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My complaint is the same as the others, the service is ok at times when it's not needed.
I upgraded from a 10/50 plan to a 25/100 plan, believe me it was no upgrade!
I was told by them this option was available to me now. It has been nothing but frustration since, simply because I was lied to.
I bought a new router (suggested by them). I put my computer in for a 'physical' (also suggested by them). On top of all the frustrating evenings I am also out an extra $200.
Anyway, after many many upsetting conversations on the phone the best they can do for me is put me back where I was to a 10/100 plan, a new contract (why?) you cheated me out of my first one!
I will break that contract if I must, enough is enough!!


We signed up to Xplornet in June for the 25MBPS 400GB package and for the first couple of months it was great and we seldom went below 15MBPS speed. Now at around 6pm to 10-11pm we barely get 1MBPS or even 800KBPS and when you call to complain they don't want to do anything and say its due to high traffic. When I ask why the speed was good during the trial period and they cannot answer that. The speed is unacceptable and the worst part about it is that I called and spoke to several people prior to joining and they all reassured me they do not throttle the speed only if you get close to going over your data. They should be charged for false advertising or something cause they are charging a lot of money for a terrible service.


Our signal has gone out several times after having a new dish installed by a xplornet service technician. He has returned the first time after I called xplornet many times requesting service. He found one of his outside cable connections was getting water into it and we would experience a poor or no signal. The next time it went out we waited several days and numerous calls again in order to have him come out. he found the dish had moved and he realigned it and tightened it down. I even had to call the service guy requesting he fix it. Just this past weekend it went out again. I called xplornet customer service and they found the dish was out of alignment again. This was on a Saturday and they said I would be called on Monday by the service guy and they would forward a work order to him. On Sunday morning the signal was still out but later that day it returned and has worked ever since. Never did get a call from service but tonight(24th Nov) got a call stating they would be forwarding the work order and I would have to pay $125 for the service call. I told them in no uncertain terms I would NOT pay anything to have this problem fixed as it has gone on for two years now. I am a senior citizen living on CPP and paying xplornet $85 a month for poor service and now they want $125 to fix their problem.....UNREAL


cannot get on most sites


On January 20, 2018 I contacted Xplornet I order to pay my outstanding December's Invoice of $52.28. I requested the Xplornet Customer Service representative to credit $70 from my TD VISA, with whatever remaining to be included on January's Invoice. I made a payment arrangement for January 9th, 2018 in order to clear up January's invoice. I had been in continuous contact verbally to avoid any suspended services. After arrangements were made and agreement of $70.00 to be credited I then accessed my bank account. Xplornet had without authorization taken $122.00 out of my account! I called immediately, whereas I was informed there was nothing they could (would) do and that my account was "past due" of $122.00. My account was not past due and I required a payment of $52.28 to close out December's Invoice. The company had no right to illegally remove funds. There was also no conclusion or reimbursement made to my account of approximately $50. They do not consider any facts or have any inclination on to just what repercussions this has had on other obligations. I am disgusted by the lack of empathy or consideration. Fifty dollars buys groceries, Internet is not considered an Emergency service but because they are the only company within my area they feel they can access my bank account and credit my account any amount they wish.
If I choose to be in past due or suspended service, then that is something I need to deal with. They did not have any right to take money that is not theirs to take.
Patrick MacIsaac


About 10 days into the last billing cycle we got an email from Xplornet telling us we had already used 84 percent of our allotted time. Normally it takes us the full time to use that much. We had actually been using no more and likely a little less. We noticed it was going up fast for what little we were using. When it reached 104 percent in about 12 days we switched to only using our other 2 internet providers. I tried several times through emails to Xplornet customer relations to rectify it but all I was getting back was stupid excuses for why it went up so fast.

When we checked our usage for the last 30 days on oct 3rd it stated we had used 23.06 of our allotted amount in last 30 days. I agree with that number. The last check we done in sept we were told we had used 109 percent of our allotted amount. There is no way it can suddenly go from 109 percent down to 23.06 in a matter of hours. That to me is prof of either fraud or very poor record keeping on their part. I feel they should be forced to pay me $150 in compensation for us having to use another provider.

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