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Quicken Loans is one of the largest online lenders in America ccording to National Mortgage News. They have a huge market of over 2 million customers and over 31 years in the industry. At this point the corporate office reports that they are close to $140 billion in loans done from around 2013 forward.

William Emerson the CEO of the company. They have their corporate headquarters in The Qube building in the heart of the financial district of downtown Detroit, Michigan. Support is available for live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on their website. 

If you have a problem with Quicken Loans, call their customer service hotline 1-800-251-9080. In most cases support can make the loans available in a single day. Common issues relate to various services like FHA Loan, VA Loan, YOURgage and HARP refinance. The company generally has very flexible mortgage rates which you get information with a single click. 

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I applied a few times with this company and was denied do to my debt to income over the past year. The reason it was so many times is I had a court order. Just 20 days ago I applied again and was denied. The bad part about this is I received a phone call 16 days later after my denied loan from a representative here stated that this company was doing a program that was similar to amazon prime and that with that program and looking at my file he was going to be able to get me approved. All I asked that they didn’t pull my credit again I was told they wouldn’t have too, so I confirmed them to take action. After 3 days with loan is process I was told everything was looking awesome to sit back and relax. 4 day I get a phone call telling me I’m being denied because of my dept to income. I am furious now and asked why lead me on like this and tell me I’m good to go and I get a phone call saying I’m denied. All I got was we’re sorry must have been a miss communication and it’s a learning experience for our team and company. Yea well now I have to explain to my attorney after keeping him updated in the 3 days and having to pay to keep my attorney updated mind you that I’m being denied. I asked for all records of phone calls and emails plus my denial. Was told I wasn’t allowed that information. So now I have to continue to pay my attorney and he now has to try to contact this company to receive that for court purposes. I called the complaint team spoke to a member in that department and he told me he needed to relay all this to another department because that was to deep for him, was told I would get a phone call back and never got one.


I called Quicken to discuss refinancing an investment property on July 5th. The person I spoke with asked when he should contact me as a follow up and I said the end of the following week. I received daily calls beginning the following Monday (July 8th) none of which I initially picked up. When I did pick up towards the end of the week I let the person I spoke with know what was going on and that I was displeased with what was feeling predatory and pushy as far as contacting me. None of them were the same person by the way.
Not only was I getting daily calls but none of the information I had discussed in the first phone call was relayed properly so that it was essentially a wasted call on July 5th.
The person I spoke w/ the second time was helpful in that he understood and would have someone call me this week. I received two calls that I missed and who had left no voicemail.
I called just now and again had to explain everything from scratch (although the person who I spoke w/ had my name on the caller ID...creepy.)

I gave him some of the information as in addresses of property and what my residency is and then he asked for my social security number.

I told him there was no need for that information at this stage as I am just exploring the options and rates. He insisted he needed it to check my credit, before asking if I was ready for him even to do that. I told him to take me off of the call list and that this was not acceptable. Because it is not. I have spoken w/ 3 other lenders to get an idea of rates/plans/options and NONE of them have asked for my social security number. And that is after much lengthier discussions than this.

Very disappointing experience overall, and I am also uncomfortable that Quicken has as much of my personal information as they do if this is how they do business.

Kate Dwyer


First, I am a very reliable Customer and have been on-time with my auto-payments since my remortgage with Quicken Loans in late 2017. However, I had the unfortunate instance of bank Fraud on June 4 & 5 of 2019, this month, and required to put a freeze on all of my accounts including my checking account that was on file with Quicken Loans. Again Inopportune time for this because I had a pending scheduled payment from that account which was to post on June 5 or 6, 2019. Knowing this, I contacted Quicken on June 6 to explain the situation and was informed that the payment had not been transferred as of yet, after which I explained the situation and provided an alternate new Checking account that could be used which had sufficient funds to cover the entire payment. I was subsequently contacted on June 10 from Quicken Loans by Voicemail on m home phone and informed that they needed to schedule a June payment with me because of the original transaction that was declined due to insufficient funds in the Frozen account(Which was already conveyed to Quicken by myself on June 6), and that they needed to arrange the payment with me. I promptly called them today, June 11 to insure the payment was to be paid from the new Account on record (previously provided by myself on June 6), and was informed that it was scheduled. It was only then that I was informed that there would be a $25.00 Fee assigned to my Quicken account because of the original stop payment against the frozen account that had already been in process on the 5th & 6th of June.

