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bought four good year tires 235/50r18 last year and now have about 29000 miles on them. I have always had them rotated and they are wearing evenly. The problem is noise from the right front and left rear. the noise sounds like something hitting the pavement and thumping. Different pavements are more or less than other pavements. I have the tires removed and checked and could fin no problem. I am at present on what to do, Buy new tires or let you guys decide. Louis Smith , 276 546 2317


I visited your Sandy, Ut. facility to have my winter tires rotated to my summer tires. Upon completion I notice my low tire pressure lite on. When returning I was told that it was a computer issue and would self correct. He assured me my tire pressure was all checked. After driving 40 miles to return home I stopped into the local tire shop in Heber,Ut. to have the pressure checked. Sure enough the tire pressure of all four tires was low with one down just over 10 lbs ! This I feel was a danger to us on the road. I am not happy and now am close to needing to replace three sets of tires on my two vehicles and my Chevy K2500 pickup. I will be looking at all tire source options unless I can be reassured by Discount that this will no longer be a concern and question I have.


Harold Patrick


I have a complaint about Tire Rack. No answer after calling the customer service number. Answer your phone!


I go to Discount Tire for all my tires and have never had a reason to go to Tire Rack. Is this an online place only or do they have local stores in my area? I am just curious because I have never seen a store in all my years driving around, but have seen a ton for Sears and other competitors. It must not be in my area, so I would definitely recommend their marketing get better!

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