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I had the service installed on the 15th of December, and as of today, three other technicians have been here to the house to get the system working. It is still not working, and they are not giving up. I have asked them to remove the equipment and end close my account, and they will not give up. I am about ready to get a lawer and file a class action lawsuit. I am tired of the lies that they are telling me.


I’ve had so many issues with my service it would take all day to explain. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Was promised a second hopper by someone so when the installer comes out to install it low and behold it wasn’t noted…. GO FIGURE!!! So I try to call them no record who I talked to nor will they work with me. They want $350.00 for another hopper. You would think if you pay for 4 boxes you could watch 4 t.v’s WRONG!!!! The 4th TV shares with someone so if you don’t like what the other 3 TV’s are watching GUESS WHAT? YOU’RE SCREWED!!!!

I was never told this when i signed up with dish. there is 4 people in my house and we all want to watch different channels but cant untill i get a second hopper. When i called and spoke with someone he stated that he would get me the second hopper due to all the stuff i went through plus nobody explained about the hopper only has 3 tuners… Oh I could go on for days about other stuff like the cable goes out with the slightest rain, take money out of your account without notifying you first, low signal on dish anywhere app on the phones so it freezes, not one single person can help me with the dish transfer app…

Like I said I can go on and on. I just want to warn you call someone else other than dish. Can’t wait till my contract is up.


I am so unhappy with Dish. They want me to climb up on a snowy roof to retrieve a switch???? I had Dish for years and not only did they over charge me but now they are mistreating me and I told them I was disabled!! This is stupid!!! How am I supposed to get this switch when I don't even know what it is and everyone I talk to on the phone can barely speak English and they don't anything!!! This is a nice way to treat a loyal customer. I will NOT recommend Dish to anyone!!!!!


Dispute between Dish and NBC has gone on long enough- when we signed up it was for the three major networks plus some of the others/ since we are not receiving NBC our bill should be reduced . Actually I think this is considered a breach of contract. If other carriers can settle with the networks there is no reason that Dish cannot settle. Honor your commitment!


Filed against : DISH Network, LLC

Dish network employee made a huge whole on my ceiling 3 months ago, since then the whole is still there and they did not fix it. I contacted dish network to have Spanish channels on the guess room for my family coming from Mexico. The guy that made the installation fell through the ceiling making a huge whole on my ceiling this was back in November (16th) until now the damage was not fixed. Now I have dust coming from the attic, all my walls are covered in black dust, we have spiders e every were, my daughter is getting sick and the actual is starting to have problems, there is dust every were. They do not care. I called more than 30 times and no response yet. I'm tired of this situation. The contractor that they have is busy all the time, I asked for another contractor and they say that will be more time. I already spend in a hotel stays for my family for thanksgiving and for Christmas too, they can not sleep in that room with that whole on the ceiling. I don't know what else to do.

I want them to fix the whole and clean or repaint the walls and clean the air duct and reimburse me for the extra expenses that I made because of their lack of responsability they are taking a long time to fix this 3 months already.i want to cancel their cable service and they wanted to charge me early termination fee, are this people kidding me? 


WIll be dropping Dish if the CBS negotiations aren't resolved in the next couple of days. I have been a customer for over 20 years, and I can't begin to tell you how sorely disappointed I am in Dish Network overall. I have contacted my local CBS affiliate as well to express my disappointment. Funny how neither Dish nor KWTV wants you to talk with a live person; just easier to point fingers at each other. Time to think about the consumer/customer!


I tried for two years to stop the services . I paused the services as they requested and continued to pay. I was charged $17.00 for their label without prior communication. $35.00 for early contract stoppage. An additional $24.00 charge after the final date of services.
This is thief!!!


I got new service from dish network and just paid the first months bill. Now I get a letter saying that beginning on the next bill my service will go up 5 dollars a month. When I signed up I was told that this would be the price for the first year and then go up the second year on a two year contract. How can they get away with this?


I realize that Rupert Murdock owns both channels and Direct TV ,however unless you want to lose a bunch of viewers,I suggest Dish network finds a independent News Channel and Business channel other than what is now offered.I don't think I can hold out until after the 4th of February which is when their promotion ends.
I stay with Dish because they provide me good service but if I can't find nothing for me to watch during the day,I will have to find another provider!!!!


