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Caliber Home Loans is a home mortgage company. It is a privately held national mortgage lender, with a service portfolio of over $75 billion. Caliber was founded in 2013 and has their corporate offices in Irving, Texas.

If you have feedback for headquarters, try contacting Joe Anderson the CEO. Joe comes from Countrywide Financial where he was their COO. You can write to the customer service department at PO Box 24610, Oklahoma City, OK 73124.

If you have a problem with Caliber Home Loans you can call the customer service number toll-free at 1-800-401-6587. Common issues relate to loans on purchasing a home, re-financing your current home loan, or cashing in your home loan using equity. Caliber's website also offers customers a handy mortgage calculator which helps you determine which loan is right for you.

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As I have a Caliber Home Loans mortgage that never has been late ever, I was stuck in Tucson Arizona for Christmas, due to someone who had stolen my Debit and charge cards. Waiting all weekend for Monday so I could write a check for money to get me threw till a new debit card could be mailed out to me. My Tucson bank declined my desperate need to cash a check to get Food, Gas, and a little living money. The bank I trusted in Let me down, Big time. Left me homeless with out money to eat and not enough gas to get me home.

Sure I am sure you have your rules and I have mine I told the teller and the supervisor the problem and had my DL and Military ID and a mortgage account with which you have never had a late payment a A++ customer and you left me with no where to go but out in the cold, Seems it is all about you. Well I will start looking for a new bank with some respect to people I am old school and I have never been treated like this I also hold a 720 credit score and that is worthless to them as well. I had expect more from Caliber Loans.

Why should people give a dam for a bank that leave its people out in the cold, Funny how it was us the tax payers that bailed you ass out so you can shit on us. Highly upset with Caliber. I think a letter to B.B.B. and AARP. May be they can explain the reason to your other customers why your bank is so Hard Nosed. And on top of that they wanted me to open a checking can you believe that? My checking was with State Farm Bank, so it was not some off the wall bank, enough said.


We have a dream home and it is because of Caliber Home Loans. We contacted them prior to taking the loan and they were very professional in explaining the procedures. They also gave insurance that would get covered just in case of any causalities. The experience was good. I filled in the application and it was done within 2 working days. CHL called me up and processed the loan amount and I was able to buy the house within a week and my dream has come true. I am really thankful to Calibre Home Loans for giving me the loan. I would definelty suggest this to all my friends and colleagues too.

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