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I contacted the company about this and haven't heard back. I had nine buttons and entered like it said, two per day. Tell me, how can all nine buttons be "already used"? Every single one of them. The only ones I can think of who used them has to be either the folks who made the buttons or the J. C. Penney's employees and management who then gave the wnners to friends and family. Or, the wole thing was a scam. What else could it be? I read where some people won a $10 gift certificate but never got it. So the buttons are already used, if you happen to win (big if), you don't get what you won?! You know, this is aggravating enough to make people shop elsewhere. Put out "used" buttons and don't respond to customer complaints.



After many years of avoiding JC Penny, because I have many times in the past wasted my time looking for my size in vain, today, I decided to stop and look around since the store has been renovated. Well, it was again the same old story, in a store of the size and name like JC Penny, I'd think that buying something so simple as a pair of slacks should be easy. But no.
This has brought me the question, is JC Penny against fit women, or fit and small? I know it sounds crazy, but if this mega store went through so much change recently, why not stock up and get eveyone happy, in another word cater to all. I am not that short, neither too thin, I wear Size 2 not zero.
I thought it would be nice a positive criticism, after all, you guys want to make the most profit, mainly when JC Penny has taken a hit in the last few years.
Finnally, Is there hope that millions of people just like me might be able to shop there again? Or should I walk through the store, only to get inside of the mall and go straight to a store like EXPRESS, where I know for certain, EVERY SINGLE time I go there (even though it cost more) I WILL FIND my size, and avoid myself the aggravation, because for me, peace of mind, has no price.

I hope someone could have the vision I have, and maybe it would even help the store.

Thanks a lot.


On November 3, 2012 I went into a women's dressing room at JCpenny in Northpall Mall, Ridgeland, MS. The smell was so bad that I was very careful not to touch anything in there and would not let my bare feet touch the floor. It smelled as if someone had urinated on the floor. I used to work in a department store and heard stories of adults letting their children use the floor in dressing rooms for a bathroom. That is disgusting!!! I know stores can't control ignorant people, but you should make sure the dressing rooms are cleaned, even if it means professionally cleaned in a case like this. I was so disgusted by the smell that I told my husband who was waiting outside that it was time to go and I would not go back into that Jcpenney store.


At one time I was a valued customer with JCPenney from shopping to clothes, shoes, home section to even buy our living room furniture at the JCPenney Home Store (which has since closed in Overland Park, KS). I live in Kansas City, MO and I am truly disappointed in the direction the company has gone in the last year plus. Every time (which is not as often as it used to me) that I shop at the store it is always in the process of being remodeled or has been remodeled. You keep changing your focus, your layout, whether you want to give coupons or not and it is frustrating to a customer. Yes, I am one of the customers that enjoyed my JCPenney's reward coupon and not this "everyday low price" (which it doesnt appear to be) mentality.

Customers prefer sales, they want sales and that entices them to come into the store. Maybe you should spend less time remodeling and trying to put out "fancy" ads and focus on what your customers really want....coupons and sales and for the store to not change every few months. I was at the store over the weekend and was appalled that once again it was remodeled and and that when you ring up my purchases I can no longer see how much it rings up for. The cashier has a hand held device that they scan so you are not seeing if something is rung up correctly unless you ask AND their does not seem to be much privacy when you are entering in a PIN for a purchase with a debit card.

This is just ridiculous. I preferred shopping at JCPenney's over Kohl's because it wasnt cluttered, was always picked up, has good customer service at the store, clean and neat but with all these changes I am not enticed to continue shopping which is sad and a reflection of your CEO. I do hope you have taken customers complaints seriously.


Yesterday 8/14/13 was our 20th anniversary. My husband has told me for years that I could get a new ring for our 20th anniversary. I went to the JCPennys in McDonough, Ga yesterday. A very kind man by the name of Vince assisted me and I picked out a 1 carat ring. I told him I would talk to my husband so he wrote all the info down including the final price and told me if I came back and he wasn't there to please let them know that he assisted me. Well my husband took me back last night to get the ring. I was very excited--I have waited a long time for that ring!! Vince was not there, but a lady named Debbie was.

I told her we were there to get the ring and gave her Vince's card. She was very rude from the start with very short, snippety answers and then acted as if were low-lifes. I was purchasing a $1,550. ring--which is alot to us...but does not make us low lifes!! Well I didn't have my JCPenney card which is in my husbands name, but she said she would look it up. It came up but would not accept the transaction, so she rolled her eyes and said I can call and see what the problem is IF I must as if we should just walk away. I said call, so she did--they talked to my husband and raised his credit limit and said to go through with the sale. She tried several times and it wouldn't go through so she rolled her eyes again and said I can call back IF I must.

So she called back and after being on the phone for several minutes they cleared everything up and said go ahead with the transaction and when Debbie tried it, it refused it again--she very rudely said it is not working--There is nothing else I can do..Very disappointing to someone who was planning to get the 1carat ring I have been waiting for!! It may not have been her fault for the transaction not working--but she was extremely rude from the start and acted as if we should not be allowed to purchase anything. She didn't even want to make the phone call to check out why.

Then said oh well there's nothing I can do. I walked away from the counter and assured her I would purchase the ring elsewhere and I will make sure everyone knows I got it and why I didn't get it at JCPenneys. I have spent alot of money here over the years and I am very angry about the way my husband and I were treated in there last night. And it ruined a 20th anniversary. I don't know where the fault lies for not being able to make this purchase, but you definitely lost an almost $2000.00 sale and we won't be back.


Hi I'm very upset with Jcpenney first of all i order 5 items on the 11/23/12 and i would wait for an email to confirm that they had all ready shipped my order, it was 11/30/12 and i called to see what is happening and it turns out that they hadn't shipped it yet i understand that it might be that time of year were every one orders things online but they should at least send an email notifying us that. Later on that day i did receive an email that my order was been shipped but they didn't even send me my tracking number with it. I tried log in in on my jcpenney account but it won't let me and i don't know if jcpenney erased my account or what ever. Jcpenney is very unorganized and that goes bad on them.


My name is ivy butler from mccomb ms i was terminated for the wrong reason under randall spears he is racist have favoritism he fires people because he dont like you. im the only black supervisor there and been there for 10 YEARS . Everything i do is wrong the others gets away with it . he should be the one to gets terminated i worked too hard for this company he is wrong now he gott promoted to layfette store


I have entered my JCPenney's Christmas buttons codes and some of them say invalid captcha, also some say I have already entered or sorry it looks like your button code is not valid. I have also won three $10 dollar rewards and four $5 dollar rewards, they have not appeared in my email, they usually send it the next day after claiming the prize.

Its been two days now and no rewards yet. I feel like I'm being ripped off, I have being a loyal JCPenney's customer for years and I just feel like it's all a lye. I'm so dissatisfied.

JCPenney's is promoting a button program to win gift certificates, but the system is not working and it is very frustrating. I have 10 buttons that I cannot enter because it says that there is something wrong with my 7 digit code.

Then I will try again and it will say that the captcha phrase is not correct. This is making me really mad. I don't get a good response when I email or call JCPenney's. I wonder what is wrong with his program.

My husband and I have been shopping at your store quite a bit this Christmas season and receiving your promotion buttons in the process. I am quite frustrated by the lack of response on JCPenney's part when it comes to sending the winning certificate to me.

I am still waiting for two $10.00 certificates I supposedly won on Sun Dec. 16 and my husband is still waiting for one he supposedly won on Dec. 13 - $10.00. I have had 5 buttons that the contest site said were already used. I am very frustrated that a reputable company would be running a corrupt contest.


October 25th, 2012 The reason I'm writing this now, I just found out about the summer associate shopping spree.
Back in the summer I had went into the Athens JCP store asking about the associate shopping spree. I was told that there was one, but it was only, for the associate who was working in that store. I have been talking to another retired associate and she was told the same thing. She and I both are grandparents and we buy our grand kids school clothes at JCP every year,. because of this we went to other stores and shopped. Today I was talking to an associate in the Tyler store about the Fall associate shopping spree and that was when I found out about the , above subject. ARE THE RETIRED ASSOCIATE NOT BEENING INCLUDED IN ANY MORE SHOPPING SPREES? I would really like to speek to a person.903-675-4556


My husband and I went shopping and got a button it said the code was already used, also my mother and I went and spent way over $600.00 on merchandise and the 2 buttons we got the codes were ready used, how can they already be used when I didn't even put them in yet ? I've had at least 7 buttons that say they've already been used. I called JCP customer service and they said to e-mail complaint here. I threw out the buttons. after the last 2, I called. I shop at westfield in toledo ohio. My daughters who live in defiance and perrysburg and shop in their town.

I need 2 button codes for the 2 buttons that I tried to use but they have been used be4 I got these buttons. My $25.00. Penney's gift certificate haven't arrived yet. I claimed less than 48 hours on the 7th or 8th of December and still waiting for it. I have tried to check my buttons all morning and still get invalid. I called and they told me to e-mail at e-mail info@jcpbuttons.com, I hope this is the right site to voice my complaint! This is crazy having to e-mail a complaint! My button numbers are pw9q192 and a4np9er. Please e-mail me and let me know what is going on and if they are winners. I also can't believe I have to enter those stupid words again! Have not got any buttons like that. It was very frustrating going out everyday to pennys just to get 2 buttons and find they've already been used.


I will never shop at this department store again. The corporation itself has abysmal customer service! I placed an order on the 25th of November, got an email indicating shipping on the 9th of December and when I still didn't receive any updates on shipping information, I called in to check...only to be told that they had cancelled my order and refunded me my money back because the warehouse had a shortage. Uh, where was my notification email? Are you seriously going to be providing such horrible service this close to Christmas? Now I have to scramble to find an alternative present because JCP was unprofessional and didn't think it was important to let their customers know about changes to their orders. I called into the main office and they were unprofessional as well. One actually hung up on me and the other offered me a measly 15% off as compensation. No, I don't want your 15% off. I wanted and expected good customer service but I guess that's too much to expect from JCP. I will no longer shop here and will tell everybody I know this story so that they will avoid this corporation as well. You messed up, JCP. Bad customer service doesn't fly here in America.


I went to the JC Penney store in Evansville, Indiana which is located at Eastland Mall. I went on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at approximately 3:15pm. My goal was to go to the men's department and purchase a pair of pants for my husband. I went to the men's department hoping to find a pair of blue Docker's relaxed fit pants. I found the Docker's pants but there were no relaxed fit pants and there were no blue pants. I looked around at other displays to find what I was looking for. After several minutes of looking, I attempted to find an associate to help me. There was one gentleman who was assisting customers with purchases but no one else was in sight. I looked for a few minutes and decided to leave. I was in the store for 15 minutes. I then went to a competitor at the mall, found the pants in the style, color and size that I needed within 5 minutes of entering that store. I have been displeased with JC Penney over the last few months and do not plan to go back to JC Penney any time soon.


I got my son's birthday pictures taken by JCP Portraits on Saturday, March 16 2013 and when I got home I realized I used the wrong coupon for the pictures, so I called right away to see if I could do some sort of return so I could use my son's bday coupon on these pictures. The lady I spoke with was very rude and was no help at all. I then wrote directly to them to let them know exactly what happened in case anyone else would be able to assist me, I haven't recieved a response, so now I'm here. I'm extremely disapointed in the customer service I recieved and if it's not resolved I will not return to JCP Portraits again and will be letting people know about this.


