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On June 22, 2019, we visited ABT Electronics store in Glenview and purchased a brand new over, Café GE CGS700P2MS1, following recommendations of the sales associate Rich Rene. We also purchased installation service. The oven was delivered and installed by ABT on June 26, 2019. Since the first time of its use the oven produced a very strong gas odor every time we turned on the oven making our eyes burn and difficult to breathe. We would open all the windows and patio door and would stay out of the kitchen. We rarely used the oven during the summer and thought that the gas smell emits because the oven is new and it will eventually disappear. After months, the smell did not go away though. Whenever we had visitors and the oven happen to be in use, they all would point out that the oven is defective and we need to shut it down and send back to the retailer.

We called our gas provider, North Shore Gas. The gas company’s representative came on site and did hear the striking gas odor: he inspected the oven, the gas pipe, took the measurements and provided a written opinion that there was no gas leak but the problem is with the oven’ operation and advised us to reach out to the retailer and request immediate actions. We called ABT and they could send somebody only in a week. On October 12, 2019 ABT service representative came over and inspected the oven. After dissembling some parts of the oven, he called GE Customer Service asking for advise on how to fix the problem but the adjusting he tried did not resolve the problem. He provided the written service results that the oven’s bake burner releases too much gas and he was not able to fix the problem and left.

We reached out to ABT and requested substituting the defective oven and our demand was not granted. We are not accepting the time-lingering repairs of the oven that ABT suggested via the message left to my cell phone, but insist on replacing the defective oven with the new one that operates according to its designated use and to which we are entitled by the price we paid to ABT.


Went in to get my headphones fixed or according to them have it sent to apple. They adv me it would take 2 weeks wrong info. Stated that they don’t do repairs in house. Rcvd a call today adv that they connected with other devices everything was fine. I spent $54 on them taking few min just to inform me nothing is wrong. Not only that they provided inaccurate info and when asked to be refunded, they declined. I could of gone to apple and had gotten a better service and in the spot answer. Rather I have to take my time away to pick up a device they assured would take 2 weeks. Very disappointed in treatment and will know look else where to purchase items.


Hello im writing this review with tears in my eyes My name is Latoya i got approved threw my bank 2 weeks ago my card came in mail i was so excited i couldnt use my card tho until i verified my self i verified on a friday and my card was ready to use i call into abt store to order i orderd 3 iphones one j7 phone and a PlayStation i have 3 kids of my own and have to kids from foster care so that's 5 kids totally so my oldest 3 was gonna get the phones my middle child the j7 and my 7 year old the PlayStation ok he took my order he ask for my info i gave him my email address which come to find out he put a p instead of a t which i disnt no happen until that saturday because he told me i would get a email confirmation and i didn't so thats what made me call in that saturady to see what was going on i called and they said my account got flaged im like for what said my emails didnt match so he fix the problem they and said it was approved so im like ok good ok after that they came back on phone and said im sorry but we cant send out im like why the say you cant be verified so you will have to come in and pay cash or send in a wire transfer i ask qhy do i have to do that and i have my card thats the reason i have my card i have foster kids i cant just up and buy them things like that i have to pay on things as i do now because i have a mortage and bills to keep up then they ask why was i getting a big order like that im saying why does it matter if i have 5000 and want to spend it i can i was back and fourth on the phone with them from saturday until monday monday i called and ask to speack to the guy that took my order he came on the phone we talk and he transferred me to different departments i was asking what i needed to do to fix this problem remind yourself it started all because he messed up my email address ok so tgey kept telling me rudely where not sending out nothing to u so im like yall or being very races and stereotype o no o no tgats what they was saying aftrr them not helping and being very rude i called my bank they tried to call to see what the problem was a guy told us theres no one we can talk to so i called back and ask to speak to the guy again remind your self i just got off tge phone with him another man got on the phone and said his off today lol really i just spoke to him i told him your a fucking lie really he told me o your calking me a lie i told him yes i am because i no he there i just spoke to him he then hug up on me so i didnt call back so on 7/9/18 i was like ok the trpping because if the big order so i went on line and order something small it went threw it was on ups woke up 7/11 today and check my tracking and it says the sender request tge package to be brought back i calked and she was like i told you where not sending you out anything you can come in store and buy it cash when i tell u i have great credit own my own home pay my bills on time have like 5 department store cards that I've never had a problem with and get this card and having all the problems in the world i feel like they or being very stereotype with me and that's not right all i was trying to do was make my kids happy thats all i hate i had to order 3 phones at first but what parent would give one child something and not all my experience with them have mad me feel less than a human never cried over something like this before it hurts when i know i did nothing wrong yes i calked alot that was because i was trying to get to the bottom of the problem asking them what i didnt to do i even sent them a copy of my id and store card so they wouldn't think it was fraud can someone help me to understand why there doing me like this Thanks.


This is a fake company! I bought a refrigerator with them and I scheduled with them. The first time they tried to call me and the I did not get their call, and they did not leave any voice message to notice this is calling from shipment company. when i called back they said they need to reschedule. Second time, i rescheduled again, and I was waiting for them on that day, but they did not call me at all. So I asked whats going on, they told me my refrigerator was damaged! I was feeling like what the heck! then I called ABT customer service, they told me I need to reorder! and waiting for a new one. Then I rescheduled with them again, guess what, on that day they delivered my refrigerator only to my front door, not inside the kitchen! and they said I need pay more.


I have a problem to report to ABT corporate. We purchased Kitchen appliances Whirlpool oven 27 inch $1,525.00 Refrigerator $1,607.00 Dishwasher $497.00 & micro wave $200 after taxes and service charges total bill $4,699.18. Within 4 to 5 months the memory went out on the oven it took 3 weeks before it was repaired, now the memory has went out again and I was told it would have to be replaced again this will take 3 weeks. Our Refrigerator as and leak in the freezer this is the second time I have called. I have had to cancel both times our family dinner and this has been costly to us.

We have been patient with this process. We should not have to have a stove that needs the memory replaced every 5 to 6 months. Their has been no compensation from ABT Electronics customer service, even though their headquarters official slogan is "our goal is complete satisfaction". When will we receive this?

We have been a customer over 30 years, I have advertised by word of mouth and bought customer in please rectify my issue now, I want my stove replaced not fixed this is a problem for us. I contacted my sales Rep Kale Madhiwaia he was not reassuring at all. Our Easter was Shot we had no dinner for the second time on an holiday. He took this lightly We are not. I am sure all of our information is on your file please contact me and expedite this process.


Decent electronics store, no complaints from me as a customer. Fast shipping and good support. Usually they answer the phones fairly quickly when you call.


Unmatched product selection and access to great savings defines ABT Electronics. I have made few purchases from ABT Electronics where I found some great deals that have saved my money. I suggest this to people who are looking out for electronic items, home appliances, fitness equipment, gifts and gift cards then this is the place to log in and get some really good deals. ABT electronics deals with some well known brands so there is no question in term of quality of products that are sold. Being rest assured about quality,

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