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I have been a customer for several years and I already own the oven and pic. My pic stopped working suddenly so I decided to order the pic platinum since I purchased over $800 worth of accessories. When I was placing the order, a coupon offer for $15 off came up so I took advantage of it and just completed the order, assuming is was for the pic. Well today I opened my package and pull out the nuwave oven. I was a little surprised since I wanted the pic with the second one for shipping. I called customer service to request an even exchange and much to my surprise, I was told no. I was told that I was responsible to pay for return shipping, plus pay the original shipping fee of $60. They finally agreed to pay for the return shipping and I spoke to A supervisor who was rude. and she says we already doing you a favor and not charging you to return. I stated why would they give me a offer for $15 off and it be for another product and she was still rude and said you should have know that. Well I assumed it was for the pic so I just finalized the order by putting in the code and the order processed. Yes, I guess I should have looked closer at the offer but I though well $15 off is nice. So now I have to wait for a return label and she says it being mailed, but the young lady who I spoke to first said it would be sent to email. She says I guess we can. I felt like she didn't care at all about my issue. so now I am out $60 plus the new pic. I cant afford to pay another $60 in shipping. This is very poor service and for a company as large as yours, I am very surprised at this. She says I have to order the pic again and if I don't, they will charge me the $60. I cannot believe this. I truly love your product and use it all the time, but after this I really don;t want to order from you. Unfortunately, I have so many pots, pans, and everything else that I am forced to do so. All i asked for was an even exchange. Thank you for listening. Lucy Jacobsen 718-207-2776


I've gone back and forth on whether to review this with 1-star or 2-stars because of how horrible it is. The TV infomercials do a great job of faking like this is a quality piece of "cookwear". Ha! even saying that word in the same sentence as the NuWave is laughable. Hect even saying "oven" in the same sentence is funny too. It's an utterly cheap and crappy piece of plastic that looks like it is going to break at a moments notice. It is also incredible SMALL compared to how big it looks on TV. I am now convinced the food they are cooking in it is miniture in size to make the compartment appear much bigger.


I would recommend that you avoid ordering from this company as they will try to upsell you immediately when you order for hundreds of dollars more in items. They say you only pay for shipping which is how they get you on the phone, then the real fun begins! If you want a good convection oven it's not a bad thing, just pass on the NuWave. Go to a store and buy one from a repubtable store.


Last time I will ever stay up late and order from a TV infomercial. I just bought a NuWave oven from the advertisement and was told it would be only $19.95 for the shipping and handling. My terms were for two NuWave ovens and three regularly monthly installments. But when I checked my VISA statement online it showed they charged the full amount plus shipping!

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