I have been going to JCPenny for years and in June 2011 as i was leaving the store, manager April, who i know but am having problems with, started to say many rude and ignorant things. She raised her voice and start yelling at me which was def not professional. Mean while i was 9 months pregnant and was def embarrassed to argue with her in jcpenny so i asked her to come outside so we can talk it over. Instead of her acting like a women from the start, she decided to yell AT ME and at that call security on me..... You should tell your employees to keep their personal lives at home because since then i have not been back to that specific jcpenny. I use to shop there constantly buying jewlery, shoes, cloths but now i go a lil further to the next mall which has a Macys"s. Thank you very much for your time and i hope this complaint is one step in making JCPenny a more better and classier place.


Went to JCPenney on Black Friday to return suit pants that I ordered for my husband. Could not exchange because they didn't have correct size. After finally settling on what they had in stock, we decided to order another pair of pants as an xtra because several events coming up. When we got to the event which was out of town, we noticed the security tag had not been removed. Not a JCPenney in the vicinity so had to drive out of our way that morning. Didnt realize the pants had a broken zipper until that evening. Returned pants, but didn't get another pair for one was on order. Checked on order while in store, but was told that it couldn't be tracked by my telephone #. Didn't have receipt with me, so I thought I would wait till later. After not receiving pants as we were told we would receive them in just a couple of days.

Called store they said they couldn't find the order to call 800# at bottom of receipt. No 800# at bottom of receipt. She gave me 800#. Called 800#, after being on hold for 15 minutes at 8:40 on a Thursday night. While on hold I had time to track order by myself. Website was terrible. Website was listed on bottom of receipt but not 800#. Entered website as listed on receipt and it came up as no longer a working site. Therefore, had to go a whole other route to track the order. When I tracked with the same # as I gave to store clerk, order came right up. It said the pants were just now shipped, should receive in a day or two, but that is too late for the event that we need them for. Very disappointed in Penneys. All these little things add up to a complete annoyance and I will think twice before shopping there again.


I tried on a underscore 48 ddd in your Brandon, Florida store today. I usually buy my bras from JcPenneys because of how much I save on the bra. This time the bra was tight and when I tried to take it off I had a very difficult time. Also the Brandon store does not have a sales person in the bra area as I have shopped the JcPenneys in Wesley Chapel, Florida in the Wiregrass Mall and they had my size and there was some there to help me. I had a 48 ddd on that stretches but your bra had no give and barely stretched. I even tried to find a 50 or 52 ddd and this store did not have them. You should carry bigger sizes in your stores so that all kinds of women can feel comfortable to buy a bra from you. I was so disappointed in your store. There was no one near the bra area to help me. I use to love JcPenneys but my experience questions if I will ever shop there.


I bought a bunch of clothes online from your website. got it in the mail a week later. the jeans I ordered were different brand,size,color than what I received! I was told I had to pay for shipping to return them( not my mistake). than I went to exchange one of my shirts and the lady instead returned it and told me they didn't have any other sizes so not only did I JUST tell her I wanted the shirt even if I cant get it in a smaller size, I had to buy it again and since I bought it during black Friday/ cyber week/ Saturday sale, I wouldn't be able to get the discounts and would have to pay full price. I used to love JCP but after this in less than 2 days apart from one another, I will never shop there again. JCP should be ashamed in how they deal with customers. you want people to order from y'all and than during your one week busiest shopping day(which you had months to prepare for) you were way off your game! get it together JCP,.


The "Spencer" queen size bed was delivered by a company called Excel in Ral. NC. Bed was ordered in store at JC Penny in Ral. NC. The bed was put together by the delivery company, midway thru the assembly they told me that the 8 screws that came in the package were too short & wouldn't work. They were shorter than the depth of the wood slats that were to be inserted into, which is the base of the bed.

They told me they're not responsible for rectify the error, & that I should take it up with the manufacture & they needed to go to their next delivery. I called the JCP 800# on my receipt & spoke with Angela, who said she'd send new bed out to me, & if I had any problems again (which I had had with the delivery company) to call & ask for her.

I called her less than 1 hr. later & was on hold for 12min. The person on the other line said she would give her my message & she'd call me back. Never heard from anyone! I'm stuck with an incomplete assembled bed, & very agitated & disgusted with this entire transaction!!


I have always purchased my Levi jeans from JCPenney. Until now that is! I have always considered JCP Levi jeans "seconds" because they are never sewn perfectly;especially down the leg seams. BUT I just bought six new pair and the two 505's are totally unwearable! The legs and crotch are sewn off enough that they can't even be pulled up to your waist. And because I have never had such a major issue with JCPLevis, I tore all the tags off and threw them out in Mondays trash. I have to drive a distance to shop the store and don't plan on returning for some time. I suppose I will have to eat the hundred bucks I paid for the two unwearable pairs. We use to enjoy their selection of clothing, now they cater to skinny jeans, see through materials, and kids clothes. Time to pay off the card and say so long...


I am very upset that after being an outstanding customer with JC Penney's that I have had so much trouble initiating an order on-line. I have copied the information. I would like to know why I am receiving "Internet Explorer blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors". Everything is the same ~~ nothing has changed as far as any personal information in order to place an order. My order that I tried to initiate is the following: SPORTS APPAREL 2499 Item# TS217-0136F -- Alabama Crimson Tide Youth Grey Tackle Twill Hooded Sweatshirt
Size: Medium (10-12)status:manufacturer shipped (ships in 1 week). Item shipped directly to you from the manufacturer.
Total:$25.00. Your assistance on this issue will be greatly appreciated. I have never had this much trouble ordering anything from JC Penney's in many years. Thank you. Carol Oakley


On November 8 I had an appointment with Jessica at the JC Penney Salon in University Mall located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My regular stylist was not in so I had the appointment with Jessica. I gave her great details about my fine hair and my cow lick in the back making sure she understood what I did and did not want her to do. She did exactly everything I said NOT to do. I was horrified with my short hair that looked so bad I would not be seen in public. I got my money refunded and demanded another stylist rewash and restyle my hair. I got a great girl who stated she would do what she could with what hair I had left. I called the next day and complained to the Manager, Judy Johnson. She said she would "talk" with Jessica and offered me free cuts until my gets back to where it was before the cut. It has been one week today and I have a bald spot showing in the back where my cowlick is which is what I explained to Jessica that I could not have short layers there cause my hair needs to be long enough to cover the cow lick. I am hurt, upset and devastated over my hair. Jessica needs to have more training in hair styling, listening to the client and should be fired over what she did to my hair. Refunding my money and offering free cuts does nothing to compensate me for the damage done to my hair. I want someone at the corporate level to know what happened and do something about it.


In late-spetember of 2012 I called the Manteca, CA Jcpenney store to learn about a job application that I had turned in online at your main Careers page on the Jcpenney.com, the previous week. it was only 7 or 8 day's later when i called to inquire about the job, since it was still on the website career page. When I asked the human resource manager about my application and the position that I applied for, my reception was met with a cold shoulder and hostilite. The HR manager was extremely rude to me and lied to me saying "I'm sorry but we currently arent hiring full time positions". As she said the previous sentence to me, I was still looking at the open Career page for that store and it was STILL showing the the full-time store associate opening position. I'm very discouraged and angered that your store HR manager for your Jcpenney store in Mantec, CA would lie about an open job position to a prospective job seeker. I've been shopping at that Jcpenney's store for 3 years now, and I will never go back. If anyone ever asks me about working there I tell them to keep moving and dont waste your time.


I am a big and tall person. 300 lbs and 6' 3". My pants for the last 25 years have been 42-36. The longest you have in your big and tall section is 32 inseam. 32" inseam is NOT tall. You should rename the big and tall section big and short. I have shopped JC Penny's over the years and this last year it has gone down hill big time. Your CEO may have known the customers at Apple, but he knows nothing of the customers in a clothing store.


Several years ago I was detained at Dillards Department Store at the Imperial Mall in El Centro, CA. Evidently, store security thought they had seen me steal something and they detained my wife and I while they rummaged through the belongings we had bought at PacSun and Macy's. Ultimately, after being paraded through the store and treated like common criminals, we were cleared and released without so much as an apology.

So what does this have to do with J. C. Penney's? Evidently, this particular mall uses a camera system with facial recognition capabilities, and shares this information with other retailers in the mall. As it happens, we were not regular customers at Dillard's and didn't normally frequent their establishment. After our experience, we certainly won't become regular customers if at all. As it happens, we were regular customers of J. C. Penney's. This is where we spend most of our time and money while at the mall. However, that too will come to an end, as we have been regularly harassed and followed through the store by your Loss Prevention Staff. Since our encounter with Dillard's, we have been followed no less than ten times by people pretending to be customers.

To avoid being overly suspicious, my wife and I set out to "make" the Loss Prevention Staff and confront them, as it was becoming extremely uncomfortable and disconcerting to even enter the store. Each week, we would see the same individual monitoring our every movement throughout the store. When he realized he had been made, he enlisted the assistance of a female Loss Prevention staff member. She was even more obvious in her attempt to catch us "stealing" from your store. After she and he had followed us around the store for well over 1/2 hour, it was apparent they were planning to stop us as soon as we crossed the plane of the store into the mall. In an effort to make them "jump", I dashed toward the door as though I was going to run into the mall. Both the male and female agents dropped everything they had in their hands and lunged toward me as I made my phony escape. Prior to departing the store, I stopped, turned around and looked them both in the face. I went back to the counter in the store and opened my bags while your employees stared at me. I told them "If you want to inspect my bags, come over and take a look." I had my wife produce a receipt along with everything in our bag.

Instead of simply being caught trying to catch us. The female got rude and said, "No one said anything to you. I don't want to see what's in your bag." At the same time, the male staff member went off to hide behind a rack of women's clothes as though he had nothing to do with it. These same individuals do this to us on a weekly basis and it's really insulting.

If we are believed to be thieves by your Loss Prevention Team, then the appropriate thing to do would be to stop us and confront us with whatever behavior it is that makes them feel they need to follow us through the store every week. Or, they could even call the police and have us detained and investigated on-site. The real problem here is that we are supected of being thieves, not because your Loss Prevention Staff are competent, but rather they are relying on the innacurate software program wherein my wife and I were suspected by Dillard's of being thieves.

In closing, I would like to inform you and your Loss Prevention Staff, my wife and I are not, nor have ever been thieves. I am a former Marine and have been a Peace Officer for 23-years. I don't steal! As a Peace Officer, I can appreciate the need for Loss Prevention; however, at some point due diligence becomes outright harassment and needs to stop. We are now at that point. If your Loss Prevention Staff continue this pattern of harassment, I will wait until one of your over-zealous staff members attempts to stop my wife or me, and I will embarrass your company both legally and publicly.

Dennis Webb


I placed an online order for 4 pcs--2 skirts/2coats. The store could only locate the skirts and I was advised to simply reorder with customer service. I told the clerks, customer service reps and the store manager that this was unacceptable. The customer service rep blamed the store as the items were accepted by the store and should have been there. The manager simply apologized, stating she had no idea where the coats could be. This would never happen in Macys or Saks. JC Penny did nothing to accommodate me as their long time customer. I am totally disappointed in disregard for customer service.


