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In March 2012, I purchased a 2009 VW T5 Kombi 1.9 TDi. The vehicle was priced at R255 000 with about 58 000km on the clock. On Thursday, 21 February 2013, the Kombi went for some light bumper repairs. At the time of the repairs, the panel beaters brought it to my attention that there was visible signs of accidental repair work that was previously done to the vehicle and since I have the vehicle, I have never ever been in an accident with it. They advised me to contact the dealer from whom I purchased the Kombi to find out if the vehicle had previously been in an accident. I contacted the dealer that same day and spoke to the salesman who sold the Kombi to me. The salesman told me that they will need a report from the panel beaters to confirm that there are signs of previous accidental repair work done to the Kombi.

I went back to the panel beaters on Monday, 25 February 2013, to get the report from them as requested from the dealers (VW Claremont). I took the report to the dealers that very same day and also took the Kombi, so that they could see for themselves. The sales manager, Mike Shield, told me that the panel beaters report was not good enough and that I had to take my Kombi to the AA for an inspection.
On Wednesday, 27 February 20113, I took my Kombi to the AA for a full technical inspection, which cost me R 1 463.00. The report from AA also stated and confirmed that there are visible signs of previous accidental work done to my Kombi. That very same day I took the report to VW and directly to the sales manager (Mike Shield).

He asked me what would I like then to do about the matter, because he will need to speak to his boss, as it is a privately owned company. I told him that they will have to make an offer, as to what they going to do about my situation. He immediately said that he can trade my Kombi in for a later model or buy my Kombi back for cash, without even discussing it with his boss first. I told him that I appreciated the offer of trading in my Kombi for a later model, but that wouldn’t work, because I am currently under debt review, so the banks will decline me for finance for a new vehicle.
On Friday, 01 March 2013, I sent him an e-mail to follow up on the matter, because I want to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. I told him in the e-mail that I don’t want to rush him, but I don’t want to hassle him for long on this matter, that is why I want it to be sorted out as soon as possible. After 5 working days I sent him another e-mail on 11 March, because he did not respond to my e-mail, dated 01 March.

He then replied on the same day to apologize for the delayed response and that he was going to discuss the matter with his Dealer Principal and once he has clarity on the issue he will revert back to me. I gave him some time to speak to his Dealer Principal. On 15 March, I sent him another e-mail, because he failed to get back to me. I asked him to please inform me as to by when I could expect a response and he gave me a lousy response, this was his response: "I will have a chat with my Dealer Principal and provide you with feedback". I was shocked at this response after he told me in an e-mail about a week prior to that mail that he was going to discuss the matter with his Dealer Principal.

I sent him another e-mail this morning to express my disappointment in their company and asked him if he could forward me the details of his Dealer Principal. He failed to follow that simple instruction as he did not bother to respond to my e-mail this morning, which is also the latest one sent.

I hope that someone can assist me with my situation, because its really stressing me out and all I want is a reasonable offer.



I bought a Brand new Volkswagen Polo VIVO from Barons N1 City in Cape Town. I bought the car for my wife and is mainly utilized by her. She is experiencing problems with the car since receiving it on 23/03/2010, Problem being hard starting. Lots of issues with my 2011 Polo Vivo, mainly steering lock problems. You get the car eventually starting but with much effort. This type of VW car would be easily highjacked as you would not be able to get away from the hijackers in time. You battle to turn the ignition, as it is stucked. You literally have to turn and force the steering wheel sideways and force to turn the key, even if the steering wheel in NOT LOCKED. I have noticed the same problem with my friends car VW POLO VIVO. He wanted to have the car towed to the nearest Volkswagen dealer after he had the similar problem.

His car was standing for 3 days and did not know what to do as he was so frustrated and disappointed with his new Polo VIVO. Fortunately I went to visit him when he told me of the problem he is experiencing with his VIVO. I told him I have the same problem with my wife's car. I managed to manouvre and forced the same trick on his car and eventually managed to start his car. It is very aggravating and frustrating. My wife phoned me on several accassions after finished shopping. She is not so fortunate and just cannot manage to manouvre the key to start the car. I had to go to her rescue on so many accassions that I feel like setting the car alight.

