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I see you have replaced the obnoxious “ screaming woman” ad with the joke ads.  We now have a “ transparent magic show”, and a “dog jumps through hoops”, with no call to action.  Why should I shop at JCP instead of Sears or Macey’s.  Believe it or not, a lot of people do not know what a box with JCP above it means.  In today’s economy, it’s a tough time to change your logo. I’ll bet some creative director thinks this would draw crowds rushing the doors anchious to buy your products.  You don’t have to invent the wheel, only improve upon it.

Your ads remind me of the infamous “where’s the beef” ad for Wendy’s.  The agency won a Cleo for it but lost the account.  30% of the people thought Burger King had produced it.  The same thing happen to Alka Seltzer.  It’s much easier to turn off people than to turn them on.  People will remember a bad experience four times longer than a positive one.  Your commercials have the same earmarks as the Wendy’s commercials.  I hope the agency wins a Cleo.


I’m sure my age will show in this writing. As an avid shopper in J. C. Penny, I am amazed that such a large chain would have to find a homosexual to be their spokesperson. When I was a teenager, the word gay ment happy, carefree. It has now been hijacked by homosexuals. I do not wear on my shirt or head a poster which says I’m hetersexual. Homosexuality is a choice but I do not have to accept this choice. Keep homosexuality in “the closet.” I will not be shopping any more at J. C. Penney.

For the last 30 years my family & I have shopped at JCP. I cam remember my Mom buying my Easter dresses there. However, a retail store that used to hold wonderful memories has now left a bad taste in my mouth . Choosing Ellen as your new spokesperson was a poor and uneducated decision on the part of your executives. Have you considered the number of gay shoppers vs traditional families that visit your stores? I think the numbers may surprise you !

As long as Ellen is part of JCP, my family nor I will step foot to buy ANYTHING from your company . You have way too much competition and should be concerned regarding all those who share my thoughts. Please be assured this is not about hate of homosexuality. Ellen is rude, crude, liberal, openly atheist & repeatedly offensive . Just for the record …I don’t use Cover Girl either . Please rethink your decision to save your customers & reputation .

Also I have read that Home Depot,which also supports the homosexual adjenda, has lost market share by their move. I built my current home using Home Depot materials. No more do I darken the door of HD. I would assume that the knucklehead CEO of Penney could care less about shareholders. Hopefully the shareholders will soon help him find another job. Two Doctors from Texas…


I recently became aware that JC Penney announced that comedian Ellen Degeneres would be the company’s new spokesperson. I’m saddened, offended and bewildered as to why JC Penney would choose Ellen to represent them when, I would imagine, most of JC Penney’s customers are traditional families. In my opinion, JC Penney has made a poor decision to have Ellen DeGeneres represent their company and I choose to no longer shop at JC Penney. A new Kohl’s store is opening soon in my town and I will I take my business there. I also shop at several other retail stores online, so I really won’t miss shopping at JC Penney at all.


I have been going to jcp for my hair cut for a number of years… This complaint is in no way to be directed to my stylist,Sheri. As usual I called and made an appointment for a haircut, nothing else. The person who answered was poliet and asked if that was all, to confirm that she understood what my appointment needs. I arrived for my appointment, was walked to the front dest by Sheri (as usual) so we could discuss my next appointment. The woman behind the counter rang up the charges, Sheri asked Heather(Also very poliet) to change the charge to just a cut,

Shari was told that this option was no longer availabe. Now understand I have not been told the new price of my hair cut, there is no posting of the new prices of ANY of the services provided in the salon. I did get an eyebrow waxing and the price quoted was $12.00 Imagine my surprise at not only not getting what I made an appointment for when I called but I was also told I was paying for a service I had not wanted and the price had been increased by $8.00.

The total was not $40.00 ( a treat for me ) but is fact it was $52.00….this represents what I earn in 4 hours! I am not really sure if I am going to return


I was just reading on the internet that the Million Moms are asking JCP to drop Ellen as there spokesperson. If JCP does buckle under to there demands I for one will never step foot into your store again. Ellen has done so many good things for people and she is the perfect person to be a spokesman. Who gives a darn her sexual preference. I really feel that more people feel my way than the way the Million Moms feel. Stand up for what is right, not what a few frustrated women want.

I have been a customer of J C Penny for more than 25 years but after hearing the news this morning of you having Ellen DeGeneres as your store advertising spokesman i will never buy anything from Pennys again. Why you would involve your store in this issue is beyond me. Off to Sears i go!

