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SafeAuto targets the nonstandard auto insurance market, and has specialized for over 20 years in providing liability coverage that meets states' required minimum limits. Deshe and Diamond founded the company using the concept that SafeAuto could serve higher-risk motorists who require an SR-22 insurance.

The SafeAuto head office address is 4 Easton Oval, Columbus, Ohio 43219, United States. You can also contact support 24 hours a day by calling 1-800-Safe-Auto. The company was founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 1993 by Jon Diamond and Ari Deshe. Ron Davies is the current President and CEO of the company, he took over as active CEO in 2012.

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I have been trying to reach someone in the claims dept about my claim to get my deductible back and my calls are never returned i have been calling for 4 months they got their money but want release my money back


I have never had this problem. For months I have sending the same documents in to safe auto and keep getting a response for customer service I need to fill it out again. Then changed my bill from the 11th and mad me pay on the 5th and was told a letter that I never received should of told me to pay more money. I ask for a supervisor and told they could not get ahold of someone so they will call in 2 hours. No one called. Then yesterday I called to make a payment and after a long wait from calling ther representive told me I should not of been billed early on the 5th and put me on hold and try to reach out to the billing department and after I been on hold his line hung up on me and he did not call back. And now I just called and is waiting on a supervisor to call again.


No communication, never sent a single thing regarding my policy in the mail, reached out for customer service and could not get a response for over two weeks just told over and over and over I’d get a call back. They claim they called at 9:30 pm at night two weeks after my request and didn’t leave a message. I’m told I should be able to change my policy online as I’m trying to increase coverage and it’s not an option, website doesn’t work where it should then I’m told I’m a liar by the customer service via email. Flaws, fraud and the crappiest customer service I’ve ever experienced. They don’t bill you and don’t let you know the amount until day due then youre given an ultimatum, feed your family or pay half your salary immediately.


This is to advise you that Safe is perpetrating a fraud/scam in your name (AOL). I have filed a fraud complaint with my bank, having been ripped off of $599.99 by Safe Auto. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Safe Auto will not answer letters or phone calls from either. Neither will they refund all of my money. For almost 3 hours they continued to represent themselves as AOL. I thought AOL was helping me solve a hacker problem. Only at the end, after agreeing to pay $599.99 for their service did I become aware I was not talking with an AOL representative.

When I then tried to get a refund they only agreed to refund $250.00, keeping $149.99 ($200 was to be paid in 30 days.) I have documentation from my bank and from the Better Business Bureau, case #420093 if you are interested. Either you are in it with them, or I strongly suggest you legally prevent them from pretending to be AOL and scamming people in the name of AOL. I have had AOL service for about 20 years.

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