To whom it may concern, I was shopping earlier today at your Polaris jcpenney. I always shop there and have always enjoyed all of my purchases. I buy all of my sons clothes there my clothes and my husbands along with my home decor. I have never complained about me service at any store until now. When I went to ring out with me 60 dollar purchase the lady working the register was very rude. I showed her my coupon on the phone and my code wouldn't pull up so a nice customer came up and said she had the same coupon and let me use it. The lady gave us both a look like she was annoyed then took it. When she realized that it didn't have a code she shove the coupon back at the lady and said with a rude tone this isn't a coupon. Then when the lady realized she gave her the wrong one she gave her the right one and the cashier yanked it from her. Then after she scanned it she told me my total. When I went to pay I swiped my husbands credit card and she said with a rude tone you obviously rnt Dustin. I'm not complaining about the fact that she checked that info bc I know that's a law to check for fraud so I thank her on that but the way she talked to me was so rude I was ready to leave. Then when I pulled out my card she said well the lady left so u need to find Ur coupon so I tried finding it again ad she grabbed someone else's beside me and scanned it an just seemed very flustered. I understand it can be difficult when customers rnt ready for checkup but she was so rude that I wanted to just say forget it and leave. I am very upset with my visit and think she should be talked to bc if she is giving this to other customers a lot of them will file complaints. This will make me think about shopping there again.



It is now difficult to find a dress coat that fits me perfectly. The two men you used to have there to help the customers have been removed to other departments, or perhaps they don't work for you anymore.

It was very usefull to have these two men before when problem of matching suits and other dress utensils arose. When a collar of ashirt was too small or too long, when the color combination came for questioning; they were there to give out proper advise. Where are they now?


I ordered jeans about a month ago order. # 2012-3445-8012-5510 and called about them. I was told they should be at the store. Called the store and was told there was a problem with the order and weren't there. This is a month and no one knows where they are. I can understand the store as it should be closed how you can take away 4 registers away on one floor during Christmas is unreal to me, but now your online ordering too?


I am very dissapointed that I got up early this Black Friday morning, was nearly first in line 45 minutes before the doors opened at 6am. I had one item that I wanted to get, so the doors opened, and I rushed to find the Cooks Waffle maker for $8. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw stacks of griddles, slow cookers and toasters. Not one waffle maker in sight. I asked around and no one else could find them. I looked through the store and no one else had a waffle maker either.

I was then told at the checkout that I could purchase the item online, so I left the store dissapointed but hopeful. Only to be cruched again when I searched online and found that the clerks at the store had lied to me. I thought the term bait and switch was outlawed years ago, but I see it is alive and working great for JC Penny. I will tell all my friends about the lies and deciet at this untrustworty store. Very dissapointed in Orlando.


On 12/20/12 at about 4 p.m. my husband and I went to the Greenwood, Indiana JC Penney store (0355)to purchase new watches for Christmas. While trying on new Seiko solar battery watches, I took off my 10-year old Citizens watch and put it on the counter. The sales clerk picked up my old watch and put it in the glass case. After trying on the new watches, I asked for my old watch, and he told me that it was the store's watch. I made him check, and he agreed it was my used Citizens watch in the Seiko case, so he gave it back to me.

The next part is the really strange part of this complaint. A man suddenly appeared and stayed with my husband and I while we continued to shop for watches. We found two new Seiko watches and paid for them with a credit card and got a receipt. We asked the clerk to have them sized to fit us. He disappear with the new watches for 30 minutes while two sales ladies stood by us -- one of them rudely asking if we had paid for the watches.

Finally a clerk brought us my husband's new watch, which hadn't been sized correctly, while we again waited for the other watch. We finally got tired of waiting, returned the watch, and asked for a refund, so we could go another store in the mall and purchase new watches.

After purchasing new watches at the Helzberg jewelry store, we decided to leave the mall through the JC Penney store because we had parked behind the store, and the weather was dreadful. When we entered the JC Penney store to exit the mall, the same man who had followed us around came up to us and followed us to the back exit of the store before turning around and returning to the store.

My husband and I have shopped at JC Penney for over 40 years, and we have never been followed around the store like criminals or had to deal with incompetent and rude salespeople. This will be our last trip to JC Penney stores, and we plan to tell everyone we know about this bad experience.


I was shopping at the Avaiaton JCPenny in Glens Falls NY. I am a case manager and had ripped my pants and needed to purchase a new pair. I was standing in line at the counter and the nasty ill tempered casher Gabby, rudely informed me that I needed to stand in the correct place and nodded her head where the line formed to the right.

There was the one person she was waiting on and no one else in the deparment. If I didn't need new pants to continue my work I would have left. I have shopped in JCPennys for all my life. My curtains, bedding and clothing is 90% purchased from JCPenny. I will never shop in the JCPenny at the store again.


While shopping at JC Penny, the cashier asked me if I would like to apply for a Penny's credit card and I would receive a 20 per cent discount on the purchased items. I applied and was rejected. Since I told the cashier that there must be a mistake since my credit was excellent she said that the company would send me a letter explaining. I then received a letter saying that the credit was refused because I was listed as "deceased" by the TransUnion Credit Reporting Co.

I contacted TransUnion and they went into a denial mode. JC Penny should look into this and look for a different Credit Reporting Company to use.


My son received several gifts for Christmas from JCPenney. I went yesterday to exchange the gifts for different sizes. I didn't want a different product, just different sizes. The clerk rang up the items and processed them as returns on a gift card. When the items were purchased for my son at Christmas time they were purchased on a newly opened JCPenney account so not only were the items on sale for Christmas, there was an additional percentage taken off for the new credit card account. So the amount put on my gift card to exchange the items was less than what the products now cost. So I ended up having to pay out of pocket the difference to exchange the same items!! This is treating your customers wrong. I've closed my JCPenney account and will no longer be shopping there. I have informed my friends and family to do the same.


I have been shopping at jc penneys for years. I buy my granddaughters jeans and most clothes at the Salmon Run Mall store in Watertown NY. Yesterday I took my granddaughter who is 10 years old there to buy some jeans. There was no selection and the kids department 7-16 was mostly empty of merchandise. I mentioned this to the sales associate and she said the trend is now to be more boutique style like Macy's. As far as I'm concerned that statement was a load of crap. I told a friend of mine who also was shopping there about the statement and she said she mentioned the same thing to another sales associate and was told the low inventory was because jcpenney's wants people to shop online more. Tell me, how do you shop online alot for a growing child without the child trying on the items? Different brands size differently and don't fit all. I was just so disappointed for my granddaughter not to have any selection to choose from. I won't be shopping at jcpenney's anymore. There are plenty of other store like Kohl's that always have plenty of merchandise for children and myself. If your new plan is to get more customers, you've failed as far as I'm concerned.


At age 70, I am a lifelong customer of JCPenney's and my husband even worked for the company in NYC for 30 years. Recently we read that the company is in trouble and I must say, I am not surprised. I have just had one of the worst experiences ever trying to purchased items online. Initially, the computer invoice did not show my sale discounts so I called for help. I got what was obviously a new employee who said that she whould need to start over with the order. I said, "Okay, take your time". That turned out to be a hassle. A few days later, when nothing showed up at the door, I checked my order online and found out it had been cancelled. Nobody contacted me even though they said that they did. If they did, there was not much effort put into it because I am a shut-in, home all day. When I called again, a lady said that I "probably" had a problem with a credit card. I said, " Not possible. We pay off our bills automatically each month. There is no problem with the card, it is current and in good standing". She said call back tomorrow when the credit department is open and then gave me the wrong number so that I went around and around on the phone tree next morning and never heard a human voice. Called order department again. They said the order had been cancelled and they would need to input everything yet again. I waited. Was told that more than half of the items I had ordered were no longer available because of the delay with the order. Arrrrgh. Okay, go ahead and reorder the rest. Today, I checked the new order and find that in the transition the person ordered the wrong size on one item which will mean a trip to the store for a return by my husband. Of course, it will be a surprise if anything at all shows up, the current order says that it is being reviewed? This is pitiful. While I am venting, why don't they get a clue and put check-out desks up front where they can be found, realize that the new catalogues are useless, put some warm bodies in strategic places on the store floor so that if there is a problem, there is someone to help? Also, and most of all, please recognize that people don't like change in institutions. Penneys was always a place that you could count on to be there. Not any more and it is so sad.


My understanding is that J.C. Penney has chosen to not apologize for their support of the SNL presentation mocking Jesus Christ. I will no longer be a client of their store, and I will recommend to my friends and family that they refrain from patronizing J.C. Penney's.


My husband goes out to find us a new bed set and new sheets. I wasn't bake to be there and he so wonderfully would text me fit my opinion. After finding one we liked and he continued to shop for sheets. The entire time an overweight, short, short haired lady stands there and watched him like he was a criminal. She never offered to help.

Then once that was too much he gets to the register and a manager with the nastiest manor possible tells him she won't help him and he has to go to the other side if the store. After he does move over the manager decides she can help anyone else but my husband. She speaks right up and takes the next person walking up to her side if the registers.

I will warn all I can from going to this specific store. I'm even returning the bed set and sheet set to the store. It makes me sick to have it. Jcpenney obviously doesn't need customers to help or be courteous to. I will pay more somewhere else just so I don't have to go there.


We recieved 2 buttons before the 18th of December 2012. We came home and put them on the computer as instructed and one came up that we had won $10. No notification came up on our computer later as the $5 button we had won did. We left on the 19th for family Christmas celebrations in New Hamshire. We arrived home after the 1st of the year.

While in NH we checked the computer every day and no notification. We checked through the U.S. mail and there was no notification. My daughter also had a $10 button and we entered it in her name, Jolie Whitten. The same thing happened there. No notification that she was getting it and nothing in the mail.

What do we do to get our $10 coupons? I don't think very much of this contest/advertisment as it did not live up to its word. Thank you for taking care of this.


On December 27th, I ordered six Fiesta ivory java mug dishes. I paid with a gift card and my bank account. When my order didn't arrive by January 7th, my husband called and was told they were shipped and would be here on the 9th. Then I got an email saying the bowls I ordered were cancelled, even though I ordered mugs.

I called on the 9th to see what was happening and they said the warehouse cancelled my order because they didn't have it. I am upset that it took so long for them to realize and tell me they didn't have the order. When I expressed my disappointment,your customer service seemed like they really didn't care how I felt about the situation and did nothing to encourage me to continue to shop at Penny's.

I also have to wait two weeks to have my gift card refunded. I expected more from your store. At this point, I am not feeling as though I will shop at your store given the number of other choices I have. It would be nice if you offered something o encourage customers who are truly inconvenienced to maintain their loyalty to your store.


On 12/14/12 I received two messages that I had won $5.00 and $10.00. I claimed the winning on the same date. The response was SUCCESS and he message was that I will receive emails for my respective certificates with 48 hours. I have not received tham so far.

I do not hat the code numbers because I threw away the buttons after receiving the message that I had won.. I hope you will rush the two certificates because I want to use them for X'mas.

I'm extremely up set I feel JCP is running a scam. I have purchase item from the store through out the holiday and was given buttons for the promotion the store has going and entering without problems won on three occasions.

Today on 12/21/12 purchase more item and was given 6 buttons today and told to enter two a day until promotions is over to try to win a prize. But to my prevail upon entering the buttons it would not go through, kept saying it was entered wrong which wasn't true .

So kept entering it again exactly how it appeared as I have did several time before without problems . At this point all buttons I tried out of the six I was given wouldn't go through.

A friend of the family who works for the better business bureau said I should report it and I'm agree I'm very dissatisfied with JCP, by me not being able to enter the two buttons code I'm missing out on a possible win today, and who knows about the other four.

To whom it may concern I have recently put in my button information in for 2 buttons that were winners and was told to wait 24hrs for notification to print out and its been over a week and no email yet.

I also had an issue where I typed in my button code and it said that I was a winner to check my email and when I checked my email the notification said sorry your buttons no a winner. This has happens 3 times already.

