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This complaint dates back to 12/2012 when I emailed jcpennyI disgust my dec pmt error from my bank. It was 1day late and tacked on a fee. The next bill minimum pmt due was ontop on the late fee and each month after. Even know my bill was pd on time. I was charged because of the minimum pmt due was with the fee that should have never been charged to my account in the first place. I received 7 letters from JCPenny all dated the same day regarding the 35.00 late fee. How does something like this happen with such a reputable and professional Company. I've have such a problem trying to fix one late fee from December 2012 and it has spiral out of control. I would like JC Penny to look at my account as a account holder and consumer and not just a number. Please help me with these error(s).


When they trashed the clothing and shoe department I thought, oh well there is always the hair salon and household goods. Guess what? They are busy trashing it. I have been a loyal JC Penney customer for over 20 years and purchased many of my clothes there. First, they attacked sizes. Being small, I could no longer find any dress pants in my size, but could find lingerie and other items. I just returned from our local store and in addition to inappropriate selections, there were not many selections at all. So, to me another reliable, American icon bites the dust. How terribly sad.


Today i saw a table full of shawls, collars, caps, and wraps. looking at the labels, it was from china and it was real wild coyoty fur. look on you tube and see how china skins or boils alive, its cats, dogs, coyoty, red panda, etc. to send abroad to stores like you. it is appalling. i will never purchase from penny’s no will any of my colleagues who are against china export of tortured animals. there is no need at all, to sell real fur. these animals go through horrid torture, and stores who sell it, keep there business alive. you should be ashamed. i am posting it on facebook immediately. stop this right now, and put china’s skinning animals alive, out of business.


A month or so ago I went to the Fort Wayne IN Glenbrook JCPenney to purchase underwear. I have been purchasing Stafford brand underwear for as long as I can remember. The shelves were nearly empty of most sizes. My popular size, 36 Brief and large tall for the heavyweight t-shirts were nowhere to be found with the Stafford label. So I asked the young man at the counter what was up with the underwear inventory. His comment was "we are working on that". I did not purchase any underwear.

Fast forward to today. I was surprised to find almost the same situation. I did find the briefs in my size and after searching through bin after bin, I found and purchased the last two packages of heavyweight large tall t-shirts you had. It was hard not to notice that you are now putting two tee's in a package and charging the same price as the older three per package.

A young employee passed by to move some containers that were empty that he may have been using to stock the shelves, so I asked him what was up with the smaller packaging and the same price. Half embarrased he said "yea I know" and walked away. I have always known that I pay more for the t-shirts and briefs. I have liked the quality and fit so I am comfortable paying a bit more..... until today. I am sorry to say I will be shopping somewhere else from now on.


To whom it may concern, My family and I went to the JcPenney's in Victorville, C.A. on Wednesday Jan. 2,2013 in the evening. I had got a gift card for Christmas so I was going to purchase some items. We made it a family outing. We have four kids which two of our kids our 2 and 3 years of age.

So As I'm looking around my husband grabbed the mesh bag displayed by the doors as you come in to shop to put your items in. He had put the kids jackets in them along. So when I was done shopping, my husband walked out by the mall to sit in the chairs with the kids so I could pay.

Forgetting about the mesh jcpenneys bag he had on his shoulders (which normally would alarm to remind us it couldn't leave the store). We walked thru the rest of the mall continuing on with our shopping. As we our headed back to JcPenney's our last stop was at Kays Jewlers to check up on my ring.

As my husband and I are talking two men walk-one a very large black man over 6ft high husky in built and a shorter man hispanic come over to my husband and interrupted our conversation and demanded us return the bag to the store now. My husband told them no problem we are headed back anyways.

As we proceed to walk back to the store these two men are walking right on my husbands back as if we are criminals and are being arrested. My two young boys became very uncomfortable and were intimidated by these two mean who are looking very mean at there dad and they are concerned they are going to hurt him.

My husband makes a comment to lightened the kids up that don't worry its just the FBI on our tail. As we walk into the store I had to get another bag because the plastic jcpenneys bag my clothes were in was ripping from the hanger. As I'm getting the bag I look over to my right I see those guys standing there laughing.

It bothered me so I went over to them and asked them are they security for JcPenney's or the mall because they are dressed in plain clothes. They hispanic guy got an attitude and said JcPenneys so what about it. I asked them do they think it was right the way they treated us and the hispanic guy started to get sarcastic and say you shouldn't of stole the bag.

I said we didn't it was an accident we forgot about it and he continued to be disrespectful. So I asked him his name and he told me then said so what of it what am I gonna do about it. His actions were aggressive as if he was some thug off the street.

My husband walked up and heard the way he was talking to me and told he is not gonna talk to me that way and tone it down. The guy started getting smart like he was gonna fight my husband. I asked the black guy his name and he said don't worry about it. My husband told him to get the manager and he said no, get him yourself.

As I'm getting my kids and we are walking away they are following us harassing us down the isle. I'm looking at a worker who is standing there talking to another worker and asked him if he could please call the manager. The hispanic man said he was the manager and his name was Tito. I couldn't believe he was the manager and could obviously see there was a confrontation going on and he didn't immediately interveine.

I told him I need to speak to him and explained what had happened. As I am explaining the hispanic guy rudely interrupts and starts raising his voice and being rude and kept saying you shouldn't of taken the bag in an aggressive way. I told the manager I couldn't believe he was allowing this punk to talk to me this way. I have never been so disrespected in my life.

My family has always shopped here since I was a young girl and in turn our kids shop there but now I will never ever shop there again. It shows his employee has no respect for his authority and doesn't care. He then said to the hispanic guy in a soft whisper voice oh yeah don' t talked to her that way. At the same time the black guy asked my husband if he did anything wrong. He sais I know the other guy did but I didn't.

My husband said at first you didn't, but when you refused to give us your name or get the manager then you did. He didn't like what my husband had to say so he stormed off with the hispanic guy. I told the manager I can't believe my four young kids had to witness this. Those guys are a representation of your company, and I will not shop or bring my family into an environment that condones this behavior.

The manager made us feel like he was just appeasing the moment but wasn't gonna really do anything about it. I am young and have been a manager for a company for years, and I never would allow anyone to step into our place of business with that kind of bad attitude.

They would be fired immediately especially doing it right in front of the manager. There is never any reason to treat anyone like this. And what are your employees doing wandering around the mall in a jewlery store anyways when they should be working.


Courtney a teller at flowood ms was extremely rude. I was friendly and polite and in fact this is the first time in 40 years that I have complained about someone in work field. Her rudeness has caused me to go to kohls. You have lost a valued customer of 25 years due to her unbelievable rudeness.


As an JCPenney international customer, I have been visiting Florida for the last 10 years, and have shopped in your stores multiple times during each of these trips. I have never felt the need to complain to a store before, but the incompetence and rudeness of your staff has left me so angry that I now feel the need to express it somewhere.

My first poor experience of JCPenney this holiday was before Christmas when I attended your Davenport store to take advantage of your JCP Cash offer, whereby a $10 coupon can be used on purchases of over $50. Upon entering the store with my mother, customers were being handed several of the aforementioned (photocopied) coupons by a staff member. To save time (so we didn't have to join the line to get some), we grabbed one from the pile and continued into the store. Additionally, while browsing I noticed several sales associates gathering these used JCPenney coupons from behind the various checkout points, and then handing these out to new customers.

Since your staff were giving out multiple coupons to each customer, one would assume that each customer is permitted to use more than one coupon. Apparently not. During a similar sales event the week before this incident I had printed off a couple of these coupons from your website, unaware of the fact they were freely given out in store. In fact, when I got to the checkout on this occasion I was told not to even bother printing off the coupons since they rarely scanned. I was advised that the staff always kept "master" copies of these JCPenney coupons at the checkout anyway. So, with this in mind, I am waiting in a long line to pay for my purchases. I end up waiting for 11 minutes (only two checkout points in the store were open, despite this being a "massive sales event") before we are greeted by a sales associate.

My mother gave the gentleman her $75 purchase and it is processed and paid for using the coupon. I then present my $60 worth of merchandise and state my wish to utilise the coupon (I felt the need to specify this, because after witnessing an argument between customers and your staff before I realised that unlike other stores, namely Macys, apparently JCPenney doesn't scan coupons that are being given out freely within your store unless the customer specifically requests that they do).

The sales associate tells me he can't, because it's already been used. I question this, explaining that I've seen other members of staff restocking the coupon pile from the used ones behind the till. He is persistent that he can't, and he tells me I must walk the 20 feet to go and get a "new" (i.e. previously been used by another customer and put back onto the "new" pile) photocopied voucher. Feeling slightly cross but not wanting an argument, I walk like to the associate giving out coupons at the front of the store. He gives me 3.

I return to the checkout and my payment is processed. Wonderful, one down and one more to go. I place the next $60 lot of merchandise on the checkout, this time feeling secretly smug that I already have my next coupon ready and waiting. However, now your sales associate tells me he can't process the transaction because I've already used the offer once. I question the sense of this when the employee at the front of the JCPenney store is giving multiple coupons to each customer anyway. I ask him what's stopping me from just paying elsewhere in the store. He, perhaps not surprisingly, has no answer. Now furious, I make my way to the other line (remember, still only two checkout points open) and wait again, this time for 8 minutes. I complete my payment and leave the store.

My second poor experience of your store actually occurs on several occasions and actually occurred in three of your stores. It is based on the complete inability of any of your sales associates (or at least the ones I have had the misfortune to deal with) to effectively deal with a traveller's cheque. When in England, we are encouraged to use traveller's cheques as a means of payment rather than cash for security reasons. I have never had a problem paying with a traveller's cheque in any other store (I have successfully used them in Macys, Wal-Mart, Sears, Dillards, Bath and Body Works to name a few) in the 7 weeks I have been here.

Yet in your stores in Davenport, the Florida Mall and Estero, Florida I have had problems. On one occasion two female employees stood behind the counter discussing why they thought the $100 cheque could be fake while waiting for a manager to come down. I found this particularly insulting, and felt the need upon this occasion to endure another 10 painful minutes in your store waiting to speak to the store manager.

He was very apologetic, repeatedly informing me that he didn't want to lose my custom. Clearly that's all customers are to you.. money. The other two occasions involving traveller's cheques involved me being asked to wait to one side while the sales associate continued to serve other people. After waiting for at least 5 minutes, a manager turned up to press a button on the till thus allowing the payment to be processed (why this couldn't have been communicated over the telephone, I have no idea).

The only time I was ever offered an apology was when the manager was called down, and like I mentioned earlier, he was only sorry "to lose our custom." The thing is with traveller's cheques, if I were in a store that wasn't the tourist capital of America I might be able to understand the lack of staff training, but in Orlando. Really?! I felt so angry after this that I even did one of your customer surveys advertised on the back of your receipts - I couldn't even fully express my anger there due to a word limit. How funny, you want customer feedback but only 1000 words of it.

My third JCPenney complaint and perhaps the worst occurred today and it left me so incensed I felt the need to write this message. I was in your Davenport store today (16th January 2012 between 20.35 and 21.00), once again with my mother, to purchase some cosmetics. After spending 20 minutes deciding on the purchase, we continued to the Sephora check out where a young lady served us. I swiped my credit card (MasterCard) and signed the little screen. The associate then asks me if my name is "Jenifer" to which I answer yes.

She then asks for photo identification. Confused, I tell her that I have shopped with my credit card for 7 weeks in this country and have not once been asked for ID in either JCPenney or any other store. She insists she must see it, explaining the computer is asking for it. I tell her I don't have any (I don't have a driving license and I leave my passport safely locked up in my accommodation - as I am advised to do when travelling), all I have are other bank cards and credit cards. She calls over a manager. The manager turns up after a few minutes later and tells me she will on this occasion accept another card with a signature on it. I once again ask why they need further identification when they never have before, apparently the manager tells me it's store policy and on every other occasion that I've used the card the sales associate has been breaking store policy.

