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Apparently you folks want to discourage anyone from bothering you. Call one of your phone numbers and you can verbally give a call back number or dial it in. The response you get is "Sorry, can you repeat thay?" regardless of how many times you try. Worst service I've ever seen.


Here it is Wenesday the 22nd and no one has come to the address in question. After repeated attempts to get someone there from 8-12, then 12:50- 1:50 and then 4:00pm and no one has shown up. GE should be ashamed!!!

I started May 10th with a call to repair service. First they spelled both my first and last name incorrectly, did not attach my phone number to the account. When I called to check on the no show of a service provider they could not find me. The they never contacted the dispatcher to place the service call in the first place.
So the reschedule for the 22nd 8-12am and yes I could track the service online and Shelton is to be there at that time. NO Show! Then its 12:50 to 1:50pm again NO Show!! Them we go to 3:06 - 5:06 Well you're batting a 1,000 at this point. Pitiful.


Re: GE Appliance order number: 0710480

I ordered and received what were supposed to be replacement wheels for my dishwasher's bottom rack. The parts they said we were compatible - as the original wheels were no longer available and would work. I received the package with no instructions and one of the wheel pieces was broken. I put the rest together in the same way the original wheels were put together, but they did not work. I called to explain and they said they had to forward the problem to some kind of specialist. I called two more times since then - was then told someone in the discrepancy department (Shekida I think) would call - nothing yet. I am very disturbed by this shoddy service and don't know what is needed to get satisfaction. I need wheels that work and can't use the ones I have. Getting a new set won't solve anything. I expect a call asap or will need to contact the FTC. A photo of the original and the "replacement" wheels is attached. You can see how the new one wouldn't wrap around like the original.

Janet Protzel, 314-721-0035


I have purchased 3 washers from Lowe's in 6 years for myself and other family members I purchased a stainless steel refrigerator and stove 2 years ago for my daughter not to mention the several thousands of dollars on home repairs I'm asking lowe s and GE to honor my warranty they won't because I misplaced my paperwork i know they have this in the computer they won't help me out I'm very ashamed that I have spent that much money with them they know me by name I'm there so much I will be going to Home Depot from now on my contact number is 216-692-0049 if someone could please call me and help me I don't go in my emails much


Do not buy GE appliances! I purchased A GE washer and dryer and it was delivered yesterday. I did one load of clothes and then decided to do another to see if I had the same problem. I did. The washer is in our laundry room but it is so loud when it agitates. It sounds as if some parts are rubbing together.

I called GE and got no help. The one rep told me there washers are noisy. I can't believe they are all this noisy or nobody would buy GE.

I called where we purchased it and was told to call GE. It is a family type store we have bought appliances in the last 2 years. GE profile micro and GE glasstop stove and were very pleased. I don't think it is the stores fault it is so unbearable noisy. My bill states '' All authorized returned products will be subject to a 25% restocking charge.''

I don't want the washer - and the dryer also because I want matching one. If GE can't get me a washer that is not so noisy I think they should pay the $25 each restocking fee to the store and I'll purchase a different brand.

One of the GE reps said I should have asked when we were looking at washers if this was a quiet one!! I even held my phone next to the washer so the rep could hear it. If my washer was filed for an ad people would just laugh at it and certainly not want to buy one.


On December 22, 2018 I went to Home Depot to purchase a front loader washer & dryer set. I chose GE washer model
GFW450SSM1WW I have only used 3 times and so far not to sure I will keep. I should not HAVE TO COUNT HOE MANY ITEMS I PUT IN THE WASHER SO IT DOE'S NOT HAVE TO DO A RE BALANCING OF THE LOAD (; sad. Now this re balancing happens with my clothes which are light weight. I put in light weight PJ top & pants, 3-short sleeve tops,
5- long sleeve top, 6-nylon underwear and every time it doe's A LOAD REBALANCE (; (;.

My clothes are not very dirty & i do not need to wash for 55 minutes & do not find this VERY ENERGY EFFICENT. I would like to do a short wash and not have to COUNT OUT what i can put in each load.

My old Maytag Neptune Washer & Dryer were 13 years old. I liked the GE Brand Never a problem, but the set SUCK. Did not even get to use the dryer because the dryer drum wounld not turn & if i keep have this proble i will be taking back. PHOT ATTACHED


I purchased my appliance 11/01/2012 and picked up the service contract from GE on 11/01/2012 - through 11/01/1018. I have never had to use the contract and today I was denied service on my combo because the contract does not cover RUST. I am so truly frustrated in dealing with the company who know tells me it wouldn't matter where they found rust they won't cover it.

The washer/dryer is only 6 years old and the entire tub and motor are rusted out. No signs of rust on my clothes or the body of the unit to be found for me to call for service, that would have been denied anyway, in all these years.

My complaint is to GE for the defect in the rusting of the unit, model/serial number:

Can someone please contact me at 484-684-6811 to discuss my dilemma with the rust issue and the denial for repair.

