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    • Bounce Energy, P.O. Box 8387
    • Houston
    • TX
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    24 hours a day

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you say that my phone number is listed on someones acct named Raymond Guidry ..I don't know anyone by that name nor given him my phone number nor given Bounce Entergy my Permission to add phone #281-468-2754 as a contact number on this ACCOUNT..I am tired of getting phone calls on my cell phone for this. i repeat please do not call me again on this problem that Bounce has RAYMOND GUIDRY.. And PLEASE TAKE MY PHONE NUMBER OFF MR. GUIDRY's account BECAUSE I DONT KNOW THIS PERSON AND THIS IS FRAUD....


Employee badge number 462 refused to give me the number to Bounce energy corporate office and or transferred over just connect us, and she wouldn't. I asked for badge number she kept changing the subject and wouldn't give me her badge number. The next person we talked to have us her number and helped with the problem. But badge number 462 was of no help and doesn't give you anything you ask for etc.


No real complaints from me, Bounce Energy is a stand up company. I went on their website after having a problem transferring service. The customer service information was clearly listed on the website. They even had an email address and phone number just for customer relations. You can tell a lot about a company by it's website.


One of the best electric companies I have come across. They attract customers by giving gift cards as well to privileged customers. They have lot of plans available to choose from that suit ones requirement. Get ready to enjoy your electricity company. No one can compete with their service, low rates, and awesome rewards! I've never had a problem. My expectations have been fulfilled by these guys. We just pay month to month and had no problems.. Good company so far! Definitely a better experience.

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