I have travelled the world, and in every other country (and apparently in every other store in Florida) I have visited, when you use a credit card, the signature on the back of the card is compared to the one you provide at the checkout - the transaction is then approved by the sales associate if the signatures match. Your staff didn't even want to see the back of my card. Getting angry at the lack of explanation by your staff (hiding behind the "it's company policy" excuse is not a valid explanation - WHY is it company policy?) and the rudeness of the manager, I refuse to provide another card with a signature.

The manager leaves without apologising or anything. Dumbfounded, I ask the cashier what is happening and she tells me she can't proceed with the transaction. She tells us she has rejected the transaction on the screen so it shouldn't go through, but doesn't provide any evidence of this (in England if something like this happens, you are always given a "void slip").


Though I realize it may not be jcp or any of the employees, I bought a CHI flat iron from the salon. Got it home, the next morining went to get ready for church and it didnt work. I took it back and exchanged it for another one. It work approximately a week, and have an important meeting today, dressed up, went to do my hair...and now the 2nd on also does not work.

I live 30 minutes away from Carbondale, IL, where the nearest jcp is. So for the 2nd time within 2 weeks, I have to return a $90 flat iron (luckily it was on sale for $90). I am very frustrated about this! You could maybe expect this from a no name store or a no name brand...but sad a CHI from JCP!!!


I have been a JCP customer for almost 30 years and have always been satisfied with the service. It has been one company I have always trusted and could rely on. However, this past xmas I was very dissappointed. I ordered a necklace in November and after not receiving it for 2 weeks I called and was told it would not even be shipped until the 14th of Dec. but I would recieve it by xmas.

I believed this to be true. Late on December 21st I received an email saying that the necklace was no longer available. This left me without a gift that I was relying on and with no days left for me to shop with my schedule. (I live 45 min. from any jewelry store) I also had a inconvenient situation in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. When I made a purchase I was told that they were trying a new way to place purchases on the card.

It did not work to give me a receipt and I was told to wait for the manager to figure it out. After 10 minutes and the manager not showing up I just requested my money back and return the item. She couldn't even get that to work. Though I was running late to leave the mall, I was told to go shop and come back later for the receipt. Help me to trust your company again. Tracy


I used my 10 dollar rewards for spending over 100 dollars on two items, even though I originally intended to only purchase one item, a shirt. The second item, some shoes for my son were too small and the store did not have half sizes, so I asked for a refund, but Steve, the very slow sales person that took over 8 minutes to ring up a shoe sale ( 3 minutes was spent on removing stickers and placing the shoes in a bag) told me that because I used my rewards coupon, I would only get back 13.33 for the twenty dollar shoes. Had I not had a receipt I would have received the full 20 dollars I paid for them and IF I had purchase them separately from the shirt I would have received my $20, BUt COmpany policy says that when using a coupon, the discount gets prorated to the number of items purchased. AND this makes no sense. I get 13.33 back and you get to resale them for $20, or after the sale for $30. He got his supervisor and she told me the same lame policy and I had to leave mad and upset. I was told the only way to have a full refund is to return both the shirt and the shoes, which is a 45 minute roundtrip and another 3 dollars in gas in order to get my full refund. I also called to complain, put she was just as adamant about corporate policy. I am left with no choice but to make my own policy , which is to cancel my jcpenny card and never support you business again. I have also worked in retail for over twenty years for a variety off retail establishments, all corporate policies can be overridden especially when they do not make sense.


I was not going to send anything in, but wanted to let someone know that we have been receiving button that have already been used. It's not just 1 location. I stop daily depending on where I am working to get my buttons and I at 1st thought it was my error that I had a button in my pocket that I already used, but so far I have come across +6 buttons that someone has already entered.

My daughter has had about 5 and she does not get daily buttons so she is worse off than me. I do not know if it is the cashiers or maybe when some people are entering them they are entered incorrectly, but this seems to be happening more often now we are winding down. I should of keep them separated, but didnt think much about it until I mentioned it to a co-worker and they said they got one in DuBois,

Pa today that also was used. This will make 4 from DuBois between my daughter and I that have been used.

I have tried, tried, tried in vain to enter the bogus 'BUTTON CAMPAIGN' only to be so frustrated that I want to do something evil to the JCP people who are responsible. This whole absolutely awful experience has put me off JCP entirely. Shame, shame, shame on them! I tried to call them only to be told "I don't work in that department.

I don't know anything about it" by some idiot woman. I intend to make sure they lose money on this great deal. I now consider them just another rip-off store who I hold in absolute contempt. Now I tried to submit this complaint and cannot because of an "invalid recaptcha" which is one of the original complaints! The ultimate in crass disrespect to customers!

Me and my familty have been collecting the buttons for the past few weeks and I now have 14 buttons that keep telling me: Sorry. Looks like something went wrong. Please check your 7-digit code and try again. What am I suppose to do with these buttons to see if I won anything.

On Thursday Dec. 13 in enter 2 buttons one said I had a 5 dollar certificate the other said I had a 10 doksh kllar certificate. I did every thing it told me to do I hit the red button to claim my prize, but I have yet to receive my e-mail saying my certificate is ready.

Sirs: Have received two "you have won" notices. Both times I have filled out all of the forms and followed the information.

I have supposedly won $5.oo gift certificate twice. First date 12/16 second one12/17. I have received NO follow up from the game people. How about a little help here? Hope to hear from you soon. Time is running out according to your rules of the game.


Dear JC Penny, I will not shop at your store ever again. The sign on the table said $15 for t-shirts so I bought one and it was 22 dollars when I saked about it they said it was another shirt, but there was no other shirts there, Everything on the table was 22 dollars with a pair of jeans for 35 nothing was 15 dollars. The sign is large enought to bring your attebtion to it so you see and think all is 15 dollars very very misleading. Ever since you changed your store I have hated to shop there. So this will be the last time. And I will let my friends also know about your store. Your employees were very rude also. I was at the store in St Claire Mall in Fairview Heights IL. Thank you


I was followed through the Mt. Shasta Mall after accidentally leaving the store with a clearance baby shirt hanging on a hanger from the stroller which had my 10 month old son in it. The Loss Prevention woman from JCP grabbed my arm and spun me around while I was in line at Radio Shack (also in ther mall). I was embarrassed and completely cooperative and she held my elbow as I was pushing my stroller and escorted me back to the store. She said I had better tell her everything that happened and not to lie because she had it on tape. Clearly if she actually watched it she would see it was only an oversite on my part.

She said I was under citizens arrest and that I wouldnt go to jail if I have a clean record for theft. Then she poured hand snitizer all over her arms becase she touched the psoriasis on my arms when grabbing and escorting me. She asked if I was going to spread it, I was mortified. I asked for a copy of the tape in which they "caught me purposefully shoplifting" and they refused. In addition I havnt even been convicted yet and I'm getting threatening calls/letters from a lawyers office for a bill. I would like a response to my complint how you plan to handle this, I feel like I was mis-treated and manipulated.


I just received a call from a lady stating that she was calling from JCPenney. She asked if our student's wore uniforms. I answered yes. She then proceeded to ask for colors. I explained that we are under contract with another company and were not interested.

She then told me that if I didn't tell her, that JCPenney would continue to call me until I answered their questions. I again said we are not interested and if that was the case, my answer would be NO when asked if we wore uniforms. She then yelled at me and told me that "I" am the reason that schools are struggling. She then hung up on me. I do not appreciate this and this does not make me want to do business with JCPenney at all!


Got a letter last month from JCP saying they were slashing my credit to "$100" (after two years of having this account, and being upgraded unsolicited to gold) "after careful analysis of my credit history". I never missed a payment and was very careful. This was insulting. I paid it off and closed the account. Is this is how you treat working Americans?


I have two buttons and every time I enter the code it says that something has gone wrong re-enter the code number and try again or invalid capcha code. I have been trying to enter these 2 codes for 2 days. I`m totally bummed!

On 11/23/2012 I shop at Jc Penneys and spent $212.00. I was giving two buttons with codes #tbgnd2m and #kig34ad, which I submitted and won a gift certificate for $5.00, which I never recieved.

I shoped at penneys again on 12/14/2012 and spent $59.36 and was giving two more buttons with the codes #xh3hjxk and #q3tpbxy, I never recieved the first gift as promised, how do I know if I will recieve the second gift?

I have recieve two buttons from the store located at the Westroads in Omaha, NE. I had problems trying to get the buttons to work. I enter one of the buttons and the respond was. The buttons had been used. Another respond was the code was not correct and diffferent codes kept coming up.

I enter two butttons prior to this case but did not recevie anything from my e-mail telling if I won or try again. The very first time I tried the buttons I had no problems but just recently I have had alot of problems with this promtion recently.


This complaint is for the hair salon in Hazard Ky. On two seperate occasions I have been treated absolutely awful by the same woman. I made an appointment during the free hair cut special for my 3 children. I patiently waited over an hour and was then told that it would be another hour because the paying customers come first. She was so rude and humiliated me in front of alot of people. I left without saying anything and just decided to let it go.

I went back in there today and when I walked in the same woman and another employee were sitting in the chairs. I told them I needed three haircuts and once again this woman treated me horrible. She rolled her eyes and acted like I shouldn't be there. She then went up to the counter and said I hope you know that haircuts for children have gone up to 14.oo.

She didn't want to cut their hair so she was hoping I wouldn't want to pay that much. I do not know this woman personally so I know she can't have anything against me. I can't understand how Jc Penny can allow an employee to treat their customers with such disrespect. I've asked around and found out her name is Vanessa Baker. I will never be back there again.


So is it unreasonable to think that I should be able to walk through JCPenney without almost getting knocked out by low signage? This happened to me and I was so mad that I asked to speak with a manager . After explaining what happened, that I was simiply walking through the women's dress department and I was looking at the merchandise and got whacked on the head with a sign that was hanging from the ceiling, I felt I my concerns were disregarded by the manager. I was told that the manufacturer of that particular line of clothing has strict guidelines as to how high the sign can be. REALLY? Evidently it is more important to follow the manaufacturers instructions that be concerned about customer's well being and safety. I asked her if it was worth someone getting hurt. All she told me is that she would inquire about it but didn't offer to raise the sign. This isn't the first time this has happened to me. I didn't mention it the last time but this time I was angry. The manager looked at me like I was freakishly tall. I am just under 6' tall but that shouldn't matter. To top it off, the manager didn't even apologize. I felt I was blown off. Guess I won't be shopping there anymore. It just isn't safe for me and my family since we are all tall. I'll spread the word that JCPenney doesn't care about their customer's safety. I still have a lump on my head!


I brought my 13 year old daughter into JCPenneys to get a hair cut ($22) signed her in and told the lady at the desk that I wanted a HAIRCUT for my daughter. After waiting quite some time with no customers the same lady that met us at the front desk started cutting my daughters hair. The lady did quite a wonderful job of cutting very little hair from my childs head, then blow drying and styling it without asking my permission. She then added $10 to final charge for the service I did not request nor did we need. It was quite obvious the lady was upset and very quickly called in "somebody" else that worked for JCPenneys.

So enters this new lady, we both quickly explained our sides, me stating that I asked for a hair cut, the lady working there stating that I shouldn't leave without paying for services rendered. Now, as far as I understand, a 13 year old cannot create a leagally binding contract in the United States of America no matter who, what, when, were, or why, but the lady cutting my daughters hair seemed to think different, as she stated that when she takes her 4 year old son to get his hair cut that what he says goes....At this point I am getting more upset and embarrased over the fact that I am having to argue over this. After stating our points, me and the beautition, to the third JCPenney party, the result was, "I don't know what to".

