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Nationstar mortgage was founded in 1994 and is one of the largest home loan and mortgage processing companies in the world. With over 6,700 employees, it's no surprise that many customers report complaints about Nationstar customer service. Their corporate offices are located in Lewisville, Texas which is near Dallas and they recently build a large new office to house an even more consolidated customer service and phone support center.

If you have a problem with Nationstar, the best phone number to call is 1-888-480-2432. They are avaiable during normal business hours and even during the morning on Saturday until 2pm as well. Due to the increase in bad reviews and reported issues, the company has a dedicated correspondence address to write letters. Send your mail to Nationstar Mortgage Complaint Department, PO Box 619098, Dallas, TX 75261-9741.

The most common registered feedback against Nationstar relates to poor customer service, long hold times on the phone, and overall problems with home loans, mortgages, and refinancing. If you have experienced any of these problems, we invite you to contact the corporate headquarters or use or free online feedback form.

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They refuse to release the lien on my house even though it has been paid in full and they lied so now I have a buyer who cant buy until they release the lien, I will never use USAA again!! after 20 years they screw me over.


Most recent complaint: I mailed my payment on Feb 12 for $1848.38 which was my mortgage and $700 toward principle. They have not cashed my check as of 10 days later. I have called the Nationstar customer service number 3 times and offered them the check number, etc, to run it through and they will not. They just tell me not to worry. Now my payment is late and the interest is accumulating. Do I have to take my problem to the corporate office to get some satisfaction?


Nationstar is a chop shop. They have bad ratings online but play a volume game trying to get more and more customers in their traps.


You want to know what happen. I'm just a small person in this world it seems like wells Fargo and other company's have forgot about us. When we call we get a computer voice that is so rude you know keep on using this bs and it will have your job to. Please don't say you need to change user name or password. by the time I get the one down you want me to change it when I have had the same pin number for years sounds.


Nationstar Mortgage discriminated against me. The corporate offices suspended my debit card because it was there mistake by placing extra money in old account which cause me to think does funds was available from an insurance company. I withdrawal it to close out a mortgage loan. The branch notified me about the mistake and I agree to repay it in payment and ask them to set it up as a loan; but they refused to do that. I told them I will pay it in payment. I have made two payments. Customer service suspended my debit card; stated I misused my card that's a lie. I hope you help me resolve this problem.


Every single time I call Nationstar Mortgage it's wait,wait wait. I switched to another lender long ago because of their terrible customer service and rude support reps. You will loose my business next time and that of all my friends and family.


I am a 67yr. old retired vet living on my SS. I currently have a reverse mortgage with Nationstar Mortgage. I constantly (once a month) receive a letter stating I have not paid my taxes or my home owners /flood insurance with the threat of foreclosure from different departments of the company the latest 3 are from. The letter said I have not paid my property taxes for 2015, this is the 3rd letter of its kind on 2/10/15 I send in a copy of my paid tax bill. A letter from them dated June 15, 2015 I get another letter again I send a letter showing no taxes do.

The letter dated 7/15/2015 said my Hazard Insurance has expired on 7/2/15. I send a letter with deck pages showing the insurance company’s information and the date of expiration. I also faxed a copy of both the paid taxes and copies of both Hazard and home owners. Nationstar has all the information on file but every month or two I get the letter threatening to foreclose. What can I do about this? If Nationstar is trying get rid of my reverse mortgage how can I do so.


Nationstar Mortgage continually posts withdrawls at 11:00 at night. Not giving consumers a chance to keep their finances in order. I need to see pending checks to make sure my finances are covered this process does not work for me and I have used this bank for years when it was chemical and Manufacture Hanover. You are now a commercial lender and not for the people. It is a way to charge people to manage their own money.


I am seeking information regarding the big news about Nationstar Mortgage and accounts being opened in your name without your knowledge. I am very concerned about this because I have had issues before with people attempting to use my information and account info. How can I be sure that Nationstar has not used my information and opened and closed accounts in my name? I have been banking a long time now with them for my mortgage account and I am in good standing. Please send me some information to confirm that my account is safe with corporate.


Nationstar Mortgage Corporation is the place where you can get a home loan incase you plan for one. The minimum loan amount they offer $20,000. I have taken 21st Mortgage Loan while purchasing my new home with the down payment of just 5% on the overall amount. No other company offer such competitive rates, did not really have a complaint about that.

They have free monthly auto draft payment option, free bi-weekly payment plan, and a convenient on-line payment option which I think is very useful. The customer care executives were very patient to answer all my queries whenever I called them. I suggest Nationstar Mortgage Corporation to anyone who is looking out for a home loan.


I recently interviewed for a position at Nationstar Mortgage at their office in Dallas, TX. From the start it was a horrible process where nobody seemed to have a freakin' clue what was going on. I went back and forth talking to hiring managers and different people in the company until eventually they had me come in for an interview. First, the direction were wrong and took me to the wrong building. Second, they told me I would meet with 3 people and I met with 1 person who said the other two weren't even in the state of Texas that day. Third, Nationstar Mortgage had just acquired another company who was running this division. They weren't sure what direction they were going in or who would be put in charge. Sounds like a lot of confidence to me! If their company is any indication of how they treat customers, I would hate to be a customer of Nationstar.

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