This has resulted that she no longer wants to drive the car and is NO LONGER KEEN on VOLKSWAGEN products any longer. We are driving Volkswagen all the years but this type of defect and embarresment makes me think of changing to another type of brand car. I am driving a VW Polo 1,6 Comfortline which I bought brand new in 2006. I am very happy with this vehicle and I am getting excellent service from it. Because of this problem my wife does not use the car so often. The KM reading is currently on 18 269 after almost 2 years. Is this possibly a factory fault. I do not hope it cost a fortune to repair this car and request this car be repaired as soon as possible and hopefully covered under the factory guarantee. Anyone else experiencing 2011 polo vivo steering lock problems?


My complaint is about my Polo.1.4 comfortline 2010 bought late in 2013 at 36 000 kms with full service history. I know my complaint is a bit late after paying it off recently and bearing in mind I don't ever complain. I had bought my polo from welkom kia car dealership @ R156 000 the sales person told me that there it was Bluetooth enabled, yes it had multifunction on the steering wheel but never allowed me to connect any mobile device to Bluetooth. Regarding the spare wheel which never had the correct sock to change the wheel which I discovered 10 kms from home with a flat tire, leading me to call VW road assistance which had to drive back to me twice as they also never had the correct socket to help take off a simple wheel to change my spare wheel.

Driving the vehicle for 3 months at times I would start the ignition but the motor would turn but it just wouldn't start lucky the car was under warranty and they mentioned that this is a common problem with the polos mentioned by Lindsay saker in welkom. I have had this issue " now I have had a continuous problem where apparently the hub is warped and every time I apply breaks the wheel shutters a lot and this has been fixed and now happening again. I have lost soo much hope and keep spending to keep an apparently good vehicle on the road running. Other issues I'm having: the remote car keys don't open the windows at times. I have had my windscreen replaced for the 3rd time. I think this is caused from the shape of the vehicle it just seems easy for stones to flick up from trucks on a high way to directly damage the windscreen. The vehicle has a plastic fender piece and always comes loose I have had to eventually take it off so irritating. The hand break leaver pouch is coming off just by pulling up the hand break.

I personally advise anyone to stay away from the polo 1.4 comfort line 2010 , I don't even want to sell this car to anyone else it prob better off to be scrapped in my opinion . I cant say anything else but maybe I was the unlucky one, its true what they say, you make your purchasing decisions by the experiences you have and I definitely won't purchase another VW again and think its an unsafe vehicle especially if you have a new born on the way and the car sides. Id definitely go for any other car. and I ask all readers to contact me and inform me of any other makes of cars with faults as in the next decision for me needs to be the right one. It seems that VW is manufacturing by mass and not conforming to their promises.


I recently discovered that when purchasing my 2011 Polo Vivo an aftermarket airconditioning unit was fitted by McCarthy VW. The vehicle was also covered with a 3 year maintenance plan. Ever since the fan belt on the vehicle was never changed when it went had gone in for its services(recently brought to my attention) because the air-con was aftermarket. I was recently stranded on the side of the freeway because of this! The fan belt shredded to pieces, I was told that because of the aftermarket air-con unit the fan belt was not covered on the warranty nor maintenance plan yet this was fitted by VW. I see no need in adding extra's when purchasing a vehicle from VW because in the end the warranty falls away anyways! Am truly disappointed & disgusted with this type of money making schemes.

I will not rest until I put as many people as I can off from buying a VW.

Yours Sincerely,
Disgusted Consumer!


September 19, 2013

This letter is being written regarding a few concerns that I have with the Volkswagen product. I purchased my 2010 Volkswagen CC in 2012 from a private party that had to sell the car because of the potential of a loss of employment.
This car was not purchased because it was neglected. The owner took care of this car and I have driven it since purchase. October 2012 the horn stopped working and I had the mechanic replace the fuse. A couple days later the horn stopped working again. I again replaced the fuse. The car was not driven very much in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar and April because I use it as a summer car. In May I noticed the horn didn’t work again and I replaced the fuse again. The horn a few weeks later completely stopped working in May 2013.

August 2013 I was stranded in the parking lot after a doctor appointment. I had the car towed to a local mechanic which was covered under my insurance policy. Once the mechanic looked at the car he recommended that I have it towed to Volkswagen Fairfield, Ohio. I called my insurance company and was informed that the tow would not be covered ($89.00). When the tow company came to pick up the vehicle the individual was able to start the car and drive it onto the flat bed.

