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O’Reilly Auto Parts is one of the largest specialty retailers in the automobile industry. It serves automotive parts, tools, supplies, equipment and accessories to both professional service providers and individual customers.

Founded by the O’Reilly family in the late 1950s, the company has 4000+ stores in the US. O’Reilly is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. For general information contact the corporate office at 1-417-829-5727.

Common problems with O'Reilly good and services include new and re-manufactured automotive hard parts such as pumps, brake system components, batteries, maintenance parts such as oil, antifreeze, fluids, wipers. The company also sells accessories such as floor mats, seat covers, truck accessories.

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Slow and unmotivated workers.


The complaint is the "No repairing cars in parking lot signs". These are the people that have kept you in business throughout all the years. Without them you would not have ever been business at all. Parking should certainly be allowed for those who purchase parts and tools so that they can get their cars back on the road again, in of course your parking lots. I do not understand why they were ever put up. If it was my business I would certainly allow those who were purchasing parts etc to work on them in the parking lot, for up to 72 hours, which is also state law on all the city streets. Some repairs like a fuel pump, that are located in the gas tank, I could do, but it is going to take a few days to do it. The policy makes no sense to me at all. Give up to 72 hours as long as you buy the part there. That is what your company is all about. I do not want to have to go somewhere else, but I will have to, and so will probably many others. The other businesses there have no say so if those who are fixing them are in your parking lot. People like that have kept you in business throughout all the years, so you should not let them down. Fix your own car is your companies motto. I figured out to do a lot of car repairs starting back in 1995, on my own, before there was the internet with repair movies, and without even a manual, but it takes some time. Otherwise I will have to try to park it on the street somewhere to do it ,and that makes no sense at all.


I had paint mixed at O’Reilly’s in Pine city they got the color code off the sticker of my door jam they did that themselves they mix the color he mixed it twice and still it’s the wrong color he said it would lighten up as it dries and it would be a perfect match which it’s not even close the paint is the wrong color & I want a refund or store credit and they’re telling me that sales are final and there not going to return it or do anything about it. it’s their mistake not mine I want my money back.


I went to the your Troy,Illinois store on Monday June 24. I had already got that same stores web site and found the wheel bearings I needed for my 1972 Chevy C-10 pickup. They were rear outer axel bearings. I also needed the seals. I had both parts printed out and had them with me. The bearing part # is National 6408 and the seal is MasterPro # 8835S. Iaid them on the counter an person by the name of Jeff waited on me he got on his computer and said i can get you that bearing for less because the number you have there is is not the part you need anyway. I have the seals here but will have the bearings here in the morning. I went back in the next morning and there was jeff again, he got the parts and I paid for them with cash and a five dollar rewards card, while he was getting my change I notice the box was to large for the bearing I was after and I opened the box and showed them and said these are not the right parts. I Had to go home and pull one of bearings out my truck and back to prove to Jeff that these were the wrong parts. he agreed an gave me a refund minus the five dollars for the rewards card, he said it was store policy not to return the rewards card money, so his stupid mistake cost me $5.00. I saw manger badge on his shirt and I said you must be waring somebody else shirt. I can't believe he could be the manger. And I can't believe its company policy to cheat a customer out of $5.00.I guess He put the 5 in his pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like to report an employee who works at store 4625 in Buford the name on his shirt was Kai.
I recently went shopping in this store and never heard such fowl language coming out of an employees mouth. Very unproffessional the conduct this employee was conveying. I will no longer shop at this store due to his language and behavior. I do not care to hear cussing when I go into a place of merchandise.


Went in to return lig nuts that were wrong size stood there 10 min waiting on guys on phone I said I need to return these and get another size the guy - Bobby says iam on the phone. No be right with you or anything. Says this guy called first
Then says I don’t half to put up with this. Finally other guys what u need I say exchange these lug nuts he says iam not going to check every bolt to see what fits. I went to Napa they knew right away and got me the right nut. Half the price


today I talk to my local store about a part was order 2 times wrong and last tuesday the person I talk he send the request to see i the part is available the first time I got the part I desasemble the rear struts and I have to put it back because you give the wrong part and you dont pay the labor for it and this is no the first time i going to close my account I dont like the way the store deal whit this problem my coustomer is been wait for 2 weeks


