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This is my fourth time sending this complaint. Can somebody please get back to me !!!!!
Case No. 04764049


Case No. 04764049. You have not got back to me on a refund on this. I did not receive the Quadcopter. I need this resolved today.


Dave O Donnell.


Ordered an item of clothing by blu fish advertised by living social. Poor quality and not resembling the picture at all. No response regarding attempt to arrange a refund.


Purchased two canvas prints from the Living Social email solicitation. I went to use them this past week-end and the company has a lot of extra
fees that made the prints so much more than paying full price retail. I reached out to the canvas company and they told me that I needed to talk to
Living Social. I called them today and was told that I should of went to Canvas companies website and read all of their small print. Any company that is going to support a company that has small print, that is a huge RED FLAG! I told Living Social (BTW- their phone number is nowhere on their website- I guess to avoid helping consumers) that a credit on my account would be all I want. The woman, Maria, was sarcastic and when she told me that I should of read all of the small print and when I told her that I was going to cancel my membership, she immediately said, let me cancel it for you. Then proceeded to say, you no longer have an account with us. I have been with Living Social for many years. Amazing how a company was so willing to get rid of a customer that buys a lot from them and this is the first time asking for a credit.


I recently purchased "One Deluxe Interior Detail" from Epic Auto Detailers (voucher # LG-356N-427S-53BF-5ZTW). When I called to try and schedule an appointment I was informed that these Vouchers could only be Redeemed Tuesday - Thursday before 2:30 PM. When I informed the gentleman with whom I was speaking that the times that the vouchers had to be redeemed was never stated anywhere on the Voucher or in "The Fine Print ", he informed me rather rudely that Living Social did not Know the hours he was honoring my Voucher. If I had known that the only times that were available were Tuesday thru Friday before 2:30 pm I never would have purchased them. My work schedule would never allow me to fit those times into my schedule. I feel totally ripped off by this company "Epic Auto Detailers" And I did not appreciate the sarcastic attitude I received from the gentleman who spoke with me at this establishment. I would appreciate some response on my complaint. I have made many purchases on this site and have never experienced a problem like this. I hope to continue to support businesses that you represent on this site. This experience however has left a bitter taste in my wallet.
Douglas Jakelski


LivingSocial billing department cancelled my tickets, without notifying me (the purchase was confirmed by them, and by the performance management) right after purchase! I learned at the theater with 2 little kids, at the ticket box! I had to buy full price ticket in the back, as the kids were so excited about the show. Called Living Social - no apology, said they reimbursed me, could not get a manager. The rep suggested to email - as I did, no response in 7 days. This is definitely the worst customer service I have encountered in a long time. It happened to most/all who bought the deal on and after Dec 9 2016. I would like to hear what LivingSocial team has to say, if they have customer care function at all. The emails are attached.


I went to try to use my Bouq vocher LVSB1P1257H and when I try to make a purchase it tells me the voucher expired. But living social show it will not expire until Oct 24. I contact Bouqs and they said they went in and clear it and I tried again and says the same thing Also told me if I wanted a refund I would have to go to living social for it. I have tried calling living social and no one picks up the phone. I don't think no one answers your phone. Tried 2 days. I just want to be refund the money or credit. I wanted to use the voucher for a birthday and now it has pass and had to order something else.


I bought an item, went to my vouchers and the item was not listed as eligible even though it was. I contacted a person at Living Social (Ryan) on 9/26/2016, he agreed that the item was eligible. He said he would send my information to get things corrected, well that has not happened. Is Living Social a scam?


I have been trying to contact LivingSocial corporate for over a month now I have had to hold up to 59min 8secs and than the call is disconnected. The shortest time I've had to hold was 30 mins. and than when I started talking to someone the call again was disconnected. This is totally unacceptable. I have been overcharged with a purchase and have been trying to get it straightened out before my voucher expires. I used this company for a couple of years now and than find out they laid off 50 people and now you can't get a hold of anyone. I will never use you again. shame on you people.


I purchased a voucher for rug cleaning, 3 rooms for $58.99. When the vendor came to my home, he immediately said it would cost another $240 because the rugs were "high traffic areas". The rooms were a master & a guest bedroom. We do not have children nor pets and the carpets were not visibly soiled. I told him to do the cleaning I paid for. He then told me it would not be a good job. I proceeded to tell him to leave at which time his price dropped to $140 "cash", no voucher needed. I could return the voucher to Living Social.

Again, I told him to leave, which he did. A few minutes later he called me with a $120 price which I turned down. Now, it gets worse! After trying to get in contact with Living Social, no number on their site, I tried to respond to their email telling me I had "credit". They gave me a contact phone number which is no longer in service! I tried another phone number after Googling the company. That was a "boiler room", no help there either. Since this was truly a "bait & switch" deal, I want my credit card charge reversed. Good luck on that one! Incidentally, I rented a carpet cleaner from the supermarket, did the carpets myself & they look great. They did not need any special treatment either.