We contacted Dish Network last fall (Sept 2013) about switching from Direct TV. We were given an attractive price and we were told by the salesperson that we could use our receivers in our motorhome, just as we had done with Direct TV. We are getting prepared to leave for an extended period of time, and now find out that this is not true. Before we signed up we had asked this question repeatedly because we wanted to transfer our package to the motorhome. Now we find out we cannot do this, and we need to purchase two more special receivers at a cost of over $100 each, plus if we want to use the recorder on the receiver we have to pay an additional $40 for each TV in order Dish to set it up. Then we have to pay an additional $7 per month on each TV to be able to use it in the motorhome. All the while our service at home will not be used, but we cannot put it on vacation, unless we purchase an additional separate Dish package for the motorhome exclusively which would be more than what we currently pay. We feel totally duped by Dish Network and totally disgusted that what was simple with Direct TV ends up being such a hassle and additional expenses. While we love the Hopper in our home, as soon as our 2 year obligation is met we will be dropping this service. It would have been a different story if they had been honest from the start and we weren’t deceptively duped by dishonest personnel. I have talked with 4 different Dish representatives today and not gotten the same story from any of them, so it appears that their sales staff isn’t trained to give the correct information..


I order this cable network but after 1 day of this so call service I call and cancel it. Dvr is not what I want first it was not hd and can only rec .180 hour and two channel at a time. The channel keep on freeze and I could not get not thing on demand for anything . So after I complain I was told I will receive a part of my money back. After three week of call and there came tell me 3-5 bussiness days I got mad and now there tell me I will not get anything because of fee. What fee and put you on hold for awhile and hang up on you.


I recived abilling statement Showing you are increasing our monthly payment to 43.49 from 38.49 Thjis is not accetable to us. We are on a very limited incom with both of us now on SSI we scrimp as it is to pay yhe 38.49. If you can:t lower the payment we will have to cancel You service. My husband is in the hospital and if we had any extra it is going for gas,perscriptions an copays. There is no way we can pay MORE.

Velma L Patterson
Account NO.8255 9093 8622 9576


Five channels that I watch are on thier 120 channel package and five channels are on thier 250 channel package. I have no movie channels, no DVR, no HD and two boxes. Is it just me or is $100.oo a month for ten channels seem excessive? Why can’t I just pay for the services I use? $30.00 a month seems like a fair price. I’m about to cancel the whole mess and just watch TV online for free….


8:30 pm last night I heard the dogs going crazy, no doorbell was rung, but when i looked out the door there stood two young men, one wearing a DirectTv coat with a name tag turned backwards, the other in street attire. They claimed they worked for a installation company that allows them to solicit for both Direct TV and Dish Network, but funny thing was they were only trying to sell Dish.

When asked for Brochure, they said they were the walking brochure. Turned over his I.D. badge and it was not of either company. Only thing they related to for pricing was their blackberry phone, but wouldnt show me. I didnt let it go past there, but wanted others to know beware of scam artists hitting your door late at night.


I signed up for Dish Network last week, I’d like to know when I will get my solo receiver charger in the mail. How much will it be if it doesn’t come, because I really need this! Quite happy with Dish, but I will be the first to admit that I wanted multiple receiver in various rooms around my house.

Wasn’t happy with the one they sold me for the living room. Aren’t Dish the ones that sell the fact that you can use these packages in various rooms around the home, or is that Direct TV?

When customer support phoned me, possibly in India somewhere, they said Dish would be happy to send another solo satellite box free of charge to my house. The problem is they always say that! OK enough with my rant, I’m going to go back to watching Hulu on my laptop, because I still can’t use my television set in the living room.

The problem I have with most companies is the get you locked into a long term contract without any hope of getting out of it because of technical problems or performance issues.


I’m curious whether dish or direct tv has more complaints about their service online? Both of the companies seem to have quite a few problems from customers, with no real customer service in mind when they sell a product. There are always going to be people upset with bundled services or bundled problems, that’s just the nature of the business I guess.

