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Very disappointed. Shame on you One Kings Lane for not honoring the sales price you stated for an item . No reason to waste time shopping on your site since you don’t stand by your own pricing.


Item never delivered, emails never responded to, no one answers the customer service line.


Has anyone had to file a complaint against One Kings for poor customer service? My mother ordered something from this company and it supposedly got lost in the mail.


No real complaints here! I love interior designing and I always get the best furniture only from One Kings Lane. One Kings Lane has unique furniture, outdoor decors, vintage items, painted wall hangers,mirrors,decorative accents for making your living room beautiful as ever. Painted mirrors, outdoor dining are special attractions. Online orders saves your time and also has large varieties to select as per your choice. Log on to One Kings Lane, order your favorite, invite your friends and enjoy and live in the beauty of art world.

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