I went to beechmont O'Reilly at 9:45 on 6/10/19. Upon entering Sadie was very nice and professional and was happy to help me and my husband. We were returning our caliper that we did not use as we sold the vehicle. It was purchased on 6/2 at 12:39pm. It had sat on our porch for 8 days, so it accumulated VERY LITTLE rust due to the rain etc. But hardly nothing. We told Sadie we wanted to return it, so looked at it and said ok no problem. She then asked Bradley K what she should put it in the computer as, and he grabbed it from her and asked us questions. We proceeded to tell him that as he can see their are no scratches, marks, oil residue, black marks or nothing on it, that it wasnt used or needed and that we would like to return it. He started shaking his head at us and went in the back with it. After 20mins of him being on the phone he came back out looked us in the eyes and said "I know you guys are liars, I"ll do this one time, and dont ever ask again!" And walked away! I have NEVER been so disrespected at a store ever. Their was obviously no ware in the caliper, and it was brand new. He was extremely rude, hateful, and disrespectful! I also had my receipt so its not like I was trying to return something that I didnt buy! He then proceeded while he was in back shouting to the nice girl helping us, who by the way apologized repeatedly for his behavior, "They can leave after!" I asked her if we had done something wrong and she stated "no ma'am its not just you, it's everyone." I expect that someone does something to handle this situation, because customers should NEVER be treated like this by a rude, judgemental ass who doesn't belong in a customer service position! It's ridiculous the way he acted and I'll NEVER be back there again!


I go in to the store in Wagoner Oklahoma and there is only one employee I want to deal with because the manager there does not know what he is doing he (Justin) tried to sell me a part that does not go to my truck, and then wants to tell me that I am stupid. I am not the only one he does this to he treats people like they are dumb. I would like too see the RSS James Hooten to be moved up to manager. James knows his stuff and you can describe your problem and he already knows what part you need and is looking it up.


I spoke with local store manager along with Corporate 2xs
One associate feom corporate name is Stephanie ext.
28733 on 5-31-19 approx 6:30 pm
I was placed on hold for 30 minutes this one time explaining i dropped off 2 red top Optima batteries and when returned to pick up associates attempted to give sub par well worn batteries
After explaining the situation numerous times the final straw was when Stephanie from CORPORATE told me to hold while she spoke with the store and they claimed i never dropped off any batteries. I fully explained i have my receipts from drop off of the batteries and Stephanie explained Corporate and local level is unwilling to do anything

Not only am i out 2 like new Optima Red top batteries but also time and stress
Depending on how this turns out will dictate what i decide to do



I received horrible customer service at the O’Reilly’s location in Wake Forest on Main St. I received the wrong part twice that was the same part. Reps obviously have no product knowledge so how are they helping the consumer at all??


I have a complaint about the manager of the store on zerostreet street in Fort Smith, Arkansas. His name was David that is all I know.
My husband and I went in there this morning and ask for a part and we told him exactly what it was and what it looked like and that it was an after market part.
Told him what year and make and model we were working on and he was very rude
And said he had a whole row of boxes with the same part andI he wasn't going to look through all of the boxes until he found it then he turned around and walked away from us.
He was just real rude to us.
He has no business being a manager if he isn't willing to
Help the customer more than what he did!
That you very much


While at Riley oh auto parts at 6102 WalzemRd., San Antonio, TX 78239. One of your team people name Monica said she would be with me in one second she walked away then another man came in the store and walked back by the office with batteries she started taking care of him and ignoring me he was a Mexican she’s Mexican and I am whit she ignored me I asked her why after she was done and she ignored me and would not even talk to me I’ve always been nice to Monica this is the second time she’s had a bad attitude and I’ve only worked with her twice so every time she has a bad attitude today she discriminated against me . You always have new employees untrained bad attitudes unskilled and not very intelligent when it comes to knowing their job and as for Customer Service I can’t get no worse and that’s been my experience with Monica today reference number 014797153939


My problem is not with the staff, but the computer system. I have had an account with Oreillys since your store opened in Rogersville, mo since it opened 10 years ago. When an item is on sale(in this case it was a gallon of diesel oil) and it is rung up on my account, it never rings up the sale price. In this instance it was a $8 difference. Would you please let me know when this problem is corrected so that I can have a little more faith that I am being charged the correct amount. Thank you.