Still I’d like to know who I should sing up with for cable television services, frankly I feel like I am forced to decide between the lesser of two evils instead of the right choice. When I had AT&T U-verse I could never get a hold of their support line. Of course when I wanted to sign up it was easy, when I wanted to cancel it was impossible.

I will probably end up going with Dish Network, because most of my friends have Dish, still DirectTV will probably be pretty tempting!


Dish networks email address has not been working for me lately, I have checked not only my spam filters but my inbox, and still nothing. I am trying to resolve a dish networking billing issue that has been going on for many months now. Each time I get my bill from dish it’s for a different amount. Is this the right email for payment issues?

When it comes to television service, Comcast and Time Warner offer similar cable packages, even Direct TV has some good options. Does someone have the customer service phone number or email address? I am missing quality TV shows and I can’t stand it. These companies continue to get rich off the suffering of it’s customers like me who are frustrated! I hope they go out of business for their horrible actions against me…


Approximatley a month ago I ordered the Dish Hopper system on the condition that I could keep my RV system as is and the representative confirmed and made a note on my account. My 1st appointment had to be resceduelled to Christmas eve in the am but it was 5 pm before a trained tech could hook up the hopper system. The techs from Skywest were compitant and professional and had the hoppper system ready to be activated when the Dish representative whould not authorize the activation without dropping my RV reciever. I pointed out that this was allready authorized bu he wuold not listen to me and was quite short. I realize it was Christmas eve and all but their were 2 techs missing time with their families and I was without tv. They came up with an alternative not to my liking but it was the only resolve they were left with by the Dish rep. I have been a loyal dish customer for 2 decades and this has been the worst I have ever been treated and will no longer ber recommending Dish network.


I has two door to door salesmen come to my door selling dish network instalition. This was on a Friday,They were anxious that it should be the same day. They promised that on Monday they would return to complete my telephone and computer hook up. I waited all day Monday for them to come and when they never came I called the company and wanted to cancel the contract they said it was too late.

I only had three days to cancel ant Tuesday was the forth day and I would have to pay $400.00 to cancel. I called the headquarters told the scam they said they would compensate me by installing the channels I payed for and other compensations like $100.00 gift card for I haven’t received any thing.

I tried to contact the salesmen and they said they has been flown to Sacramento Calif. the same day he was to come back to my house and the salesmen sad they had just the day before they had been in Huston Tx. So they were getting them our of town as quick as possible to escape the wrath of the scammed coustemer. I would like to get enough people who have been scammed by Dish Network to start a class action suit.


After I was approved for my new services and I was charged on my debit card all the fees like in a normal company for new services. I set up my installation day with the rep so I was ready just waiting to get Tv at home. But the previous day that I was schedule for installation a weird number appeared on my cell saying that they were calling from Direct TV and they were asking many questions to verify my ID, like: Day of birth , last of your social, states that you have ever live in USA , last two addresses where you have lived in.

So, when I was tired answering all his questions , I decide to ask how do I know that they were Direct TV , so the guy “Ramon” told me the installation day and the time that I have for the next day, so I believed they were Direct TV. He continued asking more questions and finally I did not answer one and he said , since I cannot verify your identity you need to fax your social security card, Picture ID and the lease agreement or loan information.

I said no. So he said that was not negotiable with the company and that I have to fax that information to get the installation, so I decide to hang up and get the service with Dish Latino, which I am very please because the good service easy approval and quick installation. Now, I am looking to get the refund from Direct TV for all the charges that I have on my account made by them while I was not verified on their company.

Amazingly they charge the fees, get the money and then after the fact you will find out that you cannot be verified even if you have gave them your account information previously. That is ridiculous!


`I guess you can take this as a complaint or I am sure much better as a suggestion. I have been with Direct TV for years and left Direct TV for Dish for a short time. I find that the biggest problem with all comanies is that their Marking Depatment sells the programs as how many channels are available to a consumer at a price. Now, who can really watch 200 channels in a day, month, or year. I would like to suggest that there be a price set for each channel a consumer would like to purchase. Lets say one could pick out CNN, FOX, CMBC,and a price would set to buy the ones a person really watched.

