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Frankly, I'm very unhappy with Reliant. I had a Doctor's letter stating I had to have the electricity on until March 1 for health reasons. I worked diligently to get Reliant the letter and was told by reliant that everything was fine. Then on Fe.7th, my electricity was cut off and to even have lights I had to resubmit the letter, and was forced into some sort of payment schedule that I can not possibly make. On Wed, Feb 13th, I'm going in for another surgical procedure, I don't know the recovery time, but I haven't been able to work since Dec. 18, 2018 to present. In addition, I was kept in the hospital under quarantine and was not allowed home until Jan. 1, 2019. When I got here, the heat had been on all of that time, there was no one else to use anything else. Plus, I called the reliant faithfully every month asking what I owed and would pay that amount, now to see that my bill is enormous is ridiculous. It would not be this high if someone had given the real amounts I owed. My checking shows what I paid. I want an audit starting at the time, it became in arrears to present. I felt bum rushed into the current arrangement and don't know what to do, all I have left is to take it to social media. Can you help me? In addition I have no paperwork on the agreement that has to be paid 2/15 or else, I'm assuming. Judy Dixon


I been with Reliant Energy for 2 years and trust me it was really hard to pay on time cause i get pay once a month and don't get child support. I have been trying to change my due date to the 30th of each month they told me once i renew i can change it to the 30th. Finally my renewal was over feb this year. I called Reliant customer service number today and spoke with Cynthia in Mexico and she told me I can do it but would have to wait for two billing Cycles before it starts.

The call got disconnected and I called back and spoke with Laura ID number 955-7963 I asked Laura for Cynthia's ID number but she said she couldn't give it to me. I told you that I wanted to change my due date and if she could guarantee me that I'm able to change my due date and she told me yes. She told me I owed $9 before I can change my due date to the 30th. After she text my payment should put some on hold and then she told me that I wasn't able to change it to the 30th.

I ask for a supervisor and she gave me supervised survival ID number 95463 for not really understanding how he became supervisor but when he got the phone he was asking me for all of my information And I asked him I was holding For a while So I figure that's what he was doing going over my information before got on the phone. He needs a lot of training...


Love Reliant. What a fantastic company. I have had my energy bill with them for years and their customer service is fantastic, the connectiong and transfer services are reliable, and the pricing is affordable. I wish I could think of a complaint for this company, but I cannot. If I could write a letter to the corporate office, I would tell them how well-run everything is. Highly recommend if they offer service in your area.


I love this company and not because Matthew McConaughey is the spokesperson.  They have amazing energy-saving plans that keep me conscientious of how much I’m spending every day.  I used to be with another company and when I switched over to reliant my bill literally cut in half.  This energy company is the best, most cost effective, and environmentally minded companies out there.

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