I am complaining about your store located in Rancho Penasquitos, Ca. 92129. At approximately 2:45 pm on 03/02/19 my grand daughter purchased a front beam and rear tail light for her VW Jetta and asked the manager (Joe/Jose) if he would please install the lights. She was told he didn't feel like it and said he would not install them on a Jetta. The manager was rude and uncooperative. I live in the community and frequently patronize your store. At approximately 2:50 pm on the same day I went to the store asked and the manager why he would not install the lights, he said it was raining. It was not raining and hadn't rained for about 30 minutes. I got my grand daughter a refund and I will no longer patronize your store. For your information the store was not busy and there were 3 other counter employees standing around.


On 1/11/19, I dropped off a battery, which I purchased from O'Reilly's, to be tested. I was given a Test Claim Ticket# 1554431 and was told I would receive a call when ready. I went home not feeling very well that day. I developed an awful case of the flu which resulted in bronchitis. Once I was better I called the Granbury Store in Fort Worth, TX and was told they could not locate the battery but would look further and get back to me. I never received that call. Again, on 2/19/19, I called the store and spoke to another store representative who looked and could not locate it, but said core may have already been shipped. I explained the situation, and he said he would have his manager give me a call. The store representative also stated that the manager would be back in the store in the next 15 minutes. I never received that call which leads to me writing this complaint. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you in the not too distant future.


I went to the Oreillys located on Alpine ST. in Longview, Texas on Feb. 28, 2019 to re-cycle some oil. When I got there, I parked in the rear of the store because that's where the oil bin is located. As I exited my truck, an employee opened the back door, I told him what I needed and he let me in to empty the oil. I had multiple containers to empty but the employee left before I finished. I wasn't going to go in and out the door because I didn't want someone to think I was stealing something. Finally a very young man came to the back and I told him I needed to bring some more containers to empty. First thing he said was that I needed to come through the front door the next time. I explained that an employee had let me in and then left. He kept telling me to come to the front door next time. Apparently he didn't listen to me when I told him that an employee had let me in and then left. He was pretty rude. I have bought a lot of parts from this store in the past but I might not be giving them any more of my business after this. There was a young child sitting back there just behind the office. Don't know if that's allowed under company rules. Just wanted the company to know what kind of employees were working there on Feb. 28, 2019.


Purchased a starter from O'reilly and it was not working, it would not start and if you hit it on the case with a wrench or hammer it would work temporarily. Store refused to honor warranty and said starter worked. Am i expected to get under vehicle to start my truck. call 325-665-1260 to get me BenDearing. Very upset about this.


myself I spend a lot of business money for my trucks but here in the past year they like to play games at the piqua store there is no reason for me continue in 20019 was told to go else where so I did


I was at a orelly in porter tx weighting in line to have a starter check out one of the worker of o relly behind the counter doing nothing .but as soon as two Mexican come in he went out from behind the counter started asking them can be help them.what about me I Know he seen me weighting is this how your company treats white amican people


I have my receipt from a purchase of hose for fuel for my motorcycle. The receipt states that it is fuel line hose, I have pictures of the hose tubing that is not soluable to gas, and it did not take heat transfer right, it caused damage to my tanks by the fuel getting on it, and "melting the paint off of my tanks. I would like someone to call me to talk about this, because I have been trying to call your help line and 800 number on this receipt, and I am getting no where. My phone number is 765-348-7762

Thank you,

David Clark


i was in your store at grenada ms about 10:00 this morning and was not happy at all with the service, there was two females in there, one white one, one black one , i came in to buy a fan clutch pulley and the black one pulled me over to the counter to show me the free loaner tools , i told her wanted to buy a tool but kept insisting on the loaner tool as if i was looking to use a tool for nothing. i asked her again , i need a fan cluth tool for a 1999 tahoe that i can buy , i asked her several more questions and she would not say anything , ( standing there looking out the window), so i said you are not going to answer my questions if this tool will work on my tahoe,,she said i do not know if it will work on your tahoe, then she rings it up and ask for payment, i told her i am going to buy a tool that i do not know if it will work or not. she had a attitude when we walked in the door, ( like we was bothering her). so i told my partner lets go , they do not know anything about those tools. thats when see started hollering across the store as we walked out the door., ( i was talking to my partner and was going out the door).


i have taking me ecm computer to the store in san mateo ca 400 s norfolk san mateo california 94401 to have it service that was around september 2017 i wait and wait finally i got it but it was wromg ecm i got it exactly on 10/24/2017 i keep on the shop they all this time until know they keep saying i provide me with another ecm nothing its my work truck and paid storage fees for all this time what would you do if you if that happen to you i dont want to legal action agains you do i have choice you tell me i have spoke to the manager hes trying thats all he said, days go by months go by nothing i spend so much money at you store i have abusiness yes ask the manager of this store how much money i spend this month and to be treated like this


8-26-2017 I purchased 2 brake calipers, I paid sales taxes on them but was charged a $75.00 core deposit and was charged sales taxes on them also. When I returned the calipers I was NOT refunded by $5.06 in sales tax on the core returns. I complained at the store and was only told (I'm sorry I'm not in the loop with any information) this is totally unacceptable Sentner If necessary I will proceed with a BBB complaint If I do not receive satisfaction.


