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My daughter and I drove from Bartlett Illinois to Peland Batavia on 2 different occasion's within the last 2 weeks. Our 1st experience was all of the employees very derogatory, disrespectful and all Hispanic. . Enquiring about the maine coone Persian Mix which is still there. When we went we were told the kitten was $1700. We went back 10 days later and inquired about the same kitten to have the same experience disrespectful from the white employees last night, viewing the same kitten and told 2 weeks later his price is now $1875. The employee a bitch correcting another business owner in the same industry commenting about the animals to my 17 yr old daughter. I am a business owner, handler and trainer, we have been in 2 Petlands lately with the same experience both places. Your employees suck!
I will be doing a Facebook live which I almost turned on last night and I threatened your employee with after her Bullshit. I am so going to roast your store and then I'm gonna plug mine in the video when I'm done. My advice to you send them all packing and get new ones because the video I put on Facebook you are never going to sell another animal there. Have a nice day


I had a friend that worked for a Franchise of petland and he sold out and she was fired over back ground check is all they could tell her.Petland Ashland. And the fill in General manager was very rude to her about the hole thing.. what happen to people getting a second Chance in life when she was an employee for 2 years..


We purchased an English Mastiff puppy at the Fairfield Ohio location the puppy was sick almost from day one she was taken to their vet who diagnosed her as having a stomach issue where she was given antibiotics all this was paid out of my pocket although there was a warranty on the puppy supposably what we found out is Petland does not back their puppies this store has an independent owner who chose not to back to warranty of Petland she remain sick after several stays at the vet and intensive care her leg was swollen had some kind of infection in her bloodstream this is the sickest animal I have ever owned paid over $2,000 for this puppy we were given the option to euthanize her or remove her leg and save her life since the owner of the Pet Shop had no interest in backing his warranty or speaking to us we took this on our own and decided to save her life she now has three legs beautiful wonderful wonderful dog we still owe thousands of dollars to this vet after paying thousands I am totally appalled and cannot believe the Petland would let this man operate a business under their name now that things have slowed down and we have a handle on everything and she seems to be a three-legged Healthy dog I suppose it is now time to take things a step further legally and media-related they do offer free nail trimmings for puppies purchased at their location. I suppose I should take our three-legged dog down so their customers that are in their store shopping can see what a wonderful animal she is and also let them know not to purchase anything from this business owner


The Petland Dunwoody knowingly sold us an unhealthy puppy (kennel cough) and when confronted with the issue the manager takes NO responsibility for their fraudulent business practices. At this time we are unsure if the puppy (whom we love) will live or die. In the mean time she is in severe pain and anguish. Who know how many other puppies that were in the store the day we bought our puppy also has kennel cough.


I went to my local Petland store as I always do for grooming. They do an awesome job with my grooming, however they are very rude and nasty to each other especially the groomers who are new. I have witnessed her being very nasty and rude to one of the managers which was so wrong of her and I saw another groomer crying, she was the one who did it. They need to fix that problem, because this is not the first time Ive seen this behavior.


I recently shifted to Petland and was settling in. I wanted a pet dog to keep me company and for the love of animals. So someone suggested I go in to Petland and find one. I must say these guys are amazing. People at Petland match the right pet with the right customer. Petland promotes ongoing veterinary care and offers a free veterinary check-up which I think is really good on their part. When my puppy came home, we received a Puppy Resource Kit with the basic training, free consultation and toll free number for any issues. I am happy with my puppy and with the kind of service Petland offers.

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