Since the third party did not help at all, I asked if there was somebody higher we can talk to. I was refusing to let this go, as I believe in America that a 13 year old cannot concent to a leagally binding agreement, but the the beautition refused to let us leave unless she rewashed my daughters hair, removing all of her talented glory, thus negating the $10 difference of her blowdrying expertice, surely further damaging my daughters hair and costing the store more money in product, and both of us in time. I am severly upset and will NEVER EVER EVER shop JCPenneys again, and will SURELY spread the word of my bad experience.


I have been to JCP several times this holiday season and like everyone else in my family have been entering the buttons everyday....i have gotten several buttons that the 7-digit code came back invalid and a couple of buttons had two "china" stickers on them.

I went to JCP last night to try and trade them in and would only give one button with purchase....tried to explain that i have made purchases, that's how i got the buttons in the first place, only wanted to trade them in for valid codes!! I am very disappointed in how i was treated and that so many buttons had invalid codes!! How is JCP going to rectify this situation??

I entered your button code, and I got the message that my button had already been used. While I am not a frequent shopper, I do spend a good portion of my Christmas budget in JCP.

I had just went to the store, to pick up a few buttons after I was told about all of the great prizes being given out. First of all my mother nearly got yelled at, by a boy who refused to give her a button because she did not make a purchase, to the point where she wouldn't go to the same register to pay for items trying to avoid this boy.

Also I received two button, a friend of mine received two, and my mother received two. When we arrived home to check them one of the codes was already in use and the others said that the code was invalid. After this I looked up a few reviews on the program with similar problems.

I was wondering if there were in working codes, we could possibly went sent? After all we drove about 45 minutes out of the way and waited in a line only to receive poor service (not from everyone mind you, just one boy) and malfunctioning buttons. I have never been disappointed with JCPenny's until now.


I have been playing JCP holiday button game and have won several times. I have received most of the certificates that I have won but three of them, won on 11/26 and 11/27. I emailed the contact provided on the site several times in several reworded ways but get the same generic email to check my spam and that the emails might be coming in slow due to the provider you have.

They are not in my spam and I have received every other message from them before and after. I then called JCP and got an email address to contact, it did not work. Next I emailed the contact address from the JCP site and have not gotten any reply or acknowledgement . Very frustrating .

When I buy at JC Penny they told me that every button they give always have a gift. When I went to chistmas button code it said that my button is not the luck winner. I feel cheated. If they said for the people to keep buying that is not the way to do it. I am very disapointed.


Your JCPenney store sales practices are not cost effective and take cosumer's time for granted. You store no longer has weekly or monthly advertised sales, so customers are expected to visit the store and hope to stumble on a sale of items they might need. You do however, send picture magazines depicting items that can be seen at the store or internet. This week I recieved two magazines. Each was presented differently, but contained the same items. This is redundant, a poor use of advertisemnt investment, and not ecologically friendly. I would have benefited more from one flyer adverstising a JCPenney sale I might have been interested in. Your stores have signs advertising price ranges such as "10.00 and up" However, her is seldom anything at the lower price. So, customers are foreced to spend time looking through racks. This is not customer friendly to older clients who can't stand for long periods of time. It also keeps non buyers in your store. Gas is expensive and time is valuable. Our economy is in crisis. Who's dome idea is it not to advertise sales? Is this your idea of accomodating clients? It seems to me that advertisement has always been JCP's down fall. Two yrs. ago you over advertised with expensive commercials and flyers. Now you misalocate advertismnt money by producing magazines that depict merchandise and never notify clients of sales. I learned that when you have advertised sales like the one on JCPenney black friday, many if not most advertised items were not available. You need new managment.


For one Christmas button I entered on line, your msg said that it was a winner and I must claim it in 48 hrs. It said nothing else. I phoned the store that gave me the button and No One had a clue as to what I might do to claim my winning prize. The experience has given me a sour taste in my mouth as to the waste of time I have spent. Also, I need to let u know that you have probably lost a lot of catalog sales due to a lack of work staff taking orders. It took about 15 min. Holding before I got a sales rep. In the past I have never waited like that and will have to reconsider when ordering items thru catalog. You will turn a better profit in hiring enough workers rather than sending out merchandise magazines that are quickly tossed. Also, know people like the idea they are getting a good sale. Your new strategy of reasonable pricing might just backfire. For sure, your christmas button promotion is pretty much a hoax. Please use wisdom and keep your stores in business.


Every salon in the USA opens at 8 o'clock or earlier but now your salon will open at ten what the heck are you thinking. I take my wife and her sister at 8.00 and the salon is busy.This is what a lot of elderly people do go early to everything including doctors, dentist etc.what are people going to do when they have weddings or functions early on Saturdays use your heads your salon is a money maker for you. Please rethink this option before you lose even more customers.Like I said earlier there are a lot of salons that open before 10.00 please let me no who made this bright choice.


Please bring back the old jc penny all departments always bought all housewares yhere it has become horrible Very few places to buy country quilts you always had a great selection at fair prices they have all disappeared. many people have country decorated homes you are missing out,as there are few places to purchase them.. hope to see a big change here. sincerely J.Van Dyke


I purchased 6 pair of pants at J.C. Penney store in the Big Flats N.Y. Mall, the service at the time of sale was outstanding, two sales associates went out of their way to assist me with purchasing and ordering 4 pair of pants that were not in stock. This was on 10/22/12, I was told that the pants would be shipped out by 10/24/12, I did not recieve any shipment to my home but did get a response card in the mail that the pants would be shipped out on 11/1/12. I waited and finally got 2 of the 4 pair of pants, the enclosed invoice then said that the other pants were on back order, I went to the store and asked how long I would have to wait they said they would not be shipped until 11/29/12. I then called customer service on 11/13/12 and stated that I was not happy with the delay in delivery of my pants and asked to have my order cancelled. I have not shopped at J.C. Penny for about 2 years other then on 10/22/12, this was the first time I had been in the store since then, I really like the new set up with smaller stores within a large Department store, however my experience with service after the sale was not good. Waiting 5 or 6 weeks for a delivery is not acceptible. I also did not feel that Customer service at the store or on the phone was helpful and I felt I was just another number.

Matthew J. Leszyk


As a Christian woman, I want to tell you how offended I am over your endorsement of a disgusting skit on SNL last Saturday night. I'm telling my friends and family about this incident, and hopefully they will not shop with you either. God bless you.


I spent just over $250 online during your black Friday sales. I received a called the next day, and was told most of the items I specifcially went to JCP to buy had been back ordered then canceled, and the only solution you could offer me was a coupon. It was upsetting since I could have picked those items up somewhere on black Friday, and I now have to pay full price for them. Even so, I had still gotten some good deals, and just figured I would pick up some last minutes presents somewhere else to replace the canceled items. After almost 2 weeks I decided to see when the rest of my order would arrive. I log onto your website and to my suprise you have canceled even more of my items good deals. I received no phone call and no email, and I'm sure I will receive no other satisfactory solution other than a coupon if I do. I have no adequate words to describe the outrage and annoyance I feel torwards your company right now. I'm not sure what your company could even do to make this all right, but I am sure no one is going to care too much about my complaints for it to even matter. I would have never bought from your company had I known it would be such an inconvience, and after the service I recieved and the aggravation and resentment it has caused me to feel torwards your company I highly doubt I will EVER shop there again.


On or around August 2 2013 about 4:00 pm I was shopping at your mens department at south hill mall in Puyallup wa. As I was walking I stepped on the edging separating your tile from the carpet and my ankle was pushed outward causing a loud pop so much so I could feel it all the way to my head !My ankle now still has a feeling of something (like a torn tendon )slipping back and forth causing discomfort when I walk ( and my daily exercise is out of question ). I have not gone to the doctor as of yet I was hopping it would heel on its own ,but it has not ! I'm going to contact my doctor for an appointment . You should really take a look at your flooring before someone gets an even grater injury ! Thank you Mary Sebastian A


I was at the Jcpenny store (4/12/13) in Aberdeen SD at around 7pm this evening shopping with a male friend who wanted to buy some hello kitty shoes for his niece that he saw in the weekly add. There were two ladies working at the shoe department. One older blond lady and a younger lady with black hair and glasses! After about 10 minutes of searching for the shoes that we never found we finally dicieded to ask one of the two ladies since niether one of them asked if we needed some assistance which I thought was costomary for them to do anyway!

My male friend asked if they had the hello kitty high top shoes that were in the weekly add! The younger lady with black hair and glasses said, "well we're a smaller store so we don't always have everything that is in that add".

Ok, fine so my male friend said that it would be nice if the add only advertise what was in this store! Then the older blond lady inturupted and said "well it says on the bottom that some items are not available at all store locations".

Ok fine so we walked away and when we were in the mens department we could hear the younger lady with black hair and glasses say sarcastically and very loud "well it is not my fault don't be mad at me I don't print the add". Then the older blond lady began to laugh and say "yeah". I thought this was very unprofessional and rude! She did not have to say anything!

My male friend then responded "if you are going to talk about me make sure I'm standing in front of you and not wait until we start walking away! This unpleasant expierence just made us never to return to this Jcpenny again! I do not care if this is the only one in the area! I will shop some where else! Teach your rude employees to not talk about customers when they are walking away!


On Tuesday Sept 27th I placed an jcpenny order (#2011270581551407) and the call service I received was very willing to go well beyond their fundamental call service. Unfortunately I did not get their names but it was approximately 8:30pm Eastern time zone. The first jcpenny person I spoke to stated she would have to have manager call me back...bottom line they were open to helping the customer.

Basic issue was that I wanted a 5piece outdoor furniture set that was at a discounted jcpenny price online it stated it was unavailable but all the individual pieces were available but cost more than the complete set price but after working approximately 1 hour cause that was when I got the return call from the manager they were able to get the set at the cheaper price. They tried-that is the bottom line. After researching I found that local stores had the chairs at even a cheaper price I decided to cancel the order for the tacle set pieces.

But I had also ordered a cover for this set which jcpenny online stated was no longer available but keep in mind it was available the night prior when the order was placed. Nancy and Barb (Barbara) out of Pittsburgh, PA. Stated their was nothing they could do for me to get this cover other they watching the website to see if I could catch when it is put back as available-who has that kind of time.

Bottom line is that they were not open to even trying and now I can not get that cover so I know it may not be much but this is a lost sale and keep in mind that if the topic of jcpenny comes up in conversation with friends and co-workers this lack of a sense to try and help the customer can be discussed. I just hate that I am out of a product that I had less than 24hours ago that I really wanted. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.


I had one JCP button that said it was already used and I had 2 $5.00 buttons that were winners and said I'd receive the certificate in 48 hrs. It's been 6 or 7 days and I've gotten nothing. If you ask me which ones they were, I don't know exactly, because I've put them all together, but I did save them. I just don't know the exact codes for those 3 that didn't work.

I've already submitted my complaint, but I just wanted to add one more thing. If you validate my 3 buttons, or whatever you do to make this right, your certificates expire on the Jan. 1st and for people like me who have had a recent problem with your buttons, I feel that you should extend the expiration date.

I would've contacted you sooner about this, but it took me a little while to find out exactly where and who to send the complaint to. Thanks.


I placed an order on Dec 12, 2012. I received an email telling me that my order would be available to be picked up at the JC Penny on Davis Hwy in 4-7 business days. I called 7 business later to make sure it was in fact there, they had no record of the order. They gave me a 1800 to call where the lady I spoke with informed me the item I purchased was on back order.

