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Fred Loya Insurance is a privately owned car insurance company headquartered in El Paso, Texas. It is the 19th largest Hispanic-owned company in the United States. There are over 360 Fred Loya agencies in the SW part of the nation. In 2010 there were reported 2,700 associates and in 2012 revenues were reported as US 506 million.

To contact the corporate office about your policy, call 1-800-554-0595 OR 1-888-248-8787. You may also address a postal communication to CEO, Fred Loya,  Jr. at 1800 N. Lee Trevino, Suite 210, El Paso, Texas 79936. The corporate phone number is 915-590-5692. You will also find Customer Support information here.

A former cattle businessman, Fred Loya began his insurance company in El Paso, Texas in 1974. The agencies are usually placed as part of a developed shopping center or within larger established marketplaces. Social presence may be found on Facebook, and YouTube.

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This is the second time that fred loyas office in cleburne where me and my husband has had insurance for over 3 years there .well we had to come in and make a payment we were late 2 days and went from paying 63 month basic insurance to 83 dollars because the lady took pic of our vehicle for the second time and added information that was false my husband went in to pay them I was feeling sick the policy is in my name he came out and said they raised it to 83 month for what reasons I called the lady she said because we had a trailer hooked up we only had it hooked up for that day due to us moving items to our residents from my father in laws house why she raised our amount is just robbing us of our money due to.what she states in her paperwork it's wrong for her to asum things and not ask us but that is insane we are barely makeing it and I want my money back that she charged us the difference on our normal monthly payment


I live in San Diego CA was leaving from a work site 60+ miles from San Diego April 19th when i was hit by a vehicle changing lanes. Vehicle was damaged and barely drive-able. Other vehicle attempted to flee scene. I followed until the car due to damage stopped and driver vehicle got out and ran even after I pleaded with him not to. Several witnesses saw the driver flee and gave statements to the police who arrived cited the other her driver hit and run. I filed report with my insurance. Took videos and photos, the other drivers insurance was unknown.

When I returned I inquired with my insurance who advised the vehicle was insured by Fred Loya and they had reached out with no response thus far. So I called and spoke to a rep who took down my information and stated that they would send someone out for an initial estimate and was given an adjuster to speak with. After speaking with Tyler he advised me that he was sorry to inform me that my car would not be moved, no estimate would be completed at this time as vehicle was reported by their client stolen and an investigation would commence. I was shocked as the vehicle that hit me was a 2015 Toyota Corolla fully loaded with no sign of break in and key less start device. Tyler advised at the very least nothing would happen until the police report was received which could take an additional 10 days unless I wanted to get it and send it to them.

Rented a vehicle on this date and went to Escondido Police department. Read the report which I am attaching there within it states that the driver of the vehicle was positively identified and that it was the long time boyfriend of the driver and that he was given permission to drive the vehicle often and that he had a felony warrant at the time of incident. I felt assured that now my claim could be processed. sent report to Tyler with the following message:

"Good Afternoon Tyler! Please see attached copy of Police Report and also photos and video. Based on the report it clearly states that the vehicle was not stolen and is the insurer's boyfriend who had been given keys and authority to drive and operate the day of and on a regular basis. As you can see by the video the damage is not extensive and should not take an absorbent amount of time or cost to repair.

As stated I am not trying to sue for damages, loss of work, etc. I just had to spend my savings to fly across country and bury my only nephew. I just would like my car fixed so that I can get back and forth to work without bumming rides or paying for Uber /Taxi. I understand your job as an adjuster is to save your company money and not spend whenever and wherever you can afford not to, but I have to also believe that you have some latitude in your decision making and are moral and ethical person. Please respond at the earliest convenience on status"

April 29th. Tyler called me back thanking me for report and states that they still had to receive a finalized statement from insured Fred Loya driver and based on the police report they would still be pursuing a stolen case as the driver who spoke to them stated that after he took the vehicle he himself was jumped and the vehicle stolen and also he didn't have on one of the articles of clothing described."

I was shocked that this guy was actually repeating such nonsense to me. it sounded like something I made up when I was 16 and in trouble for egging houses on Halloween. This event took place at 7:45 pm near dark and they were denying a claim based on a shirt not physical description further more the followed up on zero witness statements and had no one dusted for finger prints.

Luckily I had taken witnesses info contacted them and they were willing to sign a statement. I then asked would this be enough. He stated it would help!! What the hell are your people doing as to investigation. I then also reached out to police department and they informed me that I would be contacted in the next few weeks to positively identify the suspect. I then went online and located the driver thru paid background and mugshots to confirm his identity

May 3rd. Sent the following email to Tyler trying to follow up: Hi Tyler! Just wanted to follow up with you on the status of my claim and if Fred Loya has finalized her statements. As previously discussed I contacted the eye witnesses and they have agreed to assist in this matter. I am not sure how /what format this should be submitted in? Will a typed statement listing persons contact info suffice or is there something more official.

Also I have been advised by Escondido Police Dept who I contacted for report that an officer has just been assigned the case to pursue the hit and run charge. I will have to go to the station and identify DRIVER from photos which should be no issue. the conflicting descriptions of suspect are minor and given the time of day/eve completely normal for events taking place in motion. I would hope that you have advised your client of the seriousness of insurance fraud so that they are aware. Please provide me with an update at the most earliest convenience. I have taken the vehicle to a repair shop near me to get an initial estimate.

