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Today at about 415pm one of my staff stopped at the ConocoPhillips gas station in Kirtland NM. She used our company card to purchase gas for one of our company vans on her way back from taking several individuals we provide services to. After she pumped gas she was not able to get a receipt at the pump. She went inside and the lady told her she could not get a receipt because the computers/ internet was not working. My staff called me and I asked her to see if the lady inside could write the amount down and that when she got back out to the pump to take a picture for our accounting department. While I was still on the phone with my staff she went back in. The customer before my staff got a receipt so my staff was confused I did hear the lady working say have a nice day to the customer before my staff. When my staff asked her if she could write the amount down the lady working was very rude I could hear her over the phone. She told my staff there is a sign out there, she then said if you bring me a picture of the pump I can write it down. The tone of the lady working was very rude. My staff work with people that have disabilities all day and she just was trying to get finished with her shift so she could get home to her family. From what I heard over the phone I am not sure if I want any of my staff to go into this location if this is how they are going to be treated. Feel free to call me 505-564-6910.


Gas station at 300 West St ,Woodland Ca 95795.. pumps never ever work outside, Didn't when it was Valero...Guy inside who works or owns, a loser, there rude.He cussed at me.Hes disgusting. I have to drive 14 miles to Davis.Love Conoco ..but you need to send someone here.HORRIBLE, TOLD ME To Go ELSEWHERE. HES CRAP!!


Its the third time I had same situation on this location. Since gas is cheaper when you are paying with cash I always try to do that; So when I got to the register I always say the amount to the cashier and ask him is that the right amount he always said always say yes; when I finish pumping the gas was missing $2.00 the last 3 time, went back talked to him and he always said was no the amount I'm saying.

Today I bough a 5 hours energy gave to him $20.00 and ask for rest of the money at pump #7; if the price of the 5 hours energy with tax its $3.83 my change on gas should be $16.17, he only put $14.17; went back talked to him and he said wasn't $20.00, he said was only $18.00... If this cashier is counting the money in front of the customers and saying the amount its correct, how that change when I go to put the gas.

Cashier name: Thai.. Date: 01-12-19.. Time 3:58:59 pm... Address: 950 N. AVALON BLVD #101 WILMINTONG, CA 90744.. Store: CA GAS MINI MARKET CORP, 76. Register: 1 Trans #708 Op ID: 123.
I have the receipt on me.


Today, I needed to use the vacuum at 1696 S. Colo. Blvd. As usual, it took my money, would not work and the station was unable to do anything about it. I called the toll-free number and the person could not find the station (which we finally found listed under United Pacific and not Conoco) and I am scheduled for a refund of $1.50. Normally, I would drive away but I wanted the satisfaction of someone to spend $20 in administrative costs to send the meager refund.

Why are your stations not empowered to do something this small and causing aggravation for the consumer? Can they not be trusted to handle such a small refund.

And, why do those machines only work about 20% of the time?

I think Conoco could do a better job. I have been a Conoco customer for most of my life and I am 58 years old.

I had to get out of my car 4 times to get the information for the vacuum vendor. The people in the station knew nothing and could not help me.


I-70 and Vasquez (or Steele st) in Denver Co, never has paper at pumps for receipt, so u have to go inside where the line is wrapped around to the back wall, because there is only one 1 cashier and the others are on there phone or refilling Coffee. No paper or washer fluid, squeegees are tore up, trash is usally overflowing outside, Diesel hose is unattached. (See Pic) Terrible store. Terrible customer service.


I-70 and Vasquez in Denver Co, never has paper at pumps for receipt, so u have to go inside where the line is wrapped around to the back wall, because there is only one 1 cashier and the others are on there phone or refilling Coffee. No paper or washer fluid, squeegees are tore up, trash is usally overflowing outside, Diesel hose is unattached. (See Pic) Terrible store. Terrible customer service.


Conoco gas station on Lake Land Blvd in Mattoon, Il. I have stopped here numerous times in a hurry to get gas. Terrible customer service, pump keypads do not work to type in zip code and NEVER get a paper receipt because they NEVER have replaced paper in receipt machine on pump for over 2 years! I will not use this station again because of faulty equipment and shady owners.