This is a Christmas gift that would not even be here for Christmas! I never received an email, phone call, nothing letting me know it was on back order...nor did it tell me when I placed the order that this was the case. The ONLY email I received told me I could pick up my order in 4-7 business days!

I think it's ridiculous a courtesy email was not even sent, and the lady I spoke with told me the item was on back order when I ordered it...but that is NOT what it showed online..cleArly I got an email stating I could pick it up at the store in 4-7 days! So now I am left with no gift, and I was not even going to get a phone call?

I will NEVER purchase anything in store or online again...that is NOT how you do business and I will make sure everyone I know realized just how little you value your customers, cause had I not called...I would have showed up to pick a gift up that wasn't even there!


On Oct 13th I went into the eye care center (Concord,NC) for glasses, the person working behind the desk was not very professionel looking as she had very low cut blouse and very unprofessional accessories, once I saw the Lady I had second thoughts immediately but trusting JC Penny's I continued my business, the lady did not appear to want to hear any questions or comments that I had, once I met the Docter, which was a plus in the experience being very neat/clean and professionally dressed, I felt better.

The Customer Service/Desk person never explained that the glasses would be 2 weeks coming back,after not hearing from anyone for 1 and 1 hafe weeks I went back to the optical center , I was greeted by a man that had 3 earrings down both ears, tattoos around both wrist and he explained the glasses should be back within a couple days and I walked away with that in mind , I later called and was told by the first person that answered they were not back, the lady then got on the phone saying the glasses were there but the quality wasn't first class and they were sending the glasses back to the lab because they would not accept anything but first glass quality,which would possibly be another 2 weeks and with the recent storms could be longer.

I have a very hard time seeing after dark and my commute to and from work, once the time rolls back , puts me driving in the dark both to and from work. I , to say the least , have been very disappointed with this experience, I sent my husband to the store to pick my glasses up and my percription, the glasses lenses were not in them anylonger, the lenses that were in them when I dropped them off, I could have used them for my safety as my vision is very blurry in dark and rain.

I am and was very surprised at the choices for professional representation that someone choose to represent your optical department and don't think your business will be helped with this kind of representation. Please know that I have been a loyal customer of Penny's for many years but this really surprised me, If I walked into another business, especially a health care business, with the representation that I saw I would walk away, I didn't in this case because I was in JC Penny's.


I have 4 buttons and inputted them - got the response from 2 of them that the numbers had already been used. The other 2 were accepted and I never received an email telling me whether I won or lost. What a terrible promotion!!! Better to just sent out coupons like the past. In addition, just button signs as holiday decorations in the store were not festive at all. JCP is very disappointing this year.

The numbers are:

On December 19, 2012, I was shopping at JC Penny in gretna Louisiana at the Oakwood Mall. The cashier gave me a total of six buttons at different registers at different times. On Thursday, December 20, 2012 I tried to enter the buttons codes. It said button code had been used . I entered another button code, it said that button code was used also.

I then entered another, and another until all six had been entered. All six button had been used before, I thought this must be reported. Why did the cashiers at Penny Oakwood mall give me used button. I need to call the customer service and report this time of action.

I entered two codes off of my button today & got buttons had been used. I called the 1880 # & they referred me to a website picked the complaint portion as i am really teed off. I've been a customer for ten years or so & never participated in any of these silly promotions just for this reason. the button #'s areubbtanz & gekfdjh. let me know what to do?

I have about 23 buttons that are not working. I have done alot of Christmas shopping just for the fun of trying to win something on this promotion and because Ellen was a part of this. However I an getting invalid code or already been used when I submit the code ##'s. This has been very disappointing and might I say looks like a scam as far as pennys is concerned.

I love shopping at jc penny for I have always been able to find what I want. But to have a promotion that is turning out to be a scam is not cool I have heard this complaint from other customers in the store so I know it just isn't me. Please tell me what I should do with 23 buttons that don't work.


December 2012 button promotion. I used a button certificate that was 5.00$ YES $5.00 I was fired. In almost 7 years of employment I had never been written up or talked to or warned about bad behavior or something I had done, I had a great employee record. I took great pride in my job if I had known I could not use this certificate I wouldn't have messed up 7 years of employment for YES again $5.00 But for $ 5.00 I was fired from JCPENNEY. When I found out employees or family members could not use them, I was told don't worry it was a mistake you have never been in trouble, you have a good work history(I was told this by a manager and security which I am sure is because they also thought the company wouldn't be so harsh. But an assistant supervisor fired me 3 weeks later in the middle of my shift. I am so hurt that JCPENNY could be so horrible. 100's of people were let go for the button promotion so obviously I wasn't the only one who didn't know. Like other company's maybe the sheet that went with the buttons could have said no participation by employees or family members instead of having to search something like that out. Like it was a secret.


I ordered glasses on a promo at JCpennys at my local mall in Kennnewick WA 99336 10-26-2012. When notified of arrival I sent my husband to pick up I was sick that night. I immediately did not like. Both frame and no-line bifocal I was totaly nausiated sick. I went in on Monday morn. 11-12-2012. I simply told the same sales lady I did not want or like. She insisted I needed to continue with glasses and give a chance I agreed. We spoke of a comment my husband made to reference they were old lady glasses and I mentioned that that was exatctly what my daughter had instructed me not to get. I returned with my daughter the following week and I had to plea with another sales lady to please allow me to change the glasses.

My daughter was standing behind her looking at frames and noties what was on thier computer screen and said you need to see all these nasty notes which were lies. All fabricated lies. Laurie had put that I returned on Mon. 11-12-2012 ackting Irrate, and said that my husband and daughter were opinionated and other detailes that were exaturated. We were shocked and asked for the notes but Melody said it was thier propery we mentioned Hipa laws and she still maintained we needed upper approval. We continued to select another frame and this time bi-focal lenses I ended up having to buy a protection plan and extra for lenses so they would not look like magnifiers. I had no money my daughter paid the differance.

So I picked up new pair yesterday 11-27-12 frame color is darker than display and bifocal part is not even on lenses. one is centered the other begins at the inner part of frame. I do not even want to go speak with these ladys any more. Laurie made me feel dirty when she got a new hand tissue to remove a papertowel I used to dry my hands after washing hands to remove my contact lenses. This may seem petty to you but the treatment has left quite a sour taste in my mouth. And who ever grinds lenses should not have OKed then if not exactly the same.


I called your customer service center in regards to my balance. I had paid off my balance for the month of September and was not expecting a bill. I received a bill on the fourth of November for not paying all of my bill for September. When I called to ask why I was receiving a bill the representative said that I had made purchases in September that was not paid in my previous payment of my card. I asked repeatedly why those purchases, which were within the billing cycle of September, were not added into my bill he could not answer my question.

I had been charged interest for something that would have been paid for if it had been on my previous bill. I asked him again why I did not receive a correct bill, all he said was that his computer told me that my card was not paid off. I asked him then if I could pay the balance for the items I had purchased and not pay the interest, due to the fact that because the charge was not on my previous statement I did not believe I should have to pay it, he refused and said that he would not authorize that.

I asked him to let me speak to his manager, he once again refused. After doing so I hung up, realizing that I would not get anywhere with the person I was calling or receive any explanation as to why my bill didn't include the purchases that I made. I love JcPenney and have bought clothes there for years. The quality has always been good and I've never had a problem with any representatives or the staff until now. I was on the phone for nearly an hour trying to get answers to my questions and find out what I needed to pay. The customer service was very poor and he was rude when I tried to ask him what had happened. This does effect how I will shop in the future. Because if I were to run into this problem again, I do not want to be on the phone for nearly an hour only to become frustrated and upset because of someone refusing to assist me or even listen to what I have to say.


I am an 18 year old male. My girlfriends mother, myself and her daughter we out trying to figure out what kind of clothes for her mother (my girlfriends mother) to wear. We were in an unlabeled (didn't say men or women on it) dressing room. After about 10 minutes of being in there, one of the employees, a woman, came in and rudly told me to get out because I wasn't supposed to be in there. There was no sign and there was nobody else in the dressing rooms. I was floored and she should be fired, especially for how she handled it.


I was happy to see the roller shades that I had been considering on sale for Cyber Monday. Instead of being $12 apiece for 3 shades , they were $8 apiece and free shipping. I attempted to order them from Sunday afternoon until Monday night. I was never able to place the order, apparently because of how busy your connection was. When I attempted again Tues. morning, I could get straight through, but they were no longer on sale. When I contacted your representative by phone, she said that they were no longer honoring the prices or free shipping. She said that I should have called to place my order on Monday.


I have been buying Jcpenney arizona jeans here for a longtime and in the last year they have changed. They are too tight. The bootcut aren't bootcut. I have to cut them to fit around my boots. They are all pretty much slim fit. I am very dissatisfied and will no longer shop Jcpenney if they aren't correct soon.


I was shopping in a JCPenney store the other day with my young daughter when I heard a song playing "stone hard machine guns, fire at the ones who run. Fire away, fire away..." Were the lyrics. The next song had the following lyrics "dance until I'm not drunk anymore" I am very upset that those particular songs were being played at a 'family' store. Especially with everything that has recently happened in Sandy Hook. I will absolutely not be shopping at any JCPenney stores, due to the type of music being played.


About a month ago I bought a rug and used my JC penny rewads of 10.00. The rug was to small, so I went back to the store to get a larger one. The sales girl only gave me credit for the price I ended up paying after my rewards were taken off. She said my rewards were just gone. Today I took my granddaughter to buy her a coat. Number 1, I couldn[t believe how the coats are priced. They were a 125.00 with 40% off. What a rip off. To add insult to injury I had a 19.09 credit on a gift card.

Also you were supposed to get 15% off, if you used your JC Penny credit card. I used the card and the sales girl said I could either use the 19.09 gift card or take the 15% off. But not do both. I can tell you JC Penny has just lost a good customer. Your prices used to be so good and the quality was great. I believe JC will go down the tubes like so many stores are doing now. It is no loner a place to shop where you get quality for a good price.


Unable to claim small gifts won by entering gift button codes. I think if you won and they have notified you by mail they should then follow up by sending you a gift coupon thur the winner's e-mail. Many people I've talked with feel the same way that this gift promotion by JCPenney is way too confusing.. I shopped more often than usual at JC Penney in order to receive the little buttons but have decided that I will no longer shop at JCPenney unless absolutely necessary. I have collected alot of buttons in the last week or so that will not go through. I did discover that the bad buttons all have an s in the code number. Those button codes are yrszss4 wwss93q 8saraqr 01szea2 ixssnrr fwssp1a f4ssp1d z1sze93 c4szs3n asss9s1. As far as everyone who has waited on me everyone has been very nice and very helpful. If there is anything I can do with these buttons I would like to know what to do. I do like the new look of the store but I would like the plus size girls department to come back.


I placed an order with JC Penney on 12/13/2012 and was told it would be available in 4 to 7 days. I stopped in on 12/17/2012 in hopes it may have come in early well it didn't but the sales associate told me it was scheduled to come in on 12/20. On 12/20/2012 I went back to Penney's to pick up my order and when I got there they told me the truck was delayed until 12/22/2012, so it went from 4 to 7 days to at least 9 days.

I needed the order by the 21st so I asked the associate to cancel my order and credit my charge card. Imagine how surprised I was when he told me he couldn't do that, he needed the shipment to come in and I would have to return the order. I asked him to get someone who could do this for me and he called over a manager who told me the same thing.

After telling him I wouldn't need the order after Friday he finally did something and he told me my card would be credited immediately. Well after 6 hours my card is still not credited. I use to like shopping at Penney's but I will NEVER place an order with them, this was my first time and my LAST. Hopefully my credit will be credited SOON!