As individuals you can support whom ever you want. As a public company your choice of Ellen G. as a spokesperson raises a controversy that you as a merchant do not need. Why, is there no one else in the world that can be an all positive spokesperson for your venerable company. If the company has a cause, fine. If the company wants to irk some customers, why? What does JC Penny gain, what does it loose? Seems like a very poor business decision. Maybe some one in management thinks all free publicity is good no matter the subject.


You have taken Ellen Degenerate on as a spokesperson. She is openly GAY and offensive to the human race and to families and flaunts her Gay persona in the face of the American people and is not an example of what our children should be exposed to. Homosexuality is an abomination in God’s eyes. He destroyed some cities because of the same thing that you as an American company promotes. Shame on you. This is not a threat but a promise. I or no one in my household will ever be a customer of JC Penney’s again. No ifs, you’ve lost! The founder of your company would turn over in his grave if he knew what has become of his namesake.


I have been a loyal customer of JCPenny for many, many years. My complaint is not about your merchandise or service. It is about your current TV advertisement with all of the people “screaming” in a very obnoxious manner. This type of “promotion”?? is very annoying and should not be used if you want to attract or keep business. ALL of my friends agree that this is not the type of message that JCPenny has EVER before stooped to using. It sure will not attract new customers. I am a 60 year old babyboomer who has a great paying job. I am one of a thousand babyboomers who have money to spend.

I want you to know your new ad is the most annoying ad I have every seen. The noise level is enough to make you lower your volume or change the channel. This ad is about someone who is so upset the missed your ad my one day. I hope you have thought this out. You are asking for people who need to shop for things to come to your store not someone who wants to shop. I will never again shop at JC Penny. When you ad comes on I want you to know I am not alone when I say I lower the volume.

Hope you did not pay the person who thought this up a lot of money. You have lost many a babyboomer customer. I hope the new clients you are trying to bring in with this ad have the money to keep you a float. Sorry to see you have changed so much. JC Penny should be ashamed of themselves. Do they think of their consumers are going to enjoy a LOUD commercial of women screaming? Apparently, so. This is the most annoying and loud commercial I have ever encountered. I have to hit the mute button each time it comes on. JC Penny must have money to burn in the advertising department.

This annoying commercial is on every network! I have become to detest JC Penny’s commercial. I could care less about their new way to advertise sales. I am not going to shop here any longer, due to this commercial.


PLEASE, PLEASE stop the awful, horrible, annoying, SCREAMING TV ads!!!!! We turn off the TV every time they appear, and will NOT go near a J. C. Penney store while these ridiculous, irritating commercials continue. Thank you for allowing me to vent. I work accross the street from your Clearwater, Fl. store. I shop at that store all the time. However I will not even enter a JCPenney store again if you don’t stop these moronic screaming AD’s. I don’t care what you think of your new pricing system. I only have one more thing to say.

The current ad running on television with all the screaming women is without a doubt the most rediculous advertisement I’ve seen in a long time. I took an informal pol the last few days, among people I work and associate with, and without exception, the opinion is the same, STUPID. As for me, anytime a business appears to be trying to reach out to idiots, I don’t patronize them. JC Penny, you’ve lost a customer. Please stop these JC Penney! For our sake and the sake of your customers leaving you for good!

I must tell you how I and many, many of my friends feel about your recent advertising on TV. It is such a turn off. It seriously makes me NOT want to visit your stores, any of them. They are irritating and grate on your nerves. Especially the one with all of the screaming. I seriously doubt I will go into a JCPenney store simply because I just can’t get your ads out of my head. I look at your door and I hear screaming. It makes me want to steer clear of your doorways. Ok, enough said. Maybe you will take the time to read this and hopefully do something about the ads.


I sent payment on my J.C. Penny account one week before the due date. I received a late payment fee bill in the mail. I called and complained, and was told that sometimes especially over the holidays, the mail can be delayed. That is by no means my fault! They refused to dismiss the late payment. My credit is perfect! I am never late with payments. I told them to cancel my card, and was told as you wish, your account is closed. I guess that 17.00 late fee was more important than losing a good paying customer with excellent credit.