May 10th. Finally reached out to his supervisor after no response. Hi Chuck, I am sending this email chain as per my voicemail. I have made several attempts to contact Tyler Norris and get any kind of status update on my claim. I received letters in the mail basically stating the same thing we discussed on 4/29. based on the police report i provided the vehicle was not stolen and the photos of the perpetrator which I have found and positively identified. I don't understand the continued unresponsiveness.

I am simply wanting my vehicle fixed and a rental car provided during repair. I am not even seeking lost wages or transportation expenses at this point. If you feel that you have solid ground to not compensate and invalidate this claim then please notify me so that I can begin taking whatever steps necessary to have my vehicle repaired on my own. At that point I may seek legal counsel for losses and expense. I do not wish to go down that road and would like to avoid at all cost. Per my previous emails I am dealing with a recent death in the family and need this to be one less burden.

Please reach out to me as soon as you can with the status of your investigation and or final decision. May 27th. Good Afternoon Tyler, Please advise me on the status of my claim. Last we spoke you stated that you were awaiting a statement from insured to complete your investigation. I know that insured have contacted Fred Loya and disclosed that it was indeed driving operating the vehicle based on new information. I can appreciate your policy and procedures, however it is now the 27th of May and I have yet to even receive an adjuster dispatched for initial estimates. Any further delay at this point very much resembles bad faith. I would like a time table for my repairs to be completed and would like them done at the location the vehicle is currently located:

Also please advise on a rental vehicle during repair and reimbursement for the past 30+ days I have been without transportation and paying out of pocket. June 1st. Tyler calls to tell me that they have decided to acknowledge my claim and that i will be assigned a new adjuster due to the fact that he is Fire and theft only and here is her contact info. I understand that you are the new adjuster on my claim. I hope to get a timetable for repairs and resolution as soon as possible. I have included the chain of emails sent previously so that you can fully appreciate the personal hell this has put me thru. I look forward to working with you and wish to be as cooperative as possible to expedite repairs and close out this claim.

The location of my vehicle is listed below, I would also like the repairs performed there if possible. Please let me know how soon an adjuster will be assigned and estimates completed. I know this is day 1 for you but its like week 7 for me and i'm chomping at the bit to stop relying on the vehicles of nice strangers, i'm sure you understand. What is your policy on rentals while my vehicle is repaired thru a valid claim and will I be reimbursed for some or all of my cost for transportation since date of loss? Please advise at your earliest convenience. The number listed below is my cell and I can be reached anytime. If I am unavailable leave a vm and I will return your call promptly.

Appraiser goes to visit vehicle-No response after and Lucy, Please see the following attachments. Initial repair check- which i learned was reportedly mailed on the 10th by calling on 6/15 arrived on Sat /18 repairs began following Monday. Original Invoice for 44 days after accident. -Printed and scanned as(downloaded version contained errors ). Current Reservation- thru repairs which are estimation no later than are Jul 01, 2016

Any kind of communication from Fred Loya corporate headquarters confirming receipt or period would be great as to when I can expect reimbursement. I will be out of pocket over 2K when all is said and done.I would like to enjoy the 4th of July driving my own car and out of further debt if that's possible.


I had one of Fred Loya customers jam to the back of my car while I was at a stop sign. I called the claim in on 11/19/2015. I called customer service on 11/20/15 to see what was going on with the claim, and to find out the protocol so I would know the lead time, and I got someone by the name of Stephanie based out of a Michigan call center. She was rude from the start, If I asked any questions or said anything to her she would laugh at me. She stated that my policy had not been looked at. She mentioned that it was pending, because the Fred Loya policy holder opened the policy in the state of Michigan, she asked where I had the accident.

I told her it was in the state of California. She then said that they first had to get a hold off the policy holder and the driver. Stephanie stated that If the driver and policy holder did not answer then they would send the driver and policy holder a letter, and they would give them 15 days to respond. I told her that it was fine and that I understood but in the meantime how would I know the status of my claim. But I can call you back sometime today, however if you want to know what is going to happen you need to call. I took it upon my self to call the driver and ask him about the policy. He said that his brother had never been in Michigan and that the policy was opened in Porterville, CA, not Michigan.

I did research on-line and found out that there is a Porterville, Michigan, (but the policy clearly stated Porterville, CA.) I called back once again. This time was to let them know that the driver had confirmed the policy was opened in Porterville, CA not Porterville, Michigan. I was transferred to like 3 maybe 4 departments and needless to say I was on hold for 2 hours and no one ever picked up. I gave up!!! Bad service over all from Fred Loya corporate. I hope this all gets cleared up and my claim paid to be able to move past this. I was the victim, I was at a stop sign and this kid (Fred Loya's customer) rear ended me. He ran into the back of my car.

Now I have to be on hold forever, get treated and laughed at, and be put on hold for 2 hours to talk to someone while trying to clear something that was done to me. I hope to get this done and over with and be able to move on past this nightmare.


My car met with a small accident and needed the insurance. So we called up Fred Loya for the claim. It took hardly few conversations and application that I filled out. The customer care guys did a thorough follow up and I got the claims done within 4 working days. Good staff and highly efficient in their work. We are satisfied with the insurance at Fred Loya. Everyone there are competent and extremely helpful. My suggestion to all would be to have a car insurance through Fred Loya.

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