I know there are package deals but some people watch no more than an adverage of three channels a night. There is in the near future and now going on through the Internet one can get to watch more programs there and a lot are free. So Marketing should get on the ball and revisit their structure now. Thanks


We only use our disk network during the summer months in our motorhome. Back in April I applied for a reconnection. After the several hours of being transferred to nine people I was told the memory card in my box was out of date and I received a new one in May.The last week of May (for my birthday) several of my friends and I took a trip to Harrison Bay State Park once again we spent several hours on our cell phones trying to get the dish to work, and being transferred from customer service to new account and at one time to the Philippines. The conclusion was the memory card was out of date.

My son and his wife took the motor home to Kentucky for their 1st wedding anniversary in August and once they were parked he called asking about the TV. I gave him the Dish Networks phone # and my account. Yes, once again several hours on the phone and another new out of date card. We have paid our monthly bill along with a reconnection fee since April of 2011.I am in hopes that someone in your company will review my account and compensate my credit card for the last seven (7) months. Please contact me soon with a reply.

Sincerely Jerry or Stella Rozzell


Dish Network, On 09/08/2011 at 2:00 a.m., I got in the Internet to check on some Cable and satellite TV deals. Well, I noticed that Dish Network was offering some astonishing deals. So, thinking that the Dish Network’s customer service might’ve improved in the last five years, I decided to order the service. I called the company and began talking to a sales representative lady from India. I explained to her my concern and the reason why; I cancelled the service five years ago. Well, this lady assured me that customer service had improved over the last five years and that I had nothing to worry about.

After a few minutes on the phone and a few questions answer, I agreed to the service. This lady told me that the installer would have all the equipment I ordered including the “Sling Adapter.” She convinced me to purchase the service by guarantying that the installation would be no problem and that the installer would install the Sling Adapter and take half an hour to explain to me how it works. After the agreement she took my information and right away pre-charged me $177.16 from my debit card.

At approximately 12:30 p.m., the installers finally showed up to my house to do the installation (half an hour “LATE”). Upon there arrival, I asked to verify that they had all the equipment. Guess what! They didn’t… They did not have the Sling Adapter that I had already paid $99.00 for. At that time I called the company to speak with a supervisor about this problem. A Gloria lady (supervisor) was contacted and I began to explain my frustration and the reason why I was upset.

I explained to her what the sales representative had guaranteed me during the sale. This Gloria supervisor was very unprofessional and instead offering me an explanation and a resolution, she gave me an ultimatum by stating “there is nothing I can do, you either want it or not.” At that time I asked to speak with her supervisor and she told me that she was it and that there was no one else, but the resolution department, and that I could only contact them through e-mail. When I persisted by telling here that there had to be someone else I could talk to, she hung up on me!!!

I then called back and began my whole explanations to another customer service representative. He directed me to a different supervisor. The new supervisor listened to my complaint and frustration and stated that she could connect me with the Resolution Department. While she was directing me to the resolution department, the installer entered my house and told me that he did not have all the necessary equipment to complete the installation.

At that time I told the installer to pick up all his equipment and to cancel the installation. I then made contact with Resolution Department Specialist by the name of Lucke. I explained to Lucke the whole situation. To give credit where credit is due, he did try and help me as much as he could, but in the end, I told him that I could not trust Dish Network any more because if a new installation in being done in this fashion, I can only imagine once the contract is signed.

In conclusion:

I made the mistake in thinking that your company had gotten better. Unfortunately I have noticed that it has not. I can tell you that I have started my complaint with the BBB and I have imputed some negative remarks in the Internet about your company. I can also assure you that I will continue imputing negative remarks about your company in as many Internet reviews as I can. I will impute them in Facebook and in every site that will listen to what I have to say. The sad thing is, that I could’ve been a great customer.

I have a great career; impeccable credit and all my bills are direct pay through my bank. I am not a low life that wanted anything free. All I wanted was what I paid for. Unfortunately, only one of us could keep his end of the bargain. This letter will probably not make a difference with you as you read it, but I guaranty you that it will with my friends and my friend’s friends. (Chain Reaction)…


I just switched from Directv to Dish and realized that I should have never switched. Dish network’s services are not up-to-date as Directv services. The picture images are poor and lack HD quality. Recording (DVR) is not as advanced as Directv (can’t change channels at the same tiem while you’re recording). After only 7 days of having Dish Network, I couldn’t get out of the 2-yr contract. Would have to pay $420 if I did. Don’t make the exact same mistake that I did because then you will be as I am….. A very DISAPPOINTED new dish network customer for the next 2 years.


