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my complaint is actually with Abercrombie and Fitch, the strong fragrance that permeates through the Mal and now JCPenny store has prevented me from shopping in that area so JCPenny has lost a customer unfortunately. I could not breathe, and I went home with a headache Christmas time. I have complained to Abercrombie management but nothing is being done, fragrance is a known toxin and breathing in this overly strong fragrance is causing long term damage to many people and they don’t even realize it. to my knowledge it is coming through an air duct, I have heard others complain so I hope this gets resolved so I can go back to the Mall.


I went jcpenny Store on Bayplazza , Bronx NY store to Buy a shoe on 01/22/11. However, at that day there are so many sales man around us and we can’t see our own because they are interrupt us.By the way, when i checked 2/3 shoes and i was thinking with myself which one look good, at that time the jcpenny Shoe’s supervisor came and asked why i took the shoe form display, why did i take 2/3 type shoe for look. My question is if there is any restriction that a jcpenny customer can’t see more than one shoe then they suppose to make a poster that no body can see more than one shoe.

You know, it’s really hurts me because most of the time i go JCPennY store to buy but what is the way they behave it’s really disappointed me. I don’t know, where i have to complain about it because i also saw so many customer also looking supervisor for complain.


After placing an online order with JCPenney, this company will add a $9.95 per month fee to your JCPenney card. Their website reflects that they are an extension of the JCPenney brand. Since JCPenney credit cards are only valid for JCPenney purchases, it is clear that JCPenney is authorizing this scam. They will only reverse one charge and they will try to talk you into keeping their service. Insist on terminating and ask for a credit. The website shows their exclusive relationship with JCPenney. It is unfortunate that one of America’s most trusted brands has decided to associate with a complete scam that defrauds consumers. It would be hard to deny that they are strongly associated with JCPenney. Very sad!


We are two employees at JCPenney store in Lansing Mall, MI. Our complaint is about our co-worker. Mary, who started her job here last Summer, met Josh. They have started their adulterous office romance that was very open to anyone who knows them at our JCPenney store, and is now a result of bad mouthing and gossip about them, which makes us uncomfortable. As we feel, she is now unable to use discretion, best judgment, and she becomes less and less prepared for competition. Relationships between co-workers can end in nasty break ups, disrupt the JCPenney store office, harm teamwork, and lower morale.

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