I called the JC Penny located at Golf Mills in Niles Illinois. Everytime i call i get transferred to hear nonstop ringing. Then when i do finally get in touch with someone they put me on hold for 5 minutes and i hear someone hang the phone up. Then i call back for a third time and get put on hold again for even longer then both combined. All i want to ask for is if they have a freaking Addidas 3x sweater that i seen recently for 49.99. I never ever complain.. but this really got to me honestly. Anyways i know very little will be done because i myself worked at retail and know how this goes but its still lame and ridiculous.


I have several buttons and it keeps saying that the Captcha is not correct when in fact I print exactly what is written. Then on the same button code, after entering the captcha at least twice, it will say the button code is invalid. It goes back and forth forever. I am starting to think that we are being used for this Captcha for some other reason.

I sent an e-mail to jc penney in regard to a problem I had on December 6th to redeem a $10 certificate. They never responded to my e-mail. I then called the number on the website and was transferred to the wrong department, however they promised they would have someone call me right back and again no one called or got in touch with me. I am very frustrated wth this Christmas button program. I hope to hear from someone before this program is over. Thank you.

When I press the audio button next to the Captcha, it sounds like aliens and I can't really here what they are saying. Something is very wrong here! Is this all just a big scam?! People win $10 gift certs here and there, but I get those anyway as a regular customer of JcPenny's so I don't see what the big deal is winning these buttons. They are like coupons that other stores give you without the hassle of making you come in for buttons. This is only going to enrage customers and possibly lose a lot of regular customers for JcPenney's!


I have printed off my Jcpenney gift certificate 6 different times and the numbers under the bar code is not showing up. No matter if i print it off in color or black and white. It prints up everything else except the numbers under the bar code.

I have 4 Jcpenney Christmas buttons and out of the 4 only 1 has went through. What is up with this promotion? We had three winner buttons and they did not process completely; we did everything correctly and it did not holiday certificate verification.

I received 2 buttons during the black friday shopping weekend. I came home and entered the codes on my buttons. one was a 10 certificate and one was a $5 certificate. I received the ten dollar one with no problems the 5 dollar one never opened to claim my certificate.It had a message saying that there was a problem and the elves were working on it.

The button code was zbbddfn. I would like to know if there is any way to help me claim my five dollar certificate. Thank you for your time.

Twice i have got know responded when inter my button code it says check your email . When i do there no message . All the other it says a winner, are sorry you are not a winner. Don't know what going on.

Love the Jcpenney store but found the button codes did not work. I was given invalid code button or it was already used. So I'm sure this has been frustrating to their department trying to spread some joy this holiday season. Blessings to them.


Your life insurance office sent me a card saying that I would receive a $10.00 reward for calling and talking to them about insurance. I decided against taking the insurance but the worker told me that I would still receive the reward of ten dollars. A few days later I received the gift card and the note said it was for ten dollars. However, today at the Paris, Texas store, I bought a shirt and tried to use the card. The clerk said that the card had a zero balance. When I got home I went on your website where you can check gift card balances and it said that the card still had a ten dollar balance. What can be done about this? Please tell me what to do.


I am very disappointed in the poor selection of boys clothing, sizes 8-20, in your store in Thomasville, GA, and Dothan, AL. I went financially prepared to spend several dollars, perhaps $200 or better, for two of my grandsons. The clothes were trashy looking. I did not see any collored polo shirts, and the sizes I needed in jeans were gone, size 12 regular, original cut in The Arizona brand. The clerks were very nice in Dothan, AL, . They even went into the back to see if they could find any jeans back there---no luck. I have been pleased with shopping in JC Penney in the past, but not now. You will lose many customers if you do not correct the situation. There were several other ladies trying to shop for little boys too. I needed some church clothes for my grandchildren, not trashy looking attire.


JCP has lost a fairly good customer because they have stopped selling their Cabin Creek line and specially the Cabin Creek Denim Boot Cut Leggings. I am not a 6' teeny bopper who enjoys having their pants worn below the waist and just above their private parts. I am an older woman who enjoys having pull-on, elastic-waist, boot-cut, no-pocket, leggings which give my 5'2" sort of chunky body a fairly nice look and Cabin Creek leggings did that. Now all you can find at Penney's are the "skinny jeans", rhinestone jeans, - pants that even look trashy on the tall 18 year-olds. I have been in JCP only once this year and I will not go back. I used to buy blouses, shoes, jewelry, pajamas and purses there. I will not go out of my way to visit any JCP store until the Cabin Creek Brand is back. I used to use the Catalog Department regularly - I am very disappointed in the way JCP is now doing business and I hope, at this time, that unless they change their merchandise attitude, they go out of business.


Last Friday, I went to the JCP in Tucson at I-19 and Irvington roads. The goal of my visit was to do an exchange, talk to someone about a garment purchased approximately 47 days ago that had come apart under normal wash and wear and browse. The exchange and browsing were successful, which lead me make additional purchases. This may not have been the case, if I had tried to talk to a cashier or manager first. So, lesson learned on my part. I recently, since Thanksgiving, began shopping at JCP, because it is not the closest or most convenient store to go to, on the normal paths I travel. On January 7, my Mom purchased two Arizona Jean company tee shirts, blue and green.

On the back of the neck of the blue one, the stitching has begun to unravel on the seam, for approximately 5 inches. This is the garment I spoke with the cashier about. He said he would go back to the department and get a tee with a tag. He helped another customer at the register next to me, then went back to the department, as it was unclear which receipt it was purchased on. When he returned, he looked at a few things at the register and then went back to the department.

Upon returning the second time, he had a similar shirt. He said that it had the new logo on it and the one that I was trying to return was pre- new logo. At this point, it had been quite a while and I was frustrated, as it seemed to me, by his response, that he felt I was being dishonest. He, "Expert" per his nametag, was not helpful. So, I decided to leave and write this letter. Since my visit, problems with two additional garments have occurred. On November 28, I purchased item 622/4701/010209 for $8.00, as a Christmas present for my daughter. On Sunday, February 24, she asked if I could buy her a new pair of black leggings. When I asked her why, her response was, they fell apart. When I looked at them, I could see that there is a 5 3/4 inch opening at the seam of the left thigh. On November 28, my Mom purchased item 944/3460/010502 for $27.00, as a Christmas present. I have worn the shirt three times since receiving it for Christmas.

Saturday, February 23, I removed it from the washer and was hanging it on a hanger to dry when I noticed a 3 1/2 inch piece was separated from the seam. So my question is...can I expect this to be the normal quality of the merchandise/garments that I purchase from JCP? If it is, there is no way, even with the better prices, that I can continue to shop at your store, as replacing garments less than or equal to two months of normal wash and wear is not in my budget. Sincerely, ~Jill Cooper hcooper504@cox.net


I went into your Greece Ridge Center and Marketplace Mall stores and was VERY disappointed. I have been a customer for over 40 years and could always find whatever I needed. On December 1st. I went home empty handed. The Big and Tall mens department had no selection at all.

The jewelry department had very little stock. You discontinued your catalog (I realize people can shop on line) and I don't like the way you advertise your specials. Even some of your employees are not happy. I am telling all my friends and probably will not shop there again any time soon. You keep going and you will be closing all your stores!


About a week ago me and a friend was at the lexington ky location trying to complete school shopping and the entire time we where there we where being followed the entire time from either two sales associates or more. When turning around to see if they needed something they would turn around like they where working. Felt very uncomfortable and every time I tried to complete shopping the u would be right right behind us again. I was so upset I sat everything down and walked out to another store to finish shopping. Never have ive been in a department store or any store and been watched over and followed. All the years I have shopped with the company from kids clothes,women and men clothes to house needs I will no longer be shopping at any locations for jcpenney. With me being apart with a one of the biggest markets out there we know how to protect our stores as well as let the customers shop without having to look over their shoulder the whole time or stalking them. Very unprofessional!


I have been going to J.C. Penny's for about 30 years and now you have these buttons that everybody I know has won gift certificates and I have been putting my codes on-line at jcp.com/Christmas since 12/05/12 and have yet to receive any notification to either I won or lost, where all my other friends have won several gift certificates. I get all kinds of other mail from other company's & friends so I know its has nothing to do about my e-mail site. I may just contact the federal trades commission about this issue!

I have entered 5 buttons of jcpenny I have won several times there is never any thing sent to me in a e-mail so I can print it off his has to be a scam the use to give discounts that was a lot better, everyone loved that, they had a lot more business ,now I don't care if I ever go back to jcpenny store along with a lot of other people I have talked to. I feel sorry for JCPenny. Their incompetent programmers and Chinese manufacturers have made what could have been a goodwill promotion a debacle. The button codes simply don't work. What is the reason for this?


I was told I won a $10.00 certificate from my code number (bsqcecp) I got my email mail saying I won. Then I clicked to give my info. I haven't heard anything more. I got this email on Dec. 16th. I went into the stre and talked with some people that just said they didn't know how to help me without a bar code. I hope you can help.

Please help me with buttons that I won (2- $10) and did not receive an email from Penny's with bar code to redeem. My dad is here from Arizon and they were his buttons...he is on a fixed income and could use these for Christmas...only two days before Christmas and time is running out..Please help!

Received buttons from JCP.com & put the code in & it said it was already used. I feel that it is a waste of time, time i don't have, then you can only do two at a time.What if i was a winner & don't even know it, me and my mom shop jcp all the time i do like shopping at JCP but these buttons are a pain in the butt. I do like coupons & getting a good deal but is it even worth it?


Your promotion does not work! I spent 10 minutes trying to enter the two code words into your site, and was rebuffed repeatedly. It is no promotion if you anger a consumer enough to decide not to shop at your stores again this year!

I enter my buttons ,gotn3 certificates 2 of which were the same bar code, one of my other buttons were rejected because there were not 7 letters ,although there were 7 ,and spell the two words so we know your not a Christmas robot I typed in 14 spell me's till I was finally accepted, now for the button without 7 digits xvakawe, hello! please get me out of this Christmas funk,as I have read other letters of complaint, I'm not the only one this button thing is very stressful,an answer would be a ,lets say , a Christmas Blessing.

What a crock. Enter the number on the back which is so small it can hardly be read and then enter the two words "for safety" which are difficult to read and all I got was an "error" response. All my buttons are going into the garbage. More junk from China.

My friend told me about the buttons at JC Pennys. So I go in shop go to pay an I ask about the buttons. The lady said you can have one a day. So I got my one button came home entered it an couldnt get it to work. Finally I realized it said enter your 7 digit code an mine was only 6 . So much for my one chance. Here is my code. Pfmuy2

I made a purchase 12/13/12 and received to buttons. I attempted to enter one of the buttons today and a keep getting a message stating 'Sorry! Looks like something went wrong. Please check your 7 digit code and try again.' I did this several times and the same thing happened. This is not the first one I have entered so I know I am doing it right. What is going on? Is jcp running some kind of scam.


Wore Wrangler for year bought 4 pair of Arizona jeans thought theywere the best jeans i ever had.The first 3 pair ripped out in the crotch then the 4th pair ripped out on the back pockets.Guess im back to wranglers the arizona felt great but poor quality.


I bought a Queen size 400 count sheet set and I've had it less than one year and the sheet have worn areas all over then. The pillow cases are tearing apart at the seams and the material is of very cheap quality. I love the lilac color and the softness of the sheets before they started tearing up. I've never had a set of sheets that torn up like this. I think I'm due a replacement or credit on these sheets due to the extremely poor quality of what I thought would be a good product.

With Regards,
Sandra Wolf


I've shopped at Penney's for over 30 years, and spent thousands of my hard-earned dollars in your store in Plattsburgh, NY. When your powers that be decided to change everything from taking down pictures on the store walls, and stocking clothes that a 16-year old with a stick-thin body would wear (and the loudest colors known to man), I never walked in the store again. So disappointing.