The Volkswagen arrived at the dealership starting and a diagnostic was done ($95.00) The results of the diagnostic was no issues were found. At that time, I had the dealership look at the horn issue and found that the clockspring was broken ($95.00) for diagnostics. I believe this is a huge safety issue and thought I could get it repaired at that time $345.50 plus the 95.00 diagnostic was a bit much for a safety issue of a car that is only 3 years old. I believe this is a defective mechanism. I called Volkswagen Customer Care line and was informed that this clockspring is not covered because it is past the warranty period. The warranty period is 3 yrs/30,000 miles.

I picked up the Volkswagen at the dealership which cost me ($212.00) to simply have all the diagnostics done and drove it without the horn working because I knew I had a bigger problem coming when the car would soon have a second episode of not starting. Well, it has been a month and the car stopped working and again I was stranded. I had the car towed to Volkswagen Fairfield, Ohio again which was 23 miles of which my insurance paid 16 miles. The diagnostic was not charged to me again since I already paid for the same problem previously to diagnose. The outcome this time was that the High Pressure Fuel Pump needs to be replaced. The cost is ($479.56) to have this repaired. Again, it is not under warranty. I am asking is this normal for a 3 year old car to have two major issues?

1st visit to Volkswagen 212.97
Tow 1st 89.00
Tow 2nd 40.00 (approx.)
Repair of Hi pressure Fuel Pump 479.56
Pending repairs 345.50
Total Cost $1167.03

This is the total cost of a car that I purchased to bring it up to par that I thought would be reliable and give me at least a few years without having to come up with safety repairs or a malfunction’s of a device. I am very disappointed in Volkswagen. I am not asking for a handout but as a single woman who wants reliable transportation I should not have to be forking out this kind of money to have a safe car to drive. I am also still making car payments on this car. I have spoken to Volkswagen Customer Care twice and have written customer car an email. I haven’t heard from anyone. I just hear that it’s on record. Maybe someone on this site will read my concern.

Yvonne M. Fernandez, Owner of Volkswagen CC Sport
1358 shaker Run Blvd Lebanon Ohio 45036


In December 2011, I received my Polo 2012 model (rakam elshaseh).

This car’s performance has been awkward since I bought it! I am comparing it to the VW Jetta, Skoda Octavia, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Ranault Magane, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Verna. All these cars move smoothly, but for some awkward reason the Polo 2012 takes very long to move from a still position and even worse if I push breaks to “slow down” then pull my foot off the breaks it may come to a complete “STOP” which was unintended. Also, it makes a very LOUD RATTLING NOISE coming from the GEAR BOX when I slow down. This noise is inconsistent and extremely irritating I CANNOT have QUIET in my car to the extent that this noise sometimes gives me headaches! This is not acceptable, I have never heard anything like it in any of the cars I drove (listed above) nor in any car I was passenger in! So, please don’t tell me this is NORMAL in all VolksWagen, because I know it is not! Unfortunately for you I have a Jetta 2011 and I know this is NOT NORMAL in a VolksWagen. FYI AbouRawash Service find it “normal” to have that kind of noise.

I took the car to the AbouRawash Service Centre in Egypt several times and each time I got a very ugly unprofessional rude and dishonest reaction from the engineer responsible for my car’s service called “Raafat”.

The first time I went with a concern that there was something wrong and it was unsafe (the car had moved only ~ 5 kilos only approximately), I explained to the engineer “Raafat” there was an odd rattle when I slow down the car. I got a call the next day saying the car was ready. The following day the sound appeared AGAIN and even worse the power steering stopped twice whilst I was driving!!!!!! So, I requested an emergency appointment, because the car had become worse!

The next appointment, I explained what happened again and left. This time I got a call saying there was nothing wrong with the car and that there was no “sound”. My brother had to drive all the way to AbouRawash to test drive the car for an engineer (Shereef) so he would hear the sound! The engineer’s first impression was this is a gear box issue. This made us feel better that at least someone was going to take care of this issue! The next day I received a call from “Raafat” saying again nothing is wrong and there is “NO SOUND”! He DENIED there was a sound at all! So, AGAIN I went to the service centre to speak with “Raafat”, he denied it to my face! I took the car to test drive and make him hear it himself! The sound did come out! When we walked back to his desk he said to us “there is no sound” to both our faces me and my father! Cold blooded as though he was not in the car with us! We asked for Shereef to explain what he heard. Unlike Raafat; Shereef was very decent and honest and explained to both of us and Raafat that this was the first time he’d heard this and needed to compare to another Polo 2012 to identify if this was a fault or normal in a car. We waited for almost 2 weeks (my car was still at AbouRawash) then Shereef called to explain this was normal in all Polos. Something I still cannot buy unitl now. His argument was every car has its own set of sounds! Something I have never heard of in my life before.

