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Rubbermaid is a well-known manufacturing and product distribution company in the America. Known for its food storage containers and trash cans, the company also produces step stools, closets & shelving along with laundry baskets and other household items. Rubbermaid was founded in 1920 and has its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you have a problem with Rubbermaid you can start your complaint at the very top with Michael B. Polk, who is the current CEO of the company. In our day to day life we find products of Rubbermaid everywhere including supermarkets, drugstores and malls. To report an issue you can contact customer care toll free at  1-888-895-2110 Monda-Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm EST.

Direct your written feedback to Rubbermaid Consumer Care located at 4110 Premier Drive, High Point, NC 27265. This is the best mailing address for feedback about any one of Rubbermaid's many products including bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, food storage containers and laundry supplies.

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I purchase a RUBBERMAID FG566000BLA Dump Cart, 10 cu. ft., 1200 lb., Pneumatic last winter from Home Depot. When I went to use it this summer I found that the back tailgate was cracked and twisted (must have happened during assembly) and the tailgate does not come out to dump. I spoke with Home Depot and they advised me to contact Rubbermaid because purchase date is over six months. I contacted Rubbermaid and I spoke to a very understanding sympathetic CSR that understood my dilemma but could not help me because the cart is discontinued. So now I have a brand new dumpcart that can't dump because the tailgate had been twisted and cracked when it was installed and is stuck. I am very disappointed with this product. At the least, I was hoping to get a new tailgate to make this unit operatable the way it was intended.


no complainant
I have a new product to speach to someone about
This would be a money market for you.
Please give me a email address for this
John Suchey




I have a ten-cup, round Rubbermaid container that is not BPA free. There's no triangle on the bottom with a number to indicate this. Instead there is a circle with #9 in it. Your company claims these as DURABLE and safe, but I'm not about to use this container any longer. Not sure why your company would make an inferior product like this! The solution would be to send me a product I can trust that has indication (markings on the bottom of it) that this is safe to put food in. Please respond to this email and I will provide you my address for your company to send me another product - or a refund.


(1) 7 X7 Storage Building delivered with SIGNIFICANT shortage of parts, thereby delaying my home yard installation project. Don't understand how an error of this magnitude could get through the company's Packing & Shipping and Quality Control processes.

(2) Consumer Care person said it would take 7-10 business days for the missing parts to be delivered, even though these were mostly hardware (nuts & bolts mainly) and a very tiny portion of the $645 purchase price. Was told this was my only option-- could not be over-nited! Unbelievable for a large, well-known company like Rubbermaid.

This was filed with Customer Care as Cae # 21593501


I purchased a shed from Sears, Rubber maid model 188757 vertical shed
sears order 871522597 on June 24, 2018.

The item was installed on top a layer of cement blocks. The doors warped.
On 4/15/2019 I called Rubbermaid customer service rep Porsche and she opened CASE 21390981, I submitted photos that DO SHOW the warped doors and also that it is on top of cement blocks, which are a bit difficult to see but can be seen. The rep did not ask me to show the foundation, just the view from front and side.

However, without asking me rejected my claim, the warranty is 10 years, stating that since it was not set up on cement or wood that she will not honor the warranty. She did not ask me if there was a foundation, she is not replying to my email that challenges her decision.


I called your tec dept as a simple ? all they want to do is take control of my computer which I will not let any one I had a Dell befor swore never again but my husband bought this new window 10 fdor my BD I hate it and will never buy another and will knock it to any one who is thinking of buying one. First of all there is no office for free that I can find I needed to make a spread sheet to keep contact with for Rent, Bills, & some other things. When my other eas TFR over it says not available on this computer something that cost this much should have a simple office program and one that does other simple things. No file ,edit & ect at top Need to save something in favorites can not it doesn't have the three dots at top to tfr there in other words I HATE THIS DELL COMPUTER so much is missing with a $600.00 computer and I will get rid of it as soon as I get the $$$$.


On 01/27/19, I gave information on a problem I had with a Rubbermaid product. As of 02/03/19, I have not heard back. My number I was sent via email from Rubbermaid is 20467797. I would like a response, please.


Trying to get a replacement mop I purchased........defective................phones aren't answered .........ring forever then disconnect........finnally reaching " Laurel" customer complaint-manager? was told I would have to send a picture of mop by text: 66 years old/ don't do e maol,text..had to get a cell phone to take a picture( borrow one ) to take a picture and have my son send a email with pictures.......totally disasatisfied with the way complaints are's always how someone makes you feel........and such a PROJECT to simply have Rubbermaid stand behind their product. I have wasted so much time with something that could have been handled in a timely has been a totally frustrating waste of my time . I have just left a message with " Laurel"..on her answering machine for her E mail and text info so that I can continue to have this stupid mop replaced, I feel your company would be better represented if people answered phones........hold time 18-20 minuites..or simply disconnected after 5-6 minuites. If your company has gotten TOO BIG for the people out here buying your products perhaps you should think about re-evaluating priorities. Without a customer base-and fair and reasonable customer complaint services your reputation as a stellar company is failing. A product didn't make me angry-the way my complaint was handled did. So I will wait for a call back to my phone with info to text pictures etc to your company. I guess to verify ..what? Stop treating 66 year old women like they are trying to beat you out of a damn mop. I want my mop replaced.....and I will never deal with a rubbermaid product've left a bad taste in my mouth....thanks for making clear I am NOT a valued customer.......relace my mop
269 9621346