I hope whatever your marketing strategy is now goes back to the way it was. Penney's was so busy here and I could always count on the store having my favorites in my size and color preferences with decent prices. It was such a pleasant store to walk in to with tastefully decorated walls.

You're really going to have to go big if you want me back, and I know several relatives and friends who feel the same way.


I contacted the company about this and haven't heard back. I had nine buttons and entered like it said, two per day. Tell me, how can all nine buttons be "already used"? Every single one of them. The only ones I can think of who used them has to be either the folks who made the buttons or the J. C. Penney's employees and management who then gave the wnners to friends and family. Or, the wole thing was a scam. What else could it be? I read where some people won a $10 gift certificate but never got it. So the buttons are already used, if you happen to win (big if), you don't get what you won?! You know, this is aggravating enough to make people shop elsewhere. Put out "used" buttons and don't respond to customer complaints.



After many years of avoiding JC Penny, because I have many times in the past wasted my time looking for my size in vain, today, I decided to stop and look around since the store has been renovated. Well, it was again the same old story, in a store of the size and name like JC Penny, I'd think that buying something so simple as a pair of slacks should be easy. But no.
This has brought me the question, is JC Penny against fit women, or fit and small? I know it sounds crazy, but if this mega store went through so much change recently, why not stock up and get eveyone happy, in another word cater to all. I am not that short, neither too thin, I wear Size 2 not zero.
I thought it would be nice a positive criticism, after all, you guys want to make the most profit, mainly when JC Penny has taken a hit in the last few years.
Finnally, Is there hope that millions of people just like me might be able to shop there again? Or should I walk through the store, only to get inside of the mall and go straight to a store like EXPRESS, where I know for certain, EVERY SINGLE time I go there (even though it cost more) I WILL FIND my size, and avoid myself the aggravation, because for me, peace of mind, has no price.

I hope someone could have the vision I have, and maybe it would even help the store.

Thanks a lot.


On November 3, 2012 I went into a women's dressing room at JCpenny in Northpall Mall, Ridgeland, MS. The smell was so bad that I was very careful not to touch anything in there and would not let my bare feet touch the floor. It smelled as if someone had urinated on the floor. I used to work in a department store and heard stories of adults letting their children use the floor in dressing rooms for a bathroom. That is disgusting!!! I know stores can't control ignorant people, but you should make sure the dressing rooms are cleaned, even if it means professionally cleaned in a case like this. I was so disgusted by the smell that I told my husband who was waiting outside that it was time to go and I would not go back into that Jcpenney store.


At one time I was a valued customer with JCPenney from shopping to clothes, shoes, home section to even buy our living room furniture at the JCPenney Home Store (which has since closed in Overland Park, KS). I live in Kansas City, MO and I am truly disappointed in the direction the company has gone in the last year plus. Every time (which is not as often as it used to me) that I shop at the store it is always in the process of being remodeled or has been remodeled. You keep changing your focus, your layout, whether you want to give coupons or not and it is frustrating to a customer. Yes, I am one of the customers that enjoyed my JCPenney's reward coupon and not this "everyday low price" (which it doesnt appear to be) mentality.

Customers prefer sales, they want sales and that entices them to come into the store. Maybe you should spend less time remodeling and trying to put out "fancy" ads and focus on what your customers really want....coupons and sales and for the store to not change every few months. I was at the store over the weekend and was appalled that once again it was remodeled and and that when you ring up my purchases I can no longer see how much it rings up for. The cashier has a hand held device that they scan so you are not seeing if something is rung up correctly unless you ask AND their does not seem to be much privacy when you are entering in a PIN for a purchase with a debit card.

This is just ridiculous. I preferred shopping at JCPenney's over Kohl's because it wasnt cluttered, was always picked up, has good customer service at the store, clean and neat but with all these changes I am not enticed to continue shopping which is sad and a reflection of your CEO. I do hope you have taken customers complaints seriously.


Yesterday 8/14/13 was our 20th anniversary. My husband has told me for years that I could get a new ring for our 20th anniversary. I went to the JCPennys in McDonough, Ga yesterday. A very kind man by the name of Vince assisted me and I picked out a 1 carat ring. I told him I would talk to my husband so he wrote all the info down including the final price and told me if I came back and he wasn't there to please let them know that he assisted me. Well my husband took me back last night to get the ring. I was very excited--I have waited a long time for that ring!! Vince was not there, but a lady named Debbie was.

I told her we were there to get the ring and gave her Vince's card. She was very rude from the start with very short, snippety answers and then acted as if were low-lifes. I was purchasing a $1,550. ring--which is alot to us...but does not make us low lifes!! Well I didn't have my JCPenney card which is in my husbands name, but she said she would look it up. It came up but would not accept the transaction, so she rolled her eyes and said I can call and see what the problem is IF I must as if we should just walk away. I said call, so she did--they talked to my husband and raised his credit limit and said to go through with the sale. She tried several times and it wouldn't go through so she rolled her eyes again and said I can call back IF I must.

So she called back and after being on the phone for several minutes they cleared everything up and said go ahead with the transaction and when Debbie tried it, it refused it again--she very rudely said it is not working--There is nothing else I can do..Very disappointing to someone who was planning to get the 1carat ring I have been waiting for!! It may not have been her fault for the transaction not working--but she was extremely rude from the start and acted as if we should not be allowed to purchase anything. She didn't even want to make the phone call to check out why.

Then said oh well there's nothing I can do. I walked away from the counter and assured her I would purchase the ring elsewhere and I will make sure everyone knows I got it and why I didn't get it at JCPenneys. I have spent alot of money here over the years and I am very angry about the way my husband and I were treated in there last night. And it ruined a 20th anniversary. I don't know where the fault lies for not being able to make this purchase, but you definitely lost an almost $2000.00 sale and we won't be back.


Hi I'm very upset with Jcpenney first of all i order 5 items on the 11/23/12 and i would wait for an email to confirm that they had all ready shipped my order, it was 11/30/12 and i called to see what is happening and it turns out that they hadn't shipped it yet i understand that it might be that time of year were every one orders things online but they should at least send an email notifying us that. Later on that day i did receive an email that my order was been shipped but they didn't even send me my tracking number with it. I tried log in in on my jcpenney account but it won't let me and i don't know if jcpenney erased my account or what ever. Jcpenney is very unorganized and that goes bad on them.


My name is ivy butler from mccomb ms i was terminated for the wrong reason under randall spears he is racist have favoritism he fires people because he dont like you. im the only black supervisor there and been there for 10 YEARS . Everything i do is wrong the others gets away with it . he should be the one to gets terminated i worked too hard for this company he is wrong now he gott promoted to layfette store


I have entered my JCPenney's Christmas buttons codes and some of them say invalid captcha, also some say I have already entered or sorry it looks like your button code is not valid. I have also won three $10 dollar rewards and four $5 dollar rewards, they have not appeared in my email, they usually send it the next day after claiming the prize.

Its been two days now and no rewards yet. I feel like I'm being ripped off, I have being a loyal JCPenney's customer for years and I just feel like it's all a lye. I'm so dissatisfied.

JCPenney's is promoting a button program to win gift certificates, but the system is not working and it is very frustrating. I have 10 buttons that I cannot enter because it says that there is something wrong with my 7 digit code.

Then I will try again and it will say that the captcha phrase is not correct. This is making me really mad. I don't get a good response when I email or call JCPenney's. I wonder what is wrong with his program.

My husband and I have been shopping at your store quite a bit this Christmas season and receiving your promotion buttons in the process. I am quite frustrated by the lack of response on JCPenney's part when it comes to sending the winning certificate to me.

I am still waiting for two $10.00 certificates I supposedly won on Sun Dec. 16 and my husband is still waiting for one he supposedly won on Dec. 13 - $10.00. I have had 5 buttons that the contest site said were already used. I am very frustrated that a reputable company would be running a corrupt contest.


October 25th, 2012 The reason I'm writing this now, I just found out about the summer associate shopping spree.
Back in the summer I had went into the Athens JCP store asking about the associate shopping spree. I was told that there was one, but it was only, for the associate who was working in that store. I have been talking to another retired associate and she was told the same thing. She and I both are grandparents and we buy our grand kids school clothes at JCP every year,. because of this we went to other stores and shopped. Today I was talking to an associate in the Tyler store about the Fall associate shopping spree and that was when I found out about the , above subject. ARE THE RETIRED ASSOCIATE NOT BEENING INCLUDED IN ANY MORE SHOPPING SPREES? I would really like to speek to a person.903-675-4556


My husband and I went shopping and got a button it said the code was already used, also my mother and I went and spent way over $600.00 on merchandise and the 2 buttons we got the codes were ready used, how can they already be used when I didn't even put them in yet ? I've had at least 7 buttons that say they've already been used. I called JCP customer service and they said to e-mail complaint here. I threw out the buttons. after the last 2, I called. I shop at westfield in toledo ohio. My daughters who live in defiance and perrysburg and shop in their town.

I need 2 button codes for the 2 buttons that I tried to use but they have been used be4 I got these buttons. My $25.00. Penney's gift certificate haven't arrived yet. I claimed less than 48 hours on the 7th or 8th of December and still waiting for it. I have tried to check my buttons all morning and still get invalid. I called and they told me to e-mail at e-mail info@jcpbuttons.com, I hope this is the right site to voice my complaint! This is crazy having to e-mail a complaint! My button numbers are pw9q192 and a4np9er. Please e-mail me and let me know what is going on and if they are winners. I also can't believe I have to enter those stupid words again! Have not got any buttons like that. It was very frustrating going out everyday to pennys just to get 2 buttons and find they've already been used.


I will never shop at this department store again. The corporation itself has abysmal customer service! I placed an order on the 25th of November, got an email indicating shipping on the 9th of December and when I still didn't receive any updates on shipping information, I called in to check...only to be told that they had cancelled my order and refunded me my money back because the warehouse had a shortage. Uh, where was my notification email? Are you seriously going to be providing such horrible service this close to Christmas? Now I have to scramble to find an alternative present because JCP was unprofessional and didn't think it was important to let their customers know about changes to their orders. I called into the main office and they were unprofessional as well. One actually hung up on me and the other offered me a measly 15% off as compensation. No, I don't want your 15% off. I wanted and expected good customer service but I guess that's too much to expect from JCP. I will no longer shop here and will tell everybody I know this story so that they will avoid this corporation as well. You messed up, JCP. Bad customer service doesn't fly here in America.


I went to the JC Penney store in Evansville, Indiana which is located at Eastland Mall. I went on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at approximately 3:15pm. My goal was to go to the men's department and purchase a pair of pants for my husband. I went to the men's department hoping to find a pair of blue Docker's relaxed fit pants. I found the Docker's pants but there were no relaxed fit pants and there were no blue pants. I looked around at other displays to find what I was looking for. After several minutes of looking, I attempted to find an associate to help me. There was one gentleman who was assisting customers with purchases but no one else was in sight. I looked for a few minutes and decided to leave. I was in the store for 15 minutes. I then went to a competitor at the mall, found the pants in the style, color and size that I needed within 5 minutes of entering that store. I have been displeased with JC Penney over the last few months and do not plan to go back to JC Penney any time soon.


I got my son's birthday pictures taken by JCP Portraits on Saturday, March 16 2013 and when I got home I realized I used the wrong coupon for the pictures, so I called right away to see if I could do some sort of return so I could use my son's bday coupon on these pictures. The lady I spoke with was very rude and was no help at all. I then wrote directly to them to let them know exactly what happened in case anyone else would be able to assist me, I haven't recieved a response, so now I'm here. I'm extremely disapointed in the customer service I recieved and if it's not resolved I will not return to JCP Portraits again and will be letting people know about this.