After speaking with the Quicken CS Representative today, June 11, about scheduling this June payment I was transferred to your “Executive Group”, specifically Taylor Baking, who informed me there was no way that Quicken would waive the $25.00 Charge, because the $25.00 fee came from Quicken’s Bank against the Stop payment which I informed Quicken would most likely happen in the first place. I would think that in light of the unique timing and circumstances of this particular situation with my account, Quicken would have granted this waiver request and covered the $25.00 fee, but instead requested me to go back and try to work out a credit through my bank. I don’t see this as a relevant solution because:

1. I informed Quicken as soon as possible after working with my Bank to prevent any further Fraud through my accounts, including the closing of the auto-pay checking account registered with my Quicken loan. This has little to do with my bank being the issue, it is a fee assessed to Quicken through your bank, not mine.
2. I’m not sure why Quicken couldn’t have informed their bank regarding the issue after it was made known to Quicken by myself on June 6. It may have allowed them to either stop the payment from posting OR allowed a one-time credit of this $25.00 charge under the circumstances and the timing.
3. I gave Quicken the new Checking account, with sufficient funds to cover the payment, on June 6 2019 when I called to report the situation it obviously didn’t get followed up on until the 10th of June.

All of the above information is most likely on file in my account history and could be verified, covering the activity and communications made over the recent 2 week span in which this incident occurred.

Because Quicken Loans would not agree to credit this $25 fee to my mortgage account balance, instead telling me I need to go to my bank to convince them to apply this credit to my account, I have chosen to dissolve my mortgage with Quicken Loans as soon as possible. So, my current bank will now be gaining $550 per month or more in interest and not have to Pay a $25.00 fee which quicken Loans could have, and should have easily waived, and Quicken will lose almost 30,000% of that $25.00 fee (YES - 3 HUNDRED TIMES THAT $25.00 fee) in the first year after I close my mortgage with you.

I know this is not a huge monetary hit to Quicken, but I am very disappointed by the hard stance that Quicken Loans has taken in this matter, and as a result would not recommend Quicken Loans in the future as a result of your lack of compassion toward very reliable and trustworthy customers who experience these types of unique and isolated incidents.

This email will probably be deleted and ignored, but at least I have had my say in the matter.


Your company sent $2288.00 out of my escrow account and have admitted this mistake - here is where the problem arises. I cannot get this money put back at this time because no one seems to know where this money is!! I find this completely an utterly unacceptable. I understand human error - but incompetence is something that has always been beyond my grasp. Your company was very helpful when I need the loan - and I am very grateful for that - BUT this will ensure I NEVER return to your company for another loan - EVER - nor will i suggest them to anyone else!! I want and demand that the 2288.00 is returned to my account IMMEDIATELY!! I am beyond frustration at this point! 2 days and 3 hours on phone calls to get this resolved is not something I should have to do as a client. You are responsible and YOUR TEAM should fix their mistake! NOT me!!


Kiara Thornton loaded her quicken loans work specific apps into my laptop which I have access to her work account. Just wanted to report the breach. She also clocks in and spends her time on Instagram and snap chat during work hours as she works from home. Her plan is to use HR to maintain her work from home status in the event Larry decides to bring her back to the office.


I keep asking you to stop E-mailing me. We are NOT interested in a loan! Our family is dealing with terminal cancer & does not need this extra aggravation!


Told agent I have found and started alone with another company have received for phone calls since from different agents at Quicken want to be removed permanently from their call list


Double check my credit rating and found that quicken loans had pulled my credit 5 times within a very short time frame called quicken loans and asked them why it's in there and they Inform me that when you work with them you give them this consent I informed them I never gave in consent to pull my credit more than one time they in for me they would stay there in they fell off, consumer Be where if you value your credit rating do not use quicken loans


Your office called me in reference to a loan. the agent (Jeff, I think) his number 530-999-6679, asked me a few questions and then ran a credit check. He never asked me to run my credit check, He did not have my permission to ran my credit,

!) Why was credit ran without my permission? Isnt that illegal? In the past anyone who has ever ran my credit has asked me a manner like: Mr. Christensen do I have your permission to your credit score, or, is it ok to run your credit score? He never asked me if it ok to run my credit. Which would require a yes or no answer.