- 1 STAR for LivingSocial corporate offices. Unfortunate a gift from my daughter to get gutters cleaned on our home turned out to be a zero, never received calls back from the vendor. Also not able to reach one of the LivingSocial customer service personal (if any). Awful service on both ends. Will pass on this experience to others. They should really clean up their act.


i brought a living social deal for microdermabrasion at simply you beauty in perth. i have tried calling on several occasions over the past month to book an appointment, i have now left 2 messages and noone is returning my call! i understand that she is busy but even if i cant get an appointment for a few weeks i would still like to be acknowledged by living social! is there any way i can get my money back and go elsewhere? thanks.


Hi, I bought a living social deal to The Lumix Aesthetics in Great Neck, NY for 6 laser lipo treatments. During my third treatment, the person working on me decided to use another machine. She put this small flat panel on my back (I'm laying face down on my stomach on a table)...she then proceeds to take this plastic wand thing and rub it on the back of my legs.

All of a sudden I start feeling something on my someone's poking me with something got more intense like I was being zapped by something so I yelled "OW, its burning me!" She took it off my back and was like "no, its not hot, feel it." I was like ok, maybe I'm crazy but it felt like something zapping me. She goes to do it again and it happens again, this time worse because I tried to ignore it.

So she takes it off and is like "I don't feel it, its not hot". She then puts the panel on my calf and goes to start again and I'm like "Ow, its burning my calf!". So she's like "so you don't want me to do this part.". I was like "not if its going to hurt!". When I got home I had a few red marks on my back. The next day those red marks were small scabs.

And another area looked like I had rug burn type of scabs. Basically she was electrocuting me! I called them and they are not willing to give me a full refund and not admitting that they did something horribly wrong. I would not want this to happen to someone else.

I paid $279 for this scam that does not even work. I've tried cavi-lipo from another company and that was great and saw great results. I am asking for a full refund, especially since I'm not going back for the last 3 treatments and of course because they hurt me! Please get back to me asap.


I purchased 20 Christmas cards from Living Social and it was ordered and charged for twice for some reason. I lodged a complaint straight away after confirmation of purchase, but no one replied. I sent another one and was told that refunds could only be made up to 5 days after purchase (which I had done, but they had not replied within 5 days).

I sent them another one with a copy of my original e:mail with date of purchase. Again I got a copy of the policy saying refunds could only be made up to 5 days and I was too late. I complained again letting them know I had originally notified them immediately after purchase.

They couldn't find any of my records and told me case was closed, too bad. Now they are ignoring all my e:mails. I now have a voucher that I can't use and has expired.



On Friday, November 9, 2012 I attended the 5k Glow Dance Party in Washington, D.C. While the event was an overall success and I had a great time, I do have one issue I would like to address with you all. While I was running the 5k, there were various "spray tents" set up for all the runners to run through in which someone inside the tent would spray them as they passed through with what I assumed was washable spray paint. It was not! When I got home and placed my brand new jacket and running pants in the washer to wash them, they came out with the paint still on them. They are now completely ruined as they are covered in this green paint with a rubbery consistent.

Normally I would not make a big dea about this BUT there was no sign or notice that stated that the paint that was being sprayed was permanent. If I had seen such a sign, trust me, I would have avoided the tent(s) all togther. Needless to say I am a little upset and frustrated as I just wasted $100 on running pants and a jacket the day before the race only to not be able to wear them again....ever!

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Natasha R. Walker


LIVINGSOCIAL is a scam! They allowed a tele-sales company with a terrible reputation trade under a different name - I guarantee you, they would've sold a whole lotn less if people had known the name of the company before it pooped up on their bank statement! Plus, the image on the advertisement was completely different to what was offered - instead of getting luxurious memory foam pillows, I got mini-pillows, about half the normal size, that I can't get pillow cases for, and look ridiculous!

In addition, the livingsocial customer service representative was terrible - he was reading of a spiel he had obviously shared with many oethers who had the same complaint, and could not have cared less. It's so disgusting that sites like this promotye themselves as being consumer-friendly, when obviously, they are actually making bucks off of fine print and those who don't stand up for consumer rights.


I purchased a Living Social voucher for carpet cleaning, voucher # 1000103276264 . Left several messages with company by email and voice mail to try to get an appointment scheduled. Was told today since they booked so many deals with this program they can not schedule until Jan 2013. I feel this is too long to have to wait for this service. They should not have booked more then the company could schedule in a reasonable time frame. 5 months is not a reasonable time frame to have to wait for my carpets to be cleaned. I called Living Social 800 # and spoke with a Marcos, the manager on duty. He agreeded with me that 5 months was to long to wait but he could not do anything about it. He said I should have read the fine print and the company has until 9/23/2013 to service the voucher. I can not wait until Jan to have my carpets cleaned. I am requesting a refund because this is an unreasonable amoun tof time to be expected to wait for an appt.