What is a O'Reilly looking for a certain item and was in the store maybe 20 minutes tops looking for it didn't find what I was looking for but I picked up another item and went to go stand in line and there were two people already at the counter. Then a gentleman in front of me and then myself waiting to be checked out there was a manager which is it Jessica Fontana in the back talking to somebody else very loud didn't bother to come up and see if they needed help.

When the kid went back to go and get her for a signature or approval she seen the line and she just decided to talk with the guests at the counter and not bother to try to help check us out and then just kept belittling employees of what to do and what not to do I feel that I am a regular O'Reilly customer my dad has a commercial account that's from Sun Valley Nevada that I use periodically pretty regular and I'm always at the O'Reilly in Brentwood on Lone Tree they know me very well but I was closer to this one in Oakley, CA.

I just feel that her customer service was just not professional especially her to be a manager was just very poor. I believe that she should be setting an example of all the employees there. So again I had to stand in line for a good 15 minutes well she just stood there and talked to the customer at the counter like there was no line. I'm not the type who will complain but this really really just bothered me. Thank you for your time and listening to me.


I placed a phone call to the O'Reilly Auto Parts Store located on US 60 in Globe/Miami, Arizona on September 5, 2016 at about 4:29 and 4:31 and the called was answered by a Dan (Female). The first time I was hung up on while requesting the price on a battery. The second time I was put on hold and hung up on again. I called back a third time and ask if she would not hang up on me or disconnect me again and she was very rude. She could very much use some customer service skills and training.

I spoke to a Crystal after that and I have to say that Crystal was very professional and polite unlike Dani. I was going to purchase a battery at this location but after having to deal with Dani I decided against it. Therefore I will not purchase at O'Reilly Auto Parts and will go to AutoZone or Walmart if need be. I do not need to deal with rude personnel and will not.


I was changing my transmission and the air condition pump on my 2006 kia spectra and went to O'Reilly,s part store on east 14617 Sprague in the Spokane valley to get transmission fluid a belt, and refrigerant for my air condition pump. Greg help me find the belts, and fluids for my car. The belt would not fit so I took it back. Greg helped me again, it had been 9 days since I bought the parts. My mechanic, Brian told me the belt would not fit. Greg looked up my rewards; (5099277868) ( I lost my receipt) and he told me that he did not sell me that belt. it was for a 96 Honda. I explained to him that he sold me the belt when I bought the other stuff for my car. My rewards shows a belt was bought but was a different number.

The number was only off by one number .Greg said he never sold me that belt, and I said maybe it was just a mistake and he gave me the wrong one. He said he hadn't sold one of those belts since December and I was flat wrong. He was mad. I was polite and considerate and he was rude and said he couldn't help me. I was a business owner for 40 years in the auto body shop business and I can not believe what just happen to me. the customer may not always be right, but to be treated like that was unbelievable.

He looked up the parts for a 2006 kia, and that is the belt he gave me for that car. You have lost a customer unless this is taken care of. As business owners we all should know that you will get more publicity from a bad experience than from a good one.


The trouble began as a result of being misguided into buying a battery that was not best suited for my vehicle. The original purchase date of the Optima Red top 75/35 was April 25, 2015. On May 29, 2016 my car fails to start. I'm stuck down a slope of a driveway so towing the car would potentially damage it. I called AAA to investigate so I would then be able to solve the issue myself. The battery was not tested at the time of arrival, however the prognosis was that the starter was bad.

I then purchased a starter, installed it, and the problem still remained. I then removed the connectors from the terminal and as I did I noticed a couple of strange things: 1) the battery was extremely hot to the touch and 2) a lot of porous, dirt-like material came spilling out of the terminal--indicating that the battery was bad. Taking the battery to advance auto parts, they tested it and determined that it was a good battery (I also have a hard copy of the results ready at request). The biggest concern from this is the fact that the staff needs to be trained to always check the preferred brand part for all of their customers, otherwise the store receives complaints like this.
This all occurred on May 29, 2016.

