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My name is Julie Gallegos. I have two sons. I purchased 2 boxes of diapers on Woot and have had 2 diapers out of each box without the strap that sticks to diaper. I hate to switch diaper companies so I am hoping they can fix this issue other wise I you will lose a customers that is willing to buy your brand for the remaining years of items on Woot. I am a single mother that uses very hard earned money on your products. I suggest someone figure out a way to fix this issue. Customer support has been frustrating to say the least.


I ordered the deal of the day on Woot and the site loaded very slowly. It took awhile to get to the confirmation page and I had to enter in my credit card information several times. This is not a major complaint, I really like the website as a whole. But you would see more customer sales and less bad reviews if you improved your checkout system.


I love Woot. It has grown exponentially over the last few years. When it first hit the market, they would offer one item every day that would be discounted like crazy. Now, they have one item in each category that is discounted.  There is a discounted tshirt everyday, a kids category, wine, outdoors, electronic, and so much more.  This is a website that I look at every day. I do not buy something necessarily but the deals are amazing to see.  I bought the majority of Christmas presents off of woot cause they have such an eclectic display of deals. The website does look busy and can be a little difficult to navigate due to the amount of product on the pages but once you figure out the layout, it’s the best website around.  

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