At the beginning of Nov 2011 I ordered for my daughter-inlaw a set of flatware 65 piece on sale from 199.00 marked down to 79.00. The set arrived on nov 16th ups. It was not even close to what I ordered. It was this cheep tin cheesy set different pattern.I went on line to check price this set sells for 39.00. I immediately called JCPenny. The woman I spoke to said we don’t have any of the set you ordered.I said so you just send what ever you want hoping I won’t know the difference and keep the set.

Of course she said no but had no solution for me as ordering another set might not arrive until after thanksgiving. My purpose for ordering was for her for thanksgiving. The month before I ordered a chair for daughter-inlaw’s baby room,they gave me a time of wed between 12:00 & 4:00 I took the day off and sat at their house waiting until 4:30 then I called the delivery people whom I spoke to that morning just to make sure they were coming and gave them a full description of my daughter-inlaws house.

Red with white trim with a large attached breezeway and garage. They informed me they were and I didn’t answer door.they were at blue house across street and said since I didn’t answer the door the would come the following week. I didn’t know I had to wait at my house and the neighbors house in case they messed up. venting over no more orders from JCPenny , too stressful.


Bought a swim suit at JCPenney at North Shore Mall (Slidell, LA)and tried to return it on October 19, 2011. I paid Forty Two Dollars originally. It was purchased on my JCPenney card. I was told I should have returned on or before October 11, 2011, so I cannot credit it back to my JCPenney card, they would give me a credit to spend in the store only and I would get the sale price value. Well after giving me the card, I asked how much was the card value and was told Fifteen Dollars. I really got upset, and I refuse to accept it. While waiting for her manager…

I told her to give me back my merchandise and keep her credit, at that point it became a quick tussle because I was told I cannot get it. I took my merchandise and walked out. Before I got into my car in the parking lot they had called security to look me over. I may look dumb to them but I am not stupid. I thought they were sending the police after me. What a day…

I am a valued customer with jcpenny. I shop there because its merchandise quality and the employees loyalty to thier customers. I have not had one bad experience with this staff or merchandise however the past two weeks I have visited the store and it is very depressing to me. The value and appearance that this store provided over the past seventeen years to me is not there anymore. The store feels and look as though as if I am in an consignment store. I do understand that my concern may never change anything but if I want to go to Wal-Mart I wouldn’t go to jcpenny.


To whom it may concern, I have had an incredibly arduous time with my last purchase online with Jcpennys. I will try and sum my story up, because it is a time-consuming one. I ordered a living room outfit back in April 2009. The three piece entertainment center was delivered and the one bookshelf piece was damaged. I sent it back with the people who delivered it. I understand mistakes happen and although I was disappointed I understood. A couple months later another bookshelf was delivered, and this bookshelf was the wrong color and damaged.

I was very dissatisfied, because all the other furniture I purchased from you looked so beautiful but I was missing a crucial piece. I kept the damaged book shelf that time and asked if we could exchange it out when the new piece arrived.

I called JCpennys four months later to inquire about the piece and it was not in yet. I asked them if they would give me the damaged piece for free at that point because of all the inconvenience and they said they would look into it. I called again, because at this time I am having serious doubts about the service, and I informed customer service to refund the two book shelves and pick them up. I never heard another word from JCpennys in till one year later; I had delivery men on my doorstep. I informed them I had not heard from JCpennys in over a year. I contacted customer service again. Only to get we will look into the matter.

I talked to a really nice lady in your customer service dept. Who insured me she would look in to the matter, and get back to me? I never heard from anyone for six more months, when I received a bill for the damaged product. I called customer service dept several times, finally received a phone call from a superviser a nice gentlemen, who seemed very sincere and embarrased over the conflict that lasted two years. He informed me I could keep the two pieces free of charge and apologized. He thanked me for being a loyal customer with JCPennys, in the past.

About three months later I received a final notice before collections! When I called the billing dept, they were very combative and not the least bit interested in helping me. They informed me either I get the book shelfs picked up or pay the seven hundred dollars.

I do not wish to be adversarial with Jcpennys, and I never set out to get anything for free. Two years and over twenty hours on the phone trying to deal with your mistakes is enough.

I have two special needs children. One is on a feeding tube and in and out of the hospital. I do not need any conflict or drama in my life. I chose to buy my furniture with Jcpennys, because I was under the impression that you all stood for integrity. I was mistaken. I was promised that Jcpennys was going to do the right thing and close the case with apologies, but clearly this is not the case, as I am threatened with collections. I do not remember the man I talked to because it was my understanding everything was finally fixed and over, that was his promise, and so I disposed of the folder. I am hoping to relocate my endless folder of time spent on the phone trying to figure this mess out. You all should be ashamed of yourself. I write this letter in hopes that you can learn from your mistakes and hopefully fix things.