I purchased a voucher for a nights stay and meals at a Harrod's casino from Living Social. I ried on several occasions to make reservations to use the voucher however the reservation had to be made through a third party and there were never any rooms available. I called the casino direct and they said there were plenty of rooms available but that Living Social only bought blocks of rooms. I tried to get my moneu back from Living Social but they would not refund my purchase. They simply said that the voucher could be used for face value. What good is it to purchase this voucher? Why not just go to the business and purchase direct. I will never again purchase anything from Living Social.


I purchased the teeth whitening deal extremely dissapointment, the treatment has not made my teeth any whiter what's so ever in fact it's made them worse especially the calcium spots. I am writing to request a immediate refund from Groupon. I have tried over the counter teeth whitening before like Crest but they never worked, at least in that case I didn't waste hundreds of dollars!

Has anyone else seen bad reviews online for teeth cleaning services at a discount, do any of them actually brighten your smile as advertised or are they all just one big scam! Please someone I need help, tired of dirty spots and discoloration on my front teeth especially.


I have complained via email to Living Social regarding a flying lesson which I purchased a year ago. After being ignored by the merchant when trying to arrange the lesson, I had no choice than to inform living social of my bad experience with the merchant and to request that they refund or credit me as I am not able to use the voucher. After 8 emails to living social, I still have no refund, credit or reply regarding my problem.


When I went to the Dickeys BBQ on 98th street in Lubbock, Texas they refused my voucher on my Iphone even though it clearly states on the voucher the customer can present their IPhone voucher for purchase. This angers me because I am an avid user PF Living Social. This may give me second thoughts about purchasing any more deals on Living Social. I am very unhappy with this outcome.


I bought a deal for eye lashes and HD brows with a company called basement lashes based in sheffield. I have been contacting the person since January to book an appointment, however she has never been contactable/ available or can only do the days I said I worked (which is highly convenient saying at the minute I work two says out of seven.) I feel I have been scammed out of my money for treatments I was never going to be able to get.

I feel I have wasted £26. I'm very disappointed in the service and I am not one to usually complain but felt very unsatisfied with the response from the company. I have kept texts sent between myself and the person offering the treatments. I feel on this occasion I want to ask for a refund as its obvious I am never going to get what I paid for. I have never had any problems before with living social bookings until now.



I bought a voucher for Dream Flights and my 4 friends bought it through the link I sent them. I booked the flights 7 times on my name for all of us and it got cancelled every time. So, its more than 7 months we have been trying to get this done, but its not happening, and now, two girls have already returned to India for good. So, I am requesting a refund for all of those Vouchers. They have e-mailed individually fron their account but Living Social is not ready to refund it. Can you please tell me how can I get the Vouchers refunded?


I have email & calls them for my reservation since 12/10/12, untill now they keep saying room unavailable, or didn't reply reply email. If I call to the office, the person will told me PIC engage / busy.

Is this so call 'service' Living Social provided? I have paid RM249+RM249+RM499, and so far I didn't get what I want, just keep wasting my time & telephone cost!

If this is the case, I would like to request full refund of RM997, else for sure I will bring this case to National Consumer Complaint Centre!


You sent an offer for tickets to the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, I responded showing interest, via email you send the tickets on a Tues for the previous Saturday show (after the event) and then charged me £150. I have not given authorisation and want to know how you have my bank details.

I have all the emails stating that you would need to send me the details promptly as I wouldnt be able to access my email and you sent the tickets too late in any case. I would like an explanation as to who got my private details (fraud), failure to respond to my emails and want an an immdeiate refund of my money.


I bought a hammam voucher via living social for the Crystal Palace Spa as a wedding present however unfortunately when my friend returned from honeymoon, her father in law fell ill, and was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away last month. As you can imagine the voucher was not used and expired and both living social and crystal palace spa would not honour it. I was even asked to get proof of death! I think this is despicable as this would not have cost the spa any extra....


I have sent emails to Living Social regarding a voucher for a manicure/pedicure . the supplier of the voucher does not respond to phone calls (the landline number does not even allow incoming calls). There is now no response to emails and the premises at which the voucher is supposed to be used is also incorrect on voucher. There has been no reply from Living Social and the voucher is due to expire on 15/11/2012. I want a full refund as I have wasted time and money trying to get something I paid for almost a year ago. I have been more than patient with both the supplier and Living Social but my patience is now exhausted.


bought a maid service ($30) back in November then in June I went to use it. Called the company to use it and they said "we are booked up for the year, give us your name/number and when an opening comes up we will call you". I called Living Social back and told them this (my voucher expires in November) and they said they would refund my money. I said I don't want the money I want the service. They said they would look into why the company would sell more vouchers than they could handle and refunded my money (whatever).