I have been going to JCPenny for years and in June 2011 as i was leaving the store, manager April, who i know but am having problems with, started to say many rude and ignorant things. She raised her voice and start yelling at me which was def not professional. Mean while i was 9 months pregnant and was def embarrassed to argue with her in jcpenny so i asked her to come outside so we can talk it over. Instead of her acting like a women from the start, she decided to yell AT ME and at that call security on me..... You should tell your employees to keep their personal lives at home because since then i have not been back to that specific jcpenny. I use to shop there constantly buying jewlery, shoes, cloths but now i go a lil further to the next mall which has a Macys"s. Thank you very much for your time and i hope this complaint is one step in making JCPenny a more better and classier place.


Went to JCPenney on Black Friday to return suit pants that I ordered for my husband. Could not exchange because they didn't have correct size. After finally settling on what they had in stock, we decided to order another pair of pants as an xtra because several events coming up. When we got to the event which was out of town, we noticed the security tag had not been removed. Not a JCPenney in the vicinity so had to drive out of our way that morning. Didnt realize the pants had a broken zipper until that evening. Returned pants, but didn't get another pair for one was on order. Checked on order while in store, but was told that it couldn't be tracked by my telephone #. Didn't have receipt with me, so I thought I would wait till later. After not receiving pants as we were told we would receive them in just a couple of days.

Called store they said they couldn't find the order to call 800# at bottom of receipt. No 800# at bottom of receipt. She gave me 800#. Called 800#, after being on hold for 15 minutes at 8:40 on a Thursday night. While on hold I had time to track order by myself. Website was terrible. Website was listed on bottom of receipt but not 800#. Entered website as listed on receipt and it came up as no longer a working site. Therefore, had to go a whole other route to track the order. When I tracked with the same # as I gave to store clerk, order came right up. It said the pants were just now shipped, should receive in a day or two, but that is too late for the event that we need them for. Very disappointed in Penneys. All these little things add up to a complete annoyance and I will think twice before shopping there again.


I tried on a underscore 48 ddd in your Brandon, Florida store today. I usually buy my bras from JcPenneys because of how much I save on the bra. This time the bra was tight and when I tried to take it off I had a very difficult time. Also the Brandon store does not have a sales person in the bra area as I have shopped the JcPenneys in Wesley Chapel, Florida in the Wiregrass Mall and they had my size and there was some there to help me. I had a 48 ddd on that stretches but your bra had no give and barely stretched. I even tried to find a 50 or 52 ddd and this store did not have them. You should carry bigger sizes in your stores so that all kinds of women can feel comfortable to buy a bra from you. I was so disappointed in your store. There was no one near the bra area to help me. I use to love JcPenneys but my experience questions if I will ever shop there.


I bought a bunch of clothes online from your website. got it in the mail a week later. the jeans I ordered were different brand,size,color than what I received! I was told I had to pay for shipping to return them( not my mistake). than I went to exchange one of my shirts and the lady instead returned it and told me they didn't have any other sizes so not only did I JUST tell her I wanted the shirt even if I cant get it in a smaller size, I had to buy it again and since I bought it during black Friday/ cyber week/ Saturday sale, I wouldn't be able to get the discounts and would have to pay full price. I used to love JCP but after this in less than 2 days apart from one another, I will never shop there again. JCP should be ashamed in how they deal with customers. you want people to order from y'all and than during your one week busiest shopping day(which you had months to prepare for) you were way off your game! get it together JCP,.


The "Spencer" queen size bed was delivered by a company called Excel in Ral. NC. Bed was ordered in store at JC Penny in Ral. NC. The bed was put together by the delivery company, midway thru the assembly they told me that the 8 screws that came in the package were too short & wouldn't work. They were shorter than the depth of the wood slats that were to be inserted into, which is the base of the bed.

They told me they're not responsible for rectify the error, & that I should take it up with the manufacture & they needed to go to their next delivery. I called the JCP 800# on my receipt & spoke with Angela, who said she'd send new bed out to me, & if I had any problems again (which I had had with the delivery company) to call & ask for her.

I called her less than 1 hr. later & was on hold for 12min. The person on the other line said she would give her my message & she'd call me back. Never heard from anyone! I'm stuck with an incomplete assembled bed, & very agitated & disgusted with this entire transaction!!


I have always purchased my Levi jeans from JCPenney. Until now that is! I have always considered JCP Levi jeans "seconds" because they are never sewn perfectly;especially down the leg seams. BUT I just bought six new pair and the two 505's are totally unwearable! The legs and crotch are sewn off enough that they can't even be pulled up to your waist. And because I have never had such a major issue with JCPLevis, I tore all the tags off and threw them out in Mondays trash. I have to drive a distance to shop the store and don't plan on returning for some time. I suppose I will have to eat the hundred bucks I paid for the two unwearable pairs. We use to enjoy their selection of clothing, now they cater to skinny jeans, see through materials, and kids clothes. Time to pay off the card and say so long...


I am very upset that after being an outstanding customer with JC Penney's that I have had so much trouble initiating an order on-line. I have copied the information. I would like to know why I am receiving "Internet Explorer blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors". Everything is the same ~~ nothing has changed as far as any personal information in order to place an order. My order that I tried to initiate is the following: SPORTS APPAREL 2499 Item# TS217-0136F -- Alabama Crimson Tide Youth Grey Tackle Twill Hooded Sweatshirt
Size: Medium (10-12)status:manufacturer shipped (ships in 1 week). Item shipped directly to you from the manufacturer.
Total:$25.00. Your assistance on this issue will be greatly appreciated. I have never had this much trouble ordering anything from JC Penney's in many years. Thank you. Carol Oakley


On November 8 I had an appointment with Jessica at the JC Penney Salon in University Mall located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My regular stylist was not in so I had the appointment with Jessica. I gave her great details about my fine hair and my cow lick in the back making sure she understood what I did and did not want her to do. She did exactly everything I said NOT to do. I was horrified with my short hair that looked so bad I would not be seen in public. I got my money refunded and demanded another stylist rewash and restyle my hair. I got a great girl who stated she would do what she could with what hair I had left. I called the next day and complained to the Manager, Judy Johnson. She said she would "talk" with Jessica and offered me free cuts until my gets back to where it was before the cut. It has been one week today and I have a bald spot showing in the back where my cowlick is which is what I explained to Jessica that I could not have short layers there cause my hair needs to be long enough to cover the cow lick. I am hurt, upset and devastated over my hair. Jessica needs to have more training in hair styling, listening to the client and should be fired over what she did to my hair. Refunding my money and offering free cuts does nothing to compensate me for the damage done to my hair. I want someone at the corporate level to know what happened and do something about it.


In late-spetember of 2012 I called the Manteca, CA Jcpenney store to learn about a job application that I had turned in online at your main Careers page on the Jcpenney.com, the previous week. it was only 7 or 8 day's later when i called to inquire about the job, since it was still on the website career page. When I asked the human resource manager about my application and the position that I applied for, my reception was met with a cold shoulder and hostilite. The HR manager was extremely rude to me and lied to me saying "I'm sorry but we currently arent hiring full time positions". As she said the previous sentence to me, I was still looking at the open Career page for that store and it was STILL showing the the full-time store associate opening position. I'm very discouraged and angered that your store HR manager for your Jcpenney store in Mantec, CA would lie about an open job position to a prospective job seeker. I've been shopping at that Jcpenney's store for 3 years now, and I will never go back. If anyone ever asks me about working there I tell them to keep moving and dont waste your time.


I am a big and tall person. 300 lbs and 6' 3". My pants for the last 25 years have been 42-36. The longest you have in your big and tall section is 32 inseam. 32" inseam is NOT tall. You should rename the big and tall section big and short. I have shopped JC Penny's over the years and this last year it has gone down hill big time. Your CEO may have known the customers at Apple, but he knows nothing of the customers in a clothing store.


Several years ago I was detained at Dillards Department Store at the Imperial Mall in El Centro, CA. Evidently, store security thought they had seen me steal something and they detained my wife and I while they rummaged through the belongings we had bought at PacSun and Macy's. Ultimately, after being paraded through the store and treated like common criminals, we were cleared and released without so much as an apology.

So what does this have to do with J. C. Penney's? Evidently, this particular mall uses a camera system with facial recognition capabilities, and shares this information with other retailers in the mall. As it happens, we were not regular customers at Dillard's and didn't normally frequent their establishment. After our experience, we certainly won't become regular customers if at all. As it happens, we were regular customers of J. C. Penney's. This is where we spend most of our time and money while at the mall. However, that too will come to an end, as we have been regularly harassed and followed through the store by your Loss Prevention Staff. Since our encounter with Dillard's, we have been followed no less than ten times by people pretending to be customers.

To avoid being overly suspicious, my wife and I set out to "make" the Loss Prevention Staff and confront them, as it was becoming extremely uncomfortable and disconcerting to even enter the store. Each week, we would see the same individual monitoring our every movement throughout the store. When he realized he had been made, he enlisted the assistance of a female Loss Prevention staff member. She was even more obvious in her attempt to catch us "stealing" from your store. After she and he had followed us around the store for well over 1/2 hour, it was apparent they were planning to stop us as soon as we crossed the plane of the store into the mall. In an effort to make them "jump", I dashed toward the door as though I was going to run into the mall. Both the male and female agents dropped everything they had in their hands and lunged toward me as I made my phony escape. Prior to departing the store, I stopped, turned around and looked them both in the face. I went back to the counter in the store and opened my bags while your employees stared at me. I told them "If you want to inspect my bags, come over and take a look." I had my wife produce a receipt along with everything in our bag.

Instead of simply being caught trying to catch us. The female got rude and said, "No one said anything to you. I don't want to see what's in your bag." At the same time, the male staff member went off to hide behind a rack of women's clothes as though he had nothing to do with it. These same individuals do this to us on a weekly basis and it's really insulting.

If we are believed to be thieves by your Loss Prevention Team, then the appropriate thing to do would be to stop us and confront us with whatever behavior it is that makes them feel they need to follow us through the store every week. Or, they could even call the police and have us detained and investigated on-site. The real problem here is that we are supected of being thieves, not because your Loss Prevention Staff are competent, but rather they are relying on the innacurate software program wherein my wife and I were suspected by Dillard's of being thieves.

In closing, I would like to inform you and your Loss Prevention Staff, my wife and I are not, nor have ever been thieves. I am a former Marine and have been a Peace Officer for 23-years. I don't steal! As a Peace Officer, I can appreciate the need for Loss Prevention; however, at some point due diligence becomes outright harassment and needs to stop. We are now at that point. If your Loss Prevention Staff continue this pattern of harassment, I will wait until one of your over-zealous staff members attempts to stop my wife or me, and I will embarrass your company both legally and publicly.

Dennis Webb


I placed an online order for 4 pcs--2 skirts/2coats. The store could only locate the skirts and I was advised to simply reorder with customer service. I told the clerks, customer service reps and the store manager that this was unacceptable. The customer service rep blamed the store as the items were accepted by the store and should have been there. The manager simply apologized, stating she had no idea where the coats could be. This would never happen in Macys or Saks. JC Penny did nothing to accommodate me as their long time customer. I am totally disappointed in disregard for customer service.


