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I live near this family dollar and I go to this one most often and every time I go its this same rude employee walking around with her cell phone to her head not greeting customers and when checking customers out still on her personal cell phone while conducting a transaction. I never see anyone wearing name tags I happen to go in and ask a manager what was the complaint line number and gave her a description of the person. I had complaints about and got the name Bonita. It upsets me that employees are walking around on personal phones and not being able to answer questions one may have or being in a check out line hearing all your employees personal buissness because shes on her personal phone while checking customers out.


I stop there after work at about 7 pm all the time. There is always workers in the store listening to their radios or talking on the phone or texting, when they are clearly supposed to be zoning or putting merchandise on the shelves. This particular store is a mess all the time.

I can barely get down the path. Sometimes they even block that whole area, so that the customer doesn’t bother THEM while they are texting. Now, this is the first time I’ve made an official complaint, because what happened this evening has made me angry enough to do so.

I go to the register and ring the bell, and I could hear her complaining that a customer was there and that she couldn’t get any work done. Then she comes around the corner, eventually, and is steadily talking on her phone in spanish. She continues talking non stop to the phone and never says a word to me. She didn’t tell me the total, look at me, or tell me anything …..

I interrupted her by asking her name, and her managers name,so that I could do something about this. The address is 1403 Gentry, Tyler, TX.


i have gone to shop at the family dollar on northwest hwy 6313 for as long as it has been opened i enjoy it but lately there is a new cashier there by the name jennifer on her name tag this cashier can barely keep her eyes opened and she acts like she is on some kind of drug she should be a very big concern working with the public and money i feel uncomftorable with her checking me out someone needs to check into this concern and maybe do a drug test to find out if this employee should be working for your company just a concerned customer thank you


This family dollar store is always messy, even after a renovation boxes on floors, last time there was detergent drips on floors, no one took care of them I told the manager and she pretend that didn’t hear. I went three hours later the mess was still on floors. Other complain the prices on deals are not always truth, fake deals. I went to family dollar last week, and asked to use the restroom. It’s always out order and the cashier told me that, “no one going to use the restrooms.”  Sorry i get very involved but I like the products and prices on this family dollar store and it’s the closest on my neighborhood. I get very upset because still the same people are working on that store, and they don’t care about us as customers.

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