I received Rubbermaid clear food storage containers as a gift and was pleased with them at first, they were clear, stain resistant, microwaveable and freezer safe. But had them about a year and had to throw them out because they all developed cracks, what a disappointment. I do have the covers a lot of good that does unless I buy more. Not sure if it'is worth the money. Thought you should know they did not stand up to my expectations.


On 07-05-2018 at 21:07:41 I bought two Rubbermaid, 24 oz water bottles, ergonomic grip, 7D02, from a local Dollar General in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania. I was excited for this purchase as I thought these bottles I could trust and that they would be durable. I made my way home, washed the bottles, and filled one of them about halfway full with water. I gave this bottle to my four-year-old son. He had it in his hands for no more than two minutes before it dropped two feet onto our floor and the bottle just cracked and water went everywhere. I'm so disappointed. Rubbermaid has been my go-to for Tupperware for years. To see a hurt face on a little boy who was so excited about his new green water bottle, I expected so much more.


Just opened a package of Rubbermaid takealongs to get ready for a picnic preparation. None of the tops fit and lock onto the containers. I purchased two packaages at Publix store in Florida about 4 months ago, no longer have receipt.


I recently purchased at target Rubbermaid container set. The containers have rubber seals on the top lids I have used them several times and the food oder remains on the rubber seals. I have washed placed in vinegar nothing takes the smell out. Very dissatisfied


I tried to go buy some Rubbermaid Storage boxes, Roughneck 18 gallon after being a user of them for over 20 years. I was outraged by the high prices of them now, and could not afford even one of them. Walmart refuses to even stock them because they are so ridiculously expensive that no one buys them. Menards has stopped putting them on their shelves too. Why would you price yourselves right out of the market? You have ruined a good product by making it unaffordable.I am not poor, but I cannot afford your outrageous prices. Shame on you for putting a good product out of the reach of regular people like me. We are moving and will be forced to buy crummy Sterlite.I hope you don't own that company too because I do not want to support you any more. You obviously do not care about your customers. Get real.


the door I received for replacement is not the correct color nor the correct design. now I have the doors not matching. can you send me a free left handed door, I will pay shipping? thank you


A little over a year ago I purchased a Rubbermaid trash can with wheels. About six months after purchasing it one of the handles broke off. Today the other handle broke off. I paid top dollar for this trash can and it turned out to be junk. I now have to go back to my old one in the picture attached.


Bought several Rubbermaid plastic cups and really love them. Not sure what all the complaints are about here.


I have always been very pleased. I buy several every holiday or occasion but Easter I was very disappointed. I bought special edition with the green lids (6.2cups) 7B04 12. When sending left overs home with the children the lid of the containers would not snap shut.


I purchased a Rubbermaid outdoor shed model 1s84. It was supposed to come with two boxes and it only came with one. When we contacted sears everyone was passing the buck, no one has yet handled it. So, I think we are pretty much stuck with a useless shed. It cost around 700 dollars. No one wants to help as far as sears customer service goes.


I purchased 2 Rubbermaid trash cans for my new house in May this year (2015) @ a cost of $12.99 each from Ace Hardware plus tax for a total of $27.80.About 2 months ago, 1 of the wheels broke on one of them & just this morning the axle came completely off the other one. I have purchased several Rubbermaid products over the years with excellent service from them. I don't get it why these trash cans are falling apart. I would really like these replaced so I do not have to share this complaint anymore online. Customer service from Rubbermaid is usually pretty good.


For Christmas of 2013 my husband agreed to a color change in all my kitchen small appliances to red. Consequently my kitchen sink rack went from a rubbermaid cream color rack to one of your wire colored red small sink racks. The first rack began to crack and peel the red coating after a few months. I can't give you an exact number of months. Initially I thought it may have been the Clorox Clean Up I use to clean with. So I purchased a second exactly the same rack. I've made a point of not using any harsh products on it. Unfortunately for me I now have the same problem. I give your product a 2 because it looked nice for awhile.


This is the best product to use whether for cooking or storing food.  I have used off brand products before and have never been as satisfied with the results.  Even though Rubbermaid is a brand name it doesn’t cost that much more than the off brand anyway.  It is worth the extra couple of cents to get this specific brand.  I am usually not a brand name snob but after throwing out the off brand products more times than not, I am a snob when it comes to Rubbermaid.

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