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I don't understand that my single trialer can have a electric bill of $396.20. my daughter place is connected to a a three bedroom house( it's like a studio) . So she had 2 wall units in her studio and in the house they had 2 wall units. The electric for both place was on the same bill n there bill at the highest was 260. Reminding you that that 4 wallunits running day and night a 69 degrees. Now you tell me how my single one bedroom trialer . Is over $200 more . Then a 3 bedroom house and a garage (that was a into studio apartment) billl. Duke energy is taking advantage of a poor old cripple women who is on disability. They just don't care . I going to call the local news about this . Cause clearly they are ripping me off


rude and malicious customer service rep Daneelle workID # 4070607 -- supervisor - Charles Lockette

I am filing a FORMAL COMPLAINT to corporate on these 2 ASAP from my experience on 01/30/2018


I line in a 55+ adult community in DownYonder Village in Largo, FL, i understand that due to Hurricane IRMA that people need their electricity reconnected regardless. For god sake, this is an older community with elderly poor people in need. You would think you could get courtesy phone calls back with the truth of when power will be restored. I am elderly an now have to throw my food stamp good money all in the garbarage that I have purchased thru sales of food. Because of No power. They are so quick to increase there charges and cry because the aren't making enough. Well another greedy corporation all out for themselves. When we need them they don't come around. They HIDE behind a telephone outage system. I'm darn mad.


In August there were contract workers for Duke Energy running a new line to a light on the street.
They had to cross my backyard. Unfortunately they tore up the gate to the back yard with the backhoe or other large machinery that
they needed to bury the line.
I was at work and did not find this until weeks later.
my address is 608 Wedgedale Ave Greensboro NC 27403
The repair was for a light post in front of my house. The men were from another company doing the work so I cannot give you a name.
I would like the chain link gate replaced and installed.
Please respond
Thank you
Vickie Barkley 336-312-4412 the account may still be in my husbands name who died. I have requested a change
of name. The account is 0000437661


I have been calling duke energy for the last 9 month re: my bill and questioning why my bill was $0, knowing that something is wrong. I have been told every month that I have a credit and not to pay my bill. Which some months I did anyway. Now I called Monday and come to fine out that I have a balance do of over $3000.00, which was never addressed when I called several time speaking to Lamia and Morgan.

Spoke to Kayla a supervisor who said she reviewed all my bills in less than 5 minutes for 2 years and she came to this conclusion. I want to know Why I was not advised about this BB balance when I called and I even questioned this when I called Duke customer care. I was told not to worry about this balance.Why when I addressed the balance billing amount told not to worry about it several times.


As a business owner here in Kings Mountain, NC and the oldest business in town still family owned and operated. 2 years ago we moved our business adjacent to the interstate and you're business along with 2 other hotels and what a great move. The response for your and our business was excellent to say the least. Duke power contractors and the like filled this establishment as well as ours nice place to stay food and drink and night life in walking distance meant no driving for Duke Energy. Then management changed jacking rates up and shorter check out, and renting to dubious locals who are drug addict and dealers now the good people won't stay there.

Law enforcement is called out regularly break ends. You name it. And these Duke Energy people are directly involved and sends new good people when you get some to other business like mine for complaints I have made on behalf of our business. I included hotel and the other businesses in all my advertising it worked well for us all. Something needs to happen to correct the public problem. It's a matter of public record of fact about this complaint. The public relations between us out ways the problem. Business working together is the best way in my humble opinion.


My phone line always has a hum on it and when we have wet weather the hum becomes much worse. To the point that talking is impossible. My mother is on a separate private line to her house behind mine and her reception is worse. She is 94 years old and requires adequate phone service to keep her safe. We have had service people come and tell us that there is nothing they can do to make it better, as it really isn't a problem with centurylink lines, but a problem with Duke Energy power lines having inadequate or no ground lines on their poles and electricity is bleeding into the ground and centurylink phone lines are picking it up.

So it appears I have to live with this continuing problem as it is no one's responsibility to take care of this problem. My mother needs an amplified phone as her hearing is bad and a phone with big memory buttons as she has poor eyesight. Therefore a cell phone is out for her. Also living in the country means no choice of companies to use. I have your internet dsl line as that is the best I can do out here. Therefore, I need the phone line myself. Anything that could be done by you or in conjunction with Duke Energy to alleviate our continuing problem would be greatly appreciated.


I have had a leaking water heater for over 2 week. Home serve sent a Duke Energy tech out and he replaced the overflow valve 3 times and it still leaks. I ask for them to send a different company and they stated it was because of the pressure was to high. I called the city of Casselberry and they came out and check all three areas and stated the the PSI level were find. I have all the documentation to show. I am at my wit end. Spoke to Dave at Duke customer service ex 6474 and he stated I needed to put a control valve on. I called the city back and they said absolutely not. Please help me resolve this issue.


First of all Duke Energy asks for donations over my bill to help people, I have never been offered help when I need it. Second I forgot what the last date to pay my bill was and you came to my store/resident to shut off but didn't if paid that day which I did pay part of bill. Since my account is store/resident in the back of store, I didn't think you would shut off during winter. could my account show that I am store/resident and not just store? Terrible customer support as well.


I called about a Duke Energy complaint regarding my KW usage, something isn't right for 750 sq ft and over 700kw used per month, new appliances etc. I had to listen to a Duke Energy customer service rep tell me about her house and her neighborhood and that I should turn off my electrical panel and go to this and do that. I called for some assistance and a little help, since the new meters have been put in my kw hours have increased, they were bad enough as it is. All of my neighbors use about 450-600 per month, I am not home all day and using over 700?


I have talked to Duke Energy at length about my bill, it seems to go up and down every month with no hope of changing. I have also written a letter to the company hoping that they would help out other customers like myself. At the end of the day my power is not something I can really control.

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