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I got an email from GOOGLE MANAGEMENT BOARD. [], Looks like some fraud mail , please let Google know that some persons are using their logo and fool the internet user. Google 11th Anniversary Presentation Centre, Asia branch office. Nongbon, Pravet, Bangkok, 25530. Thailand.


Your email address has been selected as one of the lucky winners in the second batch of the on going Google 11 Anniversary Award as organized by Google Asia branch office in Bangkok, Thailand. Therefore, you have been awarded the sum of Five Hundred Thousand United states Dollars ($500,000.00USD) only.

Note: Lucky winners do not have to purchase a ticket to participate in this lottery program, all email was selected from the Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions. Email account holders who receive this notification are hereby advised not to neglect this alert, because this is their chance to be part of the favor.

This promotion was set-up to encourage the active usage of the Internet Google Chrome®. Hence we do believe that with your winning prize, you will continue to be active and patronage to the Internet Google Chrome®.

Award Reference code:GOOGLE568A009
File number:G245

To claim your winning prize kindly contacts our office with below details ASAP:

Dr. Patnam Amorn (Funds Transfer Manager)
Tel: +66-897-822690


(1) Your Full Names:
(2) Your Tel/Mobile Number:
(3) Your Nationality:
(4) Current Country:
(5) Your contact Address:
(6) Occupation:




Google Management.
Asia Branch,
Bangkok, Thailand.


So the Google Adsense competitive ad filter is terrible. The Adsense competitive ad filter is honestly a piece of crap product that Google should be ashamed of. It works like this: when adsense shows ads which are either competitive or irrelevant to your site (which happens all the time) you can put them into the Adsense competitive ad filter so Google will stop displaying them. Sounds good in principle, but in practice it is terrible. You have to cut and paste those ads into the Competitive Ad Filter, and have to wait at least a couple hours to see if it works.

The Google adsense competitive ad filter it only works about 75% of the time! And now I have so many blocked competitors, I never know whether I’m adding a site that has already be blocked or not and I have to go back and delete the duplicates. Basically, Google either doesn’t want you to use the Competitive Ad Filter or did a terrible job of designing it. I have tried to block sites that I don’t want being shown, honestly because they are adult subject matter and I run a blog that I want to be family oriented. For awhile I had a Christian website that ran nothing but psychic and atheist religious ads. I had to watch my ads and copy and paste every single one I wanted blocked into my competitive ad filter, one by one! Can we get something a tad more efficient please Google adsense?


Questions about work-at-home offers are some of the most frequently asked questions to the BBB. Consumers want to know whether offers to earn money working at home are real or scams. Rebecca Jarvis offered advice on “The Early Show” about how to avoid the scams and pull in some real money. If you do a Google search on work from home, 99.9 percent of results will be a scheme to try to rip you off, according to the Better Business Bureau, she says bottom line: You shouldn’t have to pay money to get a job.


What happened to the little guys? Google has a monopoly on all the data that is out there today, or is that just me? I know facebook and other things have tons of users, but seriously Google is taking over! I own a small parts business online and Google represents most if not all of my traffic. If I don’t do exactly what Google wants and how they want it, then I am in danger of being banned from their searches, and that would be devastating to my traffic!

They know so much about everybody already and have tons and tons of information on everybody who has every done a search at Google over the years. Honestly who hasn’t shared stuff with Google they would never tell another person???? I guess I am just in a complaining mood, but I found this site and figured what the hect.

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