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My NBN satellite dish was decommissioned in February 2017. I now need a new one installed. I have sent 4 emails, 2 complaints and made 10 phone calls. The emails are either not responded to or am told to phone in with no attempt to deal with the issues detailed in my emails. Of the 10 phone calls, the staff either pass me on to another section which does not answer or will not help or cut me off. The last person I spoke to said she was too busy to talk to me and hung up (is this the kind of service iiNet encourages?). No one from iiNet has called me back or addressed the problem.

I am trying to purchase a service yet iiNet is like a secret society which sets up a barrier to the outside so people cannot communicate with it. I need to speak to someone who can take responsibility to organise the installation of the satellite connection


Once again my phone does not work. Its very disappointing that for a telecommunication company you cannot get a simple phone to work.

Yes I still pay for the privilege of having the service, only it doesn't work. Would that come under a breach of contract, where I pay for soemthing

that is not actually delivered.

And when I contact Iinet, from home outwith a phone, their only reply is to but a mobile and then contact them again. But I am paying for a landline,

why should I buy a second phone just to get the first one repaired? For a communication company you are very poor at communicating


I have problems with the connection to the internet, IInet have send me a router what faulted after around 6 months IInet told me it was a problem with my phone line so I was waiting for a technician to come over and check the line.
He told me it was the router what was faulty.
I contacted IInet and they told me they send me a "NEW" router.
When the router arrived it had a sticker on it what says tested fine 14 September 2017.
After around 1 week the router stopped working and I contacted IInet again and told them the router did not work.
They promised me to send me a "NEW" router, and I asked them to make sure it is a new one and not a used one.
They assured me it would be a new router.
A few days later I received the router in the mail, and when I opened the package there was a sticker on the box what says "Tested Fine 14 Sep 2017" I rang again IInet to complain that this was a used router and that I wanted a NEW router sealed in the box.
They agreed again to send me a "NEW" router what will arrive in the mail this week.
I also asked them, because I had that many problems with IInet and missed out on many important emails to refund me the money what was charged by IInet.
This was not possible because they only wanted to reimburse the money the time I was without an internet connection.
I asked the guy to talk to the manager, and he promised me he would give me a phone call that day.
It is now 3 days later and still no phone call from IInet.
I was on the phone to IInet from 26/9/2017 till 27/11/2017 for a total of 531 Minutes.
I don't receive the internet speed what I'm paying for and the service from IInet is appalling. I will tell the people I know to stay away from IInet and will tell them the story and the problems I'm having and the time I spend on the phone to try to solve this problem.
Till now this problem is still not solved, and I am not a happy customer.


I have been trying unsuccessfully to cancel my iinet service for 3 months. Recently the internet service was disconnected, however, despite having been told I would receive a credit on a previous invoice charge, the reverse actually happened & iinet have actually invoiced and deducted a month's charge. Its a horrible, deceptive, bordering on illegal iinet strategy of delays, promises and the failure to deliver.

I have never experienced anything like this disgraceful corporate sanctioned customer service behaviour by an other organisation. Clearly I am not alone, judging by iinet's FB page and Forums such as Whirlpool. I would be most grateful for any support you can help me with.


I will rate customer service 0 stars. My home phone has been for 24 hours, mobile not yet connected to iinet for the last 5 days. If not fixed asap I will go somewhere else.


Have put in a complaint and need you to call me back as my email I not working, 0407075292, have talk to you about complaints over phone and was told they would put my service back on till this I fix, it would take 10 mins for this to happen, service I still not on 2 hours later, you are beyond pathetic for a phone service! Have my daughter landing at airport a 9pm and cannot text her well done again, last time you left me in Toowoomba with no phone service, can you stuff this up any more.


Every month my bills have been late, over charged or just wrong, your staff cannot help and when I put a complaint in you don't call back. Last month you changed me for a 10 min call to voda phone! No one in my family uses voda phone and I don't care that this phone has called that number as you say it did not happen! My phone is with me at all times except for work and its locked in my locker.