Even worse, now my car stops whilst the gear box is set to “D”! To explain more; whilst driving the car, it starts to slow down as though I have lifted my foot off the gas pedal. I tried to push down more at the gas, but the car did not respond! I stopped and, turned off the car, then back on, it moved. This has happened twice last week.

My car’s performance keeps getting worse and worse by the day and I have no CREDIBLE service to turn to, and now it is not safe at all. I bought this car trusting VolkWagen safety, but I do not see that is true.

I would appreciate it if you take action to resolve this issue, and advise me where to take the as I “unfortunately” need to go to Service. This may involve changing a Gear Box and I worry that with this level of dishonesty, ignorance and mocking of clients at the VW Service Centre this issue will be overlooked instead of resolved.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. I will wait for 5 working days or I will assume VolksWagen is selling unsafe cars to consumers and therefore take another course of action.

Please contact me at the above address or by phone at +2 0111 869 3173.

Nesma Ahmad Shawky


Since my purchase of my 2012 Passat on 27/11/2012, many critical problems occurred which are making me regret buying it.
The start of the problem was not long after the purchase.The EPC indicator light flashed and the car went to a complete stop so I phoned the a service center in Abu Rawash, Cairo, Egypt. They instructed me not to do anything so I did. However just after travelling 1000 km with the car, the problem happened thrice so I headed to the service center, where the car was taken for 4 days and I was told that they reprogrammed the car computer. Immediately after receiving the car from the center, the problem rose again so obviously I returned the car.They took the car for 2 weeks and told me that installing a new engine processing unit ,which would be imported from Germany, would solve the problem and I told them to do it. 4 days later, the problem reoccured for the 5th time so I, blinded with fury, gave the center the car back and demanded another car as I my car has lost its trust from me. The car was taken for a month and a half and was returned with changed engine parts. I was told then that the problem was thereby solved but I refused to take back the car demanded a new car and to speak with a manager or anybody with authority. They told that i will be called to set an appointment but until now I did not receive the call and the car is still there.
To conclude, my family and I are losing the last traces of trust for Volks Wagen as my father owns a 2011 Passat, my brother a 2007 Jetta, my wife a 2008 Polo and my other car is a 2008 Jetta.


I purchased a VW polo 2011 model in June 2012.I experienced a breakdown last week Friday with the gearbox we sent it into VW contancia, they did not phone me to give me an update, nothing, and I had to do the phoning.
A guy by the name of Kenny contacted me on Friday the 21st and said that they fixed the problem but when I went to collect the car it was not fixed.
The guy who told me it’s not fixed is Dani Botha. He said there’s nothing they can do because Kenny worked on the car.
Kenny was not in that day. Today I contacted VW, to get a courtesy car but Dani said that they only have 4 cars that they received from VW. And they not available because people book it in advance. Kenny then contacted me. Telling me that it won’t be fixed today or give me a courtesy car I must phone the VW where I bought it from and they must help me. This is one company, how can they have 4 courtesy cars and how is that my problem?? They have other branches where they can get courtesy cars but Kenny wants me to phone around because he is at home. He said that his manager will contact me but also failed to do so. Nobody told me when I sent in the car that there are no courtesy cars available, I had to phone and hear by the way, this is nonsense. They refuse to service their clients and they want to cover themselves. I can’t phone after VW, nobody can help. They don’t care what or how their clients feel aslong as their sorted. I won’t accept this. I will make it known to everybody that Kenny,Indran,Dani lack customer service.


My car is getting rusted less than 3 years old.June 2011 my car wasn’t starting after heavey rains,had my car towed to Weiss VW in Durban,they said that someone had put water in my fuel tank or the garage that I fill up at had a mixture of water and fuel and thats what went into my car and flooded everything. I had to pay R5700.00 for it was not warranty related, I paid and I wanted feedback from my dealership and to date they have not given that to me.