His action was inappropriate and unprofessional. Please look into this matter and explain to me why my credit was run without my permission.
Thank you Allison Christensen. 530-933-2872


I am very disappointed with the service at Quicken Loans. My husband and I were returning customers who already paid off one mortgage with them. We received a 1,000 gold card for loyal customers off the closing costs of our next home purchase. We provided all info last year while we were starting our home search out of state and received our pre-approval letter. Our financial situation was the same, where my husband accepted a early retirement package and was now consulting . That wasn't a issue at that point. Now we have found our home and gave them their $500 and all requested info. We are unable to receive a mortgage until my husband works 2 years as a consultant.(He's at the same co consulting where he was for 21 years). I'm still at the same job for 23 but since my house is out of state they consider me having no income! Although I told Sarah I was looking for a new job but until I had one I would continue working at my same company and have the option of staying with family. That's the way they treat returning customers who paid their mortgage on time for 10 years, I recommend taking your business elsewhere.


Quicken Loans ran my credit after clearly being told NOT to do so.
I expressed I was only in the loan inquiry mode.

Loan personal asked my to verify last 4 digits of SS# which had provided 1.5 yrs ago
to be able provide me with loan info.
Once again he was told not to run my credit.
He somehow used this as a work around " LOOP HOOP"


I'm being told I have to pay for an appraisal that I cancelled. Quicken won't release the appraisal to the company I'm getting the loan through, Loan Depot. Please see the following e-mail chain. I cancelled it one day shy of a week, I even asked for the number of the appraisal company so I could cancel it myself. According to this message, the appraisal has been released to Loan Depot but they say that is not the case. Please check into this for me. Thanks.


◾Erin Haggerty

4/12/2018 at 9:05 am (ET)

I understand and I am sorry for the confusion with the appraiser. The appraisal did come in higher, so we would be able to give you more cash out, if you would like to reconsider our offer. Thank you,

◾Hi Erin,

Thanks so much. It's unfortunate but I did give plenty of notice to cancel the appraisal, I was concerned enough to even ask for the number of the company doing it so I could cancel myself. Thanks for your time.


◦Erin Haggerty

4/11/2018 at 4:46 pm (ET)

It is yours. If you're mortgage banker didn't accept a deposit upfront you do not have to pay for it, that would be something he would have to pay for himself if he didn't accept the deposit.


4/11/2018 at 1:10 pm (ET)

Hi Erin,

So what happens with the appraisal that was done through Quicken? I don't think we should have to pay for it. Supposedly it was being done for free anyway.

-Doug and Shelli

◦Erin Haggerty

4/11/2018 at 9:28 am (ET)

Hi Doug and Shelli-- Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry to hear you halted the process. I just heard the news from our client relations team last night. I was unaware that an appraisal was continued. It looks like it did come in higher, which helps figures as well if you would like to revisit this


4/10/2018 at 6:45 pm (ET)

Hi DeLaina,

I think there is a misunderstanding going on. Like I said in a previous message, Doug is going with Loan Depot. I thought the appraisal was going to be cancelled, my message dated 3/28 to you said to cancel the appraisal. Someone showed up to do the appraisal and Doug was confused thinking it was Loan Depot. I just want to make sure the loan process with Quicken has been halted. Please confirm. Thanks.

-Doug and Shelli


3/28/2018 at 7:31 pm (ET)

Hi DaLaina,

Doug is going with Loan Depot as the interest rate was lower. Please cancel the appraisal/inspection scheduled for this Tuesday or give me contact information and I will call and cancel. The process of refinancing our home has been rough, we've contacted 3 mortgage companies. We went with the one that had the lowest interest rate. Thanks to Quicken for their time and work on this. Have a good evening.



I received a letter stating my escrow for home insurance wasnt paid I get this unprofessional person on the phone who has no listening skills, who talked pass me put me on hold tells me she would check her system to see.if the check was cashed. Never apologized for talking pass me. Connects the line and I hear her talking about my account like Im a child not able to explain the situation. I want her written up. You have one of the worst customer service personnel. Out of the 6 to 8 persons Ive talked with representing your company Jamil Jones is excellent. He needs to train these unprofessional employees how to treat a customer. I truly regret using Quiken Loans to refinance my home.


It's been 3 months and still not done, where is the quick part in quicken loans? I've started this refinance in October thinking that I could have extra money for Christmas, maybe I asking for too much from a company named "Quicken" loans, don't worry I'll put sorry in the kid's gifts because that's all you can say or even do. Look it up, I don't think I have to explain.


With a single click your loan would be processed faster with an app named Rocket Mortgage. I have tried to go both ways with Quicken Loans and their person to person services are slow. Use the app! The company says their prime focus is to provide loan to every customer who walks to them in every scenario. But that is not true.

