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Flower not received for my wife 15th anniversary on the 27th of June. Anniversary Flower where to be a surprise. My wife receive to call with excuses why flower was not going to be delivered and was ask if she mind if they be delivered the next day. Wife told the delivery person she was not aware of Flowers being sent because it was to be a surprise. Where we end up being on Phone for several hours in attempt to get my Credit Card credit back, in doing so that try to credit card back for a lesser amount then what was charge to my Card! And then said it would take up to 5-7 business day before it would show on my Credit Card! You Need To Credit my Card Back What Was taken $128.40 not $125.00 ASAP not 5 - 7 Business Day!

Way To Mess Up A 15 Year Anniversary Celebration.

MR. Porter


I'm seeking a refund on the flowers that where delivered to me yesterday. The flowers are dead
I have attempted to call the 1800flowers number but they do not seem to understand, they just keep putting me on hold.
this is the second time today I'm calling about the flowers
If someone could call me 978-667-2584 or cell phone 978-987-0897


I contacted them to try and change the delivery address due to my wife getting sick and unable to be at work. So I wanted the flowers shipped to our home address she said it was to late to make and changes and would not give me any information to contact the vendor to speak with them about leaving them with one of her co-workers.



I made an order (#10244034) on September 28th and It wasn't possible to deliver it. I am trying to get an refund on my credit card since the order wasn't delivered and I gave all the necessary information to the company. I exchanged at least 10 e-mails with this company and they insist it wasn't possible to locate my order, even after sending them their on e-mail with order and details confirmation. Can a company do this? Keeping the money with no service exchange? I do not recommend ordering anything from this website.


I have a threshold set for my business debit card. This morning there was an email that my card was used at 1800-flowers.com. I did not use it. I called my bank and closed the debit card and opened a fraud case. I then called 1-800 flowers to do some digging. First, the people I spoke with were helpful, but English is obviously NOT their first language. I requested their fraud department. I was transferred to billing. The billing department listened to my explanation briefly and gave me a phone number and name of someone that could help me. I called the woman and got through, however, she does not work for them. She, as it turned out is a customer... After speaking on the phone with her for about 15 minutes, we determined that she had ordered flowers from Tela-flora last week. She did not get an email verification and called them back yesterday. She is now getting information from her bank checking if somehow our accts got linked/attached in some way. I am awaiting a call back from her. I have several questions that are making me crazy. HOW did they give me another customers name and phone number? WHY do they give customers the run around when they are trying to reach the fraud department?


Be it an occasion of birthday, anniversary, newborn, housewarming ceremony etc. you can say it with a small gesture of flowers. 1800flowers.com is the place to find flowers of your choice. I was unable to attend one of my nearest cousins birthday party, so to make up for it I found this site very useful. I used the someday delivery option to avoid any delay in delivery and was happy to know it was delivered on time. Not just this, but 1800flowers.com offers a wide range other products like bonsai plants, cookies and treats, chocolates of wide range as well a personalized gifts. Since Valentine's day is round the corner, I have planned to personalize my gift using the options available on this website.

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