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Murphy Oil Corporation, based in Houston, Texas, is a hydrocarbon exploration business. The Fortune 500 lists the company at 625th, while the Forbes Global 2000 lists it at 1860th. PTT Exploration and Production purchased Murphy's Malaysian assets for $2.035 billion in July of this year. The business bought land in Brazil's offshore waters in 2017. The corporation is moving its headquarters to Houston, Texas, in May of 2020 and is closing down multiple locations in the process. What Murphy's Law states are simple: If something can go wrong, it will. However, the original law has been expanded through time, as has been the case with many successful business theories.

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    • 7705 Winchester Rd Memphis, TN 38125-2304
    • Memphis
    • TN 38125
    • United States
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    24 hours a day

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