I am a very loyal customer to JCP and the buttons are a great holiday attraction that you have going on but its gets very frustrating when you have problems occur such as this.


The last 2 times I was in the JC Penney Store in Plymouth, Indiana, I may as well have been invisible. The only thing that brought me to this store to begin with was my $10.00 coupon, but I now think the $10.00 freebie wasn't worth the unpleasant, unfriendly atmosphere. Not once in the whole time I was in the store did any clerk so much as speak, much less ask if I needed assistance with anything. I was well dressed, hair and makeup nicely done, so I know I didn't come off as a homeless indigent that couldn't afford to buy anything, anyway. The sales personnel in this store are rude, inconsiderate, and truly reflect the feeling that they don't want to be there, and they certainly don't want to be bothered with my being there. This was the case BOTH TIMES I was in the store, so it wasn't just one isolated incident. I doubt that I will bother going in this store again, even if it means losing my prized $10.00 coupon. The manager of this store should be removed if this is how the store is run.


As a credit card holder of Penny's for fifty something years I believe I qualify to make this complaint. Your Black Friday add carried Cooks appliances for $8.00 but very few people had a chance to purchase them as some peopel hoarded them. The thing about this that makes me so mad is a lot of these people turn around and sell these products for more money and make a profit while the rest of us do not even get a chane to purchase even one.

If you really want to keep regular customers I have several suggestions that would greatly help.
1. You could send coupons out to people with credit cards to purchase several at the great price.
2. You could only put a certain number out for sale each day giving more peopel a chance to purchase one.
3. You could limit the number one person can buy at a time.

I hated it whenyou did away with your catalog so I have not been doing much shoping anymore at your store,I use to do all my shopping at Pennys. I do not like standing around forever waiting to get help when trying to look for semi sheer curtains. I finally give up and either go else where or go home.

Now this latest fiasco with the Black Friday sales hs really turned people against the Penny store. Ipersonally do very litttle shopping in our Pennys store in Valley View Mall La Crosse, Wisconsin and this latest fiasco with the special COOKs appliances has really angered me. Don't be surprised to see a lot of previous customers quit shopping in you store. Your new advertising and promotion SUCKS.


I am writing today because I am beyond frustrated. Last week I placed a catalog order for a bedspread, blanket, pillow shams and drapery. On Tuesday of this week I got a phone call telling me my order was in. On my lunch hour I went down to JC Penny's to pick up my order. Apparently the more catalog order area has been discontinued, so as you know we are to go to any cashier. Sandy in the women’s area waited on me, I told her I needed to pick up a catalog order, she radioed someone and 10 minutes later they showed up. She took the slip that Sandy gave her and disappeared for another 15 minutes; coming back with only the drapes. I was then informed that the rest of my order would be on Friday. I asked why I was even called if the entire order was not it; there was no answer except an apology. I figured JC Penny doesn’t care about wasted time on my part so why would they tell me? Sandy rang up the drapes as well as everything else.

I told her that I did not receive all my order, therefore the sales receipt was incorrect. We went back and forth, Sandy was very nice but was apparently not trained to do catalog orders. I insisted that I was not signing because clearly the sales receipt showed that I received everything. She then called Janice over (apparently a catalog order expert) Janice then insisted to me that the sales order was correct, even though it clearly showed all 4 items on it. At this point another manager showed up and said it was correct and then Mark (I assume another sales person) chimed in telling me it was correct and my order would be in on Friday. I implored them to listen to me, I knew this sales receipt was incorrect, but 4 different JC Penny associates insisted it was correct. I told them that I would be back on Friday and I guaranteed them that as far as JC Penny's was concerned there would be no order coming in on Friday because as far a JC Penny's was concerned my order was delivered.

I was assured over and over that I was wrong, and by that time with quite a bit of exasperation that the order would still be coming in. Jump forward to Friday, I go in to the store on Friday, what do you suppose happened? You got it, no order. Why? because as far as JC Penny was concerned the order had been delivered. I really, really, tried to stay calm. I had Sandy who waited on me on Tuesday and was a witness to the entire fiasco call management. A really nice woman named Alicia came over. I again explained the situation. She took my receipt and disappeared. When she came back she said "you are correct, the order is not coming because we show it was delivered". I asked Alicia to talk to Sandy so that she could confirm what I was saying was correct; which she did. I now have company coming and no merchandise to finish the room.

To tell you I am frustrated is an understatement. I worked in retail management for years and I know this all comes down to lack of training on all levels. JC Penny decided to get rid of the catalog department to save money and just throws out the responsibility of it to untrained sales people. Shame on all of you at JC Penney's corporate offices. Customer service is the one thing that will keep companies thriving and JC Penny’s you have failed miserably. Alicia informed me that she would call me when they tracked down the order. Because I had already surpassed my lunch hour I conceded and left. At 2:30 pm Alicia called back to tell me that the order was not found and she would credit me for the merchandise; except for the drapes that I would need to make another trip in for to return. Again I say Shame on you; of course Mark (sales person) pointed out to me on Tuesday “JC Penny’s has been around for 110 years we will be open for another 110”. I am but one customer so I am sure the loss of my patronage won’t be missed, but I was a really good customer and for that alone you should think twice about making sure your people are trained.


I was shopping Friday in your Silverdale store for a purse. I was looking in the clearence sign areas. $15.00 and up I found a purse in this area but when I check cost it came up regular prise. When ask about it, the comment was some one must of put it there. I showed her that the area had 15 or more of purses with same name brand and only some marked . Her responce sorry someone must of put sign here and took the sign away.

Moving the 10 0r 11 that did have a mark down on it and put with another section that had a sign .. I work retail and if that was a mistake you can move it but you should offer the price that the customer found. Then I went in the jewlery area( not the expencive area) I saw a table and it said $12.00 not $12.00 and up. I pick a pair of earrings I like but those to came up $24.00.

I mention to a sales person and same responce , some one must of put them there. I showed her the table and that the sign did not have and up on it. All the earrings the same as I picked ou and others also were marked wrong. she to changed the sign over and said the stock people didn't put the right side up. There again that is miss lesding .

I fill you must not train your stock people or sales person correctly. When I worked retail if you made a mistake you should give that customer the price and then change it correctly. I am not thrilled with your new policeys.


I went to the JC Penney store at the Westroads in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday October 13 around 5:00 pm. I selected a pair of shoes to purchase. The only person at the register was helping another customer with many articles of clothing. I looked toward the men's department, saw a man folding clothes at the register. I went over to him. He called for help to check me out. I waited. Another employee came over he said he couldn't help me because he was helping another customer and also had to help someone who was on hold. Clark, the man at the register, called again. No one came again. I waited for the third call. No one came. He finally said "Someone will come eventually." I waited some more. I finally gave up and started walking away. Clark continued to fold his clothes. When I was about 30 feet away, he called for me and asked me if I still wanted the shoes. I asked him if someone was there to check me out. He said no, he wanted me to put them back. Now I left embarrassed. Penneys lost a sale and a customer.


I visited JCP store # 1960 for purchase check out at terminal 261, transaction # 8850, date 12/08/2012, time 06:57 PM, the associate who handled the transaction her Id was 0231. I had a 20% voucher that did not state that it cannot be combined with a gist card. The associate was rude and discourteous throughout the transaction.

The other associate at that terminal advised her to try it out if the system would allow using the two together. And we understand if the system did not allow BUT fortunately the system accepted it and we did see the final price due but somehow when the receipt printed out we realized that the associate voided the 20% discount without letting us know. My point is that this is cheating the customers and we don’t expect this at JCP at least.

I was sad and furious at the behavior of this associate. Moreover she refused to give us the prize button after the purchase and behaved inappropriately. I would appreciate if JCP takes appropriate action for this incidence.


I've been a decades long customer, always paid my bills on time and kept a low balance. JC Penny has been my go to when I needed a shower or wedding gift, school clothes, Christmas gifts, etc. All that comes to an end today. I probably owe them around $50. and when the next bill comes in, they get the $50. plus the cut up card.

I have used the salon at Pennys for 20+ years. Today I called for an appointment and was told that I had failed to make my last appointment and that my business was no longer wanted (IN THOSE WORDS). There was no question about why after all these years I might have missed the appointment, just this terse statement. I would never have intentionally missed the appointment, but that's really not the point. In these times you'd think that a company might want to keep their clients, not run them off. Oh well, beauty shops are nearly as plentiful as convenience stores. Their loss not mine.

I tried to call the store manager or customer rep. at this store, but you can't really talk to anyone. Try their automated phones. You can get the shoe dept. or the photographer, but no management of any kind.


So not only did it take you five months and four different cribs and dressers before I finally got one but when your delivery guys brought it to my house they tracked mud all over my brand new carpet. When I called someone I never heard back from you guys. This is ridiculous and I am extremely upset.


I made a purchase for two tool boxes from JCP. A few weeks went by and I never received them. I called and spoke with their online purchase department. I was told that my purchase was delivered to another state and they would fix the problem. A week went by and I did a follow-up call. I was then told that it was delivered to the local JCP store by mistake. I tried to get a refund. Hours and weeks later, I was unable to do get a refund from them.

The level of unprofessionalism and care for their customers was unbelievable. Each time I called, I was on the phone for nearly 2 hours. Their online customer care representatives speak little English and are located overseas. I felt like I was part of a Saturday Night Live comedy prank, where I was the victim. They kept me on the phone and avoided any attempt to help me. I asked to speak with a supervisor many times but the ladies who helped me refused and they kept giggling. It was very obvious they were helping me and playing around with co-workers at the same time.

Luckily for them, I remained calm as my purchase with them was work related using a work credit card. The business I worked for was a law enforcement agency. I passed the issue on to another co-worker to handle and she experienced the same exact problems. Her attempts went on for two weeks.

The issue was never resolved. The purchase was approximately $40 and the cost it took two employees to try to resolve the issue with JCP was nearly $1000.

I understand businesses try to save money, but a large corporation such as JCP should have better oversight to ensure their customers are decent customer service. In my experience with JCP, I will never make another purchase with them again.

A few months later, I overheard my supervisor sharing her weekend experience with JCP and how frustrated she was with them. She had purchased a lawn mower from JCP. She said she was on the phone with their customer service people for over two hours and was also unable to resolve her issues.


I was in the window coverings department today in the JCPenny in Modesto, Ca. and I was completely appauled at the working conditions that your employee had to endure to give me an estimate on a window covering. The computer monitor is embedded in a big table, which cannot be moved at all, and the keyboard that she used to type the information on is about 6 or 7 inches lower which forced her to do the task in a bent over position, straining her back. REALLY? She had no chair to sit and I'm sure it was very uncomfortable, especially for 8 hours. Please reconsider her welfare and give her better working conditions.
Also, I was so dissappointed in the changes your company has made to your furniture department. There is really no choices in furniture anymore. J C Penney in Modesto used to have a really nice furniture dept. with lots of options and choices. So dissappointing.


I have won four times in your button promotion. One was just tonight so not enough time yet to see if it is messed up too but out of my wins I have only received one certificate to use. I never received a $5.00 and a $10.00 winning certificate.

Dear Jcpenney employees, I am not happy because my friend purchased two bras from your store in Westfield Gallaria, Roseville, and the cashier forgot to take off the tag or whatever you call it that cannot be removed by customers. I lives in Rocklin, which is some ways from the Gallaria.

