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Puma is a worldwide brand known for footwear, accessories, clothing and more. It was founded by Rudolf Dassler. Puma is based out of Germany and is a leading apparel across the globe.

If you have a problem and need to call customer service dial toll free 1-800-102-7862. The corporate offices are located in Herzogenaurach, Germany at SE Puma Way 1, 91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany. The local number in Germany (for Europe only) is +49-9132-81-0.

If you are calling after hours you sould direct your feedback to info@puma.com. Bjørn Gulden is the current CEO of Puma and has over 20 year of experience in the footwear and accessories industry. Michael Lämmermann is the Chief Financial Officer and Lars Sørensen is the Chief Operating Office.

Common complaints against Puma relate to shoes for Running, Training, Soccer, Golf, and even Sandals. These are the most popular categories they sell each year. Puma also has accessories like Backpacks, Bags, Hats, Belts, Socks, and Sports Equipment. There are currently over one million Puma customers across the globe.

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I always buy puma runner and am always happy with them. However this time I am very disappointed. I bought a pair of runners from a puma outlet in Gozo Malta 5 mths ago. And now it seemed that they have stained from the inside out around the seam of the leather stitching (see photos). It will not clean with any method I have tried... Usually my puma runner always last me over a year this time 5mths and I am very unhappy. Is there anything you can you do for me as the outlet wont. Thanks.


I purchased a pair of shoes for my son back in December 2015 from Macy's in Visalia, CA. The brand was Puma. The sole came off after a couple of months. Today I took the shoes to Macy's and the manager refused to take it back and said that it was not manufacturer's defect which means it was my son's fault. She said shoes do last long saying you must purchase shoes every six months. I had paid 43 dollars for the pair. She called her manager and she said the same thing that Macy's will not take it back for refund or an exchange. I called Macy's and filed a complaint. I have to wait and see how they want to resolve the matter.


Throughout 2014-2015, i have purchased 5 pairs of Puma trainers, two of them being Puma Suede. the pair that I am complaining about is a burgundy coloured pair that I purchased in a sale at JD Sports in Oxford. On the second wear the suede has torn on the right foot little toe side. I have never experienced this type of product defect with the other four pairs I have purchased. Though I purchased the trainers in 2014 I have only worn them on the two occasions mentioned above. I would therefore like to urge you to examine these to find out what may have caused this defect. I can assure you that you can check to see that the trainers have not been frequently worn as the soles are unmarked and the upper part with signs of wear and tear. I look forward to hearing from Puma corporate offices about my complaint.


I love to have branded clothing, shoes and other accessories in my closet. One of the brands I choose is Puma. I first purchased Puma running shoes and I liked the comfort and style through which they design their products. The logo says a lot about the brand. Its light weight and style attracted me to make PUMA my choice. The durability too is one aspect which makes PUMA the best. I use them during my gym, for a walk and the comfort it give me is amazing. Would definitely recommend this to all who want something that suits style and comfort.

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