TODAY, the SAME deal is selling for DOUBLE the price and I was like WTF they couldn't fulfill my voucher for $30 and now they are selling them for $60!!! I called Living Social and they were like "too bad so sad" we refunded your money. I even got the direct number to apparently the head person who was like too bad so sad.

I cannot believe the freaking company wouldn't accept my $30 because they were "full" and now they are selling the EXACT same thing for double the money. Obviously they have people available and just didn't want to do mine because they sold it so cheap.


Waited a long time for thongs i purchased through Living Social, after they advised they could not supply i received an email from Ozthongs after wasting 2 hours of my time i closed the website, unfortunately for my i have already put my credit card details in and they have charged me $68.97 and guess what i have nothing to show for my money. I have sent 3 emails and have tried to call direct twice but guess what no response. so guess what Ozthongs i have now gone the Fair Trade, if i have my way i will going for it.


I've purchased Haviana thongs from over 7 weeks ago - the thongs are from (and other friends who have purchased as well) still have not received the thongs. I've rung ozthongs several times and left return call. I've rung livingsocial (jumponit) and have asked for a refund as I don't believe the thongs will ever arrive - living social advises that they can not give a refund once a purchase is processed (by the way, a purchase is processed the minute you buy a deal). WARNING: If you purchase a deal on living social be prepared to lose your money as there is no refund/return policy.


I ordered a Helicoptor advertised on Living Deal from Wigetlove on Dec. 9, 2011 for a Xmas Gift and to date, I have not received it. It is Jan. 9, 2012 today. I emailed Living Deal Customer Service and the response I got was "It has been shipped out". Well, I waited and nothing yet. I emailed Wigetlove - and the email bounced back - it said: Domain name not found. This is the email thats on Living Deal Flyer. I called Wigetlove and left a message and got no response. When I called back, the voicebox was full. I emailed Living Deal again, and to date, have not received any response. 


I purchased a 2 bottle deal of HCG for $79 on nov 20/11-order received was not as advertised. I expected two bottles containing 120 capsules of HCG and this is not what was received. Ad was misleading! They had the official website link on the ad and it showed a bottle containing 120 capsules (this is the only size being sold online). The worst customer service I have ever received. I got no response to two emails sent on of Dec.09 and dec 15/11. i absolutely hate living social and their customer service department. their deals are very misleading and fool people.

I had bought a cleaning service and scheduled and appointment to clean my house the day before i had a christmas party. at the last minute they canceled on me so i called living social to get a refund. they would NOT refund my money! i even talked to the manager and she was like whatever...cant do anything. i will never buy another deal from them again....groupon is by far better.


I purchased a deal from living social for a teeth whitening treament at the cost of £45 and could not get through to he people providing this service as the number was either busy or dead or no answer with the same number. I contacted Living social telling them about this and asking for a refund and they replied saying they will contact them to make sure I havent used the voucher. After this I have emailed like 100 times and have had no reply or heard anything about a refund. They will obviously not get through to them as I couldnt otherwise I would have been able to make an appoinment. I just want my money back. Cant believe what a rubbish service they provide. I even rang Living social only to be waiting for 15 mins and the line going dead. They have totally messed me about and I'm so angry!


Living Social Mc Donalds Scam! This deal is a messed up! I purchased the deal with gives me about 50% off. When I ordered a Big Mac and Fries they charged $1.50 for the Big Mac and $1.00 for the fries. That’s 50% off at the store but I paid LIvingSocial about 50% too, so you end up paying full price. This is better known as BS! This McBS Store (#3294) located at 265 Rt 59, Nanuet, NY 10954, Tel 845-623-1157. I cancelled my order and asked for my coupons back but Jeremy the cashier behind the counter already Ripped them in HALF.

I go to McDonald's at least 2/days a week between the hours of 8:am & 8:30am no matter which one I go to the service is horrible..the drive thru line goes around the corner, the line on the inside is the same almost out the door...on your way to work or school just want coffee, bicust or borito,etc... The employees behind the counter not taken orders standing around talking to each other there is no food customers just standing there waiting and getting anrgy this goes on for me atleast 10 minutes everytime at both stores is this something new McDonald's doing trying to loose customers because after 5/times happening to me I no longer do business with McDonald's go across the street to Jack's really need to do a observation on yours stores you will be losing customers..we are down the street from a large and still growing college....

This was on Dec 24th, 2011 @ 15:26. He said that next visit just mention his name and tell person behind the counter that it was ok. WTF?! Beware of the 50% off McDonald's Living Social deal, it's a total scam!

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