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We purchased a Cuisinart toaster (4-slice Metal Classic). We returned it 3 times because it toasts on only 1 side. Have been in contact with customer service; they want the model number but there are a couple numbers or letters that we can't make out. They've stopped responding. Junk.


I win a visionary I called because I tried to use the cuisinart it didn't work.I've the company .the company tried to help but it didn't work so I asked about the warranty the company told me it didn't cover parts. I would have to pay to ship the 11cup processer out it .it pretty heavy .I don't I should have to pay for shipping and handling when I have never used this machine it .I'm very upset with the visionary company I will buy them ever.Hi disappointed. Catherine lizotte


I have owned cuisinart products for over 40 years. I own a pro 14 cup food processor as does my daughter. My work bowl cracked and pusher cracked. In other words I needed a new set. My daughter needed a new work bowl set as well. Let me explain for the 14th plus time. I ordered and paid for two work bowls 2 lids 2 pushers and Two small pushers. This order was placed late November I have since received in early December one pusher that was triangular in shape not related to my food processor. More phone calls made. Now it is December 6 (we needed these for Christmas baking). I receive one small pusher that may or may not fit I cannot tell it could also fit the triangular pusher I received. Now it is mid December. No communication from cuisinart no deliveries coming so I make my 6th phone call asking what is going on. No one knows or can get my order right. This time I was promised it would be straightened out. A week later I received a piece of plastic. I don’t even know what it is. Now it is after Christmas and nothing again. No communication from cuisinart etc. I place another call asking where my order is. This time I was assured (I’ve heard that before) that my order will arrive and correctly. But I must wait a week or so because the warehouse is doing inventory. I called two weeks later and amazingly I received two correct work bowls but no lids no pushers and no small pushers. I call again this time I speak to a supervisor named Amanda who assured me she will straighten this out. I repeated what I received (two workbowls), and what I still need (2 lids, 2 pushers, 2 small pushers). She gave me an order number that I repeated back to her and was told I was correct. About a week and a half later guess what I received two more workbowls and one lid!!! I am completely frustrated now and have wasted too much time trying to get this straightened out. I again call cuisinart customer service the other evening and explained everything to the rep and gave her the order number this time and and she told me the order number was incorrect missing three numbers. So the supervisor Amanda not only sent my order completely wrong but gave me the wrong order number. The rep I spoke with last was Jocelyn. She said Amanda would be calling me. When?? This is ridiculous the incompetence from customer service is almost unbelievable. In review I have received 5 deliveries since early December none of which were right with the exception of the two work bowls. I still need two lids, two pushers, and two small pushers. I will be very Leary about buying cuisinart in the future. I own many of your products and buy many for gifts but this customer service issue has been agonizing to say the least THIS IS PAID FOR keep in mind. Please answer


HI, purchased Cuisinart SS-10 COFFEE maker back on 12/07/2018. purchased thru amazon and filed registry on line.
my complaint is not with the coffee maker, love the unit. the "Cuisinart barista reuse able filter" is where my problem lye's.
while cleaning it, I slip with the brush and tore the lid off. I used it about 15 times and cleaned it as such. I do like the size of it and the general design but not the way the lid is attached. I believe you have missed your design on that and have not made it durable enough.
I have other k kup coffee makers from you and I have 5 smaller such plastic filters with screw on top....I don't have any issues with those.

so, I was wondering if possibly you would send me a new barista filter housing and I promise I will be more careful cleaning it. I extremely love the little larger size as it makes a better (stronger ) cup of coffee and it doesn't let any grounds get in the coffee either.

if you send me one, here is my address...1157 tidewood dr., bethel park, pa. 15102

thank you RON REED

P.S. if you need suggestions on how to make it better and stronger, let me know.


I have owned 2 Cuisinart coffee pot. I replaced the first one because the hot plate stopped working. Now on my second on I was much more carful. I always put a paper towel behind the lid when I lifted it because the condensation runs down the back. All of a sudden I started to get rust spots on my counter. Upon further exanimation I find that the bottom has a "LOT" of rust on it.


