Help! — My Snapchat Snapstreak Disappeared Randomly

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


My snapchat streak disappeared with my friend when we were on 380 days. At first I thought it was poor signal, but I am on the AT&T wireless network and had perfect signal or was on wifi the entire time. We 100% snapchatted that day and around 5 hours later the streak was gone.

This is unacceptable as our streak should still be there and that is over a year of commitment to the streak. So, I did some searching on Google and finally found a page on Snapchat's website dedicated to problems with Snapstreaks.

Even though that was no help, I will tell you below how I fixed the problem.

  1. Go to Snapchat support
  2. Fill out the support form
  3. Answer all of their questions
  4. Click "yes" that you are still having this problem
  5. Wait for a response...

The support pages on Snapchat's website are useless!

Unlike real social media apps like Facebook, hey assume that it was a user error instead of helping you solve the problem. Me and my friend have snapchatted for almost a year straight, and I would be the first to know if we missed even a single day. Up until now, I have been unable to find anyone at Snapchat to support this and my messages to their Twitter page has been ignored.

The trick is to answer all the questions on their support page, and then click "Yes" I'm still having a problem.

This will allow you to access the Snapchat online support form. The employee who emailed me back said they will look into it. But I am worried that if I keep bothering them they will ban me. Before this, snapchat has locked me out for spam. And I don't appreciate it. There are a lot of social media options out there, so Snapchat needs to be careful before they get let behind.

Ultimately, it's annoying and this is starting to become a pattern having problems with the app as it grows. Now the company is Snap Inc. which is even more confusing. Streaks are one of the most compelling features in Snapchat. So, it stands to reason that if people are losing streaks randomly it will not be a good thing long term for the app.

If our streak does not return I will keep complaining and I have heard people will possibly sue.