The only thing I want at this point is for this endless saga to end, because as I mentioned I have my hands full, and do not have any energy left to deal with this discrepancy. Please have someone competent to help me finish this process ASAP. I am very fearful of my credit being ruin due to your company’s ineffectiveness! I need to talk to someone at a very high level, because the lower level is not helping.


I have been a jcpenney customer since about 1984..I love to shop there because of the products are good and I can find whatever I need there.However when it comes to paying my bill I am usually early with my payments.Sometimes I have been known to even pay more than the payment is.To my surprise I was penalized 20.00 because of paying my next months bill too soon.I was told on the phone that I had to wait until the bill came in and then submit it.I talked with a Rose Vincent and I told her I felt it was wrong to penalize me for being early with my payment.

She explained the billing procss but I still wanted the 20.00 removed because I really was not late..She said if I made at payment on the phone with her it would be a one time removal of the 20.00 Much as I love JCPenney’s this really upset me.I made a payment on the phone with her Aug.4th even though my August payment was not due till Aug.20th.in order to get the 20.00 late fee off.I’m tempted to cut up my card due to this ridiculous issue.The billing stinks and I even specify what month this payment was to go towards on the check.

So,tell me what’s up with that? I used to have and account with Dillard’s and cut up that card because I liked Penney’s much better..Right now I’m not sure what I really want to do with this.I’m sill angry.You can look back my account and see my payments are never late…So,for what it’s worth if your customer service in the accounting does not change then it’s ta,ta to Penney’s for me…Never heard anything so ridiculous about penalizing someone for paying more on their bill and paying early…


I have always shopped JCPenney and trusted their products, till now. I bought eyeglass frames and lens at the local store in Jan 2011 and yesterday the frames came apart. Took them to the store thinking maybe a screw had come out, no such luck. The frame is broken and can not be fixed but they will sell me the same frame for 25% off. I asked about any problems with this type of frame before buying and was told they hold up very well. Guess they were wrong!! I am disappointed that they would not stand behind the product. Needless to say they will not get more of my money for any of their products in any of their stores.

Just a little note, my last frames are six years old and still in great shape (thankfully) and came from WalMart.


My husband purchased me a set of JC Penney’s Cook’s Stainless Steel Copper Bottom cookware less than 2 years ago for my birthday. Yesterday after using the 5 quart cooking pan I noticed the copper bottom portion coming loose. I have cared for this cooking set and followed the seasoning and temperature settings carefully. I have owned copper bottom cookware for almost 30 years and never experienced this problem before. I not very happy with this product right now at all. Can this pan replaced at no cost to me?

I bought the same Dockers pants for my son-in-law in 4 different colors at the JC Penney store at White Marsh Mall in Maryland. I washed all 4 pairs before he wore them. Three pairs washed beautifully and the fourth came out covered in lint, almost furry looking. I washed and dryed them again alone and they still looked horrible. I took them back to the store to return them as defective. Instead of taking them back, the manager took out a lint brush and wasted 10 minutes by brushing a two inch square of the pants.

She then gave me a lesson on how to do the laundry. I’m 53 years old and have been successfully doing the laundry for my family for a long time. I insisted that the pants were defective and another manager was quick to agree with me. I did achieve what I wanted but I did not appreciate the saleslady telling me how I should be washing clothes for my family. I will think twice before using my platinum card at JC Penney in the future.


Run with all your energy away from JC Penneys Optical. January 2011 I had an eye exam & purchased glasses. The glasses broke 3 times and the lenses would fall out for no reason daily. I told them I could not see well and the optomologist was very rude when she examined my eyes for a second time. I didn’t trust her, so I went to another doctor and they couldn’t believe the prescription I was given, they said it didn’t look anything like the prescription I needed. I went back and requested a refund and since I had been in with problems weekly through May they didn’t hesitate to give me a refund. The optomologist that examed by eyes said I was getting macular degenration and wouldn’t you know – I’m not. Don’t trust JC Penneys Optical!