My husband and myself have shopped at the JcPennys store in the destiny mall in syracuse ny for several weeks and recieving buttons 2 each to enter on line. We have had over 30 buttons come back saying this code was already used .we are extremely upset as you should be that the only explaination for this is that the employess are taking the buttons ,setting up numerous e-mail accounts and recieving rewards that are ment for paying customers.

In my hometown cortland ny,about 1/2 hour away from syracuse 1 out of 6 buttons were a winner,and NOT 1 ever came back as code already used. I am beyond upset at the thought of these employees are ripping off Jcp ,and that they are so good at hiding things no one will ever find out. It is obvious that their jobs arnt that important after all to them.Hopefully there can be a solution to this problem ,thank you.

And I have to go back just to get them removed. I understand that Holidays are very busy and this kind of things happen more. But it is really inconvenient to the customers and it does no good to your reputation, right?

I am sure I completed each stage as directed. I did receive one $10.00 certificate and tonight I won another $10.00 and was told I would receive the certificate within 48 hours. I hope it works this time. Can I still get the certificates I won?

I received two jcp buttons that said codes were already used.

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  • frahq3n

I received them from the Eastern Hill Mall Williamsville New York. Also was told I could only receive one button for two different purchases. I shopped at JCP today Blvd Mall Store and was told store was all out of buttons.

Won a 10.00 certificate. Ever time I tried to claim and print certificate out it said the certificate would be sent to me through e-mail but never received it. I tried retrieving certificate several different times with the same result. Also two of the buttons I received from the store had already been entered by someone else.

Finally when I last tried the e-mail telling me I had won disappeared completely. Didn't get a thing. Believe that Pennys should honor what they say they will. Have been a loyal customer for more than 40 years.


I have been a JCP customer for years. Enjoyed and purchased merchandise often. My local store which is one of the originals is one I enjoyed shopping in even though it didn't seem it could provide everything due to it's size. It's had some ups and downs in merchandising my needs, but when I visited there a few weeks ago I was pleasd to see how tiddy the racks looked and DISMAYED to discover the lack of merchandising for what I believe to fit our area. Pendleton has virtually not department stores save Walmart for clothing etc. now even JCP doesn't provide even a little of what I ight be looking for on a shopping trip. Don't get me wrong, the employees are excellent.

The store no longer has what I want. When I asked if you carried plus size clothes, I was told no but they could order it for me. I can order that myself. I don't generally shop for clothes online - very few things for that matter. Here's the Christmas season on us and I'll have to drive 75 miles to shop at a JCP store that might have what I'm looking for. Sad, but I don't think the store will make it on it's current marketing plans. Maybe you should become a BIGGER (not smaller) store in Pendleton and buy the now vacant Bank of America Building. For sure Pendleton could use a nice big department store. Anyway, I'm sorely disappointed in the Pendleton's store's direction.


I ordered a pendant on the 27th of November, and today on the 12th of December they sent me an email saying my pendant was no longer available because the manufacturer no longer had the piece. I just think it's a joke that they had to wait two weeks to inform me about a piece they no longer had, I spent some time looking over the internet and found that many people are having the same problems. I'm furious because this was something I picked out for my girlfriend and bypassed any other website to do a purchase. Now I'm probably going to have pay extra for a piece of jewelry and rush delivery so it doesn't get lost in the Christmas shipping. Jcpenney is a pathetic company and has no respect for their customers, and they seem to not care.


On October 9, 2012 at approximately 1:00pm I visited your Victorville location. I was purchasing a pair of jeans and was helped by a lady named Cynthia (great customer service from her). Not realizing that I was paying with cash and a gift card she swiped my gift card and asked for my credit card, I explained I didn't have it and was paying cash she said she would help me at the register as she couldn't take cash with the hand held computer. The gift card wouldn't work at the new computer and the manager that came over to help was RUDE. He wouldn't look at me, he was rude to Cynthia and he has NO customer service skills. She asked if he could just issue another gift card to complete the transaction and he huffed off.

About 10 minutes later a female manager stomped up and handed me another gift card & without even saying a word she turned and stomped off. Cynthia kept apologizing over and over throughout the entire 45 minutes I was trying to pay. I was so mad that I said cancel the order and was going to leave. At that time the first male manager calls Cynthia and says "get the gift card back" I heard him because I was still standing there. I've been a very loyal customer for over 45 years. I'm not sure I will ever return to another JC Penney again. I cannot believe the way the management treats not only the customers but the employees at the Victorville location.


I have bought most of my dress clothing at J.C.P. for years but the new direction your company has taken has taken me elsewhere. Today I received an offer from JCP to receive cash rewards for qualifying purchases but I won't be buying from JCP because when you decided to get into the culture war by hiring Ellen Degeneres and by advertising with controversial and offensive ads, I decided to take my business elsewhere. I contacted you way back when and you never even responded. That's speaks volumes! You had rather lose customers as to stay out of the culture wars. You must know that many, many of your clientele are offended at your new marketing strategies. It amazes me that you would offend the masses to cater to the minorities. That is not inclusiveness. That is business suicide! Anyway, I wanted to try one more time because I really liked JCP mens clothing but I can live without it rather than be offended by your in your face marketing strategies.


Lost my favorite sunglasses that I purchased from jcpenney (Dyersburg TN). Went in store to purchase another pair and was told they pulled the display because it was a seasonal item. Whats up with that? The sun shines most days in Tennessee and I need sunglasses year round! Anyway I did purchase a pair at a totally different store. Problem is they need to keep that rack in the store year round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It does not take up that much space!


There is the one person at Jcpenney in Panama City Fl that really left a bad taste in my mouth. Her name is Tammy with red hair and she is a true witch. She spoke down to me like I was nothing about my reward coupon and she said her smart comments in front of other peoples as if she was trying to set me straight. How dare you Jcpenney for allowing employees to treat no longer a valuable customer in such a way.


I am so upset with J.C,Penny's. They stopped giving to their customers.Then they give everything to Ellen Degeneres. to give to every one in her audience .They have given thousands for her to give away and.I think they should realize no one buys anything I have not bought anything or have my friends, because.Their customers deserve extras,not strangers.Why do they give it all to Ellen.It is not right.I think this is terrible. Thank You Marlene Strauss


I was very disappointed to hear that you no longer sell Cabin Creek pants for women. I have always bought these pants. I am a teacher and the pants were classy and wore great. Please bring them back to the catalogue to be purchased. I can not find any pants that fit me like the Cabin Creek. I know you have received complaints on this item, but I do not know why you have ignored your customers. I only buy a few items from JC Penny, but I buy a number of items for my grandchildren.

I now do not have a reason to visit your store because what brought me into JC Penny is gone. So, I will take my business elsewhere. It took me a few years to locate the Cabin Creek pants, but I have been wearing them for over 10 years --I bought around 2o pants a year in a variety of colors --I only have a few wearable ones left--do not know what I am going to do without these pants--I have tried other brands but they are too long or too big---just very dissatisfied with JC Penny.


I have been waiting for 2 weeks for my new glasses and was told they would call me when the glasses came into the store. I had to call them long distance to inquire where were my glasses. The person who answered the phone said that they were in a box and had not got around to calling their customers. I have been without glasses for 2 weeks. I have a business and am very unhappy with your customer service in the optical department. My neighbor also ordered glasses the same day because her glasses were broken and has been waiting for a call. I was told that her glasses were in the same box and that they had not tried to call her yet too. My neighbor works on Saturday's and Mondays so we can't come get the glasses till tuesday. I have no idea how long the glasses were sitting at the optical department. If they would have called we could have come to the store and picked up our glasses on Friday the 28th of Sept. I will not recommend your optical department with its poor customer service.


Hi i was in jcpenny 2 days ago in alma mi took my step daughter school cloths shopping they wouldnt let me use my husbands card but 2 weeks before that i used it to get my other daughters cloths with no problems same store in alma mi and used it at all the other stores
I know its stoe policy not to let other people use there jcpenny card if there names not on it we know that and my husband works soooo many more hours like 80 a week to call the number and put my name on it but. Legal by law i owen half of what my husband has even his cards already talked to local police i use his cards all the time with no problems at all just the jcpenny sotre in alma i even showed the lady my marrige licence and couldnt use it my husband has been a costomer for 6 years but he did say that after all the stuff we bought there your company does that including haaving my wedding regitry there last year so we are done with jcpenny after we pay the card its being canceled the lady was rude about it after i swipped the card she wanted to see it and i didnt realize that that was just so she could tell me i couldnt use it and also had the nerve to complain cause it wasnt signed on the back it hadent been. Signed for 6 years lots of people do that and yes i did argue with them i was so mad after spending 130 dollars one one kid and we have 3 so we spent 300 on all that lady should be fired i am his wife and will never use that store again and neither will my husband i hope someone does something cause ill put bad reviews up all over thanks julie spindler


OrI recently was at my local JC Penney store and surprised to see so few associates working there. If your new way of doing things was eliminating jobs that is sad. There was only one cashier on the entire floor. I must say the woman went out of her way to help me but what does your new way of running the company have todo with helping the economy. I really like Ellen and good pick for spokes person but she is for helping people not eliminating jobs and further hurting our economy. Also the merchandise we all loved appears to be disappearing. Very sad for a company that has been part of the USA for so long. You really need to get in touch with the average consumer and ask for advise.


I rarely bother with these contests but thought I'd give this one a shot - entering the codes for the two buttons I received when making a purchase at JC Penney's last week. The print on the back of the buttons is so ridiculously small, I struggled to read them. And I'm relatively young with decent eyesight!

I then went through 6 or 7 attempts at the Captcha entries which were ridiculously difficult to interpret. Finally got kicked off and told that one can only enter a limited number of buttons a day. I never actually accomplished entering one!!! Ugh. Great - I see the Captcha box at the end of this complaint so I'm guessing this won't ever go through either.

What's the deal with the buttons?? I only got two, then wasted my time on the internet to find out the I'm not a winner! There's nothing about that that makes me want to go back and shop for more just to have the same disappointment of losing again. What was wrong with doing the survey and getting a percentage of next purchase? At least we were guaranteed savings. Change isn't always good...


I purchased 2 shirts on 11/23/2012 and received 2 buttons and instructions to submit the numbers to enter a rewards contest. The 2 numbers were awgfz3x and 4pjb4xc and I entered both numbere and for one number it said that i would get a 5 dollar coupond and the other said that i would receive a 10 dollar coupon. I receive a email with the 5 dollar coupon and still have not received the 10 dollar coupon. Please advise if your are going to honor you email responses.

Neil Conner


I got up early and waited in line on Black Friday to get the appliances advertised in the Black Friday ad. The appliances were the "doorbuster item". I was excited because I knew it would be worth it and I was there early enough that there was no way they would be sold out. I planned on getting some clothes on sale as well AFTER I got my appliance and put them in the car (my main objective was to get a waffle iron, griddle, toaster and coffee maker). At exactly 6 am they let us in and I raced around the store trying to find them.

I found an associate and asked her where they were. She replied "We didn't get any. Only the big stores received appliances". I was so mad I left without even looking at the clothes. In fact, I am so mad I will no longer shop there, although I have been a faithful JC Penney customer for a while. I think the ad should have specified that not all stores would receive these items. The Yankton, SD store I was at should have, at the very least, put a sign up letting everyone know that these items would not be available. At least then I would not have wasted my time standing in line. I think it was an intentional fraudulent ad. They may have gotten me there with those tactics but they lost a customer by doing it.


