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Char-Broil is a privately owned grill how-to company with sales, support, parts for charcoal and gas food preparation. The sixth generation currently runs the American company. Founded in 1948 revenues were reported in as US7.7 billion in 2015.

To reach Char-Broil assistance call 1-866-239-6777. You may also find support here and contact help here. To write to CEO, Christine M. Robins address you letter with: Char-Broil, 1442 Belfast Avenue, Columbus, GA 31904. The corporate phone number is 706-571-7000.

Popular grills include: Tailgate Grill 2GoX200, Charcoal Grills Char-Broil CB940X as well as smokers, roasters, portable and new TRU-Infrared technology products. Social media support is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

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Brought the unit and have had so many issues with the unit. When it does work it seems to do a nice job, hence the second star. I recently reached out because the unit was not showing power, they immediately told me I needed a new $2.00 part ( as well as an additional $ 6.00 for shipping). This will be the 3rd part I have changed out on a unit that if I use once a month is a lot. Replaced the part, unit lit up. Decided to do some smoking, placed the meat in, started the process, all lights showed it was working properly. When I checked in hours later to take the temperature of the meat I realized that although all showed well on the display the unit never actually started up. As a result the meat was sitting in the cooker on a hot NY summer day. This is not the first time I have had to either throw meat out or cook it in a different manner that the smoker for which the meat was intended. I am not an engineer but seriously how difficult is it to put together a metal box with a heating element and get it to work consistently?


I bought a char broil gas. Grill smoker combo on the gas side the knobs on all burners broke already only had it 6 mths would like replacement knobs the grill itself is great use it all the time


I saved to purchase my husband a smoker the wifi one he really wanted and it refuses to connect. It is unreturnable and your " help line " said sucks for you. Thanks what a waste of money. It will not work at all rip off.


SMOKER SER. 50602984 MOD.15202033 With a full tank from my local propane supplier my smoker works fine after the smoker is turned off 1/2 hr. or so the heat will not come back up . The tank weight is around 23 lbs. I bought my son one before this problem started to crop up . Now his smoker is doing the same thing . Is there a problem I should know about or should we just take our losses and select another brand . THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME ! RANDY PRICE


Picked up a new grill on Amazon and had it shipped to my house. When it got here the grill was exactly what I was looking for. Of course, it is a bit cheap in places, but what do you expect for $399? It is not a professional quality grill, but I am happy. We cook steaks and hot dogs on it weekly in the summers.


We tried to buy a Charbroil BBQ from your store on 19th street in Moore Oklahoma last Sunday 01/01/2016. I waited for 35 minutes. The cashier came back to us and informed us that he was unable to sell us a BBQ today as no one in the store could get one off of the rack. I then went to the customer service area and asked to speak with the person in charge at that time. Rebecca came up to us about 13 minutes later and told me that their was no one in the store that was trained to run the lift for pulling the BBQ off of the rack.

I emailed Walmart and stated let's see if you are all about customer service or the dollar. I have not heard anything from anyone at Walmart. We shop there a lot but are now going to use other store's for our families needs. We will go to or directly to Charbroil to buy the BBQ. The dollar must have one, sadly if you don't have happy customer's you won't have money.


I bought a new Char-Broil grill from sears about 5 years ago and the bottom frame is all rusted out and cant be fixed. The burners hardly work and there guaranteed for 10 years. I paid about $700 and would like a credit to use at sears for at least $350.


I needed a grill so that I could arrange for get together in my garden. Char-Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Gas Grill was the best choice I had. Easy to ignite and easy to keep clean. Really great for cooking steaks, hamburgers and chicken too. Small and fairly easy to move around. Really satisfied with this grill. The cooking is easy on it and cooks every part very well. It is a good value for money and one doesn't have to worry about cleaning. That also is easy. i would definelty use this going forward for quite many times and would suggest this to all.

I bought a Char-Broil grill at Lowe's last year. So far it's been nice but at times the grill seems cheap. For example, my main complaint is that after only a short few months, the grill began to rust over a bit in the elements. The top and sides had rust spots, which makes me think it was cheaply made. The reviews of Char-Broil online are overall very positive though.

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