actually for flight connections) no one knew why. We were told a story about gates not being available and then later another story about the pilot taking ill. Then later that the flight would leave at 4:00 and to watch the board at 3:00 for the boarding gate. No announcements were made to keep people informed. Just before 3:00 the flight was relisted on departures board to leave at 4:00 with gate announced at 3:00 - nothing changed.

Finally some time past 4:00 we saw the airplane pull away from the gate and someone who had the Air Canada app said it showed the flight as cancelled (still no announcement). We went back to the customer service area and once there, there was finally a message for people to come there. No help was offered for people with mobility issues. It was a long walk from the gate. They then informed us that the flight was cancelled and that they would walk us through security and take us by bus to a hotel. They seemed to have no idea how many people were involved. We started to follow the personnel but got separated as we had to go through the non EU line. There was no one at the other side to tell us what to do next.

We knew we had to collect our baggage, but there was no announcement nor was there information on the panels to tell us what carousel to go to. We wandered, finally finding a Heathrow employee who helped us. No one announced where to get the buses once we had our suitcases - we had to hunt down someone who informed us. Once we were in the right spot we asked the people who were there to help us how many people were involved. They had no idea. Were there people left behind? Who knows? A final complaint - although I am an anglophone, I find it unconscionable that there were no announcements in French at the airport for the many francophone travellers who were flying on Air Canada. Lufthansa made several announcements for their passengers in German.

I am not complaining about the flight cancellation - I am complaining about the lack of communication, the poor organization, the general chaos around the day.


Air Canada is one of the best flight services I have come across. I have been seated well, served quality and good food and was taken care well. The crew of Air Canada are cheerful, smart and friendly. They offer a card on everything that one needs before going to bed so that in the morning everything gets ready on time. Flight was on time, flawless, ample leg room and they had screens attached to every seat which gave the customer the choice to watch what they want. I would definitely opt for Air Canada next time as well and would recommend this to anyone who is looking for quality air service while travelling.


My main problem is the staff not looking at the oversized carry on luggage. I paid for my 1st bag and was amazed at how many people had over sized carry ons allowed on the plane and the ones that were tagged for free upon boarding. There needs to be more control in this area as the overhead storage units were jammed packed. People will try to over stuff carry on luggage to avoid charges and it's not fair to the other passengers .

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