I purchased a set of polyester/cotton sheets with 4 pillocases in king size from a JCPenney outlet store. I did not have a receipt but think that the sheets were approximately 6 months old. I have sheets in my home currently that are 20 years old that do not look as bad as the ones I am compaining about. My husband has a beard and I assume that is the reason that the pillowcases look shredded! There are also multiple catches on the sheets themselves. I believe that the sheets are defective, but I did not get any satisfaction from the outlet store nor the regular store. I think compensation is needed in the form of a coupon for a set of king sized sheets !!! Thank you in advance for resolution of my problem.


Ordered 6 new towels and wash cloths, received a call merchandise was in, upon arrival to pick it up, I was given 12 washcloths and no towels, the rest backordered, when they looked at the backorder there were another 12 wash cloths and no towels, the system had changed the order to wash cloths only. Ordered Royal Velvet towels and was receiving JCP Home, talked to the manager and she went into the system and cancelled the remaining wash cloths and I returned the 12 there. Purchased towels and wash cloths at the store, 21 weeks later, received phone call stating my merchandise had arrived, the 12 wash cloths that was cancelled.


Their slogan is "fair and square" but it is far from that. During Christmas I bought a shirt at JCP and on the tag it said $12. But as I get home and remove the tag underneath the sticker it had the original price which said $10. I thought nothing of it, maybe it was a mistake. However, today I went in and i remembered this. As I was picking out things I decided to remove their "fair and square" tag and every single item price was higher than the original. Matter fact, one bracelet was marked at $22 and the original hidden price was $14! I approached one of the employees and asked for a manager, she said the manager was busy and that they could not change the price because the top price was the correct one. I asked her how could that be possible to be over charging people for merchandise and she just said that that was the new management "up sairs" whatever that means. I personally think this is a rip off. And this certainly does not feel fair and square and needs to be changed!


Dear Customer Service, I have owned my vehicle for 37 years, in 1979 I purchased a J.C. Penny lifetime Battery guarantee for it. Over the years I have replaced it with no problems, today I have to report that the manager in the Jensen Beach Florida refused to honor it even though I have my original paperwork. I was told by Beth the assistant manager that the store Manager Lisa Escalante said there was no question that the paperwork was legitimate, or any other reason to deny it, but this manager said no they would not honor it for a new battery.

What Beth said the manager would offer was what I paid originally for the lifetime guarantee, but that amount would not pay for a new battery at today's price, and I would no longer have a guarantee, and that is not what I paid for, what I did pay for in 1979 was a lifetime guarantee. I proved to them that I had the original paperwork, and this years vehicle registration, that was all that was ever required.

The battery my vehicle needs is a model 27-F and even though this J.C Penny does not have an auto department anymore, in the past the previous J.C. Penny manager Mr. Bradley would approve a purchase of a new battery at the nearby Sears store, I would take that approval letter he wrote for me and go to that Sears store and get a new battery with no problem, plus I would retain my Lifetime guarantee, and that is exactly what I wanted today but was denied. This manager would not accept that even though I have his business card and signature on it, to me this is very unreasonable. Please contact that Jensen Beach Fl store manager Lisa Escalante and ask her to call me so I can get this battery installed, I will appreciate that very much. 


We went to JCP Portrait studio at Greentree Mall on Wednesday, November 21st 2012 to get a family portrait. Our appointment was shcheduled at 7:50 p.m., had to make a late appointment because my husband works late. We have 7 kids, so it took some time to get some good portraits....needless to say, we were there for quite awhile. As we were trying to wrap things up, out of the blue a JCP sales associate from the mens clothing walked over and asked if we were about done? To my disbelief, I asked hime if there was a problem, He replied by saying "Yes there is a problem when you're still here 50 minutes after the store closed at 9 p.m. and I'd like for you to leave, so I can lock the doors and get home." He then stomped off. The 2 ladies who worked at the portrait studio were appalled and of course, as a paying customer getting ready to spend over $200, so was I!!!! We were still trying to get things wrapped up, so I could pay and everyone could go home but having trouble getting a 25% off coupon to go through.....about 15 minutes after the sales associate left, a sales manager walked up with her keys jangeling and arms crossed walked up and gave us the "Look of death." One of the ladies at the portrait studio, looked up at her and said "We are almost done!!!!"
Overall, I had a great experience with the Portrait Studio and the 2 ladies who worked there, who had been there since 9 a.m. and had a reason to be tired but were very professional.....I will be returning to the prtrait studio but I won't be shopping at JC Penny ever again!!!!!!



I am very upset as unable to purchase Underscore Nylon Brief with lace waist in size 5. Only find information available for this product is in larger sizes - why not in size 5???

Please let me know the website for this product in size 5 as only available online at JC Penneys. They must be available for purchase someplace!! Clearance, etc, This is the only brand of underwear that I'm able to wear so information would be most appreciated.if can buy this product!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my request. Kathie Poechmann, 1085 1st Ave So, Okanogan, Wash. 98840, phone # 509-422-1637.


I went to JCPenney Optical for an eye exam. When I asked for my PD measurements (pupillary distance), they claimed it was information that they don't give to their clients. The reason? They would rather you spend over inflated money on their glasses and frames rather then go online to get glasses at a much much more reasonable price. From the moment that JCPenney realized that I was going to get my glasses on line rather then purchase a pair of their over priced glasses, they treated me like a smelly bum who just walked in off the street.

If you want your PD, I suggest going to WalMart Optical where they will have no problem giving you your PD, with a dis-claimer that they are not responsible if you decide to order glasses on line. In fact I found their prices and service much more reasonable and friendly. You may decide to order an extra pair or two from WalMart who's prices are slightly more then online.


I am so, sorry to bother you I recieved and e-mail saying I won I got excited. I did not read it how to claim I just printed it, and when I went to jcpenney they ask me where the bar code? and I said what do you mean and right then I know I did wrong. I called the customer service and told me what to, but I've got problem which button to inter I have twelve of them.

Should I inter each one of them? Oh! by the way I deleted all that I won because that I don't have to think when I open my e-mail that thinking I won again. I do I two five dollars winner and two ten dollars. I knew that you said I have to claim it in forty eight hours. I kind a did that only I printed it wrong. Would I be able to get all those winner buttons I had? If you tell me that I can't I understand. Thank you very much and I do like this promotion you had, and I do like to go to jcpenney a lot of course I only live about ten minutes away.

Penneys is my store since 1990.


How dare JC Penny even request a consumer report on me as to my character, its bad enough that to obtain a job these days you must submitt to a drug test , polygragh test, employment verification, references, and now a consumer report. I can sit my behind on state assistance with food stamps and let people like myself drain the system squeezing out one kid after another while they sell their foodstamps , take in boarders for unclaimed cash and smoke meth or crack all day , but know I am trying to get a second part time job and you want to trace me back to the womb? Here some facts for you I never call in I am always early to work, dressed accordingly for my job the United States has almost put me in the street while your CEO is cleaning up on my back.

All I want is a job to keep my house, if companies like you paid what some of us are worth we wouldnt have consumer issues, and wouldnt be looking for part time jobs to hang on to our houses. Your consumer report wont tell you Ive been in customer service for 25 years that Ive received awards and letters as to how good I am, its not going to tell you that Im to proud to borrow money to keep my head afloat and that I chose to look for a part time job its not going to tell you. Ive been out of work for almost a year and just now getting back on my feet at a minium wage job, it wont tell you during that year i lived in the street.


The Friday after Thanksgiving I went shopping in your JCP store in Wilkesboro, NC. I recieved a button with a code on it. I was told to go online and enter the code to recieve my free gift. When I did that I entered the code on the button. The next page that showed up was showing a choice between 4 different items. I chose the necklace that was choice one. It said I had to pay for the shipping . Which was $5.99. I recieved the necklace in about a 10 days. After that I recieved another necklace in the mail in an envelope without a packing slip. I went to the mailbox and opened my credit card bill and noticed that this company BFB*MIU MILANO had charged my credit card $49.00 for another necklace the one I recieved without a packing slip and had not ordered. When I called the number 1-855-213-5985 they told me I was on autoship every 30 days they would be sending me a new necklace. And would continue to charge my credit card for the items that I was not ordering and did not want. They said I would have to send the company an email. when I tried to go to the website it did not have a web page, it just kept popping up that, this page was not a valid page. Then I kept seeing where numerous people had a complaint book going on this company. Due to the fact they were being charged on their credit cards as well and had not ordered any of the items. The cancellation number I was given in 1-333-143. I sent the company an email when I finally found on which was support@miumilano.com I have yet to hear back form them. Their address is 1200 S. Brand Blvd. Ste. 154 , Glendale , CA 91204. I in return notified the manager at our Wilkesboro, NC JCP store. She had informed that she had no idea this was going on. I gave her the information that my credit card company gave me. She went online and looked it up while she was on the phone with me. She was in shock, had no idea what had happened. She called me back later on that same afternoon and asked me to go to JCP complaints and to file my complaint on what had happened. I love shopping at JCP stores but I will now become more hesitant about your promotions due to this incident. Thank you for all your help.


On Dec 6 I went to JC Penneys (Orange Park , FL) I went in to have a hair carmelize and a trim. I have very short hair not even sholder length. When I was done Bonnie the stylist told the cashier Chistian that it was $180.00. At that time I was to stunned to question it. I later called the manager Cindy and she said "no it should be between 115 and 125. I asked her to hold my check and I would be back. I went back the Monday after that to write the correct check. I asked the cashier to I get any future discounts because of the twenty dollars worth of gas I used to come back. She said no your caramilzing would have been $140.00. They need to get together and figure out the price and stick with it. I have been a custmer for over seven years but I dont think I will be using them anymore.


I waited in line 40 minutes and then waited another 40 minutes for the saleswoman to tell me the necklace and earrings advertised in your Black Friday ad weren't even there and not in any store. She tried to sell me something that was quite under par from your ad. I felt that I was a victim of false advertising! This was at the Westfield Shopping Center in Meriden, Ct. It was only a $70 sale item, but why would you advertise something that you didn't even have to sell? To get people in the store and sell them something more expensive? I feel cheated. I only have so much money due to my wife awaiting a disability hearing. She is very sick and I wanted to get her something to make her smile!

William Lafleur


I placed an order on 11/23/12 with jcp on line and was told that the order would be to me in 4 to 7 business days. When I called to check on my order on 12/02/12 oi was told that there was a hold on my credit card. i did not understand why because my credit card is just find. then i was told that's just they way that jcp do things. part of that order i need today. if i was told that you were going to hold my card i could have done business with someone eles. i feel that you should be honest with your customers when they call and place an order. i was told that my order might go out on monday Decemb er 3, 2012. as you can see it is way over the 4 to 7 days promis to me. i am trying to see if i can get this order from some other source.


As I was in the front of the line at JC Penny line this morning on Black Friday, Looking through the window we saw several JC Penny Associates ringing up sales items for themselves before we were allowed in the store. These items were the small applaince items for 8.00 dollars. When we were allowed in the store, most of the 8 dollar items were sold out. Why was this allowed? Don't say it didn't happen because we watched it through the door window. I have been a long standing customer for JC Penny but after this I just don't know if I will shop again in this store.


I placed an order on 11/23/12 (2012328510447805) the orderwas to arrive to me in 4 to 7 busineess day. I called to check on the order and was told that something was wrong with my credit card per Annett. Made a call to JCP credit card office to see what was the promble and was told by Ray that there should not be a promble, because I have more then enough to cove the $58.00 purchase. they were not understand ing what was going on. Christian from Milwaukee checeked my order and said it is at the point where it can not be cancel. this is my first and last time of order anything from JCP on line. i took you at your word when you said 4-7 business days. your word is your bound and that's what i was staning on your word. i have been with jcp for years, but i see things in a whole new light. i really do not know when i will get my order per christian.