Visited by 3 guys wearing Dish Network T shirts, asking if I’d consider swapping to Direct TV. Asked why they were soliciting for a competitor, they said they contracted for both. Offered new equipment, more channels for less, etc. These were young guys in a compact car from Idaho who claimed to be working out of Missoula MT. The thing that sent them packing was when they said they’d need a credit card number, and of all things, Social Security numbers. Is this a common scam? I have no complaint with Dish Network, by the way.


F*** dish network they have disconnected me 3 time due to there failure to notify me of me owing anything I have only been with them since march, the customer service guy told me it wasn’t his problem it was mine were paying them are hard earned money and they treat us like crap I hate direct t.v but I should have choose them I know it would be more money but atleast they could send me a bill and give me time to pay it. DISH NETWORK I hate you and your service go to hell you money hungry a** who say they are better than other companies, you f***** are the same just in a diff cover.


Phone numbers that didn’t work (i.e. busy all the time), voicemails to them that were not returned, faxes that were “not received”, and I could NEVER get a dish network manager on the phone…basically, they put up roadblocks at each step, no doubt in the hope that I’d just give in and continue paying for the service. Trying to get accounting information and discontinuing service should not be so difficult. My father, the dish network account holder, died recently, and I was trying to help my mom notify all vendors/service providers to change the name on the account, and in some instances, discontinue service.

Pretty much every other company was helpful and reactive, but not Dish. First, they required a death certificate before they would even talk to me about ANY details on the account…I mean they would not even tell me whether we were under contract or whether the equipment was leased or owned. When I finally had the death certificate in hand, I tried to call the phone number they provided for their “Dispute Resolutions Department” and was not able to get through…I probably tried 50 times over the course of a few days and it was busy EVERY single time….kind of like they don’t want you to get through.

Anyway, I spent some time looking online and found the number to their corporate office and was able to get transferred (that number is 303-723-1000) and get the fax number to send the death certificate. To make a very long and painful story short, after numerous phone calls — always to different people…I could NEVER get the same person twice — and the sending of 5 faxes over the course of a week, they finally said they received the fax. Anyway, they “confirmed” that one of the accounts would be discontinued but they needed me to fax yet another death certificate to discontinue service on the other account (there were two accounts in total, and inexplicably, each one needed it’s own death certificate!!!).

We’ve dealt with telephone companies, banks, utilities and ALL of them were easy to work with. Some of them may have required death certificates, but all of them understood the gravity of the situation and were helpful and willing to work with me. But not Dish.

Beware of Dish Network — they are no better than a street-corner criminal.


Here is what I sent to Dish Network because I am suffering from the Economic Crisis. I can no longer afford to live. This is what has become of our world today. Since everything seems to want to keep going up in price while there are no Jobs and people are suffering and can’t even afford to eat. Dish Network has no sympathy.

Dear Dish Network,

Due to the economic crisis I no longer have any income. I am fixing to be homeless cause I can not afford my rent anymore. I don’t even have the money right now to file bankruptcy. If I can find a way to borrow the money to file through Legal Aid then I will. I have no money to pay for satellite service which I receive through Dish network. I no longer have a home phone for that has been disconnected. No Gas or Water. Electric is next. I have 5 days to be out of the home I rent. I am trying to find a shelter to stay at.

I contacted customer service over a month ago letting them know I would be losing my income and didn’t know how I was going to afford all my bills plus rent. Suicide doesn’t look to bad right now. So many others are suffering the same way. The United States of America is about to be no more because it is so broke and busted. More and More companies are going to lose money because people like me can not afford to pay for services from companies anymore. Sorry Dish network. I really love Dish too. But, I am going through things that are beyond my control. So to save yourselves time.

Please just go ahead and charge what you want to me. But you will not be getting any money. So go ahead turn it over to a collection agency. Good luck with that too. To save time you should just go ahead and put your charges on my credit report. Who cares anymore. Defeated in a world that is seeing its end. What are people to do. There is nothing more you can do to me. I am all ready dead. No Jobs. No money. No home. What is there to live for.