They said that a sample of fuel from my ‘contaminated tank’ was sent to a lab for testing and I am still waiting so that I can go to my attorneys and they can recover what monies were lost.Last night I tried starting my car after the heavy rains again and it was not starting,I called VW roadside assistance and they had a mechanic on the line who I spoke to and he said that I am one of three people with a golf 1 calling with the same problem,he said there is a moisture build up and thats why the car won’t start,if this is so why did I have to pay money for something that was warranty related.

I request that vw do a thorough investigation into this matter because I am on the verge of going to my attorneys and the newspapers.My car regisration a blue golf tenaciti 2009 model.


I bought a VW Touran (VIN WVGZZZ1TZBW101524) on the 20/06/2011 from Tavcor PE. During the last 2 months – when starting the vehicle, it won’t start at the first turn of the key. On retry, there will be no response and only after trying again – it with start. I reported the problem to Tavcor and took it the vehicle in – Tavcor could not explain or diagnose the problem. Fist service (15 000km) was on done on 18/10/2011 and the problem was again brought to Tavcor’s attention. Needless to say – the problem still remains. Tavcor representative gave some explanation of having to having to start/swing the engine 6 times – wait for a while and then do it again for 5 times.

This should then solve the problem for at least 3months. Again – needless to say, the vehicle is still having the same problem and as it is still under guarantee I would like some assistance in getting this problem sorted. Having paid R300 000 for a new vehicle – this type of service is disappointing to say the least and creates a negativity towards the vehicle and the brand. Can someone please HELP me getting this sorted?


this is my 3rd complaint and we had a very bad experience in our new jetta gj-3dg-7531 rajkot., we had gone for a drive and there after 2.hrs of drive our car stopped in between and sudden fumes started comming from it, we empied the car as soon as possible and people started running by seeing the fummes from it.even police took the situation seriously and empied the surrounding place. after some times fumes were settled and car started we had a complaint about this matter but they took it lightly and gave very ignorant answer. we r not at all satisfied,well our life cost a lost please take the matter seriously and be answerable.


I had given my vehicle (HR26 BK 6117) for running repair under warranty to your service station at Gurgaon. After 1 day of diagnosis; the concerned service person intimated that I’ll get back the vehicle after 7-8 days because of some wiring fault which has to come from factory. Please provide me with a service vehicle or compensate me with the car rental charges for 9 days as I have to travel from Faridabad to Gurgaon to my office. I am paying the penalty of buying a VW whose service back up and policies are worst in the industry. Even Maruti provides a service vehicle beyond 1 day.

I thought that VW would live up to its brand and will take care of quality and customer satisfaction; but I regret to say that on both fronts VW-India is failing miserably. I expect a reply by EOD of the above concern.


Sir,this is to let u know that I booked for Volkswagen Polo on 23rd September 2011 At your Dealer in Hyderabad city of INDIA..i.e PPS motors .As per the assurance given by the Sales executive MR SANTOSH of PPS MOTORS the car was to be delivered on 30th September 2011.We had paid an initial deposit of Rs.49001 towards the booking on 23rd September itself.But when enquired on 30th SEPTEMBER the sales executive promptly directed us to Sales Manager Mr Suresh.who asked us to wait a couple of days for the delivery of car.We before paying the advance payment of money were very clear to the sales manager that we needed the car before the festival of DUSSHERA which is considered very auspicious as per our culture.

when we again enquired on 2nd october regarding the delivery of car Mr Suresh directed us tO the CO,Mr Charles who asked to wait till 5th October and promised to give the Vehicle and laterdenied.Ibooked a complaint CAL8951with Pune office.we later came to know charles took Rs5000 from and another customer and deliverd my car to him.They also gave me cheque of initial advance without even our intent of cancellation of booking.How can they do it?And looking at the lethargy of Pune office of VW..i know every one is hand in glove with fleece money shared among colleagues.the gullible customer is left at the bay.


I am the owner of a TSI Passat vehicle model 2010. I had a problem with the car, it was not functioning, and after speaking with the service center technician, i was informed that i had to load the car to the maintenance service center @ ABOU RAWASH (Cairo – Alex Desert road) on the 16th of July. At the center they informed me that they must change a spare part in the Gear box but unfortunately they didn’t have it in stock and that i must wait for one week till delivery by DHL. Till now the spare part is not delivered (16 – 31/07) and every time i ask them they keep telling me next week.