A customer can plan or can ask for a plan on the their loan disbursal with complete understanding with complete features. If you're not able understand the information provided on the website or want more information you can talk to any expert available over the call or chat who would take you through all the services. Many of the services are covered in the company from present loan to the current existing loans.

In my experience, HARP the easiest way to get your loan with extremely low rates of interest and at a very low cost.


This same number from Quicken Loans sales department has called me 20 times a day for 4 weeks, I am on the no call list and I filed a complaint with the FCC and they told me to contact you. I am very very very mad and I want them to stop calling me. They may have more numbers, stop them from calling me please. If I answer they don't say a word and hang up so I do not answer anymore, please please please stop them.


I used Quicken Loans mortgage calculator before looking at houses. The tool gave me certain mortgage prices and payments based on my budget. Of course, when I actually went to buy a house I found out that Quicken was wrong! Someone should tell the corporate office that their tool needs to be checked.


On 6/27/14 I responded to a Quicken loan commercial. I was seeking info only regarding their re-finance option. The Quicken representative took my info and told someone would contact me. I did not hear from them again. However, in reviewing my credit report, I find that Quicken loans conducted a hard inquiry of my credit without my permission. This is not right and I wish to file a formal complaint against this company for fraud.


I was rejected for a loan based on two homes in my area that sold. They kept telling me I was qualified and needed $500 to have my house evaluated for the loan. They really didn't need to do that since they based my home price according to the other two homes that sold. I asked for my money back and they informed me that it went to have my home inspeced when it was not needed!


Why charge me $500 to have my home inspected in order to refinance my home when you had already researched two other homes in my area that had sold and you based that on the price of my home.......then last night you rejected my loan and kept my money! I'm a senior citizen who retired three years ago from teaching children. I just wanted to lower my mortgage payments to help me out. Now you rip me off by keeping my $500!

I could have taken pictures of my place and emailed them to you for free....not $500 to do that! I am going to file a report with the Better Business Bureau, Fox 4 News, and any other news stations to make other seniors aware of what Quicken Loans do to make money, along with any other media sites. I hope it hurts your business!


After 9 year of furnishing my own insurance they decided [quicken loans], that I need there additional insurance, even though I am a code enforcer and my administrative assistance in the city of ocean Springs Mississippi help with flood plan mapping of our city for building under codes set by FEMA. There was no right and also no email from the lady who required this? Then I called the complaint line and there was no answer. Just as she just guessing does she have a certification from FEMA and if so I would like to see it so take this additional insurance is taken off my place. Travelers Ins. are happy and so am I.


I discovered the fastest way to get your problem resolved with Quicken Loans or its sister company, Title Source, is to contact the executives via their direct lines. They will then personally oversee resolution of your complaint even if it is delegated to a subordinate. Those numbers are: Bill Emerson, Chief Executive Officer, (734) 552-6479; Jay Farner, President (the one doing all the commercials), (734) 552-6469; or Brian Hughes, Chief Operating Officer for Title Source (if you are using Title Source for your title preparation), (248) 767-4002. Since they are always reporting they are JD Power's #1 pick for Customer Satisfaction & Service, I'm sure they would only be too happy to help each of you out. The last time I posted this helpful information, the Company had it removed. Please include these numbers in all your future posts to help others down the line. Good luck!


I have faxed every document that Michael Gonzalez asked me to fax.. Every time we are ready to close. He comes up with another document. Like a Probate Document that he never specified on what kind of document. So, I ask the lady at the Register of Wills. She didn't know what kind of probate document he wanted. I asked an estate lawyer and she didn't know either. Both of them said there are hundreds of types of probate documents. He finally specified what kind of probate document through an E-mail about a month and half later. What I found out was that the Probate he wanted was documents that my brother and I had done several months ago. I faxed the certified documents now he said today that he did not receive any new documents. Michael Gonzalez received every document I have sent. But not these last documents he asked for. I have an high credit score and I have been going at it with this guy for almost the last three months trying my best to get this closed. Because I need this loan to keep my deceased parents home that I live in.


Long back dream of availing my own house has become now easy for me with Quicken Loans. Home loan experts helped me to check my affordability, budget and suggested the loan plan. Easy documentation, user friendly customer service helped me to get the loan fast and i am going to register it in couple of days. Thanks a lot to Quickest Loans for making my life easier. If you want to save your money, defend your dollars, approach Quicken Loans for faster and easier transactions. Log on the website for complete details, mortgage rates, online loan calculation, refinance options and many more on one go.

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