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I do not recommend this company. They offered me an FHA Mortgage based on income, debt, and living arrangements as stated very clearly during my initial call. My agent and the seller's agent also made it very clear on our situation and intent for the purchase of this Second home. I had all the requested documents emailed over within 24 hours. It took them a week to get the paperwork to the underwriter, and then another week and a half to get an answer from the underwriter.

During the whole process we all kept in touch with Josh Buhr via text message and email, and he kept reassuring my realtor, the seller, and the seller's agent that this was a "slam-dunk" and to stop being so paranoid. And, you guessed it, 2.5 weeks later I get a call "nope, we can't do it... sorry we misunderstood your situation". Nine minutes after the call ended, my credit card was billed for their "fees". Total fail, and loss of valuable time for all parties. Do your research and choose another lender.

Cornerstone Mortgage will not stand by you, and will feel absolutely no remorse even if it is their admitted mistake. I've attempted to contact the three managing partners listed on their website, and have only received "read receipts".


I feel that Cornerstone took advantage of my work hours and personal situation while looking at my options. The website said they have a 96% customer satisfaction rate, but why can't I get anyone to answer the phone when I call in the evenings?

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