You to fix this and you won't, ring the number yourself and listen as I've called it and cannot see how I could have used that service I have been with transact for 11 years and hardly ever had a complaint then iinet come along and I've had nothing but problems, please look into my past with transact vs iinet and see the difference, this is beyond bad service and will be reported to the ombudsman if it continues, I have told you I will go to another service but you have made me so mad with your service that I will Fight this to the bitter end, I've have "enough".


Internet down for 9 hours. iinet insisted tech was working on problem. I live 100 mtrs from exchange where fault located as its a small town. Noone was there. Ended up requiring new hardware. I had to tether to my phone to keep working and cost me over $70. iinet refunded me $1.64. My main concern is after 30+ days I had no contact from iinet. My complaint was transfered to several people due to mistakes being made. It was even sent to an employee that had resigned. Then they just closed it off with no contact. I was forced to go public and make a scene just to get $1.64 out of them.


I have been having problems with the iiNet server since December 2015 until January 2016. Had to pay for a private technician to tell me there is no fault on my lines. This company has been having outages for 2 weeks in a row. I have not received a credit for those outages but iiNet wants to charge me $168.00 for sending out a technician telling me I have a fault in my line.

Let's see the private technician couldn't find any faults on any of my lines. Telstra is way to quick to blame the security system that doesn't even work. Four months later and another 1hour on the phone, and iiNet still has not sorted out my billing inquiry. The customer service has not been great and I am very disappointed in the service I have received. Has anyone had success filing a grievance with the corporate headquarters and seeing results?


Nbn net and netphone commenced sept 15. Power blackout disrupted voip 1st jan 16 could not restore, so asked iinet to connect fibrephone. No response after 4 contacts with worlds's worst customer support. Long term and informed pc user and 15 years with iinet. I just want my telephone service back.


iiNet took money from my account without a bill or authorization. This is legally not allowed. Only discovered this when checking my account. Will never use this service again!


OK. So iiNet knowsI have a gripe with them, and I asked them to call me back as they wasted 1/2hr of my time and credit. So I asked them to ring us yesterday, but they required some information before calling me. I provided the information that they requested to contact me and they said that they would contact me after midday as requested. They did NOT get back. What does this have to say about their customer service? I'm left hanging all bloody day waiting for them and zip. This doesn't bide well with me, and I have now had enough and want something done.


What hasn't gone wrong with this company. From the very start they screwed the churn and as such decided to kill my net service for 3 weeks until they could fix what they did wrong, then i spend 2 months getting billing sorted properly, then they were taking 2 lots a month instead on one from the bank so i revoked their ability to DD with the bank leading to regular suspensions because they don't have a bank to take the pay from (instead pay with credit card on the site). I can never find a rep that i can understand and am constantly repeating myself to get basic points across and when threatened to leave them was told I would have to pay excessive fee's to do a early termination and they wouldn't even waive them despite my constant on record complaints with them. We wont even go into how uncompetitive their pricing and data plans are, they are several years behind the mark on these. I would prefer to be bitten by a plaugue infested rat then stay with them past my contract expiry at end of June.


Stars don't go low enough. We had our internet cut off at an ungodly hour of the morning, I got up at my usual 04:00 start, only to find no internet. (ANZAC Day). We rang them and had it extended after asking for it, and not being able to understand a word the operator had to say, no supervisors watching over things, and to contact a higher authority, they had to ring interstate, now that we had it extended they go ahead anyway and take the money out, and due to that, we are now cut short on food and any other emergency, not to mention that they are over priced, and then that particular phone call lasted over 1/2hr, of which half of that would have been waiting on hold, completely unsatisfactory and unacceptable for a 'so-called' business. I am sure there is more to complain about, but this in itself is bad enough and if I happen to remember more I will add a further complaint. Thank-you for your time!

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