On April 30th, 2011, I ordered an inspirational love ring for my granddaugher’s 14th birthday (which was May 14th)..last week I called jcpenny’s to see why I hadn’t recieved the ring….The lady I talked with told me that the reason it took so long is because I had asked for engraving and she said they couldn’t engrave the ring but that someone was supposed to call and let me know…Well no one ever called to let me know what was going on….then the lady went on to tell me it would take a week and a half to ship the ring…so I got on the computer and emailed jcpennys and complained about how long it took for me to get my ring.

JcPennys emailed me back with the date they shipped the ring and the day i would get the ring…Well I received the ring today May 16th, 2011….when I emailed the company I told them my granddaughter was going to be at my house this past weekend on her birthday…my granddaughter lives in arlington,tx..3 hours from me…I am disabled so I cannot just jump in the car and take a trip to arlington,tx…anyway my point is my granddaughter was here on saturday may 14th (her birthday) and I didn’t have the ring to give her…she left yesterday to go back to Arlington…the email I recieved there was no apology stating they were sorry for the mishap.

I thought ya’ll needed to know the way some jcpennys customer service are handling situations like mine.

vicki hodgin


On May 9 th i went back to my eye dr to see if the perscrption i gave JC Penneys was correct and it was not. I talk to a girl name Cassie and she said that i would need to get a new persecition and there would be no charge if it was sent in before the onth was over, which i did on May 9th. I drop it off that night and the lady there said she would send them in The next day May 10. I check back with Cassie on that day to see if that had been done. She said it was. When i stop in on May 12 i ask if they had hear anything about the new perscritions. They found the new perscription was still in the in the out file and was never sent in.

These were suppose to be sent in again on may 10 and again it was not done.


i cannot find anything to wear to church. i have always liked j.c.pennys, but i cannot find anything there to wear for dress or casual. i am a 63 year old lady and i wear a size 14. i like my shirts not long ,but below the knee and not an elastic waist. i like a skirt with a band and not the no band. (just a normal skirt would be great) the blouses are so thin that one can see through them. what happened to polyester and cotten that looks nice and doesn’t wrinkle? also please have a little more of the normal waist and not this below the waist slacks,capri’s etc. i don’t mind other people wearing these things, but please design a little more things for we who don’t like them with everything hanging out.

i am sorry to complain, but i was at the store yesterday and found a skirt i liked and not in my size so i was given a number to get it on line. of course it isn’t available so i am complaining, as i think the company would like know what people are thinking and would like. dresses with a little sleeve would be great. the jackets they are putting with dresses are to short for customers who are a little longer waisted.


i have been a jcpenney customer for years and years and my family too. you have terrible service in our opinion, and your items you sent me were all the wrong fills and wrong sizes. i called and the jcpenney reresentatives i spoke to were very rude and very unhelpful. i have done business with you for ever. my charge account with you is so high and you want to charge me a 25.00 and a 35.00 late fee for your error. i will never ever purchase from you again, it appears you do not help your great customers nor do you care. i didnt get half the merchandise i ordered, and was charged for it anyway.

then a 25.00 and 35.00 late fee? are you kiddin me or what? i called several times, got nowhere. i am not paying the late charges. remove them off my bill now. look and see what great credit i have and what a great customer i have. you people are greedy and it appears you are awful in your service and orders.

laura flesher

never again.


i was in the jcpennys in jacksonville florida and ofcourse me being a mom i was looking for something for my little girl so i went to the jewlery department and was looking for a nice pair of earings well the sales women looked at my little girl and called her a fatty, me as a mom walked away crying and took a breath and walked back and asked her if she thought that was ok to call a infant fatty? then i talked to the jcpenneys manager who didnt even care the whole time i was telling him what happened she was laughing in the background so i throw all my stuff that i was going to buy on the counter in her face and walked away.

they are horrible people at jcpenney!


I USED to love buying jewelry at JCPenney until I encountered a problem buying this item online. I purchased this item as a gift on 4/11 and today is 4/20 any item hasnt been shipped yet! I’ve purchased hundreds of items online and Im used to getting them no later than a week, but after purchasing this item, I was notified that it wouldnt shipped until 9 days later 4/19, which made me a little worried because the gift wouldnt arrive in time for this special occasion. So on 4/13 I decided to call JCPenney customer service and cancel my order, but was told that I couldnt because the item was at the manufacturer.