The following day, (Memorial day) I find the receipt for the battery and exchange it for another optima. After installing this one, the car starts just fine, I then take it home until I have to get ready for work the next day. It starts just fine Tuesday morning, and as I'm leaving work. Once I get home and change I go to start the car and find that it isn't starting once again. I then remove the connectors from the terminal and sure enough, the same things that had happened with the first batter happened to THIS one: Piping hot and dirt spilling out of one of the terminals. Then I take it back to O'Reilly's and once they test it, it tests that it's still in working condition, but that it needs a charge.

I'm then told by one of the associates that the optima was not on the list of preferred brands for my vehicle. I realize 2 things here: I was upsold a more expensive battery under the pretense that I'd never had to worry about replacing a battery again and 2) This entire time I had been using a battery with higher amperage, which could have possibly caused the starter to damage the flywheel. After choosing a different brand battery, I consult with my mechanic about the situation and we agree to perform a full diagnostic inspection (checking the wires, the flywheel teeth to make sure there's not damage, etc). This cost me $80, which I have a copy of an invoice along with their findings from the inspection - which is available on request.

I contacted the toll free customer service line about my issues, which Will (the rep) then explained to me that optimas are indeed compatible with all GM vehicles and that basically my claim wasn't going to go anywhere. He gets me in touch with the regional manager, Jimmy Braswell, who contacts me Friday. I tell him what happened and he said the same thing. They washed their hands of any and all negligence (of the staff not to wisely guide their customers towards buying to right products) and said there was nothing they could do. If the battery was compatible with my car, then why did 2 of them show that they were low on charge just after a few uses? Because of the misguided purchase, and a defective product (2 in a row, mind you) I am out the cost of a new starter ($131.43) and the cost of the inspection in order to check for further damage ($80); both of which should not have happened if O'Reilly had trained their staff better.


i had went to your national city California store about 3 weeks ago to see if they had a master cylinder for my 1979 ford ltd full size which i had bought a lifetime one a few years ago, and the counter person found that i indeed had a lifetime warranty, so i said i would be back, with the me to change, but i couldn't come back that day. They were polite and i had even bought a ecm from them no problem.

However i could not come back that same day and 3 weeks had passed for work, since i was close by to the Chula Vista Fry's store at 241 Broadway i called them and a Daniel answered and he found my warranty and said he could have it there by today about 10.30 am since i would be changing it a about 2 blocks away, so i went in with the MC and the pads also, and this time they couldn't find my purchase warranty. and a Gerardo said he looked and looked and couldn't find it. I said well how come the other people could and he said he didn't know, your assistant manager didn't even get involved. Since i counted on the parts being there which they were, but they wouldn't exchange them.

When i saw there was no customer service numbers or direct numbers displayed on the doors or other and then the customer service number was closed until Monday and another store person said he would get back with me by the name of oray.

So i had to go next door and buy these parts from another company which i didn't have to. This is about the 4th time i went to this store and it has happened, and it seems wrong and some of the staff seems to go out of its way to do so, maybe its due to a former kragen employee that was hired there who didn't disclose he was a former kragen employee who was caught with credit card misuse and id theft which i knew him when i worked at kragen as assistant manager.

Regardless when i was employed there with kragen i bought parts with lifetime warranty's since 1991, which i have still most of those receipts since i have the some of the vehicles still with those warranties, is why i still go there but i don't like the attitude when i need to warranty a lifetime product . This seems to be going to be a FTC complaint and a CCA complaint.
I don't know if they don't like white people there that are fluent in Spanish since as a lateral issue i have seen no black, white people working at any of the stores in the district either.


Well I went to O'Reilly Auto Parts and I went inside and ask for some spark plugs for a 2008 Nissan Titan 5.6 SE flex fuel 4+4. They gave me some autolite plating and I told him if they fit my truck he said yes well I bought them. I changed them and as soon as I hit the road the service engine came on and it was shaking and idling bad.

I took it to them they checked the truck say it was misfiring so I bought ignition coil and that wasn't the problem I took it to the Nissan dealer any did the diagnose system and it was the spark plugs. I'm trying to get my money back cause they sold me something that didn't work.