The lid on my Cuisinart Pressure cooker Model #CPC .600 Serial # 50904. The finish on the handle is coming off and this unit is less than a year old. Very disappoint in the quality of the unit...the cooker works well. We use it about once a month. I hope w can work this out...I have stopped purchasing anything from Cuisinart this Christmas. I was going to purchase a nit for a gift, but I when with an other brand. Please review the enclosed and advise.. thank you Jim Beard 704.736.5600 cell


I have used Cuisinart for years and love the product. I was cooking in my 3.5QT Sauté Pan with the lid on, when all the sudden, the lid shattered into a million pieces. I was having a dinner party and had to throw away all the food on the stove and the counter tops on both sides of the stove because very small pieces of glass went everywhere. I was shocked at what had happened. The picture may look like the glass stayed in tact, but tiny pieces of glass went everywhere.


I have had a standing mixer(model#5m 55c)for many years and I absolutely love it. I have owned other brands and they do not compare. In my opinion Kitchen Aid is overpriced and underpowered. Murphy Richards was great for the price, but my Cuisinart wins hands down! Now for my complaint. I dropped the dough hook and broke the guard. I ordered a new one on line and it's garbage. Why would you change the design of something that works so well? The new one doesn't pull the dough from the sides of the bowl. It just sits in the middle and turns. I make bread quite often and have gotten so frustrated with it that I've resorted to using the broken one. It takes less work to clean the dough out of the turning part on top ( I have no idea what it's called) than it does to constantly have to stop the mixer and pull the dough in by hand. If you have any suggestions on how to remedy this, I would really appreciate the feedback.


I purchased a 12 inch skillet Model#M55CW22-30HFB this August and the ceramic middle area turns black and sticks to food no matter if it's pre sprayed or using cannola oil.I am not happy that I paid 16.99 for it and now I must throw it in the garbage. I am very displeased with this skillet. I was going to buy a whole set if your ceramic pans but after this decided not to waste my money.


I ordered a new blade for blender on February 6,2018 told 7-10 business days I called three times and given excuses not shipped out waiting for warehouse last one waiting for UPS. Today feb 16, 2018 UPS tracking picked up Feb 14, 2018
Delivery February 23, 2018 I feel my shipping should be refunded told they can’t do it all have bad attitudes.
My order number 9703556146. I finally called Conn 203-351-9000 her attitude she really didn’t care asked to speak
To supervisor held on for over 1 hour as I am writing this still on hold.
I purchase all Cuisinart products this really changed my mind!!
It is not the money for shipping it is the principal.
Rating my experience 0
I am going to post on Facebook any where I can I am so disappointed because Cuisinart use to a good company
Dissatisfied customer Joe Cervini


This is my 3rd and very last coffee maker of Cuisinart I will ever own. The pot is metal with a top of, in my opinion, poor design. It is virtually impossible to fill the maker with water without excessive spillage, and to hold the pot to decant a cup of coffee. With the top on to pour just 1 cup requires upwards of 15 seconds which is 10 seconds too long To decant any faster requires one to remove the top or a great deal of spillage occurs. I sense that the designer does NOT use this maker or if they do someone else pours the coffee for them. A cup of coffee is a cup of coffee using a brand of coffee you are pleased with. Why Cuisinart ? Name recognition and dependability with ease of use and cleaning. This maker with this pot is a L-O-S-E-R. The management should actually use their own products before releasing them onto the buying public. Looking pretty with a good sales pitch does not make it a GOOD product -----Cuisinart-----you have marketed a piece of junk with this pot. You appear to dislike your
American buying public.
As stated above---this is my very, last Cuisinart product, correctly read, product, I will ever buy


