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21st Century Insurance www.21st.com is a part of the Farmers Insurance Group. As part of Farmers 50 state coverage and more than 20 million policies, they are part of the over 50,000 exclusive and independent agents and over 24,000 employees. Revenues are not published for 21st Century separate from Farmers.

If you need policy support for 21st you may call 1-800-443-3100 or 1-877-401-8181. You may also find Contact Us information here. If you would like to contact the CEO, Anthony J. DeSantis with postal correspondence, address you letter to him at 3 Beaver Valley Road, Wilmington, Delaware 19803.

The 21st Century Insurance began in Los Angeles, California in 1958 and became part of the Farmers Insurance Group in 2009. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

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I usually get a Jr Bacon Cheesburger and choc frosty. Today at Windys on Wayne Ave. Chambersburg I ordered my sandwich & frosty. When I bite into it I thought there was something awrong. The bacon wasn't cooked. Took it up to cashier informed her she said yes it is. The manager was standing talking to a man think it was a casual talk. Saw her looking at me but didn't come over. I told the cashier to give it to manager. After I had ate the greasy hamburger the manager came with another sandwich. I told her I didn't want it and this is the first and last time I will come here. Why anyone says bacon is cook when it looks half fried I never know.


I had a flat tire, and wasn’t able to change the tire because I just had a back surgery, I called 21st century roadside assistance at 8:15 pm, and the dispatcher told me that it would take 60 minutes to someone to get at the address and phone number that I provided, they also sent a text message of the expected time to arrive, I called back at 9:32 pm to find out why no one was there yet, they told me someone will there in 10 to 15 minutes, kept on calling no one showed up until 11 pm, I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years, and set up automatic payments which means I have always paid on time, and they provided a inaceptable service and make me wait 3 hours just to change mi flat tire, and if they would mention that it will take three hours, I would call another towing company or triple “A” that usually takes 20 minutes to be there, and if they provide this kind of service to a loyal customer, I imagine the kind of service that they provide to new customers, the dispatcher blames the towing company and the towing company blames the dispatcher at 21st century, I don’t care who’s fault is it, just fix the problem, that’s why I make my payments on time, otherwise they would cancel the insurance if I don’t pay on time, I’m expecting the best service as well !!!!


I called for Roadside service today at 10:00 and was on hold for 2hrs!!!!!! My car was not running so a truck was to come and pickup the car and as of 12:45 today no truck has showed up!!!!!!!!! I'm a customer for over 35 years and now thinking about cancelling my insurance and going with AAA!!!!! This situation is not acceptable period!!!!


I went to the 21st century home page and saw "In 7 Minutes You Could Save $522 On Car Insurance." which seemed like a good enough deal right? Wrong. This was just a ploy to get me to enter my Zip and once I went through the process I found out I could not save anything on my auto insurance. So guess what I did save? I saved a complaint for the 21st century corporate office. Stop trying to scam me!


I opened a policy with 21st Century Insurance ( Policy # LF-3440-1616) this was for life insurance. When I was issued my life insurance policy I noticed that the agent had made errors in my information particularly as to the wrong birthday. Birthday is 3-20-52. It was entered 3-20-62. I have been to my 21st Century Insurance agent 3 times about the correction. I had brought also my drivers license for verification. it was accepted. Last week Friday 8-14-15 I went in to see if correction was made. and they reported no. They gave me a cancellation form and shrugged their shoulders. The said I needed now my birth certificate. I just want this fixed.


21st century Insurance group gives one of the best auto insurances when compared to others in the market. The website has a lot to useful information on how to go about the right insurance for your vehicles and claim policy information. From accidental coverage to general insurance claims, one can find useful information based on our requirements. My vehicle had earlier met with an accident due to which the glass window was damaged. Since I opted for this insurance earlier itself, I was surprised that they even have coverage on glass damages which other insurance companies do not offer. 21st century Insurance group is the perfect choice in terms of choosing the right insurance for you vehicles and I recommend this to anyone who want the best insurance for their vehicles.

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