Sunday October 25, 2015, I purchased an alternator for a 2004 Ford Taurus. On a second visit to the O'Reilly Auto Parts store that day, I bought a new Micro-V At. belt and a 15 mm Power Torque combination wrench. When I got ready to put the belt back onto the alternator and other pulleys I discovered I already had the 15mm wrench in my toolbox. I went back the next day and ask for a refund since I didn't use the wrench. I explained that the plastic hardware that the wrench is attached had not been broken. There is a picture on the back of the plastic hardware that the wrench is attached to that depicts a pair of scissors and indicates that you have to cut the knoll to be able to get the wrench out from the plastic hardware.

Kiva Moore was the manager and she told me that it was a policy that O'Reilly would not refund tools. When I tried to explain that I had not used the wrench and would like to talk to a manager, she told me she was the manager and came across as offended by my asking for a manager. When I ask for her manager she got more agitated and displayed an attitude. Pointing to the door she said I could get the name and telephone number of her manager. I wrote down the information and called Allen Huntley. Mr. Huntley basically went along with the idea that regardless of whether I had used the wrench or not, he could not refund my money until he could inspect the wrench later on in the week when at that time he would be coming thru the area. I explained to him that I would not be there during the week as I worked out of town.

My complaint is this: I have used O'Reilly Auto for many years and this is the first time I have ever ran into a problem like this. Furthermore, I feel that since O'Reilly has a policy like this, there should be a sign that is clearly visible in the store indicating such a policy; then a customer could decide if he needed to shop somewhere else; contingent upon a scenario like I'm describing here. It seems to me that if the store does not give a warning to the customer about such a policy it comes across as being a little deceptive. I know it is just a $8.99 plus tax purchase...but to me its about principle...I didn't use the wrench and I had no idea about such a policy and was not told about any such policy before I made the purchase. I surly would have went somewhere else had I known.

Maybe it doesn't matter, but I'm being honest about what happened and would hate to cease shopping at O'Reilly Auto over such a small matter.


Local television ads and radio ads are very misleading for consumers. They say one thing and when you go to the dealership it's all different. This is definitely false advertising and one that you have to believe the corporate offices do not know about. I hope that O'Reilly cleans up their image and begins to sell quality parts with the right message again soon.


I had went in yesterday this one is the one in the heights, I didn't know what the part that I needed was called so had taken in with me. The one employee is name Shirley kept saying things like I have been in this business for 30 some years and had never seen the part before. Also the employee name is Fredrick decided to try to help me. While we were looking on computer and had called someone to find out what the part is called. Shirley kept interfering not cool. So no help here I went to O Reilly's.

Then today I had called the store down on 24th st. and asked them to put these other parts on hold and I will be in to get them. They are all for my front. Employee which I didn't get name says that they have all but one part and would have the heights store bring it down, so would have every thing by 1:30. My son had went into the store around 3:30 and ended up going out to the heights. Because there computer says that they have it but couldn't find in store.


When I arrive to the O'Reilly Auto Parts store around 6pm there was a small line about 4 counting myself standing in line. There was only one person working the counter which was a gray shirt. There was a total of 2 red shirts outside. I stood in line for 20 minutes to have a headlight put in. When it was my turn the red shirt that came in from outside to work the cash register told me if I purchase the light that no one could not put it in. I question the red shirt is why he stated his manager told him that they could not. No one explain no detail why, or what was the reason for this.

Due to this issue not only did I have to go to O'Reilly Auto Parts with my business but two other customer as well. I have been a very faithful loyal customer and also former employee that left on good standards with no issues or complaints. I was always told that customer satisfaction is what Autozone stands for. I'm not for sure what has happen to the standards and customer services part of the staff and Autozone standards. But I really wish they would go back to that standard. Because if this has happen to me, think about other customers as well.

This was very sad because not only did they loose me as a former employee that left on good standards with satisfaction to our customer, loyalty which I enjoyed about working at Autozone. But as customer it hurts and made me feel as if I have been missed lead by the standards of customer.


Today my alternator went out on my 2004 f150 . I managed to get to your store to buy a new one. I wanted to write a check for the purchase, but was told because I lived 1 county away from the store, I couldnt . My bank is about 20 blocks from the location I was trying to make this purchase. I had no choose but to use my credit card. I find this totally ridiculous, I was stranded and I couldn't go anywhere, what would have happened if I didn't have a credit card! My bank is in the same county & city as the store. This rule needs review! Everyone doesn't have credit cards, and when you are stranded and can't get to your bank for cash some exceptions need to be made!


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