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Farmers Insurance is a insurance company for auto, home, small business and other financial services in the United States. With over 24,000 employees they provide over 20 million policies. There are over 50,000 agents and in 2014 revenues were reported by Farmers Insurance Exchange as over US 11.3 billion.

If you need policy holder support you may call 1-800-435-7764 for claim representative or call 1-888-327-6335 for customer service. You may also find support at this website contact page. If you want to mail a letter to the CEO, Jeff Dailey, you may address your correspondence to him at Farmers corporate office at 6301 Owensmouth Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

Farmers was founded in 1928 by Thomas E. Leavey and you may read about the companies that make up the Farmers group here. Social media presence may be found on Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube.

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A Farmers insured my parked, unoccupied car. It was a 1976 corvette, restored to originals specifications! The cost to restore the damage to the corvette was $1,500 but Farmers would only pay "prevailing wage" at $956.00 to fix it! They wanted me to take it to a "prevailing wage shop that told me, "It's been a long time since we've worked on a corvette." The adjuster is making me pay out of pocket $533 to get the vehicle fixed back to it's original condition! I have Farmers Insurance for my house! But trust me when I say, I won't be keeping it there and I will be telling EVERYONE how poorly they have treated me! Shame on Farmers for making this widow pay out of pocket for her deceased husband's vehicle to be repaired to its original condition before their client hit it! My car was parked and unoccupied and clearly they were at fault! Shame on you Kevin Stone, Farmers Adjuster! Shame on Farmers altogether for allowing that kind of petty nonsense!


I am a small contractor . Got my workers comp thru James Winger your agent . I paid my premiums on time as agreed , then I get a cancelation notice and a bill for almost $4000.00 dollars with no communication from James . I emailed and call and have had no response . I am contesting the bill and have gotten no help. policy A1519-75-59 17 . My house and multiple vehicles are insured with your company . Need to get this resolved asap.


I have had issues with my pluming inside the walls and with roof leaks for the past 5 years. I had water damage caused by water pipe that broke or was leaking behind the drywall but did not notice the damage until it came thru the wall. I called my agent they send and inspector and he said the insurance would not cover the damages because it was due to negligence and wear and tear on my part. How am I suppose to inspect pipes behind walls.
On the roof leaks same thing they came out several times and told the same thing that it was for non maintenance and because the roof was not built or installed correctly and roof tiles where not installed correct by contractor therefore I have no coverage.
Patricia Del Toro Agent - in Monrovia
Claim # 921066384 - 3010518067-1
field Agent Sau Chy # 562 413-1401

I would like to speak to someone to assist me with this bogus claim and denail letter i recieved from the agent.


Our claim number is 3010190211-12. My neighbors tree fell on our fence in Jan, My neighbor contacted his insurance company which is Farmers. From there we have been dealing with the rudest most unprofessional person I have ever encountered. Her name is Jennifer Baareman. From the first call to us, she basically told us we would have to find someone to give us an estimate for repairing our fence. When asked if she would send out a claims adjuster, she responded no. I asked her why not. She said well we don't have anyone in your area so you will have to find someone yourself. She was very rude about it. She also told my husband, he would have to send her pictures of the damage, that is not our job. And we did not. She should have asked the person with the policy which she had to turn around and do.

Jennifer has now decided based on the estimate of the Fence company that came out, she would depreicate the cost of repairing our fence. She did. I asked her and told her we are not going to be paying for our fence repair. We are not going to add additional money at all. She should have sent a claims adjuster out in the first place. My husband told her in the beginning our fence is less than 8 months old. She turned around and said it was 8 months old and she based it on that. We did not build our fence is regular wood and the fence company said they told her that. She also asked them if it looked like that much damage was done from a tree falling on it. He told her all the damage was done from the tree falling on it.

I cannot stand to be insulted. Once again we will not be paying any parts to have our fence repaired. I asked to speak with her manager and she told me I would have to speak with her supervisor first. We do not. Please excuse the anger. I am very upset at the way Jennifer is handling this claim. We have jobs and do not plan to drag this process out. I am requesting someone else to assist us with resolving this issue, otherwise we will proceed to the next course of action. My contact number is 901-371-1965. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Farmers agent shut my business down because she did not know what she was doing. Lost business for a week. I have seen too many shady things going on at that location. Worst customer service would never ever recommend anyone to Farmers.


My phone was stolen on Jan 26th. Today is Wednesday and last Saturday I went in to the Verizon store in Hereford, Texas and asked about getting a new phone & the guy told me my upgrade date was not until April, but he put the stuff in the computer and told me that we could go ahead and do it. So I told him what kind of phone that I wanted. He said that they did not have it in stock, but they would order it on Monday and it would be in b uhh mid week. So, today he called me and said the phone was in. So I drove roughly 20 miles to Hereford to pick up the phone. He had the phone on the desk and I had a case picked out and ready to go.

He calls in to activate the phone and when he hangs up, he tells me that I can't have the phone and will have to wait until my upgrade date and that is it. I thought that he was just kidding me, but no. Two hours and a 40 mile round trip and no phone. What a slap in the face. What a way to run a business. I would not go back to that store if they were giving away 100 dollar bills. So I left the store in shock and called customer service and got in touch with a very nice lady and they are going to send me a new phone to my house in a few days. So, hopefully it is going to work out, but what a hassle to get a phone so that I can send them a check every month. I would say that I have become way too dependant on the service that they provide and then they treat you like carp to keep doing it.


Recently I shopped Farmers vs. State Farm and found their homeowners and auto insurance premiums to be much higher than the competition. Especially compared to Allstate. I almost went with them based on a recommendation from a friend but I am glad I did not. Their original homeowners insurance quote ended up being almost $1,000 higher than Allstate!

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