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I was supposedly hired for merchandising position at a small hometown store. They had me work almost 2 weeks claimed i was not performing my job to their satisfaction and because I wasn't in there system or in the payroll since I worked with no w2 or I9 form on place. They didn't have to pay me for my hours. I thought that was against federal business law. I am not nor did I sign a independent contractor waver to work on the property. And they have employees who are using illegal drugs on
the premises and working under the influence. It truly saddens me, love ace hardware, and the idea that this franchised store degrades the Ace Hardware name is sickning. Plan to present my case to the labor commission. I hope my complaint will be received at corporate level. I consider this discrimanation. May file a law suit, I understand right to work law. This was way beyond that deffination!!!!!


Good day,

Sept. 30, 2018 I went to Ace Hardware SM City Iloilo Branch, Iloilo City to redeem 5 BDO original charged slip, I would like to complain your Manager/Supervisor Mr Robito Roquero Jr. who processed my transactions, because of his "Incompetence" 2 charged slip was error message already redeemed, this is impossible because I presented to him all original charged slip, then the remaining 3 was processed by his staff and was all successful.

I will not accept that I was denied of my priveleged for redemption.

I hope this matter will be resolved at the soonest time possible.

Thank you


The experience at Ace in Hillside 226 Long Avenue, Hillside NJ 07205 I went to purchase the paints that was on sale and the saleslady who was at the location was very nasty. She did not have anything that I asked for oh I sold out of pastel colors jumping to conclusions before I could ask a question just blurting out things I dont give rain checks I did not even ask for a rain check. She acted as if we were criminals and we did not come to spend money. If this store is in our community she should not be treating people in the hostile nasty way that she did. I dont understand what was her problem I came at not even 4:30 in the day not at the end it was apparent she had a problem serving us. I hope to never experience this kind of mistreatment again.


I bought a 30 gallon hot water heater no the 2-8 took it back on 2-9 they didn't have one to replace the one i returned and said it w take up 7days to get my 428$ they called me on the 2-12 said they was bringing one from Jacksonville store i got there they wanted me to pay another 428$ i will. Never shop at ace hardware


my son went in to ace with a belt sander he bought there it did not have the bag for it and there was a disagreement with my son and your manager calvin james franks and to day my son went in to buy a plug your manager told him to get the hell out of his store and push him all that is on the cameras my son filed a cop report on him when i went in before any of that happen i was treated like shit from your workers and calvin and i have not went in sence then if nothting is done about this i will put it on face book


Purchase a refill on a 40lb propane tank. Was told someone would come out and fill it. Went back into the store repeatedly asked for tank to be filled. After 45 mins was told they were sorry and only 2 people working the floor


I went to Three Fountains Ace Hardware on 11/4/2016 to buy paint. I purchased six gallons of paint for a total of 177.56. I told them I had a coupon for a free gallon of paint with my Ace Rewards but had forgotten it, and since the painter was waiting I would bring it back to them. They said nothing, checked me out and I paid for my paint. I then went back to the store with the receipt thinking they would refund me the amount of one gallon of paint. Instead they told me to go home and get all six gallons of paint and bring them back and they would start all over again. First of all my painter was waiting on me and had opened some of the paint. I am standing there with the receipt and she had just checked me out, is she not smart enough to know how to refund one gallon of paint. This was totally ridiculous and I am fed up with this store.


I bought 2 shower heads (40078) and they both whistle, I was wondering why they do this. I usually trust Ace when shopping for hardware, but cannot find a technical support line to call and get some help with my plumbing install.


Well this is what really got me, I live in ft. Myers and a veteran and have a card from the VA with a photo. I have done business with Lowe's (your competitor) and Ace Hardware and have accepted my card and received a thank you for serving sir. Your store (on 6 mi Cypress) refused my card, showed me a copy of what is accepted. I went to customer service and they also agreed that N/G and no thank you. I served 2 years guarding them that I was happy to do.You suppose to be a leader. Needless to say that you lost this Vet. and probably a lot more. I have been is sales before retiring, I can't believe your policy, perhaps you should review it and be the leader that you are.


I love Ace Hardware, no complaints from me. The customer service is wonderful the people genuinely care about you getting what you need easily. Last week, I went to Ace for an air filter and the woman even went into the back to check for the right size that I needed. I was blown away by her caring nature. I do not see many hardware stores left like Ace, most have been replaced by Lowe's and Home Depot. Still, whenever I can, I will try to shop there.


I was looking out to paint my bedroom with a particular color and had some hardware requirements for which I contacted Ace Hardware. They have given me unmatched services and I was extremely pleased with them. I have found few more products under the clearance sale which were useful. I recommend AceHardware to anyone who is looking for hardware stuff for their home or office needs.

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