I have the Cuisinart dc-1200 coffee maker. We really like this unit even though it is a little pricey! The unit started leaking a small amount of water from the bottom. I opened the bottom and there are 2 orange hoses for the water flow of the unit. One was leaking a little, and when I started to look at it it crumbled on the end. The hose has become very brittle. I removed both hoses and went on line to cuisinart to order these hoses, to my surprise, I ended up calling there customer service, who informed me that these hoses are part of the main unit and can not be bought separately!
To me, this is no more than a SCAM, to rephrase what they said would be, to bad, you have to buy another one!!!!! This is BULL SHIT, this unit is only about 2 years old and I look at a new on and it is $90.00 - tax !!!!!!!! I think that my best option, is to get maybe a MR. Coffee around $25.00, and then tell everyone and put all over the net, just how crooked this seems to me. My recommendation is, DON"T BUY FROM ANY COMPANY THAT FORCES YOU TO REPLACE A UNIT WITHOUT CHOICE OF REPAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We purchased a Cuisinart DCC-3000 'Cafetera Coffee On Demand' coffee maker from Bed Bath & Beyond in December of 2015. I had been looking for awhile and this machine seemed a good fit for our lifestyle. The product looked great and seemed easy to use. However after about 3 months after our purchase the clock could not be set/changed. We did not use the automatic timer that much, but it is still an inconvenience not having the option available any more and it was one of the reasons that we considered this model. Any cheap coffee maker has this feature, so I did not think that something like this would fail after such a short period.

Another issue we have with this model is that the coffee does not stay very hot, which surprises us as we never experienced this with any coffee maker. Now not even a year old, the on and off button stopped working, yes you read it correctly. The red button for when you make less then 4 cups comes on, but the basic on/off button does nothing! This means no coffee at all, which is ridiculous. I assume that the product is out of warrantee by now, but is there anything Cuisinart customer care can do for us?


We purchased little over a year ago a Cuisinart Premier Coffee Series, 12 cup classic programmable coffeemaker, model DCC-1100BK. It makes great coffee and easy to use with the nice see through sight on number of cups of water to add.

However, we are very frustrated with the glass coffee pot. The pour lip is of very poor design, it dribbles coffee down the side of the glass and in-between the metal band and then eventually onto the hot plate. It does not matter if I pour coffee or water as well as if I poor slow or fast. In all cases the liquid will dribble off the lip of the coffee pot making it a mess to clean up (gets in-between metal band) and also a potential fire hazard. The coffee drips onto the hot plate and burns. We have had to clean the burnt crust off the heater plate. Very concerned about this getting under the heater plate, shorting out any wires and causing a fire.

Could please respond back with a solution. We would be very interested in a different glass coffee pot with a better designed poor lip as well as lid design. I never had any issues with the flip lid design utilized on previous coffee makers. Could you please send us an improved pour lip designed glass coffee pot to fit with our current Cuisinart Model DCC-1100BK coffee maker.


While I like my HN-70 Cuisinart heavy duty hand mixer, but I am mystified by your beater construction, it's lousy. And you are not alone in this department as I had another brand with the same type beater construction and the same thing happened in both cases. The one of the beater wires kept coming out of its' hole in the beater stem, I'd put it back in, again and again, until yesterday it actually broke off completely in my cake batter. I know these days, everyone wants things to look sleek and modern, but I believe you can do better than this, throw out the weak wire beaters and go back to the more sturdy, heavier and wider beaters, they lasted forever and make all connections more secure and long lasting, I'd rather have endurance than esthetics! I haven't even had this one a year, and I know I can order the beaters, but by the time I pay shipping, I could just go out and buy a new mixer locally, which I'll probably do, but I'll still get stuck again with the same weak beater problem! You seriously need to rethink your construction and dump these flimsy beaters. Thank you for your time! Mrs. Jo-Dee Hortz


i have several cuisinart pieces all with the non stick surface. I enjoy cooking with them and find clean up easy . however i have a frying pan model#722-28ns (11 inch stainless steel skillet) with the non stick surface and it is pealing. It is not due to scratching or cleaning with abrasives . it starts out as a very small raised bump and then proceeds to get larger and peal. I believe it is detrimental to me and my family to use this skillet and ingest the pealing coating. I want a replacement skillet ,free of charge. please advise me how to proceed. other than the pealing the pan is in excellent condition. I have used it 10 or 12 times.


Bought Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler and I am totally in love with it. It can be used to grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle. The cleaning process is very easy. Take a napkin or a wet wipe and just clean it up. It doesn't stick like other products. The cooking plates can be washed in the dishwasher like any normal vessel. I use it to make amazing sandwiches for my kids and pack their boxes. They are thrilled daily to eat something new and to see them happy makes me happy. Thanks to Cuisinart for this product. They have various other products too and I wish to buy few more of rmy kitchen to make life simple and easy by using them.

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