It is almost 5-6 years I pay for solo receiver that i have never have during this time. Dish Network charge me every month $7.00. Today by the way I discovered mistake. I asked Dish Network represantative to give me a credit for all months and yers. He said that his record shows that I have solo receiver!!! But after checking he was agree that I did not have it. But he refused to credit my account! It was not my mistake!!!! I will submit a complaint about dish network immediately and their billing!!!!


I had applied for a supervisor position with Dish Network back in November and still have not heard back from anyone. Not even a Thank you but sorry letter or email. I noticed that the position is once again showing up for a field supervisor in Gilbert, Az. but it will not let me re apply for it as it already shows applied for still in November. There is not even a phone number to call to make sure it was received or what is going on with the positions. If Dish Network could do something or tell me what I need to do or who to contact I would appreciate it.

I am loaded with experience in the field and in the supervisor experience. I have been in this line of work for 16 years and would love the opportunity to continue that with Dish Network. If someone reads this within the company, please review the applications and resumes in Nov., around the 16th or so, for the field supervisor position and contact me so I know you received and reviewed it. I stated a salary but it is open and negotiable. I just need work and not to be boastful, but feel my skills and knowledge is an asset to any company in this line of work and would hate the fact of not getting a chance to discuss them in more detail because I was overlooked and missed. Thank you


Dish Network, GUILTY until proven innocent. I tried to sign up for Dish Network only to find that I couldn’t because someone else was already using my social security number. Did they immediately contact the customer in question, NO! Did they make me jump through hoops to prove who I am, YES! It should have been as simple as faxing a notarized copy of my driver’s license and SS card to their office but that’s not even close. After doing all that I was told it will still be about 3 weeks before I hear from them. I tried to call the fraud department back but all I ever get is a recording and no one ever returns my phone call. Needless to say I’m now using DirecTV!


I stopped Dish network’s service. I returned the DVRs, remotes and specified items as directed. I asked about the dishes on the roof. I was told that they do not remove or take them back. For a fee, they can arrange to have somebody take them down. It is their equipment and they installed it so I feel that it is their responsibility to remove and discard them as they see fit. If this is a policy of theirs, I think that they state this when they sell their service.


I have written (e-mailed) Dish Network four times, three addressed to the President and one to customer service and have not received an e-mail response. My concern in contacting Dish was that as a 13 year customer, I should not have to sign a two year contract to have free HD. They are giving free HD to new customers but old customers be damned. I am also concerned that some of the Fox and FX channels have been removed without reducing my monthly charges. Even if they disagree with what I have to say, I still deserve a response.


Hiss your to darned expensive. I thought you had me for life but I finally realized your just to expensive. Your promotions promises of discounts that apparent one loses if their late on their bill. I’m self employed with no certain promises of work, so I guess I should have realized sooner I just cant afford Dish TV. Going back to antenna, regards, Dan. PS you have all the good channels spaced in different packages and still show the same stuff month after month. I can live without dish TV.


I signed a 24-month agreement with Dish Network LLC on the assumption that they would continue providing access to my regional sports network, Fox Sports Southwest, which had been a part of Dish Network’s offerings since the company started. The Fox Sports Southwest programming represents approximately 90 percent of the content that I watched on Dish. After a disagreement with the Fox News Corporation, Dish eliminated all Fox Sports regional sports networks, including Fox Sports Southwest. In order to get this programming back, I am forced to cancel my Dish Network subscription and switch to DirecTV or Time-Warner cable, as well as pay a cancellation fee. This is unfair because I signed up under the impression that I would get these channels that have since been cancelled.


I thought that getting a Dish Network HD DVR means to get all available HD channels, not only the local HD channels. Why do customers have to do this unnecessary step? This does not even make a sense and does not even work. I am trying to create an login on their web site for 5 hours now and I keep getting a note: “The system is currently unavailable, please try again later”. Please see attached image. I get no help if I call Dish Network Customer Service and I didn’t receive a response to my email to Dish Network’s ‘care system’ either. This is an unacceptable service!

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