I don’t know when i will receive my car fixed as the spare part is still not delivered. you can imagine the damage i face daily because of not having the car with me as i am renting a car till receiving my car from the service center which i don’t know when. hope you consider my complaint and i will be expecting your earliest reply and who will bar the extra expenses i made (unfortunately they didn’t even send a towing car to load the car to the service center which i had to do it by my self).

thank you.


I am a first-time owner of a Volkswagen Jetta that we use as a second car. Although it is a 2006 VW Jetta, it has approximately 30k miles and has been garage-kept the entire time. To my great disappointment, the radio panel and interior door knobs are already showing signs of bubbling and peeling. Because of its low useage, I am totally surprised by this and feel it must be due to a poor quality material used in these areas by Volkswagen. I have never experienced this in any vehicle I’ve ever owned. Therefore, I am seeking a fair way for VW to rectify this problem with my car.


I purchased a brand new VW” Jetta” car from an authorized dealer in Egypt “Egyptian trading & Automotive Co. / Auto Micho cars in Heliopolis Cairo Egypt “. The car was delivered to me on 23/4/2008.The V.I.N is WVWZZZ1KZ8M064784 Jetta 1.6 Trend 75. On 6/3/2009 it was inspected firstly at the “Inspection and maintenance service” at the VW authorized work shop in” Obour “Cairo Egypt. They charged me 523.50 LE. On 16/9/2009 the horn sound went off and the same work shop said that the “Igniter” under the steering wheel is faulty and they told me they have changed it for free (during the warranty period)

On 24/3/2010 the car was inspected for the routine maintenance and inspection service also at “Obuor VW workshop Cairo Egypt” and paid 563.50 LE. On 27/12/2010 the horn sound was very weird so I went to the same work shop and they changed what they call ‘The two parts of the horn” and charged me 1025.50 LE. On 28/5/2011 I went to them complaining that on the display screen there is “ Air bag fault “ and the light did not go out . After staying more than 5 hours they said that they have fixed the problem and performed the maintenance inspection service and I paid 1358 LE. On my way back the air bag signal lights again . I was so frustrated and returned back to them.

This time they said that the problem is in the ”Igniter” which has to be changed but unfortunately it is out of stock. Is this the way they should solve a serious and repeatable Factory manufacture problem? I asked them is there any harm to me or to the car if I drive it like this and they insist that “ No Harm”. On 8/6/2011 I called them several times to tell them that the problem is still there and also “The horn is not working” for the third time in less than two years (A year and half). Now I ask” Do the people in Obour VW work shop Know the exact problem?” Since the complaint is repeatable there should be a factory manufacture problem, and they Should have fix it as soon as possible.

Would you please follow my case and tell them to solve the problem from the roots as I am working and they make me suffer a lot. This is a very bad reputation to VW cars. Waiting for a prombit action.


I had my car booked for a 180000 service on the 20 May 2011 with Mc dowling VW Booysens. I was ripped of as i replaced the air filter, Spark plugs and the air filter independently in towards end of March. The parts were then replaced again by VW even when they noticed there once in the vehicle were still new. I was given a call on the problems with the vehicle which amounted to R10000.00. but due to the fact that i did not have the kind of cash, i did not give go ahead. The problems with my car amongst other was the cambelt replacement and the clutch cable that was on the verge of breaking.

I did my research and bought these items from Golfwagen and only paid R110 for the cable and R50 for the cambelt, R80 for the tensioner. i feel i did not get value for money for the R1900.00 i paid to VW. My car could have been saved instead of them letting me drive out of the dealer with a problem that they could have avoided. Brendon the assistant at VW. His argument is, i did not give them go ahead. of course i did not for i did not have the extra R10000.00. The invoice indicated that the Labout was R1400.00, R200+ on parts.


Car is good, but customer service is pathetic and not worth buying a Volkswagen Jetta. I bought Jetta 2.0 bearing number from M/s Elite Motors Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India in the month of June 2010. I gave my vehicle for servicing to attend some minor repairs but to my surprise your service levels are extremely poor and deserve to be condemned with strongest possible terms. No one cares, no one acknowledges, no one confirms the status, no one informs you the cost, no one attends to your calls. Out of 5-10 attempts if you are lucky your call will be attended by service guys.