I was shopping in the jewelry department. I asked the sales woman who was talking to two other employees if someone could help me. The older woman came over and I told her I wanted to see the Mother rings that were in a jewelry case on the counter. She told me we don't sell those here and I said well can I at least try them on so I can get an idea of how they look. She says I can't take them out they are usually permanently attached, they are just for show. She proceeded to try to remove one and it did come out and I tried it on. She went on to tell me that I had to order them online. She then noticed that she was being rude so she offered to get my ring size. She brings out this large ring with all the different sizes of rings on it. I tried one and then all of a sudden they all fell on the floor. She says "I knew that was going to happen", she was very irritated. They all fell on my side of the counter and she just stood on the other side of the counter as I picked them up. She tells me " just leave them there", meaning on the counter. I felt very embarrassed and felt I was treated very rudely. All I wanted was to buy a ring. I left the store and bought nothing.


My husband had purchased me a Diamond Ring on o8/12/2011 from Jc Penny because my orignal wedding band had broken and he purchased the lifetime service plan on it. It was right after I had my son so it fit perfectly at that time of course. Now that I have lost the weight from having him it is really lose so I took it into the Jc Pennys in Taylor MI in Southland Mall to have it sized because that is where he had bought it from. I walked up to the counter and there was a couple ahead of me so I waited and I there was a women available (it was Saturday 12/15/2012 around 10:45am,glasses,dark short hair in a bob,maybe an Iltain accent and in her 50/60s. I am a little younger in my 30s) I don't know if that is why she kept ignoring me or not she helped older people who walked up to the counter after me and I know she had seen me caused she looked at me a few times! maybe it was because she had seen me holding the ring and paperwork for it and thought I wasn't going to buy something so she wounld get any commisoon out of me I don't know. So finally I said I have been waiting here and I believe I have been here before the last couple of customers (I work in customer service myself so I wasn't rude about it I was trying to get her attention cause I know she had seen me there). She stated to me this lady was here before you! not a hello or well be with you in a moment NOTHING but rudeness. I know we all have bad days but I know what it is like to be busy with customers too esp this time of year. Anyways she said that lady was there earlier and came back a few hrs later. Really because I had just watched her jump from customer to customer and they were just walking up to the counter. Now I really don't even want to go back there to even have it done. I have never had that bad of service there before my mom,husband and son were with me so they seen it to. We just left after that and said forget it. What is the point of purchaseing a lifetime servise plan if all you get when you come in to be serviced you get a nasty attutide and no help what so ever! I don't know if I well be back to this store or not but I would hate to pay someone for something we already payed for. I thought I would bring it to your attention because who knows how many other people have been treated that way to and there is no reason for it. I know my work positon as a CSA I probley would lose my job or be written up by my boss. Thank you for your time please feel free to email me


Emporia ks .The management is a joke all the boss just sit on their butt all day or walk around acting like their doing something when their really just talking. They tell us at work that were not allowed to talk unless its about work. Workers are right in front of bosses on their cell phones and don't get in trouble cause their really good friends. They judge their customers right in front of them and act like their better than them.its just a horrible place to work you complain to a boss and she doesn't care cause she's friends with them.


Every time I put things in my shopping cart, it only keeps them there for a matter of minutes, and then, with no warning, it kicks them out, so you can't complete the order transaction. If you go to their email section to report the problem you cannot click on the "topic" subject which is a required item to send the email. I called the 800 number and reported it to the rep and she said she would send in the complaint, but that was two days ago and things are still out of wack. I'd have to think with a website running like this, they are losing a lot of money (including mine). My computer seems to be running fine, as I have ordered from other sites with no problems. Thank you for your help.


I placed an online (10 items total) order for $201.00 on Nov.30, 2012. I got one item today Dec. 10, 2012. To my astonishment nothing else arrived. I called JCP customer care, they inform me that due to holidays (WHAT!) my order will be late, also some items may have been on back order, of which they did not inform me at the time I was placing my online order. Now because of their uncaring attitude toward their customers my Christmas packages will not arrive to their destinations in time for Christmas. My daughter placed an order (over $200) on Dec. 4, 2012 and recieved it 2 (two) days later. I don't understand the logic of JCP. Maybe they just don't care when they offer free shipping if order over $50. I am so disgusted w/JCP I doubt I will ever darken their doorway again!


I have been entering the JCPenney buttons since 2 days after Thanksgiving. I have had 3 buttons with no response at all. In the last 3 days I have had 2 buttons which received the response "this code has been used previously". The first 2 days I entered 2 codes because the website said you could enter 2 codes per day, but I did not get responses for both codes either time.

I have emailed JCPenney. My reply was a form letter that did not address the issues I had raised. I like JCPenney's. I have been honest and played by the rules. I do not think they have done an adequate job administrating this promotion. I feel cheated. In ads and at the store I have been told 1 in 4 buttons is a winner. This has not proven true.

I have received several buttons and have a tremendous trouble with catcha words. I also received a square buttom with code aza23dz and when I tried to enter it, kept getting message "invalid code". You may want to get customers back (I went twice) because I received $10 gift certificates, but it now makes me think, why did I go through all that trouble, and second, can't get a button registered. You may rethink a campaign like this again, very frustrating.

I had enter two buttons on 12/12/12 n got my email stating I won but have not received certificate to print out yet they where $10 each please let me know as soon as possible or send them to me thank you.


It's been 48 hours and I have not received my $10 gift certificate. I've won more than once and received those within 48 hours for whatever reason I have not received the last one submitted on 12/17.

The 48 hour response time is not working and Customer Service at the stores are very short with your questions. You shop, gather winning buttons and you never received the official certificates. I've won twice since December 11, 2012 with no response. Also entered two more buttons and the response was that the codes are not valid.

I have not received my printable $10 certificate. I received the email on December 17th indicating that I was a winner. I successfully responded to the email on the same day. I have not received the printable certificate. Please send me the certificate at your earliest convenience or let me know what I need to do to receive it.

The code goes no where, just says invalid captcha. It asked for two words to type in . There are no words and no where to type them. This is a big hassle. Time is running out. Don't have the game if you're not going to make it work, stand behind it or have some one to talk to or a contact number for a real person.

I've talked to 4 different people, they knew nothing and this site doesn't look like it's going to help me either . And if it does, it won't for 2 days. I'm not going to have time to enter my buttons. Not happy!

I had a button that was for $10 but two days later it disappeared, but I was not sure if I was to print it or if a certificate was to be mailed because there was a statement that said that it would be mailed. How can I get this $10 that I won.

I Got a message saying i won $10.00 from entering my codes this was on Monday December 17,2012 it said give it 48 hours for it to show up well its been 3 days and still my certificate has not shown up I revised the page and clicked on it a couple more times and still no coupon certificate has been e-mailed to me yet.

Then today i visited the store @Richmond Mall got two more buttons and there said that the buttons have already been used how is this so if i just got them today from your sales rep. will like to receive my certificate and two codes that have not been tampered with used upon giving out. Wow Jcpenny you can do better than this i hope.


My husband and I were at JCpenney's Bedding Dept. on 12/13/12 between 1:00 and 3:p.m we needed to buy some bedding items. There was one particular comforter that we really liked, but we could not find it,so we asked for help from one of the sales representative he said this is not my Dept. another sales representative came over to us my husband and I asked her if they have that one particular comforter that we really liked, she told us that is out of stock you can probably order it online.

I am so disappointed because she did not offer any apologies for having the item still on display when it is already out of stock and did not offer any other customer options she just stood around and watched us,so we left. We like really shopping at JCpenney and we have experienced some unpleasant representative manners,but today was the worst! So we took our business to Belk.


How do you tell customers to enter a 7 digit code when the button you gave out has only 6 letters? Normally I don't even waste time on games and promos but I thought JCP would be legit. I just opened a Charge account and I'm just ticked enough not to use it ever, if I don't get some explanation.

I redeemed a few buttons earlier in the Christmas button program but starting last Friday, the buttons stopped working. It will give the message that the code is wrong or the captcha is wrong. It will alternate the messages until you get tired of trying. I am a regular Penney's customer and would rather not have the program than to have it and only some people can use it.

This is really annoying. All attempts at getting them to help me have failed. What is up with this?


I am very disapointed in the JCPenney's company, you are changing you stores to be for the young and skinny people. You don't have anything that is for the middle or older people. You don't have any dresses that are for Church people you have the tight trashy cloths that we don't wear. We all like getting the large catloges so we can see what we are looking for. You keep going the way you are going you will be closing before long. You need someone to Run the company that will get cloths for everyone. I have always shopped with JCPenney's, I knew I could count on them to have the styles that I was looking for. I can't do that now, I don't even want to go in the store anymore because it is useless. VERY DISAPOINTED!!


my husband has purchased jewelry several times at pennys..the values have added up over the years. i went over the weekend to look into trading up on a ring he purchased for me. we have certificates on the pieces for trade- up on the value of the ring and earrings. The salesperson 1st off was not professional at all, and told me we know longer honor your paper..no explanation or no knpwledge on how a decision could be made without contacting the consumer. I had no chance to take advantage of the agreement given to me byPennys before you decided to do away this...I feel i should be given the chance to consider trading in the ring, as i had intended to do over the weekend. This is not proper for you to rip off the consumer..This was a deciding factor to purchase several items over the years.. What a bussiness you must run.. I have been a loyal customer for over 40 years. I do not expect this from your store chain...I would like a response to validate your actions as to why you would rip-off a consumer without notification.


I was told that my ring that was being shipped to me would arrive within 4-8 days, I then looked online and my tracking order stated that it wouldn't even be shipped until Dec. 4th! I need the ring before then and Jcp did little for me in helping me in the matter. I was not told the correct information and now must wait for a ring to come that I was suppose to have within a day or 2 of thanksgiving and now may not be receiving it until christmas. I do not think that this was my fault and this issue should be handled and I should not have ever been put in this imposition. I am very disappointed in the service of Jcpennys.


I feel I was treated very badly at your store in Lebanon NH at the Upper Valley Plaza in the Hair Solon Dept on Sept 9,2012. Here is what happened, on August 23, 2012 I went and had a Perm and Hair cut by Barbie (I would like to note she was very nice no problems with her) after she was finished with my hair she sold me some products (shampoo and conditioner package deal for $22.00) she told me if I was not happy with it I could return it for a full refund. My total cost for the day was $102.00 plus a $10.00 tip.. (See attached slip #1). I tried the product, it did not work for me, and it made my hair feels matted and had such a hard time getting a comb thru my hair. So I returned the product.

When I got the register I explained to the young lady what was going on with the product. She got me some other stuff to try. I purchased the products she handed me along with other products that I needed. Well she did not know how to do the refund; she first rang up each product and was going to give me a credit of $40.00 I explained that I only paid $22.00 as a package deal. (I feel if I was not an honest person and took the $40.00 maybe you would not be getting this letter from me anyway.) She did not know how to process the refund as a package deal, so that I would get a credit of $22.00. A co-worker came over to help her and she too was not sure how to process this, so they told me she would take $2.00 off conditioner. The replacement product were fresh curl for $12.00 and redkin all soft cond for $9.00 but was rang in as $7.00. (See receipt #2) if she did not take the $2.00 off the total would be $21.00 So went home tried these products, the product that she sold me made my head burn and itch. So I returned them.