Thank you,

Regina Stewart


Bought new fridge it has broken down 4 times and same parts being replaced,each time at least 5 days without fridge have had to throw out lots of food dont understand why the fridge has not been refunded or replaced,has caused much stress...will never buy another one...very upset


we purchased a washer from Bestbuy on 09/06/2018 the machine wouldn't drain on 10/15/2018 we called GE Warranty department to set up the service call on 10/17/2018 at 430pm service agent wanted the information about the machine I asked her to hold the line for a minute until I got the information when I got back to the phone she had hung up on me finally I went online and booked for them to set up an appointment they finally called me on23/10/2018 to say the technisian would be at my place on 26/10/2018 technician showed up and said the mother board and pump were broken and told us it would be 10 to 15 working day to get part 15working days went by and nobody showed up or called this was on14/11/2018so I called back and they said it would be another 3 to 5 working days because the part haven't arrived yet i don't know what kind of business your running but in my line of work if it is a warranty issue we would fast freight the parts out the next day so now you have a very pissed off customer that will never buy anything from GE again and is going to file acomplaint with the BBB if something doesn't get done ASAP and I think I should be compinsate us for time and money to take my clothes to the laundry mat ithink you have one of the worst warranty department that I know of YOUR TRULY VERY PISSED OFF CUSTOMER


Purchased GE range 5 months ago. On November 2nd oven failed. Call local utility and got Friday service appointment. Was informed tha stove is still under warranty and I would have to contact GE. Got an appointment scheduled for Friday November 16th. Was informed on the 16th that the local service company no longer do GE warranty. GE rescheduled with another company for November 16th and tha service called 1 hour before scheduled arrival and cancelled. They offered to reschedule on November 29th. No oven for thanksgiving and over a month without use of oven on 5 month old appliance. GE has been indifferent to this issue during all of the effort to get warranty work done on a new stove.


On August 17,2018 my refrigerator died. I contacted High End Appliance and they came and told me that I needed to pay $737.23 and said they would fix my fridge the next day. They finally came out on August 21,2018 (5 days later to do the repair. ) All my food was ruined so to compensate me for the delay they promised me a $150.00 rebate from GE to cover my food loss. After numerous call to Bob at High End Repair, he is blowing me off. he never returns my calls when he promises to get in touch with GE. His telephone number is (609)664-7884. I would appreciate someone straightening out this matter for me. My refrigerator was only 5 years old and I thought that it was worth fixing. Please help me to resolve this matter. I am tired of Bob giving me the run around.....The part was ordered through Sub Zero Pro Repair... Telephone # is 1-610-914-7680. I have saved the receipt from the repair... Thank you for listening....

they would fix my fridge the next day. They finally came on August 21,2018 (5 days later) to do the repair. All my food was ruined and they promised me a rebate from GE for $150.00 to cover the cost of the food. After many calls to Bob at High End , he is blowing me off and has not done a thing about the situation.


#180730-006464 MODEL #GBE10ESJASB SERIAL #HH600550
How is it that a major appliance maker like GE produces such SHODDY REFRIGERATORS that breakdown within a year? And then you contract out repair to a second class (in my opinion) service provider, A+ APPLIANCES, for warranty repair.




At this point I'd like very much to get rid of this unit, trade it in, and take the loss! If you have an upgrade program please advise me.

I would recommend terminating GE's contract with this service provider.



I purchased the washer machine from G.E. Appliance .Which was installed just 5 days ago. The installer did not do his job right. He was in hurry to finish the job in rush. He connected cold. hot. water hoses to hot water faucet, and cold water faucet without two screen filters with washers came with the machine.. He said that there were six screen filters ; he installed four, and other two extra which he was about to take home . Anyway ,we kept those two filters which were not extra. Because, he did not installed any filter. Installation Book says the machine includes two Screen filters with the washers and some other parts.. Not only that, the installer did not levelize the machine. Still we are not able to use the washer machine. My husband, and I are in our 80 years. We are really frustrated. The installation service left incomplete, very poor work. Phone no. 408 838 5118


Has anyone ever filed a complaint against GE Appliances that reached the corporate office? If someone has an issue with custome service, should they send their feedback directly to the CEO?


I am having remodeling done so wanted to protect the stove top on my GE JS750 30" range. I pushed on the control lock and the light came on showing the stove controls were locked. Then I covered the range with a beach towel. Several hours later I came into the kitchen and noted smoke coming out of the towel. The left rear burner was on even though the controls said it was locked. One of the workers must have rubbed against it while getting something off the counter top beside the stove.

I tested the other knobs to see if they would turn on. Two would not but the third one came on when turned to the left, but would not turn on when turned to the right. Then I went back and tried all the knobs again and none would turn on so it was locked out at that point. It was very fortunate I came into the kitchen when I did or there would have been a fire. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but wanted to let GE customer service know encase there is a defect in the range. I will lock it out from now on and twist each burner knob to make sure it is locked.


We bought a new Sears GE Washer on June 9, 2015, and it was delivered and installed by the delivery team on June 16, 2015. The first time we used the washer(June 19, 2015 it leaked water all over the floor. We called repair/delivery 800-469-4663 and they said they would come out on June 22, 2015, and the system transferred us to another number 800-732-7747. That number (Venice) told me that they would come out on June 23, 2015 in the AM (Service ID # 10784993).

I called the salesperson at the Henderson, NV store (Cindy), and she told me to request a new washer replacement, because I couldn't trust this one. I called 800-732-7747 again and Suzie told me that the Delivery Team would come out on June 23, 2015, time to be determined. I tried to verify the appointment online and the ID # was not accepted, nor was I able to register online. System said I needed a Captcha. I don't know what a Captcha is. I am very dissatisfied with the product and the service in an emergency water leak situation that I reported immediately.


I have a serious complaint on my new Kenmore Refrigerator Mod# 95.72043.112, Ser #208K Roo 723 purchased in November, 2012 concerning the Ice Maker design being very poor or almost non-existant. There are only 2 retired adults in this household and the ice only lasts half a day. I deep 3 old ice trays in the freezer to replinish after running out. I traded in a 23 year old GE side by side w/ ice & water in door and never ran out. I paid $3,500 for this model and am very dissatified. I have had four service calls to try to correct the problem. This forced me to buy a $500 ice maker to compensate.

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