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I have had a petsafe In-Ground fence for 20 years, I have 3 Rottweilers and the system was flawless.
In the last year I have replaced 9 stubborn dog collar boxes do to breakage.
I have read a lot of others having problems similar to mine.
I have in the last week sent 5 emails and have tried calling them at least 20 times and have not been able to get through to them.
The website says customer service is unavailable this has gone on for a week now.
I need help resolving a problem and can not contact anyone.
In today’s world this is unacceptable there is no reason for these problems to exist.
I have even sent emails to asking someone to contact me and get a response that I’m not an authorized user so they won’t respond.
How can a business operate with no customer support for a week.
I have spent thousands of dollars with this company and can’t even get someone to respond.
What kind of business do they run.


I booked a flight for a puppy 4/26/16 in Springfield Missouri airway bill # 0164756608 to Las Vegas thru Denver and my puppy never got on the plane. Why, I do not know he was there in plenty of time in an authorized crate with all clearances etc. He sat in that crate for 11 hours. For an 8 week old puppy that is unexceptionable. We didn't know until we got home several hours later that someone forgot to put the crated puppy on the air plane. So we made a second trip to the airport for the puppy getting there at 10;10 P.M., and we were unable to find anyone to get him out of the locked baggage room for at least another hour. The flight was to leave Springfield at 13:24 (1:24 pm) on flight # 5340 and stop over in Denver, then leave on flight #775 to Las Vegas, to arrive there at l734 (5:34) pm.

Would we be out of order to ask for compensation for our anguish and worry over this valuable puppy that is to be sent to his new owner. United has agreed to refund our Discover Card for the amount we paid to ship him. We have re-booked him on a flight tomorrow same time etc. Last night my wife Kathryn Harrison was told by an employee (Carlos) at the cargo department that we would be compensated for our misfortune by getting a free booking for the puppy. That is all that we are asking for at this time. We will be back at the ticket counter tomorrow and just maybe we won't have to pay again. We called Pet Safe today and was told that we should contact you about this and a refund.


I purchased a carrier for my puppy which is meant to be flown to me from JFK to South Africa by the 10th April latest. The purchase was made on 06/03/16 and the shipping confirmation email was sent out 2 days later. The date is now 29/03/16 and still no carrier has been delivered to the Holtsville address provided which is the address of the breeder. I purchased it using my credit card. The UPS tracking number is not even the correct number so there is no possible way to trace its whereabouts. Various emails to Petco requesting assistance have gone unanswered. This was my very first and very last transaction with petco due to its terribly inefficient way of handling things. If there was a problem with the delivery details provided, why was I never informed? Both my details and that of the breeder in Holtsville were given. Order number is 27947847 and the bogus UPS tracking number provided is 897600088. I'm hoping that this isnt yet another dead end attempt at getting my carrier

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