To whom it may concern, I was shopping earlier today at your Polaris jcpenney. I always shop there and have always enjoyed all of my purchases. I buy all of my sons clothes there my clothes and my husbands along with my home decor. I have never complained about me service at any store until now. When I went to ring out with me 60 dollar purchase the lady working the register was very rude. I showed her my coupon on the phone and my code wouldn't pull up so a nice customer came up and said she had the same coupon and let me use it. The lady gave us both a look like she was annoyed then took it. When she realized that it didn't have a code she shove the coupon back at the lady and said with a rude tone this isn't a coupon. Then when the lady realized she gave her the wrong one she gave her the right one and the cashier yanked it from her. Then after she scanned it she told me my total. When I went to pay I swiped my husbands credit card and she said with a rude tone you obviously rnt Dustin. I'm not complaining about the fact that she checked that info bc I know that's a law to check for fraud so I thank her on that but the way she talked to me was so rude I was ready to leave. Then when I pulled out my card she said well the lady left so u need to find Ur coupon so I tried finding it again ad she grabbed someone else's beside me and scanned it an just seemed very flustered. I understand it can be difficult when customers rnt ready for checkup but she was so rude that I wanted to just say forget it and leave. I am very upset with my visit and think she should be talked to bc if she is giving this to other customers a lot of them will file complaints. This will make me think about shopping there again.



It is now difficult to find a dress coat that fits me perfectly. The two men you used to have there to help the customers have been removed to other departments, or perhaps they don't work for you anymore.

It was very usefull to have these two men before when problem of matching suits and other dress utensils arose. When a collar of ashirt was too small or too long, when the color combination came for questioning; they were there to give out proper advise. Where are they now?


I ordered jeans about a month ago order. # 2012-3445-8012-5510 and called about them. I was told they should be at the store. Called the store and was told there was a problem with the order and weren't there. This is a month and no one knows where they are. I can understand the store as it should be closed how you can take away 4 registers away on one floor during Christmas is unreal to me, but now your online ordering too?


I am very dissapointed that I got up early this Black Friday morning, was nearly first in line 45 minutes before the doors opened at 6am. I had one item that I wanted to get, so the doors opened, and I rushed to find the Cooks Waffle maker for $8. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw stacks of griddles, slow cookers and toasters. Not one waffle maker in sight. I asked around and no one else could find them. I looked through the store and no one else had a waffle maker either.

I was then told at the checkout that I could purchase the item online, so I left the store dissapointed but hopeful. Only to be cruched again when I searched online and found that the clerks at the store had lied to me. I thought the term bait and switch was outlawed years ago, but I see it is alive and working great for JC Penny. I will tell all my friends about the lies and deciet at this untrustworty store. Very dissapointed in Orlando.


On 12/20/12 at about 4 p.m. my husband and I went to the Greenwood, Indiana JC Penney store (0355)to purchase new watches for Christmas. While trying on new Seiko solar battery watches, I took off my 10-year old Citizens watch and put it on the counter. The sales clerk picked up my old watch and put it in the glass case. After trying on the new watches, I asked for my old watch, and he told me that it was the store's watch. I made him check, and he agreed it was my used Citizens watch in the Seiko case, so he gave it back to me.

The next part is the really strange part of this complaint. A man suddenly appeared and stayed with my husband and I while we continued to shop for watches. We found two new Seiko watches and paid for them with a credit card and got a receipt. We asked the clerk to have them sized to fit us. He disappear with the new watches for 30 minutes while two sales ladies stood by us -- one of them rudely asking if we had paid for the watches.

Finally a clerk brought us my husband's new watch, which hadn't been sized correctly, while we again waited for the other watch. We finally got tired of waiting, returned the watch, and asked for a refund, so we could go another store in the mall and purchase new watches.

After purchasing new watches at the Helzberg jewelry store, we decided to leave the mall through the JC Penney store because we had parked behind the store, and the weather was dreadful. When we entered the JC Penney store to exit the mall, the same man who had followed us around came up to us and followed us to the back exit of the store before turning around and returning to the store.

My husband and I have shopped at JC Penney for over 40 years, and we have never been followed around the store like criminals or had to deal with incompetent and rude salespeople. This will be our last trip to JC Penney stores, and we plan to tell everyone we know about this bad experience.


I was shopping at the Avaiaton JCPenny in Glens Falls NY. I am a case manager and had ripped my pants and needed to purchase a new pair. I was standing in line at the counter and the nasty ill tempered casher Gabby, rudely informed me that I needed to stand in the correct place and nodded her head where the line formed to the right.

There was the one person she was waiting on and no one else in the deparment. If I didn't need new pants to continue my work I would have left. I have shopped in JCPennys for all my life. My curtains, bedding and clothing is 90% purchased from JCPenny. I will never shop in the JCPenny at the store again.


While shopping at JC Penny, the cashier asked me if I would like to apply for a Penny's credit card and I would receive a 20 per cent discount on the purchased items. I applied and was rejected. Since I told the cashier that there must be a mistake since my credit was excellent she said that the company would send me a letter explaining. I then received a letter saying that the credit was refused because I was listed as "deceased" by the TransUnion Credit Reporting Co.

I contacted TransUnion and they went into a denial mode. JC Penny should look into this and look for a different Credit Reporting Company to use.


My son received several gifts for Christmas from JCPenney. I went yesterday to exchange the gifts for different sizes. I didn't want a different product, just different sizes. The clerk rang up the items and processed them as returns on a gift card. When the items were purchased for my son at Christmas time they were purchased on a newly opened JCPenney account so not only were the items on sale for Christmas, there was an additional percentage taken off for the new credit card account. So the amount put on my gift card to exchange the items was less than what the products now cost. So I ended up having to pay out of pocket the difference to exchange the same items!! This is treating your customers wrong. I've closed my JCPenney account and will no longer be shopping there. I have informed my friends and family to do the same.


I have been shopping at jc penneys for years. I buy my granddaughters jeans and most clothes at the Salmon Run Mall store in Watertown NY. Yesterday I took my granddaughter who is 10 years old there to buy some jeans. There was no selection and the kids department 7-16 was mostly empty of merchandise. I mentioned this to the sales associate and she said the trend is now to be more boutique style like Macy's. As far as I'm concerned that statement was a load of crap. I told a friend of mine who also was shopping there about the statement and she said she mentioned the same thing to another sales associate and was told the low inventory was because jcpenney's wants people to shop online more. Tell me, how do you shop online alot for a growing child without the child trying on the items? Different brands size differently and don't fit all. I was just so disappointed for my granddaughter not to have any selection to choose from. I won't be shopping at jcpenney's anymore. There are plenty of other store like Kohl's that always have plenty of merchandise for children and myself. If your new plan is to get more customers, you've failed as far as I'm concerned.


At age 70, I am a lifelong customer of JCPenney's and my husband even worked for the company in NYC for 30 years. Recently we read that the company is in trouble and I must say, I am not surprised. I have just had one of the worst experiences ever trying to purchased items online. Initially, the computer invoice did not show my sale discounts so I called for help. I got what was obviously a new employee who said that she whould need to start over with the order. I said, "Okay, take your time". That turned out to be a hassle. A few days later, when nothing showed up at the door, I checked my order online and found out it had been cancelled. Nobody contacted me even though they said that they did. If they did, there was not much effort put into it because I am a shut-in, home all day. When I called again, a lady said that I "probably" had a problem with a credit card. I said, " Not possible. We pay off our bills automatically each month. There is no problem with the card, it is current and in good standing". She said call back tomorrow when the credit department is open and then gave me the wrong number so that I went around and around on the phone tree next morning and never heard a human voice. Called order department again. They said the order had been cancelled and they would need to input everything yet again. I waited. Was told that more than half of the items I had ordered were no longer available because of the delay with the order. Arrrrgh. Okay, go ahead and reorder the rest. Today, I checked the new order and find that in the transition the person ordered the wrong size on one item which will mean a trip to the store for a return by my husband. Of course, it will be a surprise if anything at all shows up, the current order says that it is being reviewed? This is pitiful. While I am venting, why don't they get a clue and put check-out desks up front where they can be found, realize that the new catalogues are useless, put some warm bodies in strategic places on the store floor so that if there is a problem, there is someone to help? Also, and most of all, please recognize that people don't like change in institutions. Penneys was always a place that you could count on to be there. Not any more and it is so sad.


My understanding is that J.C. Penney has chosen to not apologize for their support of the SNL presentation mocking Jesus Christ. I will no longer be a client of their store, and I will recommend to my friends and family that they refrain from patronizing J.C. Penney's.


My husband goes out to find us a new bed set and new sheets. I wasn't bake to be there and he so wonderfully would text me fit my opinion. After finding one we liked and he continued to shop for sheets. The entire time an overweight, short, short haired lady stands there and watched him like he was a criminal. She never offered to help.

Then once that was too much he gets to the register and a manager with the nastiest manor possible tells him she won't help him and he has to go to the other side if the store. After he does move over the manager decides she can help anyone else but my husband. She speaks right up and takes the next person walking up to her side if the registers.

I will warn all I can from going to this specific store. I'm even returning the bed set and sheet set to the store. It makes me sick to have it. Jcpenney obviously doesn't need customers to help or be courteous to. I will pay more somewhere else just so I don't have to go there.


We recieved 2 buttons before the 18th of December 2012. We came home and put them on the computer as instructed and one came up that we had won $10. No notification came up on our computer later as the $5 button we had won did. We left on the 19th for family Christmas celebrations in New Hamshire. We arrived home after the 1st of the year.

While in NH we checked the computer every day and no notification. We checked through the U.S. mail and there was no notification. My daughter also had a $10 button and we entered it in her name, Jolie Whitten. The same thing happened there. No notification that she was getting it and nothing in the mail.

What do we do to get our $10 coupons? I don't think very much of this contest/advertisment as it did not live up to its word. Thank you for taking care of this.


On December 27th, I ordered six Fiesta ivory java mug dishes. I paid with a gift card and my bank account. When my order didn't arrive by January 7th, my husband called and was told they were shipped and would be here on the 9th. Then I got an email saying the bowls I ordered were cancelled, even though I ordered mugs.

I called on the 9th to see what was happening and they said the warehouse cancelled my order because they didn't have it. I am upset that it took so long for them to realize and tell me they didn't have the order. When I expressed my disappointment,your customer service seemed like they really didn't care how I felt about the situation and did nothing to encourage me to continue to shop at Penny's.

I also have to wait two weeks to have my gift card refunded. I expected more from your store. At this point, I am not feeling as though I will shop at your store given the number of other choices I have. It would be nice if you offered something o encourage customers who are truly inconvenienced to maintain their loyalty to your store.


On 12/14/12 I received two messages that I had won $5.00 and $10.00. I claimed the winning on the same date. The response was SUCCESS and he message was that I will receive emails for my respective certificates with 48 hours. I have not received tham so far.

I do not hat the code numbers because I threw away the buttons after receiving the message that I had won.. I hope you will rush the two certificates because I want to use them for X'mas.

I'm extremely up set I feel JCP is running a scam. I have purchase item from the store through out the holiday and was given buttons for the promotion the store has going and entering without problems won on three occasions.

Today on 12/21/12 purchase more item and was given 6 buttons today and told to enter two a day until promotions is over to try to win a prize. But to my prevail upon entering the buttons it would not go through, kept saying it was entered wrong which wasn't true .

So kept entering it again exactly how it appeared as I have did several time before without problems . At this point all buttons I tried out of the six I was given wouldn't go through.

A friend of the family who works for the better business bureau said I should report it and I'm agree I'm very dissatisfied with JCP, by me not being able to enter the two buttons code I'm missing out on a possible win today, and who knows about the other four.

To whom it may concern I have recently put in my button information in for 2 buttons that were winners and was told to wait 24hrs for notification to print out and its been over a week and no email yet.

I also had an issue where I typed in my button code and it said that I was a winner to check my email and when I checked my email the notification said sorry your buttons no a winner. This has happens 3 times already.

I am a very loyal customer to JCP and the buttons are a great holiday attraction that you have going on but its gets very frustrating when you have problems occur such as this.

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