So on 4/19, I decided to track my order, it still hadnt shipped, liked promised. So on 4/20 I called JCPenney customer service again, wondering why come my item hasnt shipped yet, the lady said that she couldnt give me an answer to why the item hasnt shipped, so I told her, how un happy I was and I would appreciate it if she could cancel my order because I no longer want the item because the item is taking too long to ship. She told me that she couldnt cancel my order, but if I called back tomorrow and if it hadnt shipped yet, then they would be able to cancel my order.

Ok, now Im really upset because she couldnt resolve the issue nor did her response sound promising and now I’ve gotten two different stories about why I couldnt cancel my order. And if that was really the case, when she looked my order up in the computer and seen that the item was not shipped yet, she couldve cancelled the order then. As much as I love shopping at JCPenney, I am quite positive I will not be giving this company another dime!

And hopefully a representative can help me change my mind about this company and find a better way to provide customer service or at least, make this customer happy and feel confident about spending my money here!


I have been a jcpennys customer for many years.I have always purchased my t shirts from your company. So my complaint is this, you had a brand i belive it was called town craft recently i purchased one dozen new t shirts and they say that the old brand was no longer and they switched to the stafford brand and the sales person assured me that they were of the same quality but that was an out lie. the neck starts to wrinkle soon after i don the shirt. this is a big dissapointment to me the collar of the shirt looks like the one the hanes commercial uses to show there collars dont wrinkle. upset with this jcpenney and filing a complaint because of it.


I purchased a 20 pc. Venezia Pan Set that was advertised in a JCPenneys day after Thanksgiving flyer for 59.88 with a 40.00 rebate, final cost 19.88. We adopt a family in need every year at Christmas and I thought this would be a nice gift for a grandmother who is raising 2 teenagers. I sent all the items that the rebate requested and in the time frame that was listed. I never received my rebate. I have been a loyal customer of JCPenneys for over 35 years and have spent a lot of money in their stores. I just feel like I was mislead by this offer. I would not have purchased the item if it had not had the rebate. I try to stretch the dollars as far as they will go for our adopted families each year.

I saved a copy of everything I sent in and I sent a request to rewards by mail.com to review the status of the rebate. After nearly 3 weeks and a second request I finally received an email stating that JCPenneys was sorry but they never received the rebate form and that the time frame had expired to resubmit. I just feel like I was shafted. A very unhappy JCPenneys customer!


I came into the Jcpenney in Paris, TX to buy a pair of shoes. I was offered to open an account by a gentlemen working there and in return I could get a 10% off discount if I got approved or not. I didn’t get approved but he gave me the percentage off anyway. A few days later I was in Jcpenney with my son who was also offered a card by a young lady. But she said you had to be approved to get the 10% off. I explained to her that I hadn’t got approved and got the percentage off but she would not give it to my son. We moved to another line and this person gave us the discount. My son wasn’t approved for the Jcpenney card either. Everyone should do the same to all customers. If one person gives you a discount for not getting approved for the card then everyone should!


My husband and I went to our local JCPenney to buy a suit for our wedding. The suit was tried on in the store and bought and taken home. It was placed in the closet until the day we left for our trip. We went 200 miles to very well known area and got married there. 2 hours before the ceremony, I got the suit out with a dress shirt. I ironed the shirt and checked the suit. To my surprise There was an INK TAG on the jacket!!!! 200 miles from home, 2 hours until our wedding!!! JCPenney has its own tagging system, so this COULD NOT be taken to just any store for removal. I called the store where it was bought and was told I could take it to the nearest Penney’s and have it removed.

The nearest JCPenney store was a little over an hour away. I was running everywhere to try to find another jacket….no one had one in his size. So our wedding was ruined!!!! WE got married with him in his dress shirt and tie. When we returned home, we went to the store. We were offered $20 dollars in a gift card. $20? My wedding ruined and the offer me $20?


I was very upset when i brought things back to jcpenney to only exchange and was declined. Was told to call a service called
The Retail Equation. I was told i can not bring anything back until 90days in which my receipt expires after 90days and they would need to do the exchange as if i had no receipt and might not take the items back, because policy says they do not half to with a expire receipt or no receipt. I have been a customer with JCPenney for close to 20years must have spend over thousands of dollar in that time and my payments have been on time and sent in more then the payment asks for.