Was trying to fuel with diesel. Had a company gas card with 250 limit. Went.over by 1 cent. Clerk rejected card. Tried to pay her the 1 cent and she said she.couldn't use the fuel card and accept.the 1 cent. Is this true or did she just not know how. She was very rude.


concho el reno this afternoon the first time I went there was 7 people in line like always 1 cashier I went back a second time and I was the only one in the store the cashier was outside on the ground smoking for 5 minutes the security guard kept telling me one minute finally some girl came in to see what I wanted and just took my money she was not a cashier I left in my car she was still outside earlier when I was in she was complaining of no sleep


I have been in Gunsmoke truck stop here in Colorado. I am very upset about how I was treated by one of their cashiers. She was very rude and used foul language with me. Her name is Christina and I want to complain to the corporate office.


I have an issue with the islands: On three occasions the last couple of months I have stopped to fill my rigs at the above listed station. Each time, the paper towel dispensers have been empty, along with no windshield wash. I purchase all my diesel from Town Pump and this is the one and only station that I've had an issue with. Certainly it wouldn't take much to have the fluid topped off and have the paper towel dispensers filled.


This has to be the worst costumer experience I have ever dealt with in my life! The people at the 3400 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205 Conoco store. There was absolutely no talking to them it was impossible they were extremely rude. They discriminated my mom for being Mexican and not knowing how to talk "proper english" like if they knew how themselves! The manager there who am sure was middle eastern spoke worse than my mother! And both him and the employees yelled at my mom and my self over the phone as well as in the store!

They were attacking us on how we should speak English because we live in America, which is stating the obvious but please don't lecture me a U.S born on how to speak English because that is exactly what My mother and I were both doing! He even told me to go some learn some English.

His cashier made the mistake of giving us the wrong change we where missing $5 & accused of stealing? But yet again what did we steal? The only one here stealing was them? Maybe they should hire bettr employees, who do know basic math skills, and know to treat they're costumers. I only asked for an apology on the discrimination part I didn't even want the $5 but they refused and told me and my mother to basically fuck off! Never I have I ever been treated like that in any store/ business is my life it is shocking that there is actually still such close minded people with no respect around.


On June 13 I was located at the Conoco store in 64850. The cashier named shawna was very rude when I asked for cigarettes and she gave me the wrong ones and I said to her they was wrong and she just rolled her eyes. I asked for the manager and she claimed she was the store manager. I said I would like to speak to your district manager or someone above you and she just plain refused to give it to me, me and my family will no longer take out business to any of these ConocoPhillips gas station stores anymore.


I parked my car in front of the Conoco Phillips store. I used a public phone the is on store property old lady from India was extremely rude and told me to move my car or it will be towed.


On March 31, 2016 I stopped at the Conoco station in South Fork, Colorado to fill my gas tank. While the pump was running I was talking with my daughter a short distance from my vehicle. We both suddenly realized that the gas was overflowing, that the pump handle did not shut off when it was full. My estimate is that at least 20 gallons of gas flowed down the side of my car and onto the ground. I went inside to speak to the manager, whose name is Denny. I fully expected some sort of apology and reimbursement since it was the pump at fault.

He was rude, said it was all my fault and sent me on my way. He did nothing about all the fuel that spilled on the ground. Conoco seems to pride itself on customer safety and service. This station and the manager are doing none of those things. I will make damn sure I will never give that station another penny. I have never had this experience of gas overflowing in all my 55 years. It is my belief that those pumps are faulty for a reason, so the station makes more money on gas being poured all over the ground.


I want to Mr Perry Mart in Perry, Oklahoma. The place is DIRTY. There is more gas pumps bagged than is working and there is many light bulbs burnt out. ConocoPhillips should be embarrassed at one of their locations.


We had a problem with our car and took it Conoco. Well these guys did fix the problem and now my car is running pretty smoothly. They have done a nice round of servicing. I have decided to contact Conoco for any kind of car issues going forward. They really know how to tackle the problem and are good at their work. Thanks Conoco for doing a good job.

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