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Toll free phone number: 1-800-248-4638

CitiMortgage helps you buy a new home or consider a mortgage refinance in just a matter of clicks. It is happy to work directly with its customers to try to find a workable solution to their situation by independently reviewing borrower information and process loan modifications for eligible borrowers without charging a fee to process a hardship loan modification.

If you have problems with your CitiMortgage loan, call customer service at 1-800-248-4638 for a New Mortgage or Refinance. If you are an existing customer the support number is 1-800-283-7918.

If you have concerns you can mail the corporate office directly. Here are a few good addresses. For new loans, send correspondence to Citibank, P.O. Box 6205, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-9893. For existing mortgage accounts, send correspondence to CitiMortgage, Inc., P.O. Box 6243, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6243.

With its Homeowner Support, it helps you to find a solution to the homeowners across the country, who are having trouble making their mortgage payments and are facing Foreclosure. CitiMortgage customer service is happy to work directly with you in finding a workable solution.

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i called citi bank because I needed to have an insurance check endorsed because the wind blew my roof off. I was told that my mortgage had been sold to Cenlar. I did not receive a letter or anything letting me know this. The Cenlar company has 455 complaints against them and they are rated a one star bank. Im really scared. People are saying that you will lose money and or your home with Cenlar. I am a single mom and I have a special needs child that needs special care. Thanks a lot Citi.


My mortgage payment went down and I had it set up for auto pay through my bank. So I went to change the payment amount and instead of just changing the amount my bank made two payments. One was in the old amount the other in the new so I called Citi to get a refund. After speaking to the rep he advised me that he found the two payments and that the one would be refunded. Nothing was said about sending in any documentation. Three days later I called and inquired about the refund and was told that it was in process.On May 10th I received a letter dated 5/3/18 requesting a bamk statement indicating the date the payment was deducted and should includethe daily running balance prior to and following the deduction. If Citi has the money in the account and it shows that it was taken out why do you need any balances. I should have had my refund days ago. The customer service with this company is horrid. Don't use this company for anything!!!


I filed a damage claim with my insurance company, State Farm and they agreed to pay $22,600 to repair my roofing and siding. The work has been completed and I sent in to have the final insurance check cosigned and returned to me. Citi Bank Mortgage has sent out an inspector who certify that the work had been completed, I sent copies of two checks I had given to my contractor (Colorado Roofing Company) and have waited now over a month and a half to receive the cosigned check. This company has made no effort to contact me even though I have requested a call if more information was needed. At this point my contractor has been waiting nearly 2 months since finishing the work to receive his final installment.

Upon calling Citi Mortgage customer service again today, I was informed my petition was not satisfactorily rated by a review committee, again with no communication to me. My contractor and I have gone through this process without receipts because we can trust each other, I understand financial institutions are having a little trouble being trusted but that is no reason for you to not trust me. Now I will send in receipts dated and signed from Colorado Roofing Company. I believe my contractor and I have been treated with disrespect. At this time I will be moving forward on refinancing my house and putting my money into another mortgage company.


Buying home was never so easy as Citi made it for me. I always was looking out for a good option on interest rates to buy a home. Citi gave me the right price and good payment options through which I was able to plan for a home. They explained to me in detail about how much would be my monthly payment so that I could plan my expenses. Citi offers some good repayment options like no other bank does. They gave me details on how I could close the loan once I had enough cash and the interest I would be paying. The executive who helped me go through the home loan procedure made the entire process smooth. They gave a great of time in hearing my doubts and clarified them well. My family was excited to move into our new home and this was made possible only through Citi. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking out for a home loan or even go for a personal banking with Citi. They are doing a good job in keeping customers happy.


My daughter had a car accident and as a result i was late on my payment to this institution. I could not pay on line as the process shut me out. Then the number I called for assistance was in India or Pakistan,they kept telling me the date was the 14th. , this is the 13th in the USA and when I finally got this threw to them they said they, had the wrong calendar. They also asked for too much personal information about me and when I tried to talk to someone and complain I just get the same number for the foreign office. This is wrong as they took our money to keep their business going and these jobs,they created with our money, are out of the USA. This should be brought to the Democrats as they say they are creating new jobs.


Citi did a loan mod for me.and at the time i ask them if this would take my ex husband off the loan.They told me yes. Now that i did the loan mod they tell me they won't. Now i'm in a big mess. They won't help me at all. Then they put me down as late because of the loan mod. So i can't even refinance. Now the court tells me i have to get my ex husband off. They won't help i ask them about if i had a co-signer. Still no help. I should not have to sale my home and move my kids because they told me wrong. If i knew that he would still be on the loan i would never have done the loan mod in the first place. At least i would have known where i stand. This is my home. I should not have to sale it because they told me wrong.

Now i have to pay for what they told me, not fair. I was offered a loan modification that would lower my payment, while doing this they put my payment in a hold status then sent the money into a escrow account. Without my knowledge or permission. When I got the next bill it showed I missed a payment and added a late fee, along with letters and phone calls. My first call today, they informed me I had to prove the check was cashed. When I called back the person I got did not need this and passed on about the escrow account and could not change it. I was then passed to another clerk and got the same thing, but did pass me on a blind call to the escrow section, where I was iinformed there was no account.

After being passed again I got some woo knew their job and cleared it up in 15mins. That’s after being on the PH for almost 2 ½ HRS. when I asked for a manager or director they said there were none. When I asked for a number of someone to call one number went to a FAX and the other a line not in use. Planning to file a complaint with the Illinois attorney general's office.


CitiMortgage starts Rob-O calling me for my mortgage payment on the 1st of the month (due date). I am prompted to "identify" myself using the keypad and then I am give a choice to provide the day I sent in my payment and the amount of the payment. I am then told by the Rob-O voice that my account has been "noted and updated"...BULLSH**!!! The Rob-O calls start again the next day. if I make my e-payment via my bank on the 1st I don't expect to get harassing calls until after the 15th (assuming the payment was never received on their end) STOP harassing your customers!!!! This financial institution is the WORST and will NEVER get my business again! Unfortunately many banks and lenders sell their loan portfolio to CitiMortgage for servicing...bummer!!


I had been going through a loan modification for 8 months, was told everything was fine. I did everything I was requested to do and sent in all the paperwork needed. (more than 50 times)Throughout the entire process it appeared it was being delayed everytime due to lack of paperwork or something they did not recieve. Also, they would delay the process long enough that the paperwork would have be re-done because of a time restriction. I had always sent in what was needed, it was them that would say it was not recieved or lost. After going through this for 8 mo. I was reassured that our home would not be sold. At the last minute of the sale date, exactly 10 minutes before the sale time, I was told by the representative I had been dealing with for 8 months, that everything was ok.

The modification was approved and the sale was posteponed. As soon as I hung the phone up, I recieved another call from my husband and was told our home was SOLD. I have been in a complete fog because I can not understand how this happened.For several months I have tried to speak with the attorney and Citi and have had no clear explanation of what happened. The representative I had been working with told me she herself did not know what happened. Confused and tortured by the whole process of modification with Citi. How can this happen and why has Citi been allowed to continue this poor process of modifiaction? I feel hopeless and lost, no one at Citi has any honest answers. I can not get any information on recieving the funds that were being held on the acct. Does anyone have any info that could help me?

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