When I walked into the store there was no one at the register I stood at the solon register for a good 10 to 15 minutes no one came out to wait on me. (Let me explain why I waited so long, I live 35 minutes away for this store) So as I am standing there I see one of your associates who works in the solon dept. talking to an other associates in the make-up dept... ( Their conversation was being done at the new make-up dept.) The young lady who worked in the solon dept. finally walks over to help me. I explained that I was returning these products as they were not working for me. She listened to me and then walked out back. Someone else comes out from out back to help and again I explained why I was returning the product. She did not know how to do a refund. The young lady that I started with came back out and grabbed the Product from me looked at it put it on the counter and walked out back yet again, did not say a word.

A few minutes passed. She finally came back out and rang up the credit and only issued me a credit for $19.00,(the young ladie who was talking to the ladie in the make up dept.) I explained that I she short me $2.00. She then raised her voice and told me I was only getting back $19.00. The young lady told me that she was not giving me the full credit and was very rude; she embossed me in front of her co-workers tell me I did not know how to add or did I know what I was talking about.. I was not rude to her and there was no reason for her to be so rude to me. I did try to explain why I felt I was due $21.00 and not $19.00. She told me “I can give you credit for $19.00 or I could keep the products. “ (See slip #3) I did ask if there was something else I could try, as I wanted something good so my perm would keep longer and look good and not dry. She did not want to assist me, so any other person came out to help me and as she was helping me that same young lady called her out back, So I walked around the solon checking out other products and seein if I could find something, waited a while and no one came back out to help me.

All those ladies turned there back and walked away from me. They ALL walked out back and no one would come out to assist me.. I saw a manager in the store and walked over to her and explained to her what had happened and that I was interested in getting the right product for me. All she said to me was that she was sorry. I will talk to the girls. That was all she had to say. I did not pick up any products that evening, as I was so upset, I left your store shaking and very upset. Not because of the $2.00 it was because of the way they treated me. I have never been treated so rude. I went back into the store a few weeks ago and as I was approaching the solon there were two of the ladies who that were there the night (slip #2), they saw me approaching them, they turned there back and walked out back. They did not come back out front to wait on me,or anyone else.

That same week I had an appointment with Barbie for a hair cut. I was afraid to go in, so I canceled my appointment with her. I was afraid that those young ladies would embarrass me again in front of other people. It took a lot for me to send you this letter; I feel you those ladie need some training in Good Customer Service Skill. It dosent matter who was right or wrong aobut the $2.00, it was the way I was treated when I was making the return and trying to explain why I thought I was stil due the $2.00. There is right way and wrong way to tell a customer they are wrong without embrassment, to either the parties.

I feel the manager who told me she would talk to the young ladies she did not. I feel if she did they would be more respectful to me as a customers. I wish that you could have seen how I was treated, you would have been shocked. One of the reasons it’s taken me so long to write this letter is because I was afraid of the consequence of what they would do when I walk in to your solon dept. So I have decided to stay away from your solon dept. But felt you should know why and what happened. You know when Irene flooded the Upper Valley JC Penny’s it was so sad could not find anyone to do a good as job as Barbie. But when the news came out that your store was re-openinng I was so happy, As I have been going to your Solon for years. As I really enjoy going to Barbie for my hair, She dose a great job! If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me.


I purchased a sectional sofa on my account last year (approx Feb or March, 2012) for my daughter. At the time we were told that we should take a warranty on the set, which was $ 180.00. We were told it would take care of everything, especially seams, zippers, dog and cat damage, etc.
We purchased it. Now when we have a claim, which my daughter did on line, and I uploade the picutres, they came back immediately and told us that the policy does not cover seams and this is seam damage. I did not spend this kind of money to have seams fall apart in just over a year. The set has been very well taken care of and looks almost new. I have been a customer of yours since the 1970's and hope that you can resolve this matter by either fixing the seams or replacing the part of the sectional that is damaged. The seams should not tear this easily.
We are very disappointed with the seams in this set, and disappointed even more that we were told it was not covered by the warranty policy we purchased. That was the only reason we purchased the policy. I look forward to hearing from you with a solution to our problems. I can send you the photos if you like.


I entered one of your stores today and promptly turned around and left due to the poor experience a couple weeks before. Lets just say the bad taste is still left. A couple weeks ago my fiance and I did some shopping in the Henrietta location. When we were done my children had to use the restroom. My oldest daughter took my youngest in. When my fiance met up with us I was proceeding to enter the restroom with my children but the cleaning lady tried to push her cart infront of me. While I was in there with my three year old the cleaning lady yells in you almost done I have to clean. I informed her when my child is done I would be out. While washing my daughter's hands I stated to het I could not stand rude people as the tone and words your employee used I found extremely rude. She proceeds to yell in she wasn't rude. I informed her I felt she was and that was all that mattered. She stated yet again she was not rude. When I I went to leave with my two daughters and 12 year old cousin your employee was standing right at the door with her cart. I opened the door wich she was blocking with her foot and I was barely allowed to open and my cousin stepped out and almost fell over the wet floor sign that was placed directly outside the door, she fortunately was able to gain her balance your employee informed me I could have excused myself. I reported this to management as I am sure there was no repercussions for her behavior. I am angry that this whole experience has cost me one of my favorite places to spend my money.Just thought you sshould know this is how your customers are being treated.


My complaint is with the JC Penney furniture store at the Arrowhead Mall in Peoria, AZ. I went to the store two days ago to buy a dining set. I saw one that I liked and tried to buy it. The salesperson, who said that it was her last day on the job as she was retiring, indicated that the computer system was down and that she couldn't sell me anything. She took down my name and number and said that she would have someone call me.

I waited a day, and no one called. Two days later I called and offered to buy the dining set over the phone, but was told that I would have to come to the store to buy it. I then returned to the store and once again tried to buy the dining set, but once again was told that the computer system was down. No one had a solution, and no one would sell me the set over the phone.

I received a call after I got home on my voice mail that the dining set I wanted was not in stock, but that I could buy the floor model IF I came and picked it up. As much as I liked the dining set, I am going to look for one elsewhere. To say that this store is operating in the Stone Age would be an understatement.

I have shopped at JC Penney for many decades and have spent plenty of money with the company. I expect better service.


Congratulations, Penneys. Your plan worked. I was shopping for earrings today at the Penneys in Century III Mall, West Mifflin, and saw a sign that said in big letters "$10." At the cash register, I gave the associate a 20% off coupon and he charged me $15.41. I said that I thought the earrings were $10, and the associate next to him told me that the sign says $10 but in small print next to it, the sign says, "and up." I paid for it anyway.

When I went back to look at the price sign, it said "and up" in barely perceptible small print. So, if the plan is to get the customer to the register thinking that the price is $10 and then bank on her/him paying the higher price anyway, then it was a success.

I generally like Penneys, and prices are good, but I really dislike deceptive advertising.


Twice now I have gotten new buttons from my local JCP store and have entered them and a message comes up saying these codes were already entered, but they were brand new buttons.

I returned them to my local store. The first time it was four buttons and the cashier took them, threw them away and gave me 4 new ones. Of those 4 new ones, 3 of them also said that they were already entered.

At that time they were all out of buttons and do not plan on getting any more. I would like to at least get new codes for these buttons that I have in my possession right now to see if I have been a winner or not. The codes are 3wbxqzs, kwjhwnn, 45rmaca.

Last week I entered the code off of one of my buttons and was told that it was a $10.00 winner ant that I would receive a coupon in the mail. Here is it a week later and I never received anything. I called JCPenney and they gave me a web site to go to but it doesn't work.

I have still not received my coupon and when I called the store where I received the buttons in the first place they told me I could come back and they would give me more buttons but that is a 30 mile drive one way for me. I have been a loyal customer at JCPenney for years but right now I am very dissatisfied with them.

Please respond before the deadline of the contest.


Dear JCPenney's: I had some difficulty in locating your homepage red button for the code entry as none of your instruction, links or pages held the infamous button noted in the instructions. I was finally successful & posted my findings:

1. Go the the official JCPenney web page
2. Enter jcp.com/christmas
3. When at new page enter your e-mail address and you will then be presented a page with the red button & can enter your codes.

This process was successful for me but it did take some attempts and a desire to be successful. Your site is not working as indicated per your instructions. Thank you for you time and Happy Holidays!

I would like to say I am very disappointed in JCPenney. First of all the very burst button I got dated I won $10 dollars. An I have yet to receive that. No email to print out nothing. An then I had 2 more bottoms that when I put the codes in I never got an email saying I won or lost.

So I tries to re enter an it dates those have already been entered. Ok I that's the case then where is my response on winning. I would like my winnings an compensation for what happen. I love penny's an shop there at least twice a week an now will probably never shop there again. I'm discussed with the way things were handled.

An since I can't get a JCPenney credit card from y'all I'm very pusses. You know not everyone has perfect credit but have awesome payment history on other stuff. So I want something done about this or ill go higher up to y'all's Bose an get my compensations.

I shopped at JCPenney and received a bunch of buttons for all the Christmas shopping I have done there. Not one Time has the comp. gone through to see if I won any gifts. I think it was a scam to get my email to send out info. This is not right.

It's very difficult to read the Christmas captcha's so i can see if i won anything & i won some of the JCPenney discount coupons but they didn't come with the upc codes & i tried to use those again they wouldn't work so i'm out the 10.00$ i could have saved because YOUR web site said they were already used!!

Now i'm out!! I'm 50 years old & don't have time for all this hassle just to save a few bucks!! Why do you put your customers thru all this hoop jumping & frustration??!! I like JCP but come on this sucks! And then i have to do ANOTHER STUPID CAPTCHA AT THE BOTTOM THANKS A LOT!

The first 4 Christmas buttons I received worked just fine, but these last 2 are a pain. I worked for 1 hour on one button code and only got a invalid captcha message on the next one I received a message that the 7 digit code was incorrect. How do I send this by mail to JCPenney?

My husband and I won twice and we can most certainly use these gifts!


I was in JCP yesterday to make an exchange, I had bought a pair of clearance tennis shoes in the Tracy store last week. I had a handfull of toddlers with me and was unable to try them on, I bought them as they were the last pair and figured if they did not work out, JCP has 'hassle free happy returns'...Well of course they did not work out and I went to exchange them for a pair of boots for my daughter yesterday and ANGIE refused to do the return.

She said that because I had used my winnings from the buttons I would only get a 4 dollar credit. Before speaking with her an associate at a different register said if I returned the shoes I would get 4$ but if I exchanged for other merchandise I would get the full 36$ toward the new purchase. ANGIE wanted me to walk her across the store and point out the associate that said this... I had my children with me and I was not going to haul them across the store just to get some poor girl in trouble..It is not the girls fault it is the managements fault that their staff is unaware of the policies. Angie was smirking the entire time being extremely rude. I ended up leaving the store in tears with the same tennis shoes I walked in with.

I grew up in JCP my dad was a store manager for 35 years, I am a dedicated customer and go into JCP on a weekly basis. I have a JCP gold rewards card that I keep in good standings. I understand that maybe that is the policy but I was misinformed by other staff and the exchange should have been honored. I am disappointed in the customer service I received and I must say I do not look forward to visiting JCP anytime soon.

I know that JCP is all about having satisfied customers and they failed to do that yesterday. Now I am left with these shoes that do not fit and have lost 30$ of my winnings from buttons. JCP was not going to lose anything in the exchange process and I know that they would turn around and sell those shoes for the price I paid so then they are making double on those shoes because they would have only returned 4$ to me. The whole situation is very upsetting and I was a part of the JCP family for a long time and this is not the way it should be.

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