The company that’s handling the return declines, handle people that buy things and bring them back worn, does not have reciepts, and comments fraud and abuse there credit card. How i got in this category i don’t know and no one seems to be able to tell my why. As a valuable customer I am very insulted and upset at the whole matter. I am now working on paying off the credit card and am not going to use it anymore. I will close the account even if it hurts my credit, i have other cards that know how to treat there customers better. I shop at JC Penney for my daughters clothes and do bring things back to exchange or get something else, but it’s very rare that i walk out of the store with nothing.

JCPenney needs to know how to treat there very good customers better, I would not recommend the store any more to anyone, they did not notified me of any changes on exchanges or returns. I found out at the register with everyone looking on. Shame on you JCPenney…


We ordered a Bedroom set from the catalog at JC PENNEY, Lancaster, PA. Within a week, we canceled the order as we found better products else where. By the time we canceled it, the Order was not even processed for shipping. The rep said everything will be refunded back to my JCP Credit Card which I opened just before placing the order to save an additional 10% on the order. Today I get a call from JCP Credit services that my account is past due. No part of the order was shipped, since the order request did not even go to their warehouse. I created an online account for my JCP Credit Card and I see that my order was canceled, but the refund was not posted in full to my JCPenney Credit Card.

When I Inquired about it, they put me on call for 5 hours, transferring to various departments, but didn’t offer any resolution. After 5 hours of aggravation, they just hung up. I was so furious, I called them back, and the same thing repeats. Now I’m not sure what to do, who to talk to. This is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I’m never shopping at JCPenney nor will recommend it to anyone. They completely suck. I hope they get out of business ASAP with heavy competition from KOHL’s and Macy’s.

Aggravated Victim.


A guy whose name is OB. He is the MOD, I know him for few years. He is a big thief no one can catch him. Almost four years he has been steeling from JCPenney in terms of merchandise. If you look at his shopping history you will know it. He always hides the clearance merchandise in the stock room where he has access to. If you let this continue JCPenney will loose reputation and money. JCpenny is a highly reputable company. JCPenney can get people better than OOB. Please, Please verify his shopping history and find out the truth. This complaint is for the benefit of Hyattsville Store at the Mall of Prince Georges. Thank YOU, Sincerely.


my complaint is actually with Abercrombie and Fitch, the strong fragrance that permeates through the Mal and now JCPenny store has prevented me from shopping in that area so JCPenny has lost a customer unfortunately. I could not breathe, and I went home with a headache Christmas time. I have complained to Abercrombie management but nothing is being done, fragrance is a known toxin and breathing in this overly strong fragrance is causing long term damage to many people and they don’t even realize it. to my knowledge it is coming through an air duct, I have heard others complain so I hope this gets resolved so I can go back to the Mall.


I went jcpenny Store on Bayplazza , Bronx NY store to Buy a shoe on 01/22/11. However, at that day there are so many sales man around us and we can’t see our own because they are interrupt us.By the way, when i checked 2/3 shoes and i was thinking with myself which one look good, at that time the jcpenny Shoe’s supervisor came and asked why i took the shoe form display, why did i take 2/3 type shoe for look. My question is if there is any restriction that a jcpenny customer can’t see more than one shoe then they suppose to make a poster that no body can see more than one shoe.

You know, it’s really hurts me because most of the time i go JCPennY store to buy but what is the way they behave it’s really disappointed me. I don’t know, where i have to complain about it because i also saw so many customer also looking supervisor for complain.


After placing an online order with JCPenney, this company will add a $9.95 per month fee to your JCPenney card. Their website reflects that they are an extension of the JCPenney brand. Since JCPenney credit cards are only valid for JCPenney purchases, it is clear that JCPenney is authorizing this scam. They will only reverse one charge and they will try to talk you into keeping their service. Insist on terminating and ask for a credit. The website shows their exclusive relationship with JCPenney. It is unfortunate that one of America’s most trusted brands has decided to associate with a complete scam that defrauds consumers. It would be hard to deny that they are strongly associated with JCPenney. Very sad!


We are two employees at JCPenney store in Lansing Mall, MI. Our complaint is about our co-worker. Mary, who started her job here last Summer, met Josh. They have started their adulterous office romance that was very open to anyone who knows them at our JCPenney store, and is now a result of bad mouthing and gossip about them, which makes us uncomfortable. As we feel, she is now unable to use discretion, best judgment, and she becomes less and less prepared for competition. Relationships between co-workers can end in nasty break ups, disrupt the JCPenney store office, harm teamwork, and lower morale.

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