No one is responsible for my vehicle at the service center. With great difficulty I had escalated this to Mumbai Service Head. But nothing has happened except getting a courtesy call from the Director of Elite Motors Pvt Ltd. Even after almost one month, I am not informed about the service / repair cost, exact date of delivery etc. Yesterday (12th April) I got a call. He was under the impression that I got delivery of my vehicle and wanted to know my feedback to their service level! Alas! What a lapse in the volksvagen group?

When I explained the whole story, he said he would come back within 5 minutes; but now he is absconding permanently. Is this way to treat your high end customers? Virtually I am begging everywhere in your organization but to my surprise till date nothing has happened. How can you cheat your customers like this? I am totally fed up with this service quality and would like to get back my money. I have lost compete faith and trust with Volkswagen. I waited 4-5 months to buy this vehicle but I am proved wrong permanently. My friends (two of them) have already changed their minds and decided not to buy Volkwagen.

Now in the absence of my vehicle, I have been incurring huge amount on my conveyance and causing lot of mental trauma which is unbearable and I just cannot bear this kind of service attitude from volkswagen. Please take back my vehicle and return my money immediately; otherwise I will be driving my car with a sticker showing. Is there anyone in entire Volkswagen to hear me and give justice immediately. Nothing satisfies than getting my money back.


It gives us extreme pain to intimate the harrowing experienced by us in the last few months owing to repeated engine failure within 32 months from the time of buying the vehicle. Our vehicle has experienced lots of problems including en-route Engine Failure and the Engine failure is the second time in a row within the last 30 days. For your information, first time the vehicle experienced engine failure on Mumbai Pune Express way on 21 Feb 2011 and the vehicle was toed down to your Pune Servicing Centre at Volkswagen Pune.

Again, with in a period of 5 days (five) days, second time vehicle has reported heavy Black smoke, with engine making very noisy with a complete break down on 22 Mar 2011 and again the vehicle was toed down to KSM Motors P Ltd, Nerul on 22 Mar 2011 who is also not in a position to identify the cause of the problem of Engine failure on the road.(see the attachment of Dealers Repair order sheet). Again, the Dealer has not able to give neither any date as to when he can repair the vehicle nor any assurance that after such repair that the vehicle would be reliable for comfortable use.

We can not afford to have unreliability on road for paying hefty sum to get this vehicle for our use. From the inception time, the vehicle repeated complaints were made that the coolants & Gear oil were put up after every two days though there was no leakage from the car and no one including the service centre.

To our surprise that Volkswagen Even charged for Road side assistance in their dealer bill of Vidyut Motors P Ltd Pune for a sum of Rs. 15594 vide Invoice Number March /4508/10-11 dated 16 Mar 2011. Neither any replacement car was provided nor any such assistance above were extended as they were all only in the “Promises list of Volkswagen India” to customers both in website and at the time of buying vehicle.

The problem of engine failure has repeated with in five days from the date of replacing the crucial engine parts ( like Part Number 03G1300738 Pumb 4 numbers, Adapter, Screw Cheese HD, Rocker Bolt etc )clearly reflect that the vehicle has inherent manufacturing defects beyond the capacity of repair by ordinary prudence necessitating that the vehicle should be recalled for the manufacturing defect. For your information, the undersigned as a businessman along with my family is using Toyoto vehicles which has never given any such problems atleast for first four to five years of purchasing vehicle and on the contrary, it is to my disappointment after coughing up a huge sum of money for this German Engineering Excellence vehicle Volkswagen was a sheer unpleasant experience

Look forward to your immediate assistance and confirm having registered this complaint with Mr. Noorul also on your India Helpline, 1800 102 0909 as well spoken to Altaf, Head of Customer Care, Volkswagen India today. Thanking you in anticipation that you will replace with a new Passat Vehicle, failing which I have unfortunately no alternative except to take it to appropriate legal remedial measures including approaching the Consumer Redressal Forum, which hopefully you will not permit me to do so.


I own a VW Polo Cross, I thought its a rather nice car. BUT!!! Please explain to me what the hell you do when you get a flat tire!!! In the boot is a pump and some liquid meant for a very small puncture. Now what do you do when the puncture is on the wall of the tire? Well I will tell you, you sit on the side of the road for 3 hours until family or a friend can come and help if you that lucky, cause you cant drive the anywhere at all. Do me a favor Volkswagen South Africa, get your act together and think before you start cutting cost’s and leaving your clients stranded.

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