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Based in Modesto, California, Boyett Petroleum is a family-run independent petroleum supplier, distributor, and store. In addition to distributing to more than 500 gas stations in California and Nevada, Boyett Petroleum sells gas under the Cruisers and Kwik Serv brands and supplies fuel directly to a major portion of California's agricultural community. Boyett Petroleum's goal has been to be the best independent fuel provider and merchant in the West since it was established in 1935. The Cruisers and Kwik Serv brands presently have over 80 retail locations. CRUISE Americard is our global fleet fueling card, and we also provide wholesale fuel sales and petroleum management services.

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    • 601 McHenry Ave Modesto, CA 95350-5411
    • Modesto
    • CA 95350
    • United States
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    24 hours a day

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